Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ZIONIST TRIO HELLBENT ON WAR WITH SYRIA- Syria is fast becoming another Libyan-style US-UK-France “False Flag.”  When will the citizens of planet Earth understand the “Geo Political Push” by the same old warmongers that took out Libya is at it yet again..? It is clear to anyone with an ounce of intelligence that the “Three Stooges” are again rattling their sabers at Syria with the same old story that have used so many times before. It was not my intention to start this article off with some satirical reference but you know sometimes it is like “peeing into the wind during a gale” to get the message becomes more and more frustrating to see you all watch these charades keep unfolding without even knowing the truth behind our extremely aggressive foreign policy. Do you all care about your future, your job security and want to retain the things you have ever worked for? Want to retain your heavily mortgaged house and secure a healthy safe future for your children and your grandchildren...well folks I have to say you have a funny way of demonstrating your compassion towards your family and fellow humans!! We keep sending in our armed forces to such places as the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and more recently Libya but to what avail?……do you know why we are sending our gallant troops to the slaughter?-- do you really believe what your past Prime Minister have told you…..Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and now our current “War Criminal,” David Cameron?…….well I can assure you it has nothing to do with democracy or to launch a humanitarian campaign to save lives because I can assure you it is entirely the opposite……..this my friends is all about Imperialistic Greed and more importantly a “New World Order Master Plan” to take control of the EU, Middle East and the World beyond. Their plan has three main themes, which are: 
· To take control of the worlds natural resources
· To take control of the markets for those resources
· To take control of the sea lanes and transit routes for those resources 

It has always been their intention to take out any country that is not user friendly towards the US, UK, France and other NATO countries. I know that you may think I am a bit of a nut case for thinking this way but hey you do not have to believe me….just simply listen to the words of General Clarke the ex-Supreme Commander of NATO in Europe……….he was told that the Pentagon had plans to take out 7 countries in a period of between 5-10 years……..I have the transcript of that brief in the Pentagon and if you do not believe me have a listen to his speech on the following link:    You must also understand that one cannot keep pointing a finger at the United States when the strings for the New World Order are pulled from here in the City of London……the true “Axis of Evil. You should spend some time sitting outside Chatham House in London and see our leaders and senior politicians come and go, because this is one of the hubs for the New World Order (in the administrative sense) with strong links to the Rothschild's and not forgetting the Freemasons!! Our entire political structure also has a very strong Zionist lean towards satisfying the needs and security of Israel…… is these Zionist that not only put our leaders and ministers in office but they also support them and their party financially. What you do not understand is that it really does not matter who gets in office because all of them have been groomed to serve those that feed them!! You have to understand that the World Economic Meltdown was no accident but a New World Order Plan and believe me the biggest ever “Economic Tsunami” is yet to hit the shores of the UK and Europe making the previous collapse look rather miniscule by comparison. Believe me the Euro and Europe, as we know it, is dead in the water but that is not saying that the New World Order will not resurrect a new EU that could be renamed the United States of Europe and your individuality will be gone forever…imagine not being able to say you are Scottish, Irish, Welsh or English….the time is fast approaching. They have reduced our military to the scraping in the barrel, making us totally dependent on their army, called NATO……they have handed over the command of the SAS, SBS, Commandoes and other special forces to French control - God Forbid, and now they are trying to break up the cohesion between our United Kingdom…..but hey do not let me disturb your viewing of X Factor or whatever…..I know you have more important things to do!! Before getting back to the long planned attack on Syria, Iran and more than likely Lebanon and Palestine one has to understand that “Massive Massive Fraud & Tax Evasion” that forms part of their plan. The “Arab Spring” and now the “Western Spring” are very much part of the end game….the New World Order can collapse any company or country at will. 

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