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JEWISH DAILY FORWARD:  Laying Groundwork for Life After Syria's Assad
As Regime Teeters, Jews Mull Outreach to Rebel Fighters
Still, some Syrian activists struggling for recognition of their fight to topple Assad recognize that their stance toward Israel may be a factor in their efforts to enlist international support.“There are many in the opposition who believe that Israeli concerns over change in Syria are, in part at least, behind the lack of a more proactive response by the international community to the situation in Syria,” said Ammar Abdulhamid, a Syrian pro-democracy activist. Abdulhamid is a fellow at Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a non-partisan Washington think tank that serves as an academic home for many neo-conservative thinkers. The group has emerged as one of the key players in forging ties with the budding Syrian opposition and urging a more active U.S. role in bringing about the demise of the Assad regime.A December 6 conference near Capitol Hill organized by FDD gave voice to those, both on the Syrian and the American side, who believe the Obama administration should get more deeply involved in shaping Syria’s future.“The U.S. has subcontracted our diplomacy to other parties,” said FDD senior fellow John Hannah, a former foreign policy adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney, at the event
[ed notes:ammar abdulhammid is a zionist fraud,who also runs national salvation front for kadham(syrian m.b.zionist1) is more on FDD and ammar...  zionist,neocons,cia front weigh in on zio - THENAKEDFACTS mistaking - THENAKEDFACTS conspiracy or not? - THENAKEDFACTS   THE SYRIAN HASBARA NETWORK IN TURKEY | SHOAH Look whos in Doha ,''AMMAR''
Rafif Jouejati, a spokeswoman for the Syrian Local Coordinating Committees, a network of opposition groups active on the ground in Syria, told listeners in the capacity-filled conference room that lack of active U.S. support for the Syrian opposition “looks to the world like support for the Assad regime.Through the U.S. Institute of Peace, the administration has been working with Syrian opposition figures outside the country in an attempt to come up with ideas for “day after” scenarios, touching on many of the issues a new Syria will have to deal with.
[ed notes:Question ,what exactly was the spokeswoman/person for the syrian oppositions, ''local coordinating committees'' doing at a u.s. federal institution/zio-con pro war  think tank function discussing with zionists and pro israhell warmongers the overthrow of Assad? see, Older Post - THENAKEDFACTS  the lcc syria entity is the upheld and touted opposition view(internally and externally by ziocon west and also the clueless fake leftists supporting ZIO-CON /NATO intervention of Syria by same ones who brougth us Iraq/Afghanistan wars(same cabal wich had Syria on its hitlist next...for IsraHELL of course!) see,,  In Syria, U.S. should arm rebels, shape future political agenda, says Wolfowitz  Gen. Wesley Clark - NATO, and Syria - YouTube Older Post - THENAKEDFACTS
These include maintaining the rights of the minority Alawite sect from which come Assad and many of Syria’s other top officials; setting rules for dealing with former Assad regime members, and building a democratic structure.The Obama administration’s approach on this issue has been evolving. On December 12 the United States officially recognized the Syrian Opposition Coalition, a representative body made up of rebel factions on the ground and their supporters outside Syria, thus paving the way for active American support. Notably absent from most discussions of Syria’s future is the question of its relations with Israel. During the run-up to the 2003 Iraq war, Jewish groups spoke at length with Iraqi opposition figures — in particular the U.S.-based activist Ahmad Chalabi — about a new era for Israeli–Iraqi relations once Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was ousted. But the war’s aftermath brought only disillusion on this front; Chalabi not only failed to attain supreme leadership of the country—he moved close to Iran, Israel’s most bitter adversary, in his struggle to increase his power.Later, the Arab Spring made it clear that Arab democracy does not necessarily entail more openness to relations with Israel,(just failed ,fragmented states unable to offer real resistance to it...,a Zionist PNAC Agenda) at least in the absence of any progress on the Israeli-Palestinian front and other territorial disputes between Israel and its neighbors.“The agreed line by the opposition is that the status quo in the Golan Heights will be maintained until conditions permit for organizing peace talks,” said Abdulhamid, referring to Israel’s occupation of that area since the 1967 Six Day War.This approach could satisfy Jewish and pro-Israel groups whose focus on Syria’s future government in any event prioritizes other concerns.The American Israel Public Affairs Committee in a recent memo focused on the danger Israel faces from Syrian chemical weapons stockpiles and ballistic missiles, which are believed to be capable of targeting central Israel. The three talking points issued by AIPAC call for international pressure to stop human rights abuses by the Assad regime, for an end to Syria’s support for anti-Israel terror groups, and for an international drive to investigate the country’s illicit nuclear programAccording to reports, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a secret visit to Jordan in December to discuss cooperation with Jordanian King Abdullah on countering the threat of Syrian chemical weapons being used by Assad or falling into the wrong hands once he’s out of office. Syrian opposition activist Radwan Ziadeh argued that such concerns should not deter the community from getting involved. “It is better to invest in the future than to hang on to the old regime,” said Ziadeh, director of the Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies in Washington. In his meetings with members of the Jewish community, Ziadeh talks about the role he sees for American Jews in helping the Syrian cause. “Now is the time for the Jewish community and for Israel to push the Obama administration to take action,” said Ziadeh, who supports American military intervention aimed at helping the opposition—a position rejected by mainstream Syrian government opponents.Despite American Jewish concerns and Israel’s relative comfort with the Assad regime as the devil it knows,(ed note:the one they demonize and have hostile relations with ,see.. Older Post - THENAKEDFACTS ISRAHELL AND ZIONAZIS WANT ASSAD OUT-FACT! PROOF!
 some Jewish groups are, in fact, reaching out to Syrian opposition, based on a joint humanitarian cause.The American Jewish Committee, which has hosted several events with Syrian dissidents, is active in bringing to light abuses carried out by the regime. “The options for Jewish groups as Jewish groups are relatively limited,” said Felice Gaer, director of the AJC’s Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights. “They cannot reach a peace agreement and will not solve the Syrian problem. But they can call for humane principles in the conduct of the government and those rebelling against it.”Gaer, who is also a commissioner on the United Nations Committee Against Torture, said that the Jewish community has a role to play in telling the world about “how brutal and vicious this conflict is and how brutal the government is in its use of torture.”But intervention by Jewish activists can, at times, be used against those it aims to help. When Bernard-Henri Levy, a Jewish French philosopher, called for international intervention to help oust Assad, members of left-wing Syrian opposition groups criticized his efforts and pointed to his support of Israel as an incriminating factor.“Jews will always be used by one side or another” in the conflict, Gaer argues in response. But the circumstances in Syria are so harsh and clear, she said, that there is no room for concern about Jewish support de-legitimizing the opposition. “If we speak to this issue we will not hurt the effort,” she said. “Turning an eye away from what’s going on, that is what can be seen as not legitimate.”
[ed note;im short on time..will fix this up later,but you get the point,zionists,ziocons,and syrian opposition all want same thing.regime change...

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