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NGO has proof Kasab was in Nepal A local NGO working for prisoners’ rights on Thursday claimed that India had kidnapped several Pakistani nationals in the recent years to prove their involvement in its state managed terror acts so as to accuse Pakistan as a terror-supporting country. The Voice for the Human and Prisoners Rights (VH&PRs) fears that those still in Indian authorities’ secret detention could be used for ulterior motives, as Muhammad Ajmal was in the Mumbai attacks
World Federalist Association, UNPA Vancouver Launch, April 24, 2007 tragedy by design British psychiatry: from eugenics to assassination A Closer Look At Pentagon's Project Minerva Gaza Voices, American Silence Palestinians: At least 155 dead, over 200 hurt in IAF Gaza strikes It's a Holiday Celebration for The Synagogue of Satan. Lebanon army: 7 missiles ready to be fired at Israel found in south Lebanon U.S. Police Could Get ‘Pain Beam’ Weapons US Surprised by Pakistani Move to Border Suspected Pakistan Terror Group Will Challenge UN Ban Iraq Prison Revolt: 16 Dead, 3 al-Qaeda Escape Qaeda 'Emirs' Flee in Deadly Iraq Jailbreak Spain PM Says No More Troops for Afghanistan 56 Katyusha Launching Pads Seized in Mosul Musharraf: India Wouldn't Dare Attack this shill is trying to instigate the fiigth Aussie CEO Detained Under Terrorism Act for Filming Police Leftists Rally in Tel Aviv to Protest Impending Gaza Attack Hundreds of young Somalis have been arrested in the past few days in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. Ethiopia's federal police spokesman, Commander Demsash Hailu, has so far not been able to offer any explanation for the arrests On 15 december 2008, at Samar magazine, the editorial was entitled: Who Killed Hemant Karkare? South America moves toward military integration SECRET PLOT TO LET 50MILLION AFRICAN WORKERS INTO EU The Mumbai enigma US to fight insurgency across Muslim world for 25 years US to fight insurgency across Muslim world for 25 years

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Rezko attorney 'owns' Obama mansion Little Blue Pills Among the Ways CIA Wins Friends in Afghanistan Pakistan arrests 7 Indians§ion=0&article=117537&d=26&m=12&y=2008
Education for World Government World Federalist Association - Walter Cronkite, NWO, WTf
Satish Anand Shukla Indian Terrorist Arrested in Lahore, Saffron Terrorism Garowe Online (Garowe) Somalia: 'Unmanned Spy Plane' Crashes
It must not be forgotten that contrary to general world opinion, the problem of hunger is not an insuperable one. A fair distribution of world resources, the technological resources of wealthy nations being placed at the service of the whole world, and preventing wasteful use of surplus production to instead use it for aid purposes are only a few of the things that could be done. However, what lies behind the failure to find a solution to problems such as hunger and disease in our day is again moral deficiencies such as selfishness, overbearing personal interests, greed and apathy.
Georgia, US to Sign Strategic Accord Report: U.S. Faces Biological Attack Within 5 Years Nixon-Kissinger Celebrated ‘72 Bombing of N. Vietnam, New Transcripts Show Dennis Blair: Corporatist Candidate for Director of National Intelligence The Wall Street Journal reported in its December 19 edition, that President-elect Barack Obama is slated to choose retired Vice Admiral Dennis Blair as his Director of National Intelligence (DNI). The Federal Reserve Abolition Act On June 15, 2007, Ron Paul introduced HR 2755: Federal Reserve Abolition Act. There were no co-sponsors, no further action was taken, and the legislation was referred to the House Committee on Financial Services and effectively pigeonholed and ignored Feds Consider Searches Of Terrorism Blogs Brit Zionist Led Aristocracy Mass Internet Censorship Think a Nintendo game is a good way to teach kids about the Holocaust? A 21-year-old British video game developer does, and the company producing his latest creation hopes to have it ready for distribution in Europe by the end of the year. US Intel Report: Hezbollah May Strike in US Troop-Caused Civilian Deaths Angering Afghans: Watchdog Baghdad Police Chief Escapes Assassination Attempt IED Sets Fire to Oil Pipeline in Kirkuk South Korean Group to Resume Sending Leaflets to North Korea Lebanese Army Finds Eight Missiles Pointed at Israel Three Turkish Soldiers Killed in Kurdish Rebel Attack Google UK likes to please governments; that presents a risk to Guido that he can no longer take." - Things Are Going to Change Around Here... The email contains a Court Order by Mr Justice Tugendhat, threatening Guido with contempt of Court if Guido even reveals the existence of the Order." - Up Yours Carter-Ruck Israeli defense contractors, Turkey ink deal Poverty and Inequality Decline in Venezuela M48 Patton tank in the streets of Athens on 17 November 1973. Found at: CIA put the military into power in Greece in 1967. The military was kicked out in 1974. On 12 December 2008, we read that "Greece has placed its military at level 2 alert after the outbreak of fresh clashes between riot police and protesters in Athens, news agencies said." - Greek army at state of alert 3 InfraGard: The FBI Deputizes Business Seizing War Protesters’ Assets 59 arrested in Tibet for 'spreading of rumours'

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Indian ‘spy’ arrested Cooperate, give proof! India hasn’t given list of suspects Interpol chief Delhi violates UN declaration Dismantle India’s terror networks, NA urges world\12\25\story_25-12-2008_pg1_1 The stage is set for Martial Law Fox News launches green website lol Why is the U.S. military preparing for massive civil disorder? Pakistan Urges India to Dismantle Terror Networks Brazil and France Sign Military Hardware Deals Brazilian Aircraft Maker Embraer Sees no Recession in Middle East Department Of US Homeland Security Expands Collection Of Biometrics For Visitors The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced today that it is expanding the categories of non-U.S. citizens required to provide digital fingerprints and a photograph upon entry to the United States through the US-VISIT program Army Ready If Economic Down Turn Gets Out Of Hand Think a Nintendo game is a good way to teach kids about the Holocaust? A 21-year-old British video game developer does, and the company producing his latest creation hopes to have it ready for distribution in Europe by the end of the year.\ Former British Foreign Secretary: Al Qaeda is Not a Real Group, Just a U.S. Propaganda Campaign There Is No 'Al Qaeda' says Ex UK Foreign Secretary Jewish groups blast TV show The Israeli Who Will Run the Obama White House Over One Million Iraqi Deaths Caused by US Occupation ILEA: Is the US Restarting Dirty Wars in Latin America? World Vision, Greece and the CIA. World Vision reportedly is a front for the CIA. Horowitz: How can I celebrate a Jewish liberation story while Gaza is starving Brussels economists claim Britain and other EU states will “need” 56 million immigrant workers between them by 2050 to make up for the “demographic decline” due to falling birth rates and rising death rates across Europe.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 The event also served as a chance for parents to have their children documented by the MasoniCHIP program. Masons and volunteers from across Oxford were on hand to help make identification kits for local children. The MasoniCHIP program provides parents with their child’s dental imprints, fingerprints, still photos and a short video.
'ISI cleared of Mumbai involvement' Scholar: Cheney confessed to war crime India Inc hikes security spending after terror Daily News Analysis - India / 09-12-2008
Humanism in all its manifestations (secular, religious, ethical, cultural, philosophical, etc.) seeks to idolize man and the natural world in place of God. Modern manifestations of it range from the United Nations to Satanism 7. It is the very backbone of the New Age Movement, Freemasonry and indeed the Illuminati itself. The dangerous maxim "do what thou wilt shall be whole of the law" then applies to every aspect of morality and society. 8 The Humanist has no moral absolutes. In the words of the official Humanist Manifesto II, "moral values derive their source from human experience. Ethics is autonomous and situational needing no theological or ideological sanction." Humanism is another powerful tool by which the Hegelian process works on society.
The Police Story on the Mumbai Attacks stands shattered Government Minister, and member of the Congress Party, A R Antulay.Antulay asked:"who sent him (Karkare) in the direction" of the Cama hospital, outside which he was killed."Who had sent them to the Cama hospital. What were they told that made them leave for the same spot in the same vehicle... "How come instead of going to the Hotel Taj or Oberai or even the Nariman House, he went to such a place where there was nothing compared to what happened in the three places?"Why all three (Hemant Karakre, Vijay Salaskar and Ashok Kamte) went together. It is beyond my comprehension."Anami Narayan Roy is Director General of Police, Maharashtra, and the former Police Commissioner of Mumbai.Misra writes:"Antulay's statement means that that he is hinting at the role of some top functionary..."There is a question mark over Kasab and Ismail killing Karkare, Salaskar and Kaamte..."Kasab and Ismail might not have killed the three;"which then raises the question: who killed them?"Was it the Mumbai Police top brass?"Or the Gujarat Anti Terrorism Squad under Narendra Modi? Or a combination of the two..."The Mumbai and the Indian Police has been known for keeping informers, ex-militants and Pakistani spies in illegal confinement or on their payroll."And then planting them in situations where either Police or the corporate-politician-bureaucrat nexus or foreign powers or Hindutva forces have carried out attacks and bomb blasts."This happened on numerous occasions say, in 2006 when the RSS Headquarters in Nagpur were attacked allegedly by `terrorists', who then died in an encounter with the Nagpur Police."It later turned out, and this was proved by Jusice Kondse Patil's report on this issue and by Suresh Khairnar, a veteran socialist and human rights activist, that these `terrorists' were in fact people who had been killed by a non-Maharashtrian Special Crime Branch Police in a fake encounter and then brought and placed before the RSS Headquarters."The Nagpur chief of Police in fact went on record to say that his Police actually did not engage in any encounter! PIB Photo of Israel's Barak meeting Singh in 2007 from Siliconeer: August 2006 . Singh is now Prime Minister of India."Now comes a report that Kasab was actually kidnapped by RAW officials in Nepal in 2006..."The Parliamentary attack... was again a fake drama staged by the Delhi Police - and the best part is that our wily parliamentarians know this! That is why they did not turn up to commemorate the `martyrdom' of Police personal who died defending the Parliament!"Kasab is a fake;"the real terrorists who came to Mumbai wreaked their mayhem and went back safely - some of them, as testified by eye-witness near Nariman House were definitely Israeli."The main aim of the entire operaiton was to eliminate Karkare and to create something so big that the Malegaon blast investigation pales in comparison NY Man Pleads 'Guilty' to Broadcasting Hezbollah TVincredible u can broadcast hitler in america like klu klux klan and thats protected under their rigth to free speech but the uga booga hezbollah that defends and protects lebanon from israeli expansionism is a no it ok to play bush and and war criminal bunch who were responsible for at least overseeing 9-11 inside job and illegal war on iraq, wich constitute war crimes? Somalia: Ban Forwards Possible Next Steps to Security Council The violence continues despite the signing in June of a UN-facilitated peace accord, known as the Djibouti Agreement, by the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and the Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia (ARS), by which both sides agreed to end their conflict and called on the UN to deploy an international stabilization force to the troubled nation. the transitional government is nothing but an illigitimate creation by the un and its creation was inbedded with illegality from the very beggining.evidence of this was the fact that that it facilitated and allowed the ethiopian military to occupy the sovereign nation of somalia in an effort to ethnic cleanse the islamic population and send them in displacement away from capital and other large cities.heres some supplementation testifying to this. Ethiopian soldiers accused of war crimes in Somalia Why are Ethiopian troops and Somali Transitional Government forces chasing their opponents down to Kismayo? US backs Ethiopia's invasion to save Somalia from Islam Ethiopian jets bomb Mogadishu airport,7340,L-3344278,00.html UN: Pakistan Has Complied With UN Terror Sanctions Pakistani Senate Slams India for Creating War Hysteria India plans to hit Pakistan targets in 24 hours India Seeking Cluster Bombs From US India: No to War, but We'll Take Cluster Bombs Interpol Chief Presses India to Provide Mumbai Evidence Homeland Security Propaganda Show To Air On ABC Genocidal settlers Religious fanaticism in Israel may not be a mainstream media topic, but it is a mainstream Israeli ideology US Has 10,000 Detainees in Iraq With No Evidence Karzai Laments Coalition Use of 'Thugs' Agencies Prep Obama for 'Tourniquet' on Afghanistan Army War College on potential use of military in the U.S: "Strategic Shocks" in Defense Strategy Development

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Hindu leader abruptly ends TV interview after being quizzed Muslim Holocaust carried out by indian government in Gujarat Hindu Extremists Killing minorities in India
War Against the Weak,M1 page 236 4rth paragraph natural museum of natural history ties to eugenics!!!
John C. Whitehead Huge globalist and long-time close associate of David Rockefeller. Director Rockefeller University For this analysis PEHI has used nineteen annual Pilgrims of the United States officers list dating from 1973 to 1995. There are a total of 54 different people on these lists. John C. Whitehead and Thomas L. Pulling have been added to this analysis, as we know the former at the moment is a Pilgrims vice president and member of the executive committee, while Pulling was an executive member in the late 1990s. This brings us to a total of 56 Pilgrims of the United States Officers since 1973 that we know about (ignoring two others of the late 1990s). The table below shows the 21 officers with rather obvious connections to the Rockefeller interests or the Morgan bank. Hulbert S. Aldrich 1907-1995 Cousin of the Rockefellers. President of Greer School with Mrs. David Rockefeller (1942-1947). Vice chairman and a director the Chemical Bank New York Trust Company. Winthrop W. Aldrich 1885-1974 Uncle of Nelson Rockefeller. Early member CFR. President and chair of Chase National Bank. Hoyt Ammidon 1909-1988 Personal-investment manager for Vincent Astor in the 1950s. Chair U.S. Trust Co. Fellow Pierpont Morgan Library. His son became managing director of Chase Manhattan Investment Bank and shared a board with Peter C. Rockefeller. Kingman Brewster 1919-1988 Special assistant in the governmental office of Nelson Rockefeller. Member CFR. Trustee Carnegie Endowment. Eli Whitney Debevoise 1899-1990 Heir to the Rockefeller-Whitney Standard Oil fortune through his mother. Associate of Winthrop W. Aldrich, an uncle of Nelson Rockefeller. Trustee of Rockefeller University. Member CFR. C. Douglas Dillon 1909-2003 Schoolmates had included Nelson, Laurance and John Rockefeller III. Director and later chair of Dillon, Read & Co. which financed the Nazis. Chairman Rockefeller Foundation. Board member Chase Manhattan Bank. Vice chair CFR. Associated with many other important people and institutions. John R. Drexel III 1919-2007 The Drexel banker firm historically were partners of J.P. Morgan. The Astors, Aldriches and Rockefellers were among John Drexel's friends. John's son, John R. Drexel, IV, also became a Pilgrims executive. John W. Gardner 1912-2002 Associate of Nelson Rockefeller. Director or advisor of Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Rockefeller University. President of the Carnegie Corporation and Carnegie Foundation. Member CFR. Thomas S. Gates 1906-1983 CEO and chairman of Morgan Guaranty Trust. Member CFR. S. Parker Gilbert alive Son and godson of two J. P. Morgan partners who were early CFR members. Chairman of Morgan Stanley and trustee of the Morgan Library who still keeps a close eye on the traditional Morgan interests. CFR member. Alfred Hayes d. 1989 Employee. National City Bank. Chair Morgan Stanley. Member CFR. Robert V. Lindsay alive Assistant vice president J.P. Morgan & Co. Chair Morgan Guarantee Trust. Director Americas Society. Member CFR. John M. Meyer, Jr. d. 1996 Chair and CEO of J.P. Morgan & Co. and Morgan Guaranty Trust. Member CFR. Henry S. Morgan 1900-1982 A son of J.P. Morgan, Jr. Partner in J. P. Morgan & Co. and co-founder Morgan Stanley. Trustee of the Morgan Library. Early member CFR. OSS during WWII, together with his brother. Ellmore C. Patterson 1913-2004 Married into the Choate family, which was intimately connected to the Rockefeller and Morgan interests, just as the Pilgrims. Chair J.P. Morgan & Co. Shared at least two boards with Laurance Rockefeller. Member CFR. Pulling, Thomas L. alive Assistant treasurer J.P. Morgan & Co. Inc., New York City, 1962-1968. Retired as a managing director of Citigroup in 2006. Eben W. Pyne 1917-2007 President and director of National City Trust and senior vice president National City Bank. William Rockefeller 1918-1990 Son of William Avery Rockefeller and descendant of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. Chair Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge Foundation. Dean Rusk 1909-1994 Rhodes Scholar. President Rockefeller Foundation. Co-founder Club of Rome. CFR member. John C. Whitehead alive Huge globalist and long-time close associate of David Rockefeller. Director Rockefeller University John Cunningham Whitehead (born April 2, 1922), is currently the chairman of the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation (WTC Memorial Foundation), and former chairman of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation until he resigned in May 2006.[1] Born in Evanston, Illinois his family moved to Montclair, New Jersey when he was two years old.[2] Whitehead graduated from Haverford College in 1943 and served in the U.S. Navy during World War II, where he commanded one of the landing crafts at Omaha Beach, in the D-Day landing invasion of Normandy.[3] [4] Later he joined the prestigious New York investment bank of Goldman Sachs, rising to become chairman over a total period at the firm of 38 years; retiring in 1984 as Co-Chairman and Senior Partner. He served as United States Deputy Secretary of State in Ronald Reagan's administration from 1985 to 1989 under George Shultz, and was awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal by President Reagan. In 1996, he was the campaign chairman for Michael Benjamin who ran for a seat in New York's 8th congressional district. He is former Chairman of the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the United Nations Association, and a former Chairman of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Harvard Board of Overseers. He is a former director of the New York Stock Exchange and Chairman Emeritus of The Brookings Institution.
Attack Pakistan, don't warn, says Bal Thackeray India's Hindu Terrorist FO rejects Indian claims of providing evidence repost Jews for Justice wrote and made available this information that tells us the origins of this conflict and the history of the Jewish and Palestinian people. Excellent read. My favorite 'summing it up' part is spoken by Mahatma Gandhi in 1938:"Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French...What is going on in Palestine today cannot be justified by any moral code of conduct American Militia Leader Exposes Concentration Camps, U.N. and Russian Equipment in America on C-SPAN NAZI ISRAEL … INDEED Details on UN Human Rights Officials' Expulsion from Israel Ancients Contrary to Academic Belief Were Global Citizens Child porn sting snags ex-Clinton aide Biden: Gay Community Don't Worry Secret of the Lusitania: Arms find challenges Allied claims it was solely a passenger ship Jerusalem`s Latin Patriarch blasts Gaza blockade in pre-Christmas message Somalia: Ethiopia Accused of Killing 70 People The Islamic Republic in Iran is facing “a sinister international conspiracy” designed to “replace religious rule with secularism.” Earth Emperor”: In the Minds of Men: Darwin and the New World Order by Ian T. Taylor Dangerous Kabbalah Teachings Tout “Inducing Schizophrenia” Global warming fear-monger selected as Puppet Obama’s top science adviser Avraham Burg clearly believes that Israel is headed for serious trouble. Ditto Ehud Olmert, who has said that if there is no two-state solution, Israel will “face a South African-style struggle for equal voting rights, and as soon as that happens, the state of Israel is finished.” In other words, Israel will end up as an apartheid state if the Palestinians do not get a viable state of their own. Beware the New Globalism

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1949 - M Nabuco - World Government as a Goal There are two ways in which this might be accomplished. One would be through a liberal system of economics, and that would require a sort of world understanding which would abolish cus- toms duties and other difficulties. The other would be by central government. World trade and commerce cannot re- main forever throttled. If man's po- litical wisdom does not lead us to a free flow of goods, man's practical needs will. I believe that practical forces vitally at work today would impose upon all governments of the world such an un- derstanding; for the central agency necessary to carry out this kind of work would be of such magnitude that it would amount to world government. There are those who believe that now is the time for the establishment of world government, or at least for the adoption of definite measures toward that end. Others, and there are many, reject altogether the possibility of its achievement. A realistic appreciation of the circumstances leads us to dis- count both the enthusiasm of the first group and the skepticism of the second. The movement originated by Mr. Clarence K. Streit is gaining the sup- port of many men of thought and ac- tion, and its development can undoubt- edly exert considerable influence on the time factor insiderable influence on the time factor in the trend toward world government. Granted, however, that the approach lies through democracy, the very concept of that system has to evolve; it could not be possible within a structure, of which the Greek de- mocracy was the prototype, wherein an "elite," however great or however small, held the reins. That would be the only sort of world government we could have for the present.
A British Agenda for Europe RIAA A British Agenda for EuropeDesigning our own future Sir Stephen Wall Chair,Chatham House Commission on Europe after Fifty: Policy Implications forBritain This report is notabout treaties but about policies.It is what we–a group of people from Britain and beyond who have been intimately involved in the life of the EuropeanUnion–think will be the policy challenges for Britain in the next couple of decades .And it looks at the part the European Union has to play in tackling them. We are not dispassionate but we hope we are objective. We have made no bones about focusing on some key areas: foreign and defencepolicy ,energy and climatechange ,and coopera-tion in making the world a safer place in terms of combating crime and terrorism.
Quotes from this video When I served as an official host at a key environment meeting in Denver, Colorado in 1987, I was surprised to see David Rockefeller, Edmund de Rothschild, Secretary of State Baker then Sec. of the Treasury, Maurice Strong, Waste Company Chairman and EPA Administrator William Ruckelshaus, U.N. Secretary General and Geneva McNeal and various World Bank and IMF officials there. What were the rich elite and bankers doing at an environment congress. Listen Carefully. I will now attempt to show you how their enactments will work against you. Here are some phrases from a document from the Secretariat for world order which were distributed at the UNCED meeting: We are the living sponsors of the great Cecil Rhodes will of 1877 in which Rhodes devoted hs fortune to the extension of British rule throughout the world, and colonization by British subjects of the entire continent of Africa, the holy land, the valley of the Euphrates, the Islands of Cypress and Candia, the whole of South America, the Islands of the Pacific not heretofore possessed by Great Britain, the whole of the Malay Archipelago, the seaboard of China and Japan, the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of British Empire. The Fourth World. No one really talks about the fourth world do they? That’s because we haven’t seen the fourth world come about, The fourth world came up in the title of the congress I attended. It was called The Fourth World Wilderness Congress. Maurice Strong said it was called the fourth world because it was the 4th one of these environment congresses that Edmund de Rothschild had created. I learned later that the world order refers to the coming one world government, as the Fourth World. World control by the world order where there’s no more first, second, and third world. Just a boundary-less planet which is called the fourth world wilderness. Yogis and Shamans refer to it as the fourth world wilderness: the loss-ness of the mind. The loss-ness of the mind refers to the collective consciousness. Persons will be coerced through lies, drugs, fear and pain to surrender their selves, their egos, to the collective consciousness. The fourth world will be a return to society much like the Caesars or Babylon or the Fourth Reich. Within this fictionalized society’s described in Huxley’s Brave New World and Brave New World Revisited, or Orwell’s classic 1984. The world order wants to create a new society out of the ashes of chaos. A collectivist fourth world, complete with a collectivist religion, collectivist finance, and unchecked world national socialism. The world order will offer Gaia, Mother Earth, to the masses as the big brother image to worship in the fourth world.
incredible video by gary hunt exposing how the imf world bank rothschil rockefeller un all set up enviromental congress in order to own earth in the name of consercation and also thru depopulation of masses

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THE BILL NOBODY NOTICED: NATIONAL DNA DATABANK From Global Crisis to "Global Government" US Intelligence: A Review of Global Trends 2025 The new "United States" includes States such as District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands. It does not include the 50 states united. i.e. Title 26 Section 7701 Definitions (a) (9) and (10) 42 U.S.C. 405 (2)(c)(vii) YouTube - Mumbai Terror attacks: False Flag to target Pakistan? Gannongate: Threatens to Expose a Huge GOP Pedophile and Male Prostitution Ring Unconventional Warfare in the 21st Century: U.S. Surrogates, Terrorists and Narcotraffickers Kissinger Calls For New International System Out Of World Crises Says global necessities should foster an “age of compatible interests One of my sources died in a plane crash last night... USA: Assassinator of Nations India gets set to mount diplomatic offensive on Pak Armed with sufficient material on the terror attacks in Mumbai to nail Pakistan, India will mount a diplomatic offensive from Monday by convening a two-day closed door meeting in New Delhi [Images] with the heads of all foreign countries' missions in the national capital as part of strategy to get Pakistan declared as a 'terrorist State'. Webmaster's Commentary: This looks like complete posturing, on the part of the Indian government, to attempt to get Pakistan to crack down harder on militant groups which attack and plan attacks on India. And note that this is happening right after the US's FBI made a statement that although the lone surviving terrorist, Ajmal Kasab was a Pakistani nationa, they had concluded that Pakistan's strong> ISI was not involved in the Mumbai attacks., as reported here in Press TV: The US and NATO will be very hard-pressed, at this very delicate moment, to declare Pakistan a "terrorist state", because they are absolutely dependent on getting supplies through Pakistan via the Khyber Pass into Afghanistan. So what now?!? Both Pakistan and India need some adults in the room in the corridors of power in Islamabad and New Delhi to improve security,build confidence, and stabilize the region. And that referendum on the status of Kashmir, as mandated by the UN resolution in 1948 but which has never actually taken place? Holding that referendum, honestly and openly, would probably dramatically increase the possibilities for peace in this region. 'ISI killing US troops in Afghanistan' According to some historians, Britain bears “significant responsibility” since 1945 for the direct or indirect deaths of 8.6 million to 13.5 million people throughout the world from military interventions and at the hands of regimes strongly supported by Britain. (Unpeople, Dirty Wars and a Web of Deceit – Britain’s Foreign ...) Horst Kopkow, one of Hitler’s top spies, who ordered the murders of more than 100 British secret agents in concentration camps, was spared execution as a war criminal and went to work for MI6. Evidence emerged in the 1980s that Britain had become a refuge for suspected war criminals. -,,2-1611185,00.html "In return for support for Mugabe, Israel has access to Zimbabwe’s gold and diamond resources, as well as those in the Democratic Republic of Congo over which Zimbabwe has control." - Zimbabwe’s misery prolonged by two unlikely partners Foreign Troop Buildup in US Israel hiding humanitarian crimes as dignity pulls into Gaza despite Israeli threats Up to 30,000 new U.S. troops in Afghanistan by summer

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Ga. judge jails Muslim woman over head scarf Drunk George Tenet lashed out at Bush’s neocons: ‘The Jews’ who tried to ‘pin the Iraq WMD fiasco on him.’ Jewish Newspaper Advocates Mass Murder of Innocent Muslim Civilians as ADL and Other Jewish Groups Remain Silent Russia Says It May Buy Remotely Piloted Spy Planes From Israel Pakistani Opposition Party to Start Blocking NATO Supplies to Afghanistan Pakistan To Demand Handing Over Of Col. Purohit From India Top 3 Indian Terrorists Wanted In Pakistan: Advani, Purohit, Tahckery Peace process with Islamabad on pause’: India not blaming any Pakistani spy agency: Mukherjee '\12\17\story_17-12-2008_pg1_1 UN human rights official and envoy deported from Israel 2.7 billion Southwest border fence hits 500-mile mark Indian voters have rejected the Hindu nationalists. (India's state elections Not just about terrorists Mumbai attacks: "The satellite phones found on the terrorists showed that their last call was to a Dan Samuel in New Jersey, a Mossad agent." - IT WAS THE MOSSAD AGAIN 100% - Tell Everyone You Can More on the Mumbai attacks. Karkare, who had earlier received death threats, was to deliver a report on terror activities of extremist Hindu groups to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh but he was killed in the Mumbai attacks." - Mumbai carnage: A smokescreen to kill whistleblowers? In the Red Fort terror attack ... Muhammad Arif alias Ashfaq was caught and sentenced... Arif claimed that he was an operative for RAW, India's external intelligence agency. - Did Mumbai terrorists work through Bona-fide Indian Police Informers? Obama's deal: Papuan persecution for cover-up One in four British children 'living in poverty' due to breakdown of traditional families

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Slain Mumbai rabbi was reading terror manual before attack: friend
Mumbai Terror So Who Really Trained Ajmal Kasab? The Indian Gameplan Falling Apart Tuesday, 16 December 2008 03:58 In a stunning revelation, a Pakistani lawyer CM Farooq has lifted the lid on the reality behind Ajmal Kasab’s involvement in the Mumbai Attacks.Ajmal Qasab (or Kasab / Kasav / Amir Ajmal / etc), the only terrorist ‘caught alive’ - the man at the heart of India’s apparent ‘investigation’ and around whom their allegations of Pakistani (Read Lashkar / ISI) involvement are based, was among a group of Pakistanis kidnapped in 2006 from Khatmandu, by the Nepalese security forces under instruction from Indian intelligence agencies.Ajmal Qasab/Ajmal Kasab was among a group of Pakistanis kidnapped in 2006 from Khatmandu, by the Nepalese security forces under instruction from Indian intelligence agencies India warns Bangladesh on anti India activities\ Indian atrocities in Kashmir Fort Dix Terror Plot Was Planted And Nurtured By FBI Informants The Privatization of Public Schools Educators Seek Shift in U.S. Schooling to Stress "Global" Values, See Nationalism as "Obsolete" U.S. Will Starting Arming Militias in Afghanistan VIDEO: Bush On Al Qaeda Not Existing In Iraq Before Invasion: ‘So What?’ Yesterday, after an Iraqi journalist used “[t]wo of the worst insults in Islam” against him, an unfazed President Bush sat down with ABC’s Martha Raddatz for an exit interview in Iraq. When Raddatz asked Bush about his legacy, Bush first boasted about “52 months of uninterrupted job growth.” (There have been 1.9 million jobs lost in 2008 alone.) UN Rights Investigator Turned Away By Israel BOYCOTT AGAINST APARTHEID TAKING HOLD Palestine (arabic)video Israeli Settlers call Ethiopian Jews "Niggers" Greek youths break into state TV center, take over Bush Excluded by Latin Summit as China, Russia Loom i love it Israel’s Terror Rampage KILLER VIRUS GRIPS BRITAIN

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UN official calls Israel 'Apartheid' Marines Establish Military Presence in San Bernardino County, California Iran says has proof of U.S.-UK backed terror group Iran says has proof U.S., UK back police killer group Obama/Blagojevich: Questions Remain Fears of unrest spreading across Europe UK Terror Adviser Wanted by Interpol for Terror Ties Obama to Base Middle East Policy on Army of Envoys pro israel envoys!!! Militants Kill Rival Chief, Capture 22 in Swat Valley Uneasy Peace Prevails for India's Muslims Israel's Lieberman Urges Arabs to Give Up Citizenship\ Russian Police Block Opposition Marches, Detain 150 Beijing Holds Anti-Terrorist Drill Monday, December 15, 2008 The Cockroach Party's Eton-educated toff takes over as prime minister of Thailand Abhisit Have the CIA and its friends, including reportedly the King of Thailand, almost completed their coup in Thailand? On 15 December 2008, Thailand's parliament elected Abhisit Vejjajiva, as the new prime minister. (Thai opposition leader elected PM) Outside parliament, rocks were thrown at cars belonging to politicians who voted for Abhisit. Abhisit is a British-born, Eton-educated, Thai-Chinese 'toff'. He leads Thailand's opposition Democrat party. The Democratic Party are associated with the thuggish, right-wing People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD). In elections at the end of 2007, Abhisit and his Democrats were heavily defeated by Thaksin's allies. The Democratic Party is known as the 'cockroach party', partly because of its links to various sinister godfathers.. (Profile: Abhisit Vejjajiva) On campaign trips to the populous and relatively poor north of Thailand, Mr Abhisit has been pelted with rotten vegetables. (Profile: Thailand's new Eton educated prime minister) In Chiang Mai, the home town of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, Thaksin supporters are preparing to join a mass rally in Bangkok in a move to hinder the Abhisit-led government and stop it delivering its policy statement in parliament. (Rocks thrown at MPs' cars at parliament) Abhisit may not be as bad as his party is alleged to be. He has promised many populist policies, including free health care, free education and an increased minimum wage. CIA Embedded in Every (US) State Government Anti-Bologna movement spreads in Spain

Sunday, December 14, 2008 MUMBAI, INDIA 4:00AM -- Mumbai is under attack. People and forces who killed Mahatama Gandhi, who demolished the Babari Mosque have triumphed. More than 16 groups of terrorists have taken over Taj, Oberai and several hotels. Hundreds of people are dead. For the first time no one is blaming Muslim organizations. The Mumbai ATS chief Hemant Karkare and other officers of the ATS have been killed. These were the same people who were investigating the Malegaon Blasts - in which Praggya Singh, an army officer and several other noted personalities of the BJP-RSS-Bajrang Dal-VHP were arrested. Karkare was the man to arrest them. Karkare was receiving threats from several quarters. LK Advani, the BJP chief and several other prominent leaders of the so-called Hindu terrorism squad were gunning for his head. And the first casualty in the terrorist attack was Karkare! He is dead - gone - the firing by terrorists began from Nariman House - which is the only building in Mumbai inhabited by Jews. Some Hindu Gujaratis of the Nariman area spoke live on several TV channels - they openly said that the firing by terrorists began from Nariman house. And that for two years suspicious activities were going on in this house. But no one took notice.
valiant Indian Police Officer Hemant Karkare died in Mumbai yesterday and it was a targetted killing. I wonder how the hell it was possible to kill him in such rumpus and very precisely? Late Police Officer was conducting the enquiry of Indian Army Officers involved in Terrorism within India:Friday, 28 November 2008From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 5, Issue 48, Dated Dec 06, 2008CURRENT AFFAIRS interview‘There is enough evidence against Col Purohit; we will present it in court’
BJP and Congress start campaign in M P ((Such people are asking, who since independence have been poisoning the society and dividing the people. Such people should feel ashamed,” Senior BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani told a party rally in Jabalpur that the Congress party’s coining of the term “Hindu terrorist” after the recent arrests in the September 29 Malegaon blast would have a damaging a effect on Indian democracy.)) Mumbai siege: BJP and CPM burn their fingers ((The BJP’s problems too are of its own making. After every terrorist attack the BJP and other Sangh Parivar outfits try to portray Muslims as responsible. But the revelations on the Malegaon blasts were an eye opener to the public. An extremist Hinduvata organization, Abinav Bharat, run by an army colonel named Purohit was found to be responsible for the blasts.)) ((KJhaira said that the recent involvement of Sadhvi Pragya in the bomb-blasts of Malegaon and other places has thoroughly exposed the nefarious designs of BJP. They went ahead to question the integrity of officers like Hemant Karkare, head of the ATS probing the terrorist connections of Sadhvi and Col. Purohit. It was another matter that the BJP had to hang its head in shame when Hemant Karkare and other brave officers laid down their lives for the country)) BJP decides not to name Karkare in official statement Mumbai terrorists immediately find their targets by killing ATS leaders [Hemant Karakare, CP Ashok Kamthe & Vijay Salskar) in the first 15 minutes of the attacks. Karakare was wearing a bullet proof jacket. He was fired right on his neck! He was in a crowded place, so it was not easy to find and identify him. How they got so much information? Why they targeted him? How and why they so specific the clearly chose ATS leaders? And the terrorists immediately ran away? Making Karkare’s murder a puzzle that can’t be solved? ATS was investigating BJP involvement in terrorism, Colonel Prohait , Samjhoota Express Blasts, etc. [See http://www.ocnus. net/artman2/ publish/Defence_ Arms_13/India_ Hindu_Supremacis t_Terror_ Network.shtmlhttp://www.sahilnew news.php? catID=voice&nid=4133&viewed=0]

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Walter Cronkite receives "Global Governance Award" from WFA The totalitarian world state predicted in a study of history
The French Revolution: An Abortive Scientific Dictatorship According to academia's officially sanctioned historians, the French Revolution was little more than a rebellion of the commoner against a corrupt aristocracy and religious institution. However, in Essays on the French Revolution, Lord Acton made an interesting observation: “The appalling thing in the French Revolution is not the tumult but the design. Through all the fire and smoke we perceive the evidence of calculating organization. The managers remain studiously concealed and masked; but there is no doubt about their presence from the first.” (Reed, 136) Who were the 'studiously concealed and masked managers' that orchestrated the French Revolution? In Morals and Dogma, Albert Pike revealed that it was Freemasonry that 'aided in bringing about the French Revolution' (Pike, 24). Indeed, the French Revolution represented the first full-scale attempt to tangibly enact the Masonic vision of a 'scientific dictatorship.' The Lunar Society, which was the precursor to the Freemasonic Royal Society, was intimately connected to the revolutionary movement in France. Freemason Benjamin Franklin acted as the 'shuttle diplomat between the French and English Utopian idealists.' The son of James Watt was accused of being a French agent by Edmund Burke in the British House of Commons. Joseph Priestley had pledged his wholehearted support to the revolutionary French National Assembly. Fellow Lunar Society member James Keir hosted a dinner to commemorate the fall of the Bastille. Most notably, Freemason and Lunar Society founder Erasmus Darwin actively supported the Jacobins (Taylor, 56). Who were the Jacobins? William Hoar reveals that they were "agents of the Bavarian-bred Illuminati who operated out of the Club Breton'' (p. 2). The French Revolution exhibited all of the hallmarks of a 'scientific dictatorship': A humanistic philosophy emphasizing man's evolutionary ascent towards apotheosis: After the Legislative Assembly rejected God as the object of man's worship and praise, the National Convention paraded a woman representing Athena from the convention hall to the chapel of Notre Dame. There, the Goddess of Reason took her place on the high altar (Scott, 306). In a Masonic context, this ritualistic enthronement of human reason represented the unification of man's consciousness with the Omniscient, which is the ultimate end of evolution (Wilmhurst, 94). In other words, human reason became the ultimate source of moral precepts and man became God. A Malthusian depopulation campaign: Under the direction of Illuminist Robespierre, the new revolutionary government began carrying out a massive depopulation campaign that became known as the Terror. While Robespierre's goal of eliminating 15 million 'useless eaters' was never realized, the Terror was successful in claiming the lives of some 300,000 Frenchmen, 297,000 of which were members of the lower and middle working classes. It should come as little surprise that Thomas Malthus was educated under the combined tutelage of two supporters of the French Revolution: Gilbert Wakefield and Lunar Society member Joseph Priestley (Taylor, 59). A Hegelian framework: Recall the Hegelian structure intrinsic to evolution (Marrs, 127). In hopes of accelerating France's evolution towards a 'scientific dictatorship,' the architects of the revolution promulgated a classic Hegelian dialectic: the bourgeoisie against the proletariat. The synthesis of these two polar extremes resulted in the subversion of individualism and the maintenance of class stratification. Of course, the rest is history. The revolution swiftly degenerated into a bloodbath and many of the conspirators were slaughtered by the very mobs they had created. Yet, the esoteric symbol of this abortive 'scientific dictatorship' remains. Long after she was enthroned in the cathedral of Notre Dame, Athena was transplanted upon new shores. Occult researcher Texe Marrs explains in Dark Majesty: Today, statues of this Illuminist Goddess of Reason are found throughout the U.S.A.; one stands astride the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. Another is atop the dome of the Capitol building in Austin, Texas. Her statue has been erected in town squares and city parks. But the most fantastic idol of the Goddess of Reason, the most majestic statue of the pagan lady who bears the torch of light, who illuminates, uplifts, and frees mankind, is found in New York's harbor. Towering above the shimmering but polluted waters, she holds in her outreached arm and hand a torch of fire and light. A gift of the Masonic Order, the modern inheritors of the Illuminati heritage, the Statue of Liberty was sculptured by Frederic Bartholdi, a member of the Masonic Lodge of Alsace-Lorraine in Paris, France. The statue is an esoteric idol of great significance to the secret societies plotting the New World Order. Did the French Revolution truly end or did it simply change venues? Has America been designated the new headquarters of the elite's next 'scientific dictatorship?' One thing is certain, although she is no longer worshipped in the cathedral of Notre Dame, the Goddess of Reason has never relinquished her crown. Facing up to this 21st century holocaust merely requires an acknowledgement of the moral position of its elevated sponsors. Some might be unashamedly evil but most are Malthusians who believe that the there is no sanctity in human life. To 'save the planet' we must kill off most of the people, so said Jacques Cousteau in the UNESCO Courier of November 1991: The damage people cause to the planet is a function of demographics -it is equal to the degree of development. One American burdens the earth much more than twenty Bangladeshes ... This is a terrible thing to say. In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it's just as bad not to say it. Bertrand Russell, one of the twentieth century's most eminent philosophers, said the same in his book, The Impact of Science on Society: At present the population of the world is increasing ... War so far has had no great effect on this increase ... I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing. There are others ... If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once i1 FUNDING POPULATION CONTROL Displayed on Rockefeller University's website homepage on 3 December 2003, was a picture of a crowded city market with the following caption beneath: It took from the beginning of time until 1950 to put the first 2.5 billion people on the planet. Yet in the next half-century, an increase that exceeds the total population of the world in 1950 will occur, So writes Joel E. Cohen, Ph.D., Dr.P.H., professor and head of the Laboratory of Populations at The Rockefeller University and Columbia University, in a Viewpoint article in the November 14 issue of the journal Science.(4) Limiting population growth has been a preoccupation of the European and American elite throughout the twentieth century. The Population Council was established in 1952 by John D. Rockefeller III. The multi-billion dollar World Wildlife Fund is sponsored by British and Dutch Royalty and the elite environmental think-tank, The Club of Rome, counts several world leaders amongst its members. The U.N.'s population control activities receive funding from all the major charitable foundations, especially the Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation. Ted Turner's $1 billion United Nations Foundation and the $24 billion Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are entirely devoted to population control activities although they are disguised as public health campaigns. n every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full... The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is the single largest international source of overt funding for population and reproductive health programmes. Since it began operations in 1969, the Fund has provided nearly $6 billion in 'assistance' to developing countries.(5)The UNFPA only manages one quarter of the world's population control budget for developing countries, which is in excess of $1 billion per year.(6) The Netherlands, Britain, and Japan were by far the biggest funders of UNFPA in 2001, providing almost 50% of the total $396 million.(7) Meanwhile the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) gives substantially more money to population control programmes than to healthcare and food assistance. In 1996 the U.N. Codex Alimentarius Commission launched a world-wide initiative to restrict access to natural medicines. The Codex has been translated into hard law by the E.U.(48) In August 2005, The European Food Supplements Directive will become law across the E.U. including the U.K.. This will remove over 5000 vitamin formulations from U.K. shops and dramatically cut the dosage of many others Dr Rath states that, 'No sinister dark men stand behind the unethical plans of the "Codex Alimentarius" commission, but unscrupulous shareholders and investors of the pharmaceutical industry bank on it'However, the controlling stake in the pharmaceutical industry is held by the same tiny cabal that controls all other major industries. They are committed to planetary de-population as their policy papers show. It is not, therefore, just about making money. A challenge to the E.U. Food Supplements Directive is currently being mounted in the European Court of Justice by the Alliance for Natural Health (see One in three Europeans and one in two Americans will get cancer. Ten million people a year die of cancer worldwide.(50) Despite the trillions of dollars spent on orthodox research and treatment for cancer, the medical establishment is no further forward in finding a cure. The reason is, of course, that the cancer industry is a hugely profitable population control programme which depends upon patented drugs. World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17, by G. Edward Griffin, was first published in 1974. The foreword to the 1997 edition states that absolutely nothing has changed since then, except the actors in the plot. The book details the astonishing fraud and cover-up of the effectiveness of vitamin B17 (laetrile), not least by the Rockefellers' Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre. For five years between 1972 and 1977 the effectiveness of laetrile was tested by Dr Kanematsu Sugiara at MSKCC. On 13 June 1973, he produced a report which strongly indicated its anti-cancer propertiesThis did not please his employer, who then set about denigrating his findings, saying that no one else could reproduce them. By 1977, the propaganda war was won. However in November 1997, Ralph Moss, the Assistant Director of Public Affairs who wrote the propaganda, did an extraordinary thing. He held his own press conference at which he named the MSKCC officials who had collaborated in the massive laetrile cover-up. He was fired the next day, but the media soon forgot all about it. (51) Since the FDA banned laetrile in 1971, thousands of Americans have traveled to Mexico and Germany every year to be treated with it. American doctors can have their licenses taken away for prescribing it, or even face imprisonment in California due to its 'anti-quack' cancer legislation. In the U.K., it is illegal for anyone other than registered medical practitioners to claim they can cure or treat cancer.(52) Unfortunately it is the Rockefeller/I.G. Farben monopoly treatment of cancer which is quackery: there is no evidence that chemotherapy or radiotherapy increase life expectancy. In fact both are extremely toxic and often lethal treatments which themselves destroy the patient's immune system and cause cancer and death. VACCINATION: THE WEAPON OF CHOICE It seems illogical that self-proclaimed population control advocates would spend billions of dollars on vaccination programmes trying to save the lives of millions of people in the Third World. The grim reality is that they are covertly murdering and sterilizing these poor people under the guise of public health. Launched in 1999, The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization is a partnership of the who's who in population control: The Rockefeller Foundation the $24 billion Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation the United Nations Foundation (a $1 billion endowment by Ted Turner) The World Bank The World Health Organization Western governments (53
- ADLAtheo News: Pakistan Says No Evidence Forthcoming From India Ask Mrs. Karkare Was It Lashker or BJP? Our Own Private Bin Laden Report On the MST (The Brazilian Landless Movement
Fort Dix Terror Plot Was Planted And Nurtured By FBI Informants Tavistock Institute: Building Absolute Mind Control for the New World Order YouTube video: History of Eugenics and the plan for World Domination CIA helped shoot down 15 planes Call for Phillip Giraldi about Pretext for War with Iran Blagojevich Accused of being Chicago Mob Associate Years Ago : Operation Gambat's Robert Cooley Says Blago Paid Street Tax to Chicago Mob Iran Captures CIA Terrorists The Brothers Collins on their latest article, “Automated Opposition: The Technocratic Undercurrent of Zeitgeist: Addendum.”Listen at: Trilateral Plan to Corner World Gold Market? This is a scene from a new documentary I am producing by director Bryan Law.The Father of the Amero, Professor Herbert Grubel speaks about his 1999 publication, “The Case for the Amero” and talks about the economic benefits of having a common North American currency. He also speaks about a necessary catalyzing event required, in order to have political change which could bring about a monetary union. (Source) Portugal offers to take Gitmo detainees The Nativity 13 As European countries finalise their arrangements for taking in the 13 deported Palestinians, the justifications Israel gave for its 39-day siege of the Church of the Nativity are being revealed as largely false. Michael Jansen reports from Nicosia Europe must not remain a military dwarf: France: EU pledges to fulfil security ambitions YouTube Partners with MOSSAD Discredible India De Menezes jury damns police 'cover-up': Officers' claims of warning Brazilian are rejected An actor walks upon the floodlit stage of lifewearing a mask of an angel beneath a demon's gown.Pretence smiles upon the crowded hall of lifeholding out hope as bright as it is false.Son of a woman in whose veins flows the bloodof ancient Ireland and dark Africa’s plains.You are Obama, nick-named the standing kingYou are Barack, oh, son born to deceiveThe suffering hoards of Africa look up to you,See a black saviour where nought but a Judas strides.An entrapper of nations, bringer of dismal warBehind the robes and the nylon wings of hopeOh, may those who look upon you, see you as you are.May those who hope in you behold you as you beA prince deceitful to bring down Africa’s shrinesA siren who leads Africa’s ships onto rocks of obliteration.Your rule my lord will not be one of peaceYour reign my king will not be one of smilesEven as we speak in caves both dark and dankEnraged fanatics plot your dark demiseThey will put around your head a bloodwet martyr’s crown.Oh black Kennedy following the one beforeMay God forgive thee and thy fiery spouseAs you walk in silence from the stage of lifeBarack Obama, blessed son, Oh standing king