Sunday, December 23, 2012

Remarks at Forum for the Future
William J. Burns Deputy Secretary
(appointed by war criminal condy rice)
We have launched Egyptian-American and Tunisian-American Enterprise Funds to help small and medium-sized businesses create jobs. And I am particularly pleased to announce that the Chairman of the Tunisian-American Enterprise Fund's board will be Mr. Bowman Cutter, a widely respect international investor with over 30 years of experience in private equity and as a senior economic policy advisor to President Bill Clinton.[ed note: Bowman's name is linked to the World Bank [6]He has ties to United Defense Industries, the largest defense contractor in the United States.
  And the whole of our government is working together to facilitate trade and investment.
We want to work together to leave behind the old systems of patronage and state control to nurture modern economic systems where talent is cultivated and rewarded, where what you know drives your success more than who you know, where nations can trade with their neighbors and compete in the global economy, where opportunity is open to all. Conventional assistance, no matter how generous, will not be enough. Governments also need to take on policy, regulatory, and institutional reform. And we and our European partners must think, and act, more ambitiously to open up trade and investment across the region.
We also need to redouble our efforts to invest in the region’s youth and equip them to compete in a global economy. To that end, we have launched the Partners for a New Beginning Initiative— [ed note:backround...To support the President's "New Beginning" goals, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton(war criminal) launched Partners for a New Beginning along with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright,(war criminal) Walter Isaacson (President of The Aspen Institute)
,[ed note:globalist think tank promotes imperialist goals,neocolonialism and neoliberal economic policies... the empires ''neocolonial agendas and neoliberal... - thenakedfacts  Older Post - THENAKEDFACTS Older Post - THENAKEDFACTS who's who in new syrian national council? more - THENAKEDFACTS (and Muhtar Kent (Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company) (criminal corporation) on April 27, 2010. Leading the initiative on the State Department side is Kris Balderston, Special Representative for Global Partnerships.  
[ed note;some of new begginings ''Steering Committee Members''... Stephen Heintz, President, Rockefeller Brothers Fund... Kenneth Cohen, Chairman, ExxonMobil Foundation; Vice President of Public Affairs, Exxon Mobil Corporation...John Mack, Former Chairman and CEO, Morgan Stanley... Andrew Liveris, President, Chairman, and CEO, Dow Chemical Company ... Paul Otellini, President and CEO, Intel Corporation
with a local chapter here in Tunisia that is helping over one thousand Tunisian students about to graduate college develop business plans. And we are proud to support the Smart Center, launched with the help of the Tunisian-American Chamber of Commerce to help startups get off the ground and ensure the Arab awakening is also an economic awakeningEfforts to help the Syrian people build a better future are made more difficult by Iran—which exports terrorism as well as repression, brutalizes its own people and risks injecting an arms race into an already volatile region. We are making every effort to ensure that sanctions don’t deprive Iranians of food, medicines, and humanitarian goods. But we are committed to prevent—not contain—a nuclear-armed Iran.[ed note:lies,lies, is arming,training deathsquads alongside its proxy client regimes in gulf to effect a long planned zionist agenda of regime change in Syria..the claim us is taking precautions with its illegal snactions not to deprive Iran of food and medicine and humanitarian goods,is a bold faced lie,the aim is to indeed to deprive iranians of those basic needs,in order to create unrest and upheavel against govt....
All of us must work together to protect fundamental freedoms of expression, association, and assembly. And today, the United States is establishing a new Journalist Response Fund to offer training and emergency assistance to journalists, bloggers, and citizen journalists whose work places them at-risk of being targeted by authorities. [ed note:translation: they are expanding more subversive agendaa by openly training fake media and journalists, wich parrots the zionist western  imperialist policies in targetted countries ....
Unfortunately, new progress toward openness has brought with it new pushback against civil society. There are even those who say the whole concept of civil society is a Western imposition. All of us need to come together to protect the fundamental freedoms of expression, association, and assembly. Today I am pleased to announce that we are launching a new Freedom of Association Index—modeled after the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Survey—to measure and track the ease of forming and operating NGOs in countries around the world.And we are continually seeking the most effective ways to strengthen civil society. In that spirit, today we join the German Marshall Fund and the Governments of Tunisia and the Netherlands as founding supporters of a MENA Partnership for Democracy and Development.
[ed note:german marshall fund is a pro war ziocon think tank with global reach and tentacles... from us,germany,turkey etc...they are primary group behind increased NATO military interventions globally!!! German Marshall Fund of the United States, Neocon Europe. Older Post - THENAKEDFACTS conspiracy or not? - THENAKEDFACTS

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