Thursday, August 29, 2013

President # Daniel complaint # schedule warmongering U.S. and European countries
The President Daniel Ortega Saavedra, denounced the international political agenda implemented by European countries and the U.S., to install in the theater world a larger war, which is a danger to world security.
During a meeting with deputies, members of Parliament (Parlacen), which concluded a series of work sessions in Nicaragua, Daniel called it ironic that on the 50th anniversary of the landmark speech by Martin Luther King, United States and several European countries, among which he mentioned to France, Italy and England, prepare to start a war with Syria."There is already installing the board of war in a theater of war far greater, larger, higher reaches of greatest danger to global security, war theater currently has and the planet," said Nicaraguan president.The President recalled that the same theater of war was imposed by developed countries in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, where NATO forces killed the leader of the nation, Moammar Gadhafi."NATO came in with all guns blazing, when Gaddafi was to consolidate peace in Benghazi, then entered NATO forces and killed a head of state. And what has been Libya: a country destroyed, anarchy, destroyed, disintegrated, "he said.He also recalled how the "Arab Spring" took place in countries like Egypt and Tunisia where huge demonstrations were expelled rulers, President Mubarak of Egypt and Ben Ali in Tunisia.These processes were initially driven by local forces, then have been induced and directed by those who think they have the formula for freedom and democracy in the world, which are the European countries and the United States, said Daniel.
The commander reported that on Syria and weighs a decision of the United States, France, Italy and England, on the use of chemical weapons against the population, and thereby justify its intervention in that country."Since this is presented as a decision: the decision to attack Syria. I decided that the Syrian government that the Syrian army used chemical weapons. Already decided. Who? England, France, Italy and the United States itself ... all of them and with war preparations, and installing all naval forces in what is a real siege to Syria, "he said."There are already installed rockets, preparing aviation, discussing and approving British Parliament, bone Democrats, civilized, civilized Europe, civilized Europe, talking about death, war," joked Daniel.The President recalled that the UN commission that was delegated to inspect and verify if they have used chemical weapons has not yet completed its work. However, Daniel said it is clear that "in despair, mercenary forces have been armed and financed by the European, the impotence of power forward and hold positions, it is they who have used these chemical weapons" .However, he criticized governments conspire against Syria and decided and declared to be punished because the Syrian government used chemical weapons "and secure it, without any proof," said Daniel, who confirmed that repeats the same story from Iraq.He also alleged that the interests of the powers outweigh Peace, including strategic steps to seize, seize the oil and control the Suez Canal.
[[[[Daniel reiterated that the situation in Syria is dangerous for the region and take more blood, pain and death if not stopped. Also nobody has criticized the European powers punished for the crimes they have committed throughout history in Africa, Asia or Latin America."Millions of people killed throughout the period of colonialism and neocolonialism, enslaved nations and still subject to those countries."]]]]]
UN Charter is not respected
The President criticized that countries are readying their forces to invade Syria does not respect the role of the United Nations or the Security Council."What a world we live, what principles, what values, what is worth the UN Charter, for what it's adherence to the UN Charter, UN what good, what good is the same Council Security, "said Daniel, at the statements of the powers that said attack on Syria, although the Security Council approves."They have done and have already announced they will return to. That is, have launched attacks at other times, bombings, invasions against the Security Council of the UN, without the backing of the Security Council of United Nations. They have the support, the Security Council met today and had no support, then they are saying clearly: will be launched without the Council and that at least are preparing air strikes and missile launches of rockets from the warships and from the facilities they have in neighboring countries, "said Daniel."There is a clear desire, official, formal of these governments, the government of the United States, the French government, British government and other governments, where they have already approved launch attacks against Syria. What kind of attacks? How far the scope of these attacks? We do not know, "he said."This is the world where we find what that imperial practice, which comes from colonialism, neocolonialism, imperialism, who refuses to accept that the world has changed, it is not true that they can do whatever they want, it is not true that where they intervene now achieve total control, and we are seeing in Iraq, and we are seeing in Afghanistan, countries that were occupied militarily, had to retreat, and left the chaos, anarchy "he said.
Daniel calls for reflection and dialogue
The President called on the European nations in particular President Barack Obama of the United States, that do not engage in a military adventure against Syria."Mal Luther King tribute would be for that in its 50th year is preparing to launch all the machinery (a war)," he said.
Daniel stands to Central America as an example to find Peace
The President stood to Central America as a clear example of a region that fought to achieve peace after years of war.In this regard, he said that in the world we have two huge process: the integration, unity, economic development, social development, political understanding for peace and to eradicate poverty, and on the other hand we have the same model of domination, colonialism, neo-colonialist, imperialist who refuses to accept that their days are over.The president reiterated that "is negotiated, and finally managed to do it here in Central America, we put an end to the wars in Central America. It is trading as it is doing the President (Juan Manuel) Santos with the FARC in Colombia, as it will put an end to this war, "he said.

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