Friday, December 21, 2012

Impunity in murder of Colombian trade unionists Although there is evidence of responsibility were acquitted DAS agents accused of murdering Luciano Enrique Romero Molina
Although there is evidence of responsibility were acquitted DAS agents accused of murdering Luciano Enrique Romero Molina  
In Case of eleven (11) of December two thousand and twelve (2012), 11 Criminal Judge Specialized Circuit ILO issued a judgment of acquittal character for DAS: ANTONIO JOSE NORBERTO RIAÑO SOTOMAYOR and for the crime of murder protected persons by which they had been charged, the second of the above offense was convicted of conspiracy in the same decision.In this ruling, the ALJ conducted an analysis of evidence which concluded that Luciano Romero Molina was "... a civilian, with ongoing support actions to combat association and protection of human rights, these positions that go against some actors the armed conflict in our country ", discarding the testimonies by which it was intended to link to our partner with the ranks of the National Liberation Army - ELN.Despite this finding, the Office ensures that the process was not established the motive for the murder.Similarly, contrary to the claims of the representation of victims, the judge does not agree to the declaration of the crime as a crime against humanity, considering that "by the prosecuting body not traced a line of joint research in linking these crimes (referring to those against SINALTRAINAL members), in order to establish common factors, criminal proceeds, mobile, etc. "Based on the statements of a former paramilitary today convicted of the murder of Luciano Romero Molina, the civil appeal the decision, arguing that to do this analysis with other evidence in the process, it is possible to establish that the officers acquitted DAS had prior knowledge that the human rights defender and would be retained by unionist paramilitaries commanded by Jorge 40 and that there were high chances of her murder. At the same time, we find sufficient evidence that this intelligence agency was in the service of the designs of the paramilitaries in the region and from the same doctrine was applied aversion to human rights, from which it was considered as enemies to their defenders, a situation that led to this type of criminal attacks, which fell victim to our colleague and friend. Finally, because there is also evidence of economic interests that benefited from these criminal structures of power, which were hit with industrial action in defense of the rights of workers and the general population.Without going to dismiss the case for a ruling with respect to the individual criminal responsibility of the accused, it is pertinent to note that while the Colombian justice has issued judgments against the perpetrators of the murder of Luciano, continue to insist that we have a Justice halfway, condition will persist while the judicial authorities continue without delving into the motives of fact which remain hidden truth and leave intact the beneficiaries of the crimes of the paramilitaries. Truth and justice will mean up to investigate these facts in context and not in isolation, to the recognition of the true nature of these crimes and to understand and acknowledge that the widespread and systematic attack against human rights defenders and trade unionists affect the conscience of mankind.From SINALTRAINAL and the Committee for Solidarity with Political Prisoners, aware of the great difficulties offered by the current regional and global outlook, we maintain our determination to combat impunity, going for it at all national and international permit elucidation of these criminal acts and prosecution of all those responsible.
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