Thursday, November 24, 2011

" Iranian Scientific and Technical Achievements in 2011 "  The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) will award four Iranian scientists for outstanding contribution.The four Iranian scientists have earned their prestigious own spot on the list of Islamic World’s top scholars, which is now being recognized by UNESCO as well, ISNA reported.The Islamic World Scientists Network in conjunction with Iran’s national Biophysics and Biochemistry Association will be offering the prizes to the four senior Iranian experimental science researchers.The awardees include Dr. Abbas Shafiee, Tehran University Pharmacology and Medical Sciences Professor, Dr. Mojtaba Shamsipour Professor of Chemistry in Razi University, Dr. Mohsen Nemat Gorgani, Tehran University Professor of Biochemistry, and Dr. Ali Akbar Sabouri Professor in Biophysics for Tehran University.The award ceremony is slated for Saturday (August 27th) and will be held in the presence of the UNESCO National Commission Director General.Iran's scientific output rose 18-fold between 1996 and 2008, from 736 published papers to 13,238, making it, as argued by the New Scientist journal, as exhibiting the fastest rate of scientific publication increase in the world.Iranian Researcher: Micro Oxygen Generators Fight Cancer Faster- 
A tiny oxygen generating device could help kill cancer tissues faster by increasing the influence of radiation and chemotherapy, says a new research.The device, if implanted in tumours, could shrink them much faster, Purdue University researchers say.Solid tumours are hypoxic at the core, meaning that they have low oxygen levels, which renders the fight against cancer even more difficult.Radiation therapy needs oxygen to be effective,” said Babak Ziaie, professor of electrical, computer and biomedical engineering, the journal Transactions on Biomedical Engineering reports.So the hypoxic areas are hard to kill. Pancreatic and cervical cancers are notoriously hypoxic. If you generate oxygen, you can increase the effectiveness of radiation therapy and also chemotherapy,said Ziaie, who led the study.
Iranian Elite Ranks Top in the World Optometry Exam-Iranian optometrist Mehran Zarei Ghanavati was celebrated the best eye specialist in the world exam of the International Council for Optometry.He has passed successfully the exam special for optometrist and received the “Dr. Piter Vatson” reward — six thousand dollars.The council also awarded him special scholarship to go ahead with his studies.The first such exam started in 1995 and all eye specialists of the world simultaneously and equally partake the exam every year.The International Council of Optometry (ICO) is an international optometric organization representing 250,000 optometrists from 96 member organizations in 65 countries.This year over two thousand of optometrists from 111 eye clinics of the world participated the exam which was held in 65 countries of the world.The Iranian elite previously ranked top in the Iranian Matrix, exams for the Universities of medical sciences and the pre-internships exam,He also ranked second in optometrists board exams and first in fellowship cornea exam.
Iranians Win 6 Math Olympiad Medals-Iranian high school students were ranked 10th in the 52nd International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, during July 16-24.Mohsen Jamali, the head of Young Scholars Club (YSC), said the Iranian students won two gold and four silver medals in the competition, ISNA reported.Mojtaba Shokrian from Isfahan and Mina Dalir-Rouy from Tehran bagged gold medals and Mohammad Pedramfar from Rasht, Erfan Tavakkoli from Amol, Sahand Seif-Nashri and Alireza Fallah from Tehran bagged silver medals.The competition opened with the participation of more than 560 contestants from 101 countries. The Iranian team had won 4 silver and 2 bronze medals in the previous round of the competition. The IMO is the largest and oldest Olympiad for sciences and we will have the honor of receiving around 600 incredibly talented young mathematicians from across the globe,” said Netherlands’ Education, Culture and Science Minister Marja van Bijsterveld before the competition.The IMO is the top international competition held for high school students. The first IMO was hosted in 1959 by Romania.With about half of the world's countries and regions participating in recent years, it has become not only a mathematical competition for young people on the highest level, but also a great moment for international communication.
Iran Ranks 4th in Int l Chemistry Olympiad-The Islamic Republic of Iran National Chemistry Olympiad Team, attending the 43rd Global Chemistry Olympiad in Turkey, gained two gold, a silver, and a bronze medal, ranking 4th across the globe.According to Mehr news agency 273 students from 76 countries took part in the Global chemistry Olympiad in Turkey.In regard to points gained throughout the Global Chemistry Olympiad, China and South Korea jointly hold the first spot, with Russia and the US respectively holding the 2nd and 3rd spots. Meanwhile, Iran in the company of Czech Republic, France, and India, jointly hold the 4th spot.The 43rd International Chemistry Olympiad was held in Ankara, Turkey, as of July 9-18.

Iranians Bag 9 Olympiad Medals-Iran won five medals at the 42nd International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) and four medals at the 22nd International Biology Olympiad.Mohsen Jamali, the head of Young Scholars Club (YSC), said Iran’s team at the 42nd International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) in Bangkok, Thailand, comprised Mehrdad Khani Shirkouhi from Karaj, Pouria Qajari, Masoud Mohammadi and Nima Mousavi from Tehran, and Alireza Kamalipour from Shiraz, ISNA reported.Iran's team won five silver medals to rank 10th among 85 countries.Some 480 students attended the competition, which was held during July 10-18.

Iran Beats US In RoboCup Contest-Iran beats Japan and US in the international RoboCup competition held in Istanbul, Turkey.In the first soccer match of Iran, MRL team from Qazvin Open University beat Japanese Hibikino Musashai in middle-sized robots 7-0, ISNA reported.This is while in the small-sized robots soccer match, the Iranian team headed for the second round when it beat US Georgia Tech team 3-0.The achievement is more valuable in view of the fact that some parts of these robots are among the items sanctioned by the US.
[So much more,click link above,due to space limitation i posted just a few...and also let me state,that Iran is magnificent,marvellous,dignified,and worthy of its due credit,consider their acomplishments are (UNDER SANCTIONS)...IT IS THEY WHO SHOULD LEAD THE UMMAH,in my humble opinion... also see.. UNESCO: Iran gaining strength for scientific, technological growth IRAN IS TOP OF THE WORLD IN SCIENCE GROWTH EVEN UNDER SANCTIONS 

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