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Anti-American protest: Jordanians protest possible US involvement in Syria

Historical speech by Assad officer: “More than 8,000 Heroic Syrian Pilots ready to counter US Targets near Syria.”
He said: “We have more than 8,000 suicide martyrs within the Syrian army, ready to carry out martyrdom operations at any moment to stop the Americans and the British. I myself am ready to blow myself up against US aircraft carriers to stop them attacking Syria and its people.”
Speaking about the chemical attack last week on the outskirts of Damascus, he denied the involvement of government forces and said news of the gassing had come as a shock.
Why would we use chemical weapons in Al Ghouta, when we have government forces where the attack happened? Over the last few days we have launched a military operation called Capital Shield to protect Damascus and its countryside. We managed to get 75% of the way through the process, but then we were shocked to learn about the chemical weapons in Al Ghouta.”
He said the morale of the Syrian army was high. “They have to know thatIran and Hezbollah fighters will be fighting with us, hand-in-hand. We have an alliance of protection. We are the resistance axe in the world.”“We are ready for anything. Only God can take our souls, not America or Britain. The US and UK have been threatening us for more than two years now, they think we would care, but they are stupid to think so. We have been fighting the most criminal terrorists in the world and we have not given up or become tired.”“The Syrian army is at the highest state of alert now. We have taken all measures to avoid the air onslaught and all our rockets are ready now to be launched. We are expecting the US and British forces to attack specific targets, so the Syrian army has changed most of its positions and many barracks and brigades have been moved to different sites.”
Reuters news agency said Assad’s forces appeared to have evacuated most personnel from army and security command headquarters in central Damascus in preparation for a western military strike.
“It is unbelievable what is happening now in Syria,” the officer said. “Lots of Syrian men are flocking to checkpoints asking to join the army to fight for Syria, though some of them were previously with the opposition.”
“They say that when Syria is under foreign attack we will fight with the Syrian army and forget about everything. In Damascus, we have registered over 4,000 civilian volunteers in the last 48 hours. We have sent them to training camps to learn how to use different weapons and to form people committees [pro-regime home guards] to protect the streets and districts of the capital, as the Syrian army will be busy dealing with the US warplanes.”
“The whole army will be in a state of alert and we will need these people to protect our back, keep security and stop things slipping to chaos.”
GCC Stock Markets Plummet Amid Possible Strikes on Syria 
financial experts and analysts noted the state of panic that exists among investors in the markets of the region, following escalated talks about a potential military strike on the Syrian regime, as well as expected market corrections in light of the sharp increases in the Gulf stock markets last month, which pushed the Dubai Financial Market to climb the most, by more than 60%. Abdullah al-Hosani, general manager of Emirates NBD Securities, said that foreigners sold stocks on the grounds that they “do not differentiate between one country and another in the region, and think that what is taking place in one country applies to the rest.” He noted that local portfolios “did not push toward selling, although some have eased the purchase or shifted their investment to take advantage of the market rises in the past few months.” The experts pointed out that foreign investors’ fears have doubled, in light of media reports noting an increased likelihood that the repercussions of the Syrian war might reach Lebanon, and the likelihood that Iran could involve itself in the equation as a supporter of Syria, especially with the increasing threats made by Iranian officials. The experts said that the decline is expected to continue in the region’s financial markets, in light of the uncertainty that prevails over the political situation.

The Morning After a Syrian Strike — What’s Next?
Marc C. Ginsberg (Ambassador to Morocco, 1994-1998) Cross-posted from Ambassador Ginsberg’s August 29, 2013 special to The Huffington Post.
How many cruise missile attacks against Syrian command and control centers will convince Assad that reverting again to his chemical stockpile is a non-starter? Ten? Twenty? Fifty? What happens if Assad ups the ante and blatantly deploys his chemical weapons shortly thereafter. After all, he controls the largest cache of chemical and biological WMD in the entire Middle East 
[ed notes;no it doesnt israhell does..
More retaliation? By who? And wouldn’t that subsequent retaliation require a far greater investment of military force than President Obama is willing to deploy, because it could risk drawing the U.S. into the very civil war Obama has vowed not to fall into? Does Assad think he can bluff the U.S.? After all, he is fighting an existential battle for his family’s and regime’s very survival. And let us not forget, this man has no reluctance whatsoever to use whatever force is necessary to maintain power — international law be damned. [[[I actually hope the Pentagon places Assad’s oil refineries in its crosshairs. Taking out his oil exporting revenue costs nothing in lives, and will hit him where it could hurt most — right in Syria’s wallet]]]. Syria earns an estimated $15 million a month that pays for his weapons purchases from Russia. What will Assad and his Hezbollah terrorist allies do if he is attacked? What will Russia do? Just this morning, Iran’s leadership threatened that if the U.S. attacked Assad Israel would be attacked (by whom?). Here is what a possible “day after last cruise missile attack” Assad retaliation scenario could include:
  • Assad’s “Syrian Electronic Army” which has launched cyber attacks against U.S. media interests (the New York Times was its latest casualty — having proved it s technological dexterity — launch a more massive cyber attack on U.S. interests.
  • Iran could order Hezbollah to lob missiles at U.S. warships stationed off the Lebanese coast, or direct them at Israel.
  • Assad could lob missiles into Jordan, which has been a not-so-covert staging area for U.S., Israeli and Jordanian intelligence operations against his regime.
  • As for Iran, its leadership is playing the “moderate” card and does not want to complicate its charm offensive with Washington over its nuclear weapons program by being caught retaliating on behalf of Assad (Iran has 5-6 battalions of Revolutionary Guard forces fighting alongside Assad’s beleaguered forces)..
Frankly, Assad’s options are limited and inadequate to deter a retaliation. If he turns on Turkey, well then, he just invited a full fledged NATO attack on Syria. If Israel is somehow hit as a consequence of a U.S.-led attack, Assad can kiss a good part of his Russian-built air defenses and air force goodbye when Israel sends it own air message back to Assad. Assad has to have his hand’s burnt real good to avoid a subsequent round of retaliation and escalation. Deterring him from using his cache of nerve gas under any circumstances in the immediate weeks and months ahead is what the U.S. must achieve to meet the president’s micro-objectives and to avoid a total loss of U.S. credibility. Oh, I almost forgot. How many more hundreds of thousands of Syrians will die at Assad’s (rivals backed by israhell) hands in order for him to and his clique to remain in power as the international community dithers is, well, on the proverbial back burner. First things first.
[ed notes:he wants zionist ran U.S. and israhell strikes on Syria ,for israhell of course..AIPAC'er and zionazi ''ginsburg'' more on him..  AIPAC DARLING AND ZIONAZI JEWISH US AMBASSADOR SENDS ...SOS From Syria By: [JEWISH] Amb. Marc Ginsberg* (RABID ZIONIST)
Syria Is Not Kosovo, Balkan Veterans Say
 As the U.S. looks more alone than ever, former top Kosovo hands say the two conflicts don’t exactly compare. “The similarities are exactly zero,” says Galbraith. 
— Diplomats who were involved in the West’s intervention in Kosovo in 1999 say the situation offers little precedent for the Obama administration’s planned attack on Syria, despite comparisons in the press. The New York Times reported over the weekend that President Obama’s “national security aides are studying the NATO air war in Kosovo as a possible blueprint for acting without a mandate from the United Nations.” Balkans hands from the late 1990s say the situations bear little resemblance and that the example of Kosovo shouldn’t serve as a model for action in Syria. “The similarities between what we did in Kosovo and what is now being proposed in Syria are exactly zero,” said Peter Galbraith, the former Ambassador to Croatia and close ally of the late Richard Holbrooke. “The situations are completely different. In Kosovo, we had a partner. In Syria, we don’t. Kosovo is small, Syria is large.”Former Ambassador to Iraq Christopher Hill, a U.S. Special Envoy to Kosovo in 1998 and 1999, said: “I want to stress that there was a very big difference between Kosovo and Syria.” “In Kosovo we had political arrangements that had been agreed on by the Contact Group plan,” Hill said. “We worked assiduously with Europeans, Russians and others to come up with a political solution.” “At the end of the day the Serbs refused to go along with it and in so refusing they were very much isolated,” Hill said. “At the end, as ethnic cleansing continued, we hit them and hit them hard.” “We had a broad group of countries supporting us in Kosovo,” Hill said, despite not managing to obtain a United Nations Security Council resolution. [[[“I think in Syria we don’t have that support.”]]] Robert Gelbard, a former U.S. Envoy to Kosovo who warned Slobodan Milosevic about possible NATO intervention in 1998, was an early proponent of air war in the Balkans. “I frankly was one of the hawks along with General Wesley Clark,” Gelbard said. “But Richard Holbrooke, in particular, kept assuring people he could negotiate a peaceful solution.” “That’s quite different from this situation,” Gelbard said. “Nobody thinks they can negotiate a peaceful solution [in Syria] except the Russians.” Gelbard pointed out that the intervention in Kosovo came after sustained efforts on the part of the international community to negotiate an agreement between the two sides, a scenario that hasn’t been true in Syria. “By the time Kosovo came up, the U.S. had been deeply engaged in the region for a number of years,” Gelbard said. “The U.S. finally got involved in 1995 particularly after the Srebrenica massacre [in Bosnia in 1995]. Obviously, some people are comparing Srebrenica to the chemical weapons attack as a final straw.” [[[[[For Heather Hurlburt, a speechwriter for Secretary of State Madeleine Albright at the time, the comparison between Kosovo and Syria “is shorthand for a limited form of military intervention that got Russia to bring the recalcitrant party back to the table.” “If something like that could work it would be a godsend for the people of Syria because I see a stalemate in the fighting for the foreseeable future, but people should realize that Kosovo didn’t happen overnight,” Hurlburt said. And in today’s supercharged news cycle, anything longer than a few days could prove disastrous from a public relations perspective.]]]]]“Kosovo was pre-blogs and pre-Twitter, and criticism of the administration when we got into month three was pretty savage. We felt under enormous pressure in May of 1999,” said Hurlburt.Despite the obvious differences, some who were involved in Kosovo in the 1990s argue that the campaign offers useful lessons for Syria. [[[[General Wesley Clark wrote an op-ed on Thursday arguing that “the Kosovo campaign can still be instructive in other respects because it offers lessons on expecting the unexpected and on improvising in the midst of a confrontation.” “These episodes are always fluid, but so long as your political coalition is well organized — and NATO was — objectives can be modified and clarified during the course of military action,” Clark wrote]]]]. “Not every ‘I’ has to be dotted or ‘t’ crossed before initiating a strike.” It doesn’t appear likely that a political coalition like the one that formed around Kosovo will come together here. International support for U.S. action in Syria took another hit on Thursday as the British parliament voted against United Kingdom involvement in the planned strikes, leaving the U.S. without one of its only potential military partners in the strikes.

 Study: Holocaust site trips cause mental disease

A new study led by Tel Aviv University researchers finds that the Holocaust education trips Israeli students take Poland every year can trigger mental health problems. The study was based on questionnaires filled out by 50 Israeli psychiatrists and residents specializing in children and adolescents. The Holocaust trips accounted for as many reported psychiatric referrals as high school “sleep-out” trips – multi-day hiking excursions to various parts of Israel – which are much more frequent and widely attended. Even so, the researchers say, severe psychological fallout from the Holocaust-education trips appears to be rare. Only four diagnoses of psychosis, one diagnosis of PTSD, and one hospitalization were reported. About a third of the psychiatric professionals surveyed in this pilot study said they had treated teenagers for psychological problems arising from the Holocaust education trips. While most of the teenagers were treated for less severe symptoms such as anxiety, adjustment, and mood disorders, reports also cited hospitalization, post-traumatic-stress disorder, and psychosis. In the majority of cases, the affected teenagers exhibited risk factors—like psychiatric or family crises or social difficulties – prior to the Holocaust education trips. Others had stressful experiences during the trips, such as being bullied, that were unrelated to Holocaust education. In the future, the study suggests investigating the role identity plays in teenagers’ reactions to preplanned stressors. For instance, do Holocaust-education trips affect Israeli teenagers differently than their peers from other countries? Or is having a Holocaust-survivor grandparent a risk factor? American Jewish scholar, professor Jacob Neusner once complained that American Judaism was becoming a ‘Holocaust memorial movement’. Israeli professor Yeshyahu Leibowictz has defined Holocaust as new Jewish religion. And finally a good prescription from an honest Jewish Shrink. “Remembering the Holocaust is like placing a live hand grenade in a room full of small children.[[[[ It is no good to them in any way, and sooner or later they will play with it, and kill or injure themselves]]]]. [[[[Only an evil person would do such a thing. ]]]]]]Those who place Holocaust memory on earth are the historians, the archivists, the museum directors, the writers, the designers of Holocaust memorials, the creators of memory websites.[[[[ Politicians and philosophers demand and emphasise Holocaust memory. They bear a heavy responsibility, and it is increasing. A hypothetical United States conquest of Africa, to “implement human rights and stop genocide”, would probably kill over ten million people. (That guess is based on the civilian casualties in Iraq and Vietnam). The longer the Holocaust is remembered, the more people will suffer, the more people will die, the more injustice will be done – all with reference to that memory. The right thing to do is to terminate the memory,” says Paul Treanor.]]]]
[ed notes:if my memory serves me right,according to a uk times correspondant in balkans.dennis glass(i think his name was) during and after ww2,who visited the concentration camps after allies defeated german nazis...wrote a series of pieces including his book,stating that most images fed to western audiances(via zionist press)of so called mountains of dead bodies in these camps,were actually not that of jews,but of other ethnic groups,polish,austrians,gypsies etc,who made up 90% of the majority of victims and people in camps,as opposed to only 10% jews who were in the camps and among dead...according to him this fact was conveniently left out of msm press in west...

Why is the Israel Lobby keeping quiet on Syria Crisis? Damien Lataan, Aug 29 2013
In a recent article in Politico, Anna Palmer pondered the question of why the Israel lobby is silent on Syria. After having spoken with a number of pro-Israel activists representing organisations like AIPAC and the AJC she reports that most have kept quiet about the events in Syria for two main reasons: one is the uncertainty of what is going on in Syria and, two, not wanting to seem in any way influential about US foreign policy relating to affairs in the Middle East, especially after the disastrous invasion of Iraq which was strongly supported by most Israeli lobby groups on the basis that Saddam supported the Palestinian cause during the Second Intifada and had WMDs likely to be used against Israel. Meanwhile, at Commentary online magazine, lead neocon propagandist Jonathan Tobin attempts to spin that the pro-Israeli groups in the US, better known as the Israel Lobby (‘so-called’ as Tobin would have it), don’t have a vested interest in the outcome of the Syrian war because, regardless of who wins, it will not, he says, be in Israel’s interests. He denies that the pro-Israeli organisations are not trying to keep a low profile for any nefarious reasons that they could take advantage of or that they are worried about public opinion if they supported intervention against al-Assad. The reality, which Palmer has ignored and which Tobin would vehemently deny, is that the Israeli Zionists, including the neocons and those in AIPAC, the AJC and the other pro-Israeli organisations are hoping that the war in Syria where al-Assad is supported by Hezbollah and Iran, will spill out into Lebanon which will then provide Israel with an opportunity to attack Hezbollah. Further escalation may then even involve an attack against Iran by either Israel and/or the US. Israel will play its usual game of provocation such as IDF incursions into Lebanon, drone flights over Lebanon, low level strike jet overflights into Lebanese airspace, shootings of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, etc., in the hope of provoking retaliation from the Palestinians and Hezbollah that would justify a full on attack against both. A US and allied attack against Syria might also provoke retaliatory attacks against Israel that would also justify Israeli action. But, of course, none of this is likely to be talked about openly by Zionist Israelis or their representative Israel Lobby organisations are they? Hence the silence.
[ed notes:for a long list showing the ''not so silent''(quite open and vocal actually) likudnik and zionist israhelli and even western zionist support for intervention and regime change,not seen anywhere else on net,go here..

 Obama Constituency Overwhelmingly Supports War with Syria
Despite a Reuters/Ipsos poll showing that only 9% of Americans support military intervention in Syria, the White House today assured the public that a more recent and reliable poll leaves no doubt that the President’s constituency favors war.
The poll was conducted by Defense Industries Systems Information, Inc. (DIS Information). It shows that 99.9% prefer increased U.S. military intervention. The poll has a .1% margin of error. DIS Information spokesperson Lyon Daly spoke to this reporter about the polling methodology and findings.
Lyon Daly: We use the same scientific polling methods as Reuters/Ipsos, but our job is to come up with results that support what our clients and the President want to hear without compromising quality. It’s very similar to the way the press provides facts without informing the public, and we even provide many such facts.”
Barb Weir: How do you do this and still maintain methodological integrity?”
LD: The Reuters/lpsos poll used all Americans as its base, whereas we used all constituents. Elected officials are much more likely to listen to their constituents than to random Americans.
BW: Who are these constituents? Can you provide us with a few subjects to interview?
LD: Of course. Here is a short list, and we can provide more, if you like:
General Atomics
Jabhat al-Nusra Friends of al-Qaeda
Halliburton Company
The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)
Kellogg, Brown and Root, Inc.
Saudi Arabian King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz al-Saud
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Qatar Emir Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani

BW: But Mr. Daly, these are corporations, the Israel lobby, a terrorist organization and Arab monarchs!
LD: Of course, Ms. Weir. As I told you, we polled the President’s constituency, not the American public.

U.S. President Barack Obama should rearticulate his policy of regime change for Syria, says Michael Weiss, a columnist at NOW Lebanon.(RUNS ZIONIST JEWISH HENRY JACKSON SOCIETY,WHOS AFFILIATED WITH JINSA AND TOP WEAPONS MANUFACTURERS IN WORLD)
“No direct U.S. military engagement would work without a concomitant commitment to building up the armed opposition, which has also been a long-neglected official U.S. goal,” he writes for Foreign Affairs. “A responsible and trustworthy rebel army could be tasked not only with fighting the regime and its manifold proxies but also with safeguarding (ZIONIST RAN)U.S., European, and regional interests from the rise of extremists in the Levant.”Unfortunately, he notes, the US and the West have failed to deliver on earlier commitments to send light weapons to the Supreme Military Command, a the coordination and logistics umbrella for the Free Syrian Army (FSA) led by Salim Idris (above).[[[“And yet, in spite of such torpidity, there are encouraging signs,” Weiss argues: Little covered by the international press and policy wonks, in recent months, the southern front in Syria has seen rebel units backed by the West and its allies winning more and more territory at the expense of both Assad and al Qaeda, which has been using the war in Syria as an opportunity to expand its reach to establish what it hopes will be a Islamic emirate in advance of a worldwide caliphate. The credit for this goes mainly to Saudi Arabia and to what it calls its “southern strategy,” or the buildup of rebel forces in and around Damascus, particularly in the towns of Barzeh, Jobar, and Qaboun, where rebels have seized regime weapons caches and even overtaken an electrical facility. All of these towns are located in Eastern Ghouta district, the very same area that Assad gassed last week and had gassed before then, too.
[ed notes:the above statements are encouraging to zionazi likudnik chickehawks like weiss and hjs!!!
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad wrongfully underestimated the (zionst ran)U.S. policy against intervening in any international conflicts……Assad had previously used chemical weapons on different occasions and the U.S. administration did not react in any way to deter the Syrian regime,”(zionist) Syrian analyst Atef al-Souri writes for Fikra Forum: As for the rebels, they are achieving noticeable progress around Damascus after receiving sophisticated Saudi weapons….As for the strategic objective behind the [U.S.] intervention, we are hoping that it would be for the purpose of pushing Assad to accept the Geneva agreement and cede power.Any regime change should remain the task of the Syrian people, said the ranking Republican on the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee.“I hope it is the kind of action that does not move us away from the policy we have right now of where we want to see the Syrian opposition group taking the lead on the ground,” said Senator Bob Corker.(corker is a zionist! see...
GOP Sen. Corker: Obama did 'very good job' in AIPAC address ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Train the opposition“The United States should now make recruiting and training many thousands more rebels a top priority,” Weiss contends: One incentive for doing so is that, unless Washington plans to dispatch Joint Special Operations Command units into Syria at a later date (and that does not seem likely), it will require its own proxy — a Syrian gendarmerie — for curtailing the military and political influence of al Qaeda. …Some have said that building a trustworthy rebel ally is an impossible task. But there is perhaps no better indicator of the readiness of certain rebel formations to play ball than the confidence with which top FSA commanders in Deraa openly condemn Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant — the two al Qaeda franchises in Syria — and label them hirelings of Syrian intelligence. Conditions are “fertile for the weakening of the jihadists” to the benefits of opposition moderates, Weiss contends.
[ed notes:you have to laugh really,when a zionist jewish chickenhawk advocating wars for israhell,comes out with such a statement,that proof zionist ran us and allies can build a trustworthy new regime under fsa(made up of all kinds of extremists and directed by major general paul e vallely a ziocon israhell lapdog,see ) after they gave a silly statement claiming to not align with alqaeda al nusra and other fronts,wich are directed and funded by zionist ran,client regimes like saudi arabia,qatar,and other gcc puppet monarchies lol
“Assad has emerged unscathed from every reprehensible escalation of violence he has committed against his own people,” says Ziadeh, a former Reagan-Fascell fellow at the National Endowment for Democracy.
[ed notes:backround on ziadeh lol

SYRIA FALSE FLAG_0001.wmv - YouTube

Prevent ‘a Congo on the Mediterranean’

[ed notes:preventing a congo scenario,interesting prashing really considering israhells role in that genocidal conflict as well as zionist ran us's ..see
Israel and the Ongoing Holocaust in Congo
16 Years of U.S. Genocide in Congo“In the next few days and weeks, then, it is not just live images of explosions in Damascus that should consume the United States’ attention, but also to activity at the northern and southern borders of Syria,” Weiss writes in Foreign Affairs: Are the rebels receiving adequate weapons and training? Are they gaining ground in the southern front? Has Idris stopped drafting open letters to the president begging him for more help than he’s yet received? The answers will indicate whether a coherent strategy is in play….It would be folly to have witnessed the shattering of previously held myths about Syria only to see the recrudescence of another: that a Syria with Assad in it will prove more stable and manageable than a Syria without him. Obama needs to start by recognizing how foolish and dangerous that assumption is. [[[“Two or three days’ worth of airstrikes that are not geared toward regime change would do little to prevent the emergence of a Congo on the Mediterranean,’ Weiss concludes. “But they would guarantee that the United States will be returning to this conflict later, at time not of its own choosing.”]]]]]
Israelis are sneaking into Jordan to help Syrian refugees.

Quote from the article at link below:
"... the Arab countries offer condolences... but the best role is provided by the Israelis because they are crossing the border to provide assistance to the refugees who fled deprived of everything, risking their lives without a word of thank you..."


The organisation is an NGO called IL4Syrians - front page of website has some pics:

Website also describes themselves, their mission and their projects (they do work elsewhere as well).We are a group of Israeli citizens who love their homeland and believe in a Jewish tradition and culture that values a compassionate, open-minded respect for the sanctity of human life and dignity.  We believe we are blessed to be born in a democratic country that enables its citizens to travel to challenging and dangerous places. the Israeli (MOSSAD FRONT)NGO works with cash only: in order to buy the humanitarian aid locally, to stay under the radar, and protect the lives of volunteers and local contacts.So far we have delivered: 3. Media Coverage:  We want to broadcast the brutal and honest pictures from the crisis.  Therefore we trained young boys ages 15-20 to use the equipment, take shots that the media will want to see, and teach them to remained untraceable, so they stay out of danger:
  • 500 digital camera
  • 3 satellite transmitters
 Let's go to the videotape.
[ed notes:can you imagine?fake zionist ngo's in arab countries and Syria itself,admitting to handing out digital cameras,training young boys how to create videos zionist west will want to display against Syrian govt,also admitting they are handing out cold cash to opposition elements?this all coming from a fake ngo made up of zionist israhellis representing a state of israhell whom they claim is democratic,wich practices equal rights for all,a most absurd and propagandistic twisting of reality,wich fools noone knowledgable on israhells apartheid,colonial expansionism...
The IDF has asked for bids for 1,200 Viagra pills. No, it's probably not for what you think.

Like other ministries, the Defense Ministry periodically publishes tenders in the daily press through the Government Advertising Bureau. One such tender recently published seeks 1,200 tablets of 100 mg. sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient in Viagra, to be used by Israel Defense Forces soldiers suffering from erectile dysfunction. The tender is signed by the Medical Corps, so the tablets are not meant for anyone other than IDF soldiers, such as Defense Ministry employees or people being served by the Rehabilitation Branch. Nor, apparently, is this the first time the ministry has sought price quotes for Viagra to be supplied to the military.
Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack 
“My son came to me two weeks ago asking what I thought the weapons were that he had been asked to carry,” said Abu Abdel-Moneim, the father of a rebel fighting to unseat Assad, who lives in Ghouta.Abdel-Moneim said his son and 12 other rebels were killed inside of a tunnel used to store weapons provided by a Saudi militant, known as Abu Ayesha, who was leading a fighting battalion. The father described the weapons as having a “tube-like structure” while others were like a “huge gas bottle.”Ghouta townspeople said the rebels were using mosques and private houses to sleep while storing their weapons in tunnels. “They didn’t tell us what these arms were or how to use them,” complained a female fighter named ‘K.’ “We didn’t know they were chemical weapons. We never imagined they were chemical weapons.”“When Saudi Prince Bandar gives such weapons to people, he must give them to those who know how to handle and use them,” she warned. She, like other Syrians, do not want to use their full names for fear of retribution.A well-known rebel leader in Ghouta named ‘J’ agreed. “Jabhat al-Nusra militants do not cooperate with other rebels, except with fighting on the ground. They do not share secret information. They merely used some ordinary rebels to carry and operate this material,” he said.“We were very curious about these arms. And unfortunately, some of the fighters handled the weapons improperly and set off the explosions,” ‘J’ said.
Andrew Murray speaks at Rally against War on Syria
Lindsay German speaks at Rally against War on Syria

Tariq Ali speaking at Rally against War on Syria


Turkey's Opposition Parties Reject Military Strike in Syria

 there is a growing distrust among the Turkish opposition parties of the evidence provided for holding the Assad regime responsible for the chemical weapons attack. [[[“Turkey should not be pulled into a war in Syria based on fabricated and one-sided intelligence reports,” Haluk Koc, deputy chairman of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), said today, Aug. 29. “Before all the facts become clear about the Syrian [chemical weapons attack] issue, we need to be very careful about making warmongering speeches and its potential costs to us. At the end of this process, Syria may become an Afghanistan. All the terror activities around the world could be sparked from there. These [in the Syrian opposition] are the most radical, backward-minded people … And all these problems could be easily sucked into Turkey. We may end up witnessing same problems [related to radical Islamist activity] in Turkey.]]]]” Devlet Bahceli, leader of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) also sent a warning to his constituency in a written statement inviting them all to be more skeptical about the allegation that Assad is responsible for the chemical weapons attack in Ghouta. “It’s only a matter of time for the internal strife in Syria to turn into an all-out regional war. The usage of chemical weapons, which was declared a red line, seems to be the triggering facilitator,” he wrote on Aug. 28, emphasizing that it’s everyone's duty to objectively assess who actually attacked with chemical weapons in Syria. “[[[[It’s not only immoral, but against international law to engage in a warmongering approach with hollow excuses and fabricated evidence. There is no doubt that military deterrence should be pursued as a last resort. Moreover, the unbearable scenes coming out of Syria need to be brought to the attention of the UN Security Council as well as its General Assembly to make sure that whatever action is decided, it is agreed upon as a legitimate operation.” Bahceli added. "It’s sad and mind-boggling to observe the ruling [Justice and Development Party] AKP being so willing to see the international community carry out a military strike against Syria.”]]]] Haldun Solmazturk, a retired brigadier general, also draws attention to the credibility of US intelligence. “[[[If they are determined, and see it as in their interest, they find the right people to say it to the international community. Remember what happened before the Iraq war,” he said on Aug. 28 at a conference in Ankara. “They put Colin Powell, a highly respected former general, before the UN and it was proven later on that all he said was a lie. This should not repeat.]]]]” Adnan Sefik Cirkin, Hatay deputy of the MHP, also draws attention to the upper hand of radical Islamists in the Syrian opposition and sends his own warning about the impact of any military strike against the Syrian regime on regional countries.
[[[[“Up until now, the Syrians considered the state to mean the Assad family. Now, they see that it’s providing them shelter from these radicals, and still continues to pay their salaries despite all that is going on. It may be the first time that Syria, since its establishment, is really growing to become a nation, a state,” he said. “If the Assad regime collapses now, it becomes a disaster for us.”]]]] [[[Atilla Kart, Konya deputy of the CHP, also sent in a mass email today that his inquiry regarding the landing of three Saudi Arabian military transportation C-130 flights to Ankara's Esenboga Airport on Feb. 24 and 25 have finally been answered]]]]. “[[[[[These flights were intended to provide humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees [which is not only limited to] Saudi Arabia,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry wrote to Kart on July 15. “Turkey aims to help the Syrian people and its opposition in building a new Syria that is democratic, peaceful and comforting.” Drawing attention to the fact that such flights also landed on Aug. 15 to 17, Kart added: “Since when is it Turkey’s business to nation-build?”]]]] To sum up, Turkey’s political opposition is deeply concerned that this chemical weapons attack could be a setup to invite outside military intervention, which may unfortunately help to further strengthen the radical Islamist elements at Turkey’s doorstep, and that Turkey’s ruling party actually helped to strengthen these radical elements in Syria. Many worry that Turkey will end up paying a serious price for this reckless policy. [[[[“Al-Qaeda was once in Afghanistan. Now they gathered all the world’s jihadists in Syria,” one prominent official told Al-Monitor, harshly criticizing the US policies on Syria and the broader Middle East. “Where will they be next if [the United States] continues pursuing such wrong policies? Turkey? Why not?”]]]]]

BFP Syria Coverage Track Record: What & When We Exposed, and the MSM- Quasi Alternative Culprits Who Fought Our Exposés 
Now, with all eyes and news coverage on Syria, it is time to set the record straight. This is crucial- as the saying goes: “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” We know this is not the first long-planned and orchestrated war. We also know that this won’t be the last one. As with Iraq, the plans, the setting of the stage, the mammoth waves of propaganda and misinformation paving the path for war with Syria, were all in place over two years ago-when no one was looking, and while the gatekeepers were busy hushing.Boiling Frogs Post was the first and only website to break the unofficially official preparation for long-planned war with Syria.
21 months and nine days ago, on November 21, 2011, Boiling Frogs Post published an exclusive report on Syria: A Secret US-NATO Training & Support Camp to Oust Current Syrian President:  
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shin Bet Reign of Error: It Arrests Gaza Youth Invited to U.S. Tech Conference, Calls Him Islamic Jihad Terrorist
 A few days ago, the media reported that a Gaza youth leader, Alaa Miqbel, was headed to a U.S. State Department-hosted conference in Ramallah. The event was designed to inform Palestinians NGOs how to promote technology and communication of their mission to the public. It was part of a stale U.S. diplomatic initiative meant to show that Palestinians could be empowered economically, even if not politically.
Miqbel, director of the Gaza office of the Palestinian youth organization, Pyalara, had his invitation with him and was directed by U.S. diplomats to the Erez crossing where he’d received a permit from Israeli authorities that would allow him to travel to the West Bank. When he arrived, instead of getting his permit and being on his way to the prestigious conference, Miqbel was arrested and thrown in an Israeli prison. The Shin Bet announced they’d caught a dangerous Palestsinian terrorist red-handed. Miqbel, if Israeli security geniuses could be believed was a member of the banned militant Islamic Jihad. The only problem was that Miqbel was not the person the Shin Bet thought he was: not a member of Islamic Jihad, not a militant. The Israeli security cops never bothered to ask why a wanted militant would travel to an Israeli crossing and apply for an Israeli travel permit. They didn’t stop to wonder how the U.S. government would invite a known terrorist to an NGO technology conference in Palestine. In fact, the U.S. consulate had done its own security screening of conference participants. Apparently, U.S. security leaves Israeli in the dust. The former cleared Miqbel for participation, while the latter couldn’t find its way out of a paper bag. Until now, this story seemed at most a typically embarrassing snafu, perhaps a deliberate provocation by the Israeli security services, a bit of spit in the eye directed towards Obama’s efforts to renew the peace talks. But an Israeli source tells me that the arrest was a security fashlah (error) on the part of the Shin Bet, which staffs the crossings. They arrested the wrong man. But now, rather than releasing him and admitting their mistake as any respectable security agency (I know there are few!) in a western nation might do, the Shin Bet refuses to concede its mistake. That leaves Miqbel to suffer as yet another victim of the outrages of the Israeli national security state. So an entirely innocent man will, my source tells me, likely be charged with some made-up offense and forced to get a lawyer and remain in prison until he cops a plea. A similar case is that of Dirar Abusisi, the kidnapped Gaza civil engineer who’s nearing his second anniversary in Israeli captivity (without being brought to trial). Abusisi has seen two prisoner releases come and go and remains in Israeli custody, again due to the fact that the Mossad refuses to concede it made an error in arresting him in the first place. The prisoner has begun a hunger strike to dramatize his predicament.

President # Daniel complaint # schedule warmongering U.S. and European countries
The President Daniel Ortega Saavedra, denounced the international political agenda implemented by European countries and the U.S., to install in the theater world a larger war, which is a danger to world security.
During a meeting with deputies, members of Parliament (Parlacen), which concluded a series of work sessions in Nicaragua, Daniel called it ironic that on the 50th anniversary of the landmark speech by Martin Luther King, United States and several European countries, among which he mentioned to France, Italy and England, prepare to start a war with Syria."There is already installing the board of war in a theater of war far greater, larger, higher reaches of greatest danger to global security, war theater currently has and the planet," said Nicaraguan president.The President recalled that the same theater of war was imposed by developed countries in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, where NATO forces killed the leader of the nation, Moammar Gadhafi."NATO came in with all guns blazing, when Gaddafi was to consolidate peace in Benghazi, then entered NATO forces and killed a head of state. And what has been Libya: a country destroyed, anarchy, destroyed, disintegrated, "he said.He also recalled how the "Arab Spring" took place in countries like Egypt and Tunisia where huge demonstrations were expelled rulers, President Mubarak of Egypt and Ben Ali in Tunisia.These processes were initially driven by local forces, then have been induced and directed by those who think they have the formula for freedom and democracy in the world, which are the European countries and the United States, said Daniel.
The commander reported that on Syria and weighs a decision of the United States, France, Italy and England, on the use of chemical weapons against the population, and thereby justify its intervention in that country."Since this is presented as a decision: the decision to attack Syria. I decided that the Syrian government that the Syrian army used chemical weapons. Already decided. Who? England, France, Italy and the United States itself ... all of them and with war preparations, and installing all naval forces in what is a real siege to Syria, "he said."There are already installed rockets, preparing aviation, discussing and approving British Parliament, bone Democrats, civilized, civilized Europe, civilized Europe, talking about death, war," joked Daniel.The President recalled that the UN commission that was delegated to inspect and verify if they have used chemical weapons has not yet completed its work. However, Daniel said it is clear that "in despair, mercenary forces have been armed and financed by the European, the impotence of power forward and hold positions, it is they who have used these chemical weapons" .However, he criticized governments conspire against Syria and decided and declared to be punished because the Syrian government used chemical weapons "and secure it, without any proof," said Daniel, who confirmed that repeats the same story from Iraq.He also alleged that the interests of the powers outweigh Peace, including strategic steps to seize, seize the oil and control the Suez Canal.
[[[[Daniel reiterated that the situation in Syria is dangerous for the region and take more blood, pain and death if not stopped. Also nobody has criticized the European powers punished for the crimes they have committed throughout history in Africa, Asia or Latin America."Millions of people killed throughout the period of colonialism and neocolonialism, enslaved nations and still subject to those countries."]]]]]
UN Charter is not respected
The President criticized that countries are readying their forces to invade Syria does not respect the role of the United Nations or the Security Council."What a world we live, what principles, what values, what is worth the UN Charter, for what it's adherence to the UN Charter, UN what good, what good is the same Council Security, "said Daniel, at the statements of the powers that said attack on Syria, although the Security Council approves."They have done and have already announced they will return to. That is, have launched attacks at other times, bombings, invasions against the Security Council of the UN, without the backing of the Security Council of United Nations. They have the support, the Security Council met today and had no support, then they are saying clearly: will be launched without the Council and that at least are preparing air strikes and missile launches of rockets from the warships and from the facilities they have in neighboring countries, "said Daniel."There is a clear desire, official, formal of these governments, the government of the United States, the French government, British government and other governments, where they have already approved launch attacks against Syria. What kind of attacks? How far the scope of these attacks? We do not know, "he said."This is the world where we find what that imperial practice, which comes from colonialism, neocolonialism, imperialism, who refuses to accept that the world has changed, it is not true that they can do whatever they want, it is not true that where they intervene now achieve total control, and we are seeing in Iraq, and we are seeing in Afghanistan, countries that were occupied militarily, had to retreat, and left the chaos, anarchy "he said.
Daniel calls for reflection and dialogue
The President called on the European nations in particular President Barack Obama of the United States, that do not engage in a military adventure against Syria."Mal Luther King tribute would be for that in its 50th year is preparing to launch all the machinery (a war)," he said.
Daniel stands to Central America as an example to find Peace
The President stood to Central America as a clear example of a region that fought to achieve peace after years of war.In this regard, he said that in the world we have two huge process: the integration, unity, economic development, social development, political understanding for peace and to eradicate poverty, and on the other hand we have the same model of domination, colonialism, neo-colonialist, imperialist who refuses to accept that their days are over.The president reiterated that "is negotiated, and finally managed to do it here in Central America, we put an end to the wars in Central America. It is trading as it is doing the President (Juan Manuel) Santos with the FARC in Colombia, as it will put an end to this war, "he said.
The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, rejected an eventual military attack on Syria and the use of chemical weapons in that country, and considers that the United States pokes into that conflict, in a Wednesday Press Conference."We reject, we condemn, foreign military intervention,and its likelyhood in Syria, as well as "we do not accept the use of chemical agents which, reportedly, just come from groups that destabilize democracy, and its Government in Syria," he said at the presidential Quemado Palace, in La Paz.Morales, a strong critic of Washington, said that the Syrian case should be cause for reflection because "Now the United States no longer uses just coups, because it can not impose military dictatorships (but) finances the division of peoples and when it intensifies prepares military interventions"."Now we wonder and ask, in whos hands is Libyan oil today?." It is no longer in the hands of Libyans, and the (US) interests is just in those natural resources", to overcome its crisis, abounded.In this sense, "the talk by Presidents like (American, Barack) Obama that only prepare wars its to save its countries from its financial crisis, its economic crisis, appropriating natural resources in some countries, trying to divide them".Morales is in solidarity with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad from 2010 when rejected a resolution of the general Assembly of the United Nations which condemned the violence then in Syria. The UN document criticizing alleged human rights violations and the use of weapons of war by the regime of Al-Assad against the civilian population.
Venezuela rejects imperial attempts to intervene Syria militarily
The Venezuelan Government strongly rejected and condemned any attempt of imperial powers to intervene militarily in Syrian territory.
 In a statement released by the Foreign Ministry, Venezuela denounced that threats made by the United States and its allies against Damascus "repeat the same pattern of lies and manipulations used against Libya, Iraq and Egypt" and that it only intends to control "the oil wealth of the region and to expand the western markets."Last Monday, the United States informed it was analyzing the possibility if intervening Syria militarily, in the face of an alleged attack with chemical weapons, though its truthfulness or people responsible for it have not been confirmed so far.Following, the complete text of the statement:Bolivarian Republic of VenezuelaMinistry of People's Power for Foreign AffairsStatement President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro Moros, in the name of the Venezuelan Government and People, strongly rejects and condemns any attempt by the imperialist powers to intervene militarily in the Syrian territory, using as an excuse the attack with chemical weapons, which was perpetrated by unidentified elements, on 21 August of this year.In the events of recent days, all the typical elements of the imperialist plans to invade countries, subjugate peoples and trample their dignity are observed, leaving devastation and death in their trail.In order to justify their act of barbarism, the United States along with its allies accuse the Syrian Government in the absence of any evidence at all and without awaiting the conclusive report of the UN Commission.The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela denounces that the threats made by the United States and its allies against Damascus repeat the same pattern of lies and manipulations used against Libya, Iraq and Egypt. They just want to obtain control over the oil wealth of the region and to expand the western markets.
The United States and the NATO member countries have armed and trained terrorist squads in Syria, in order to intervene and maintain control over the country.This has led to a war for the conquest and destruction of the Syrian people that has been a historic bulwark of civilization and a bastion of stability in the Arab Region.The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela holds the imperial forces responsible for putting the world on the threshold of a disastrous war of incalculable consequences for mankind.The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro Moros, and the Venezuelan Government and People reiterate their deep bonds of friendship with the Syrian Arab Republic and ratify their commitment to make every effort to achieve peace for the Syrian people, respecting their sovereignty, self-determination, independence and territorial integrity.
 Venezuelan lawmaker vows to fight for Syrian army
  A Venezuelan congressman has requested indefinite leave from office to fight alongside the Syrian army, as Western powers debate a military attack on the nation ravaged for more than two years by civil war.Abdel el-Zabayar, a member of the ruling socialist party who is of Syrian descent, has requested authorization from Venezuela’s National Assembly to fight against the rebels, according to Venezuelan media reports Thursday. The permission appears to have been granted.“Syria needs full support against these criminals,” Zabayer wrote in his request, according to a fellow lawmaker speaking to state television.
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