Sunday, November 27, 2011

American Foundation "Uribe" stimulates campaign of disinformation against Chavez  In order to stimulate the ongoing campaign of false rumours about the health of President Hugo Chávez, prioritized by American intelligence with the help of international news agencies, a foundation "created in Washington" that bears the name of the former President Alvaro Uribe asked opposition Mayor of Caracas, Antonio Ledezma,in Bogota to embark on an operation of deception against the general public ."Ledezma appeared in the Colombian capital, with other elements of the Venezuelan right-wing opposition, in a"Forum"organized by the Fundación internationalism Democratic President Alvaro Uribe", defined in a cable of the Agency France Presse (AFP) as "an organization recently created by people close to the former Colombian President in Washington".The identity of such persons or the location of the "Foundation" in the capital of United States where Uribe holds numerous connections between the ultra right-wing politicians is not known. The website of the Organization, only said that Uribe was its Chairman with a text of presentation without a version in Spanish.Officially convened under the theme of "the democratic situation in Latin America", "Forum" of Bogotá was essentially devoted to attacking Venezuela to the point that accused the former President's wish to "teach" and "educate" the opposition "anti-Chavez".One of the participants, Eduardo Fernandez, interviewed by Caracol Radio, had to explicitly denied that Uribe has "instructed them" and that the meeting was "illegal".In his speech at press conference, the Mayor of Caracas vowed that the Venezuelan opposition does not want to "cannibalism" with the issue of the health of Hugo Chávez: However he made several references to the rumors circulated by right-wing press and "demanded" with pathetic tone that the Government of Venezuela clear the "unknowns" about the State of health of the President.The international disinformation campaign about the health of the agent has been relaunched with force a few days ago by the Wall Street Journal, New York ultra-conservative newspaper owned by discredited American-born Australian magnate Rupert Murdoch.Owner of a huge chain of newspapers including the times of London and Fox News, Murdoch is involved from a few months in a scandal involving illegal wiretapping in Great Britain.Violating all the rules of the most basic ethics, the newspaper resumes each rumor spread by so little credible individuals as the Venezuelan surgeon Navarrete, whose testimony was  revealed full of falsehoods.In a soup of allusions to information not verified, references to mysterious anonymous sources in "intelligence services of two countries" not identified, and alleged "interviews with specialists" unknown, the newspaper States that "it had access to medical examinations of the Venezuelan President" and ends with obviously "alarming" speculation.The comprehensive cable which reported speculation by  the Mayor of Caracas, broadcast from Bogotá, AFP recognizes however that Venezuelan President "in recent weeks has returned to lead public and has held massive events demonstrating his physical strength".Washington's campaign against the President of Venezuela is part of the usual plan of defamation and aggression developed by American intelligence, throughout the world,against leaders and progressive countries that refuse to submit to imperial hegemony. The disinformation operation has a greater impact on the network of trade newspapers, handled in Latin America by the Inter-American press society, based in Miami.For his part, former President Uribe is known for its use that made intelligence Colombians (DAS) to carry out spying operations and campaigns of defamation against their opponents.

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