Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Meet Dishad Othman,Syrian scoundrel dissident from Dublin ,Ireland...working for U.S. STATE DEPT(HOTBED OF ZIONISTS ),attending soros ''open society'' functions!...
i ran into this just now...a kurdish exile dissident based out of dublin ...self described security expert and human rights activist,promoting opposition and the role of internet in fake revolution against Assads govt...
Syrian uprising: ‘The internet has been central to the revolution’
Dishad Othman is a Syrian digital security expert and human rights activist living in the Republic of Ireland. From a small village outside [...]

[ed note;the above link is him in a short documentary promoting the so called revolution and anti assad propaganda of course(the documentary was featured and promoted in Guardian newspaper online media as well!)...i decided to do a backround search,go deeper and here is what came up...hes actually a tool for us state dept!!!
Dishad othman at US MISSION(EMBASSY)in Geneva!
Dishad Othman, Andres Azpurua and Pranesh Prakash Prepare for UN Press Conference
The Internet Freedom Fellows program funded by the U.S. Department of State and managed by the U.S. Mission to the United Nations in Geneva, brings human rights activists from across the globe to Geneva, Washington, and Silicon Valley to meet with fellow activists, U.S. and international government leaders, and members of civil society and the private sector engaged in technology and human rights. A key goal of the program is to share experiences and lessons learned on the importance of a free Internet to the promotion of freedom of expression and freedom of assembly as fundamental human rights. The Fellows are in Geneva June 19-22 during the 20th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council. This year’s Internet Freedom Fellows, all human rights activists and active practitioners of digital media, are from Syria, India, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Venezuela and Azerbaijan. In Geneva they will participate in a global conversation, webcast from the United Nations, on “Global Networks, Individual Freedoms”
[ed notes:the un hosting global networks for so called dissidents tied to us foreign policy objectives via us state dept and embassy is evidence of its bias,non objective,and un-impartial role in Syrian conflict!Cant claim to be neutral when you are hosting people tied to a network of so called dissidents sponsored by one of the hostile parties to conflict!!!
Wednesday, June 20 at 1000 EDT (14:00 UTC).The 2012 Fellows are:Dlshad Othman (Syria): Mr. Othman is a Syrian activist and IT engineer who provides Syrians with digital security resources and assistance so that they can utilize online communications and advocacy freely and securely in spite of increased online government repression in the form of censorship, sophisticated cyber attacks, and intense surveillance.
Andres Azpurua (Venezuela): Mr. Azpurua is committed to generating digital tools that empower Venezuelans to better exercise their human rights. He has contributed o the creation of a digital platform that promotes and defends voters’ rights. He is also the founder of a digital initiative that seeks to build a volunteer base from civil society to promote the right of association in Venezuela.
U.S. Mission
[ed notes;Venezuela should keep a close eye on mr andres azpurua and who hes working with down there,would be my advice to comandante Chavez...
back to mr dilshad othman.. turns out about a month ago he attended a soros sponsored open society awards cerimony,and accpted an award on behalf of another discreditted so called syrian human rights activist who won award there..see, 
Front Line Defenders Award 2012 Goes To Razan Ghazzawi, Syria
"The 2012 Front Line Defenders Award was presented today at a ceremony in Dublin's City Hall by Mr Aryeh Neier, President of the Open Society Foundations and a founder of Human Rights Watch to blogger and human rights defender Razan Ghazzawi of Syria.  [[[[[The Front Line Defenders Award was collected in Dublin on her behalf by Mr Dilshad Othman of the Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression.]]]]]

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