Monday, September 26, 2011

Syrians pelt French envoy with eggs

A group of Syrian protesters has thrown eggs at the French ambassador to Damascus as anti-Western sentiments rise in the country, Press TV reports. The incident occurred on Saturday after French Ambassador Eric Chevallier met Greek Orthodox Christians in the Maryamiyyah Church in the Syrian capital. A crowd of men and women in front of the church chanted slogans in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and pelted the French envoy with eggs and tomatoes as he was leaving the church building. They were protesting France's interventionist stance towards the Syrian developments and months of riots in the country.

Israeli holding facility for minors violates international child-protection law

A little more than a year since the reopening of an Israel Prison Service holding facility for unaccompanied minors, most of whom are refugees from Sudan and Eritrea, the prison service's own data reflects major problems at the facility - problems that constitute a violation of the international Convention on the Rights of the Child, to which Israel is a signatory.

Haaretz has learned that since the facility has been in operation, there have been 19 serious suicide attempts among the 179 children that have been held there. Those 19 cases do not include other attempts that the authorities characterized as efforts to attract attention.Israeli holding facility for minors violates international child-protection law, Haaretz learnsHaaretz learns that 19 serious suicide attempts had taken place among the 179 children held, not including other attempts authorities characterized as efforts to attract attention.

The suicides were prevented due to the alertness of the staff at the facility, which is formally known in Hebrew as the "support facility for foreign unaccompanied youth." The site, which was opened following an examination of the detention of foreign children by the Knesset and the High Court of Justice, was established to avoid the prospect of detaining unaccompanied minor asylum-seekers at prisons for adults. In practice, however, it is run by the Israel Prison Service rather than social welfare or educational authorities.

Steven Emerson The Investigative Project on Terrorism: Founder

Reports Fear Inc.: “Emerson’s nonprofit organization IPT received a total of $400,000 from Donors Capital Fund in 2007 and 2008, as well as $100,000 from the Becker Foundation, and $250,000 from Daniel Pipes’ Middle East Forum, according to our research. Emerson’s nonprofit organization, in turn, helps fund his for-profit company, SAE Productions. IPT paid SAE Productions $3.33 million to enable the company to ‘study alleged ties between American Muslims and overseas terrorism.’ Emerson is SAE’s sole employee. Even more intriguingly, a review of grants in November 2010 showed large sums of money contributed to the ‘Investigative Project,’ or ‘IPT,’ care of the Counterterrorism & Security Education and Research Foundation. An examination of CTSERF’s 990 forms showed that, much like the Investigative Project, all grant revenue was transferred to a private, for-profit entity, the International Association of Counterterrorism

and Security Professionals. Emerson did not respond to requests for comment by time of publication. The Russell Berrie Foundation has contributed $2,736,000 to CTSERF, and Richard Scaife foundations contributed $1,575,000.”[7]Commenting on the creative accounting of these various institutions, Ken Berger, president of Charity Navigator, a nonprofit watchdog group, said that “basically, you have a nonprofit acting as a front organization, and all that money going to a for-profit.”[8]

According to the CAP report, in his capacity as head of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, Emerson—who was cited twice in Anders Breivik’s manifesto—“frames Islam as an inherently violent and antagonistic religion.” It quotes Emerson as saying: “The level of vitriol against Jews and Christianity within contemporary Islam, unfortunately, is something that we are not totally cognizant of, or that we don’t want to accept. We don’t want to accept it because to do so would be to acknowledge that one of the world’s great religions, which has more than 1.4 billion adherents, somehow sanctions genocide, planned genocide, as part of its religious doctrine.”[

Colombia awash in blood after a year under Santos: the terror statistics by Colectivo por la paz con justicia

How much pain, dispossession, how many tears, disappearances, political prisoners and torture are needed for the world to stop its conspiratorial indulgence of the Colombian regime? The figures of those who have been killed, tortured, imprisoned and disappeared, as well as the impunity laws for paramilitaries, the submission to multinational corporations and continuous plunder clearly show the government's genocidal nature.Since the 7th of August, 36 Human Rights defenders have been killed, along with 18 agrarian leaders who demanded the restitution of violently seized lands to those who had been working them, along with 28 union members (1); thousands more have received death threats. Also, scores of political opponents who were either members of leftist parties or part of communitarian organizations of social, housing or students have been killed or disappeared.

Video- Iran, Venezuela hold joint commission summit

Ahead of the visit of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, an Iranian commission from the Ministry for Roads and Urban Development and other bodies from this country are in Caracas to meet their Venezuelan counterparts at the Yellow House of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.For two days, the 7th Iran-Venezuela Joint Commission will review the progress of bi-lateral co-operation and assess the areas in which it can be extended. The construction of houses with Iranian technology for one of the most ambitious housing projects of the Venezuelan government was one of the topics of greatest prominence.

The Vice-Chancellor for Asia, the Middle East, and y Oceania, Temir Porras, expressed that the co-operation projects between the two nations are working very well. At the same time, he praised the strengthening of relations in the energy field, given that both Iran and Venezuela are members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

As the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has detailed, the Commission is organized in nine working desks for the sectors of industry, mines and commerce; housing and transport; finance; agriculture; hydrocarbons, environment, electric energy, and social affairs, where official delegations and more than 30 Iranian companies have taken part. Iran has become one of Venezuela’s most important allies. Both countries have agreed that the work they do in many fields comes to achieve the common goal of breaking from imperialism.


According to Physicians for Human Rights: ―[This letter was] prepared under the guidance of Mohamed Eljahmi, the noted Libyan human rights defender and brother of dissident Fathi Eljahmi, asserts that the widespread atrocities committed by Libya against its own people amount to war crimes, requiring member states to take action through the Security Council under the responsibility to protect doctrine.‖ [2]

The letters signatories included Francis Fukuyama, United Nations Watch (which looks out for Israel’s interests), B’nai B’rith Human Rights Commission, the Cuban Democratic Directorate, and a set of organizations at odds with the governments of Nicaragua, Cuba, Sudan, Russia, Venezuela, and Libya. Some of these organizations are viewed with hostility as organizations created to wage demonization campaigns against countries at odds with the U.S., Israel, and the European Union. Refer to the annex for the full list of signatories for consultation.

LLHR is tied to the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), which is based in France and has ties to the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). FIDH is active in many places in Africa and in activities involving the National Endowment for Democracy.

'BBC, Front for British Spy Agency'

'Iran's Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi says the British intelligence service used the BBC as a cover for its anti-Iranian activities. Moslehi told IRNA on Sunday that the intervention of the Intelligence Ministry and the arrest of those cooperating with the BBC were aimed at preventing others from falling into the trap of the British spy agency. The Iranian minister said that the arrests were made as quickly as possible and marked the beginning of the intelligence ministry's involvement in this case. He warned that his ministry would act decisively and unrelentlessly.'

[also see...BBC- Spooks On The Job Selection Panel A Decade of Propaganda? The BBC’s Reporting of Venezuela BBC defends Gaza flotilla attack documentary BBC's Pro-Israeli Bias Seven BBC Lies in a single news article, "Libya: France and Italy to send officers to aid rebels" BBC Bias: The Gaza Freedom Flotilla BBC's Pro-Israeli Bias Direct Bias Shown on BBC on Flotilla Crime The BBC: A Zionist Propaganda? http://www.countercurrentshtm While Palestinians die! The BBC Lies Beware of the BBC CASE STUDY OF PRO-ISRAEL BIAS:Children's BBC Website Guide To The Middle-East Conflict Worse than CNN? BBC News & the Mideast Why the BBC Ducks the Palestinian Story The BBC and the Quiet Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians TARGETING IRAN:The BBC Propaganda Begins

CIA Death Squad Responsible For Dumping 35 ‘Dead Zetas’ On Veracruz Highway‘dead-zetas’-on-veracruz-highway/

'Last week, motorists in Veracruz, Mexico witnessed a gruesome scene where over a dozen armed men wearing face hoods created a road block and dumped 35 dead bodies at a busy highway.

The armed men used two stolen commercial trucks to transport the bodies, then cleverly left the trucks and the bodies beneath an underpass in the town of Boca de Rio. The armed ‘sicarios’ then left a banner stating that the bodies were of members of Los Zetas and drove away with no police or military presence to stop them. Each dead body had the letter ‘Z’ carved.

Mexican authorities have recently announced that the criminal organization responsible for the massacre is the Jalisco Cartel (New Generation). The ‘new generation’ Jalisco Drug Cartel is a subsidiary branch of the CIA-backed Sinaloa Drug Cartel, headed by Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman –a man who has smuggled cocaine into the U.S. onboard CIA rendition aircraft, and a man who according to Vicente Zambada’s federal court testimony, is a DEA operative.'

WFTU: 'Support People, Oppose Imperialist Interference in Arab Countries'

The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) organised on September 13-14 a two-day international trade union meet in the European Parliament complex in Strasbourg, France, to express solidarity with the fighting people of Arab countries and voice strong protest against the hegemonic interference of US imperialism and its European allies in the internal affairs of the Arab countries.

WFTU general secretary George Mavrikos, in his inaugural address, gave an account of the ground situation in the countries which have been witnessing mass popular uprisings against authoritarian rulers. US imperialism is playing a dangerous dual role here. On the one hand, it is helping in demolition of the governments led by anti-US leaders, by arming and mobilising the so-called rebels. On the other hand, the same US administration is supplying 'men, money and materials' (war weapons) to the autocratic rulers of certain other Arab countries, who are completely subservient to imperialism, to crush the people's genuine uprising to overthrow the anti-people regimes.

Mavrikos asserted that the international trade union movement must extend powerful support to the fighting people of the region and must strongly condemn the American imperialism and its European allies for their hegemonic interference in the region with the ulterior motive to influence the current course of events, hatching conspiracies to instal in the oil rich countries of Arab regions puppet regimes that would serve the interest of imperialist powers.

Turkey: Protest against the Missile Shield in Kürecik (pics)

The 'Initiative against the Missile Shield in Kürecik' carried their struggle against the Early Warning Radar System as part of the NATO Missile Shield to the heart of Istanbul. About 500 people joined the protest march from Taksim to the Galatasaray Square on Sunday (25 September). The action alliance demonstrated against installing the radar in Kürecik in the southeastern province of Malatya. The protest action was joined by the Deputy Chair of the Republican People's Party (CHP), Gürsel Tekin; Labour,

Democracy and Freedom Block Deputy Levent Tüzel; and members of the Socialist Party of the Oppressed (ESP), Community Centres Organization, the 78'ers Initiative, Workers Movement Party (EHP) and the Turkish Communist Party (TKP). Subsequent to a press release issued on Taksim Square, the group walked along the popular Istiklal Avenue chanting slogans like 'No to a shield in Kürecik', 'Down with the USA, collaborator AKP', 'We will not be a shield for Israel' or 'No to war, peace here and now'."

Turkey Lectures Syria on Killing Militants - Then Kills Militants

More recently, as Turkey's prime minister lectures neighboring Syria on its bid to crush foreign-funded, armed militants attempting to overthrow the Assad government, the Turkish government is preparing to augment its compliment of Israeli drones with a deployment of US Predator drones on its soil. The Associated Press reported in an article titled, "Turkey: US likely to deploy Predator drones," that Turkey has been "pressing for the drones in an escalating war against Kurdish rebels." Turkey, in addition to rolling tanks into towns suspected of harboring militants, and the deployment of drones, has also strafed suspected rebel stronghold with airstrikes and conducted sweeping nationwide mass arrests. In other words Turkey is doing everything Syria is doing, plus what Qaddafi in Libya was accused of doing, only fully sanctioned by the West, with arms supplied by the West, and under the muted coverage provided by the Western media.

George Soros' Amnesty International (page 10) and Human Rights Watch along with the myriad of disingenuous rights advocate groups propped up by the US State Department via the National Endowment of Democracy, including Freedom House, Reporters Without Borders and International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) are all hypocritically, though predictably quiet regarding Turkey's actions. Turkey is thus far an obedient client state of Wall Street and London, and therefore is protected, perhaps even being extorted regarding its current struggle with Kurdish separatists.

In reality, all nations have the right to protect themselves from armed militant groups that seek to carve up their nation with violent separatist ambitions. This includes Syria, Libya, and Turkey, though Turkey's penchant for unilaterally crossing borders in pursuit of militants is an egregious transgression against its neighbors' sovereignty. Erdogan, despite being perpetually bent in prostration before his Western backers, must realize that at any given time his nation's bloody and protracted campaign against the Kurds can (and will) be portrayed as a crime against humanity and the same pretenses used to invade Libya or levy sanctions against Syria can easily befall him. In many ways, this might explain why Erdogan has been so servile toward the West to begin with.

Neo-colonial land grabs carried out on behalf of World Bank-backed British company

Armed troops acting on behalf of a British carbon trading company backed by the World Bank burned houses to the ground and killed children to evict Ugandans from their homes in the name of seizing land to protect against “global warming,” a shocking illustration of how the climate change con is a barbarian form of neo-colonialism.

The evictions were ordered by New Forests Company, an outfit that seizes land in Africa to grow trees then sells the “carbon credits” on to transnational corporations. The company is backed by the World Bank and HSBC. Its Board of Directors includes HSBC Managing Director Sajjad Sabur, as well as other former Goldman Sachs investment bankers.

An Oxfam report documents how the British outfit has worked with the Ugandan government to forcibly expel over 20,000 people from their homes using terror and violence as part of a lucrative scramble for arable land that can be used to satisfy the multi-billion dollar carbon trading ponzi scheme, which is worth $1.8 million a year to the company.

Leader's Advisor: Neocolonialism Uses Culture, Propaganda to Achieve Goals

Supreme Leader's top advisor for international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati warned the world Muslims that enemies have hatched plots to achieve their neocolonialist goals through cultural invasion and propaganda. Neocolonialism has invaded the Muslim countries with "cultural and propaganda" tools to keep its position in these states, and as a result Muslims are still under "the ominous shadow of colonialism", Velayati said, addressing the fifth General Assembly meeting of the Union of Islamic Radios and TVs here in Tehran on Monday. He reiterated that the colonialist powers use hi-tech mass media to promote and achieve their goals.

In similar remarks earlier, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had also cautioned that neocolonialist powers are seeking to sow discord among nations in a bid to undermine relations among countries and continue their hegemonic policies throughout the world. Addressing a meeting with an Afghan parliamentary delegation here in Tehran in July, Ahmadinejad lauded the close ties between Tehran and Kabul, and stated, "Today neocolonialists and enemies of the two nations are after weakening these relations and making them fragile, because they know in order to exert their hegemony over the world they need to have full control over the Middle-East."

"The neocolonialists today, who are the same slave keepers of the past that looted the wealth of the world nations for hundreds of years and the signs of their looting are still visible. Today, too, they are interested in ruling over the entire world, and exerting their hegemony over the entire world nations, so that they could still keep on looting their resources and wealth." Ahmadinejad pointed out that the accumulated wealth in some western countries is the result of looting the resources and wealth of other nations.

AFRICOM and the Threat to China’s National Energy Security

The Washington-led decision by NATO to bomb Gaddafi’s Libya into submission over recent months, at an estimated cost to US taxpayers of at least $1b, has little if anything to do with what the Obama administration claims was a mission to “protect innocent civilians.” In reality it is part of a larger strategic assault by NATO and by the Pentagon in particular to entirely control China’s economic achilles heel, namely China’s strategic dependence on large volumes of imported crude oil and gas.

Today China is the world’s second largest imported of oil after the US and the gap is rapidly closing. If we take a careful look at a map of Africa and also look at the African organization of the new Pentagon Africa Command, AFRICOM, the pattern that emerges is a careful strategy of controlling one of China’s most strategically important oil and raw materials sources. NATO’s Libya campaign was and is all about oil. But not about simply controlling Libyan high-grade crude because the USA is nervous about reliable foreign supplies. It rather is about controlling China’s free access to long-term oil imports from Africa and from the Middle East. In other words, it is about controlling China itself.

Russia, China and Iran are considering a Joint Missile Shield directed against the US and NATO

Unofficial sources have announced that Iran, Russia, and China are currently holding talks on a proposal to establish a joint missile defense shield as a counterweight to a NATO defense shield, Mehr news agency reported.The report, which was published in the Iranian daily newspaper Kayhan on Sunday, said that the sources cited two reasons why serious consultations have been held on the initiative.First, all three states have come to the conclusion that U.S. officials’ assertion that their concern over the alleged missile and nuclear capabilities of Iran and North Korea is the reason for the decision to establish a NATO missile defense shield is just a pretext and the true objective of the shield is to threaten Russia and China.

In addition, now that the proposal to establish an early warning radar system in southeast Turkey, which is one component of the NATO missile defense shield, appears to be a done deal, the U.S. is now planning to establish other components of the new system in South Korea and Taiwan, which clearly shows that Washington is using the alleged threat from Iran and North Korea as a pretext to target China and Russia.An informed expert believes China, which has not taken any action on the issue so far, is beginning to comprehend the level of danger posed by the new system, Mehr quoted the report as saying.

Philip Giraldi on the embassy wiretap revelations

Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi discusses his article “Tapping the Israeli Embassy” about what Shamai Leibowitz learned while working as an FBI counterintelligence translator; the allied groups that make up the “Bomb Iran” lobby; catching Jane Harman and an unnamed congressman from Indiana acting like Israeli operatives; and how Israel’s “perception management” campaign makes Americans believe Iran is a dire threat and must be defeated in war.

Friday, September 23, 2011

How Pro-Israel is Stephen Harper's Government? By Yves Engler

Two-and-a-half months ago, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird criticized the Palestinian statehood bid, labeling it a "public-relations" exercise. On Friday Harper reiterated this position. "Canada views the action as very regrettable and we will be opposing it..."

Africa and Palestinian statehood at the UN

‘Social justice and transformation in Africa and Palestine are inextricably linked,' writes Horace Campbell. The 'demilitarisation of the region can only be secured by uniting the peace and justice forces in all parts of the world.'

Canada: ‘Even our oil has ethics’

Alykhan Velshi, is assistant to Canadian PM Stephen Harper’s minister of citizenship and immigration, Jason Kenney. Jason banned British MP George Galloway in March 2009 from entering Canada for supporting Palestinian cause. Last year Kenney refused to allow Dr. Zakir Naik, an Islamic scholar from India to visit Canada. Velshi has also worked at Jewish think tanks, America Enterprize Institute (AEI) and Foundation of Defence of Democracies (FDD). He is welknown for pro-Israel views and hatred toward Iran, Hizbullah and Hamas.

With these good credentials – Alykhan has ventured into other Hasbara (propaganda) fields to demonize Muslims for his Zionist agenda. One of those happens to be the Toronto-based Ethicaloil. org which has received a lot of attention from the Zionist-controlled mainstream media, both in Canada and abroad.

The center of controverasry is a 30-second ad (watch below) produced by Alykhan’s Hasbara machine. The ad repeats the old anti-Islam Zionist rant: “In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive“. I am sure Alykhan with his super IQ, must have known that Jewish women are not allowed to drive or walk along men on the same side of street – right nextdoor in New York OR the Jewish women are not allowed to sit in train with men in Orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem.

‘Tears of Gaza’, The Movie, ‘Tears of Gaza’ A documentary film that should be watched by every American, to see how Israel spends our taxes. Every European should watch it, to see the true face of Israel.

SYRIA-Mohammad Asaad from al-Jiza, Daraa: Three Young Men Beat Me, Sent Video to al-Jazeera to Accuse Security

Mohammad Kassem Asaad, from al-Jiza village in Daraa, said three of his friends beat him severely and extorted confessions out of him that the security forces attacked him to film a video and send it to al-Jazeera channel in return for money, with the aim to tarnish the reputation of the security.Asaad told the Syrian TV on Wednesday ”I come from al-Jiza village in Daraa. A couple of days ago, I was in my home and then came my friends Jamal, Ahmad and Ayham and asked me out, and I went with them.”

”At Ayham’s house, Jamal pushed me and punched me in the face, and then Ayham and Ahmad joined him and started beating me to force me to say that it was the security who did it.””Later I knew that they would give the video to al-Jazeera for SYP 170 thousand, and they promised they’d give me 50 thousand. However, I turned down, and they insisted, and I turned it down again,” he says.

Asaad added that when he turned down the offer, his friends beat him with a cable to say that it was the security who did that to him, knowing that the security were not in the village in the first place.”When they were done with filming me, I returned home with bruises all over my body, and when asked about it, I told them that the security had nothing to do with it.”Ahmad Mohammad al-Haj Khalil from al-Jiza related how he and his friends beat Mohammad Kassem Asaad, filmed him and framed the security forces for it.

Iran, Venezuela hold joint commission summit

The 7th Iran-Venezuela Joint Commission session started at the Yellow House of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs attended by the Iranian and Venezuelan officials. Ahead of the visit of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, an Iranian delegation on behalf of Iran's Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Mehdi Ghazanfari and other bodies from Iran met their Venezuelan counterparts, headed by Venezuela's Minister of Science, Technology and Intermediate Industry at the Yellow House of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For two days, the 7th Iran-Venezuela Joint Commission meeting will review the progress of bilateral cooperation and assess the areas it can be extended.

The construction of houses with Iranian technology for one of the most ambitious housing projects of the Venezuelan government was one of the topics of greatest prominence. The Commission is organized in nine working desks for the sectors of industry, mines and commerce; housing and transport; finance; agriculture; hydrocarbons, environment, electric energy, and social affairs, where official delegations and more than 30 Iranian companies have taken part. Iran has become one of Venezuela's most important allies. Both countries have agreed that the work they do in many fields comes to achieve the common goal of getting rid of imperialism.

[ALSO SEE ....Delivery 4 thousand homes built under the Iran-Venezuela Agreementómicas/26635 These are not nuclear bombs, but solutions," says the village.Thousands of apartments created by the state in(Cojedes, Guarico, Monagas, and Portuguesa) to develop the intermediate shaft of Venezuela / In two months it is expected delivery 6 thousand homes more / They are subsidized and 20 years to pay very low interest rates / Iran continue to support the program housing"Thank God, Iran is providing a service to the people of Venezuela in joint collaboration of both governments, ------------------------------ "The Iranian program to build popular housing developments rose in Calabozo, Guarico, with 2662 units, in Maturin, Monagas, in 2448, in San Carlos, Cojedes, 2448; and Acarigua, Portuguese, 2,448. In each of these states are over one thousand apartments, which were awarded to the poorest. It is estimated that in two months, culminating 6 thousand more ,Chavez said that this program is a Christian Socialist.

Egyptian Politician: Foreign States Hindering Tehran-Cairo Rapprochement

Speaking to FNA, Egypt's Prominent Shiite Leader Rasim al-Nafis warned of certain states' opposition to the establishment of strong ties between Tehran and Cairo, and stated, "The Arab Persian Gulf littoral states, including Saudi Arabia, the Zionist Regime of Israel and the remnants of (Hosni) Mubarak's regime view the resumption of Tehran-Cairo ties as harmful to their interests and, thus, try to prevent resumption of these relations."

In June, a senior member of the Egyptian Al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun (Muslim Brotherhood) party said Washington and Riyadh are increasing pressures on Cairo to prevent resumption of bilateral ties between Iran and Egypt. "A number of Arab and western countries have tried to impede normalization of Iran-Egypt ties and tried to sever Tehran-Cairo relations. In fact Saudi Arabia, the US and the Zionist regime (of Israel) have played the key role in this regard," Kamal al-Halbawi told FNA at the time.

Analyst Views NATO Missiles in Turkey as "Direct Support for Israel"

Deployment of NATO's anti-ballistic missile system in Turkey means direct support for the Zionist regime of Israel and unveils the truth about Ankara's stance on ties with Tel Aviv, a top international analyst said. Turkey's agreement with the deployment of the NATO missile system on its soil is aimed at supporting Israel, Talal Atrissi told FNA, and stressed, "Although Turkish media are trying hard to portray Ankara as a hostile state to the Zionist regime, Ankara's consent in this regard puts the honesty and validity of Turkey's stance on Tel Aviv under a question mark."

"Turkey's real stance on Israel has not been changed because the country is one of the key members of the NATO and shares interests with the West, the US and Israel," Atrissi underlined. He further said that Turkey shows support for Arab revolutions in a bid to divert attention of the public opinion both in and outside the region from its dangerous decision on deploying the NATO's missile shield on its soil.

Turkey's Foreign Ministry revealed earlier this month that negotiations with NATO chiefs over the "missile shield" had reached "their final stages". Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesman Selcuk Unal said, "The early warning radar system allocated by the United States to NATO will be deployed in our country." Unal said that the plan reflected the new strategic concept approved by the Western military alliance's leaders at a Lisbon summit last year. The United States Defense Department subsequently announced that the radar system will be operational by the end of the year.

Iranian DM: Deployment of NATO Missile System in Turkey Not to Solve Zionists' Problems

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi blasted the deployment of NATO's anti-ballistic missile system in Turkey, and said the missile shield cannot not solve Israel's numerous problems.

[also see..“Anatolia Eagle” practice concentrated on electronic war and strategic attack.Turkey: Saudi air force participates in the biggest scenario that simulates real war Turkish aviation cadets to visit Zionist Israel

Al Jazeera slanders Kucinich in an effort to delegitimize his opposition to the unauthorized war in Libya

The prolific propaganda house out of Qatar known as al Jazeera is at it again, this time claiming that an internal Libyan document offers proof of how Dennis Kucinich was attempting to build up a defense for Gaddafi’s second son, Saif al-Islam.Their coverage of this also emphasizes that Kucinich was looking for evidence of the rebels’ ties to al Qaeda.

However, they paint this as if Kucinich was looking for “any possible links within rebel ranks to al-Qaeda” in order to defend Saif al-Islam and sue the United States, NATO and United Nations.One must question the legitimacy of anything presented by the rebels, as they are admitted liars who will happily deceive the international community so long as it serves their interests.

Islamic awakening is evident more than any other time: President Ahmedinejad

Eighty percent of financial resources in the United States are controlled by ten percent of its population, while only twenty percent of these resources belong to the ninety percent of the population. - What are the causes and reasons behind these inequalities? How can bone remedy such injustice? - Those who dominate and run centers of global economic power put the blame on people’s aspiration for religion and the pursuit of the path of divine prophets or the weakness of nations and the ill-performance of a number of groups or individuals. They claim that only their views, approaches or prescriptions can save the humanity and the world economy.

Dear Colleagues and friends - Don’t you think that the root cause of the problems must be sought in the prevailing international order, or the way the world is governed? I would like to draw your kind attention to the following questions: - Who abducted forcefully tens of millions of people from their homes in Africa and other regions of the world during the dark period of slavery , making them a victim of their materialistic greed. - Who imposed colonialism for over four centuries upon this world. Who occupied lands and massively plundered resources of other nations, destroyed talents, and alienated languages, cultures and identities of nations? - Who triggered the first and second world wars, that left seventy millions killed and hundreds of millions injured or homeless. Who created the wars in Korean peninsula and in Vietnam? - Who imposed, through deceits and hypocrisy, the Zionists and over sixty years of war, homelessness, terror and mass murder on the Palestinian people and on countries of the region?

- Who imposed and supported for decades military dictatorship and totalitarian regimes on Asian, African, and Latin American nations. - Who used atomic bomb against defenseless people, and stockpiled thousands of warheads in their arsenals? - Whose economies rely on waging wars and selling arms? - Who provoked and encouraged Saddam Hussein to invade and impose an eight-year war on Iran, and who assisted and equipped him to deploy chemical weapons against our cities and our people. - Who used the mysterious September 11 incident as a pretext to attack Afghanistan and Iraq – killing, injuring, and displacing millions in two countries- with the ultimate goal of bringing into its domination the Middle-East and its oil resources?

[click link to read rest in its entirty...

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Iranian University Students Support 2nd Revolution in Egypt + Photos

Iranian students staged rallies in Tehran to support the move by the Egyptian people of storming the Israeli embassy in Cairo; they have called the move the second revolution in EgyptHolding up placards, the students chanted slogans against the US and Israel, which they believe, have for long supported dictators in the region. This demonstration came only days after Iranians staged rallies to voice support for the oppressed people of Bahrain.

Students called on the Egyptian people to be aware of the enemies' plot aimed at deviating the path of their revolution. Hundreds of people in Tehran like in different cities took to the streets to protest against the royal family of Bahrain and its Western allies in connection with a violent crackdown on its people. Protesters in Tehran shouted "death to Al-Khalifa in Bahrain" and "down with the US" referring to the close alliance between the Khalifa ruling family and the United States, Rohama reported.

Impunity: A film by Juan José Lozano & Hollman Morris (SCROLL DOWN AFTER LINK TO BOTTOM)

Colombia today: the biggest trial against Paramilitary armies - accused of killing thousands of Colombians - is designed to create "peace and justice". Instead the process comes to an abrupt halt, when the political and economic interests in the paramilitary war are uncovered. Are the victims’ families doomed to stay victims forever or are they able to fight Impunity?

"Al Jazeera" NewsNetwork begins broadcasting of its Jewish channel

On Wednesday the Jews of the world are preparing to watch the first of its kind Jewish News Network. That is when “Al-Jazeera” News Network will start broadcasting its first Jewish channel, which will showcase everything that matters to Jews around the world and the channel will broadcast in regions of Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Israel.The channel comes under the name of“Jewish News 1" according to the “Donia Al-Watan” site, and it will broadcast for 24 hours throughout the week. Its own studios in Tel Aviv, Israel, Brussels, and Kiev have already been established, in addition to a number of other offices in Washington, Paris and London; they have not been opened yet.

The channel includes 12 reporters, all of them foreigners, who are now present in 6 different countries, and there is a team to cover the news reports from inside Israel. According to the Israeli newspaper “Yediot Aharonot”, the establishment of the station's offices in Europe and Russia will be completed. The channel will offer its programs in English; the organizers of the channel will offer programs in seven different languages soon, and it will include Hebrew, French, Italian, Russian and German.

The editor of the channel in Brussels, Alexander Zanzir, said that the channel will provide all that is worthy of publication, and in addition to the regular news, we will provide economic, cultural, and educational programs. Hence the views will find all what they can find on other international channels. It is expected that the new channel will present all issues of concern to Jews in general and Israelis in particular, for example, Zanzir says: The channel will provide an exclusive television interview with the American Jewish director "Steven Spielberg", who will be in a visit to Belgium next month.

It is to be mentioned that the channel owners are European businessmen Igor Colomwski and Vladimr Rabinovich, president and vice president of the European Jews Union. They have invested 5 million dollars in its foundation. Yesterday, sources said that the channel will enjoy freedom of the media and the press, and will not be linked to any organization or party or religious group.The director of the channel clarified that if the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or the Minister of State Lieberman Avgedor doany negative steps, we will broadcast them on the channel because we are a news channel, but at the same time we will post positive things.

[ALSO SEE...Aljazeera is now protective of Zio-Nazi intelligence work Al-Jazeera joined the US-Israel-Saudi propaganda against Hizbullah CIA directs the work of Al-Jazeera


President Daniel Ortega presented 4,794 land titles to families from all of Managua's districts at a ceremony at the Catholic University of Nicaragua - saying it was not a gift but a right.Of the 4,794 land property titles, 1,621 were presented to families in District No. 1 of Managua; 237 to families in No.2; 1,715 to No. 3; 259 to No. 4; 1,003 to No.5; 523 to No. 6, and 436 to No. 7.He said the government is working to guarantee that all families in the country have official titles to their homes as the lack of deeds is considered a national problem.

Ortega also announced that Cardinal Miguel Obando was expected to visit several provinces in the coming weeks and would present 43,649 property titles to families in the countryside and the cities.Funds for resurfacing 796 streets in 80 neighbourhoods in the capital here were also approved, benefiting 718,944 people. Also 1,000 homes will be built to give the poorest families decent homes, without leaving out the construction of homes for people affected by the recent rains, Ortega said


Eighty seven percent of the cocaine that travels from Latin America to the United Stated passes through Honduras.It is also a country used by Mexican cartels as trans-shipment point for drugs and narcotics.A spokesman of the Ministry of Defence Marlon Pascua said that in the past five months Honduran authorities have confiscated more than 10 tons of cocaine valued at US$645 million. At least 100 tons of the substance pass trough Honduras - from Colombia to the U.S - the world's biggest worldwide drug consumer, he said. He said the growing wave of violence in Honduras, as a major narco-market area is because of its strategic position", he said.He said the fight against drug-traffickers is not equal as the government has limited economic and logistic resources.

[A.S....HONDURAS-(US DARLING) Miguel Facussé, Druglord With the recent cable dump, there's a true embarrassment of riches, which I've only begun to sort through. Here is one of the first that people are talking about, given it pretty much proves the State Department's knowledge of Facussé's involvement in drug trafficking and thus State's complicity in covering it up. Click title for original on Wikileaks site with links & proper formatting


The Colombian Oil Workers Union (USO) has warned of a possible massacre of oil workers participating in a protest in the town of Puerto Gaitan in the province of Meta. The USO union said the government has ordered the army and police to forcibly evict the workers - who are demanding decent working conditions - tonight from the Rubiales and Quifa oilfields and a curfew has been imposed.

The union said it would hold President Juan Manuel Santos and police responsible as well as the multinational company Pacific Rubiales, state oil company Ecopetrol and authorities who ordered indiscriminate attacks on the workers. The union demanded that the government stop the repression and violence against workers and communities of Puerto Gaitan and other oil regions.

For more than six years, the communities have been asking authorities and oil companies to solve many social, environmental, labour and economic problems but without response, the union said. Protests have continued for weeks in this oil region - the largest in the country - sparked by allegations of violation of workers' rights, met by heavy police repression, local media reported. Oil workers are in a precarious situation, with low wages, long workdays and other working conditions that violate Colombian law, the union said

Al Jazeera and U.S. Foreign Policy: What WikiLeaks' U.S. Embassy Cables Reveal about U.S. Pressure and Propaganda

Institutions of British and French journalism have worked to train the staff of Al Jazeera, which has also developed a relationship with the University of Missouri's School of Journalism. Al Jazeera's training center has no staff of its own, but "imports trainers on an as-needed basis from various British/French/US journalism institutions," including the UK's Thomson Foundation and France's Ecole Superieure de Journalisme de Lille.

Al Jazeera's training courses are conducted in English. The training center -- which functions as a foreign assimilation agent -- aims to spread its influence throughout the Arab world, by training staff from the region's media outlets. It reported dozens of courses in a single year, with thousands of participants. Al Jazeera's training center also participated in the U.S. Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), established by Secretary of State Colin Powell during the first term of the George W. Bush administration, and supervised by Liz Cheney, to aid local "agents of change" in the region

[ALSO SEE..ALJAZEERA ,THE FOX NEWS OF THE ARAB WORLD SyriaWatch-aljazeera caught again!Pushing Soros and US Gov agent narrative on Syria

2011 Clinton Global Citizen Awards Liberal confab sponsored by corporate fascists, big oil, big banks

The Clinton Global Citizen Awards, held this week in New York City, claims to "recognize extraordinary individuals who have demonstrated visionary leadership in solving pressing global challenges. Through their work, these citizens have proven that diverse sectors of society including philanthropic, public service, corporate, and civic organizations can work together successfully to implement and devise solutions that effect positive, lasting social change."

In reality, it is yet another elaborate display of self-aggrandizing by the same handful of corporate-financier interests emanating from Wall Street and London, attempting to maintain the legitimacy of their "international order."

Had the Nazis been less overt in their ambitions, and more patient in selling the world their presumed dominion over the planet, it might have looked something like this.The corporate sponsors alone should reveal that there is absolutely nothing genuine about the annual meetings' agenda of "working together" to implement "lasting change" beyond merely expanding their collective corporate-fascist interests in spreading their military, financial, and social hegemony over the planet.

PIC'S-Iran's military parade in photos

A military parade was held on Thursday near the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini to mark the 31st anniversary of the start of Iraq’s war against Iran. In the parade different missiles, including Shahab and Sejjil, and other military equipment were shown.

Nicaraguan Minister Stresses Worldwide Support for Iran's Stances

Nicaragua's minister of state lauded the Islamic Republic of Iran for its anti-imperialism stances, and said Tehran's positions are strongly supported by the different world nations. Speaking in a meeting with Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the sidelines of the 66th UN General Assembly meeting in New York, the Nicaraguan minister admired Ahmadinejad's strong stand against the world imperialist powers, and said different countries from across the globe fully support Iran's positions.

"Today a large number of countries support the firm stances of the Islamic Republic of Iran on international issues 100 percent," the Nicaraguan minister said.He said nations' conscience has been awakened against the imperialist powers and the victory of anti-imperialist presidents in Latin America is an indication of the same fact. The Nicaraguan official reiterated that Iran and the Latin American states can play very influential and useful roles in global developments. Many world countries have voiced their supports for Iran's positions against the imperialist powers.

Cuban President Raul Castro earlier this month lauded Iran's campaign against imperialism, and called for the promotion of ties and cooperation between Tehran and Havana. Speaking in a meeting with Iran's visiting First Vice-President Mohammad Reza Rahimi, Castro said that the promotion of Iran-Cuba relations would pave the grounds for their progress and their campaign against global arrogance. Referring to Iran's pioneering role in fighting the arrogant powers, the Cuban president said that expansion of ties between Cuba and Iran can play an influential role in consolidating alliance among the nations fighting against the colonialist powers.

Militarization of Civilian Economy: Corporates Make Profits from America's Wars

Giant weapon makers are not the only ones cashing in on US wars. Unbeknownst to the public, the companies behind some the most familiar household name brands constitute the backbone of what has mushroomed into a military-corporate complex of "civilian" firms, which rake in huge profits while helping the Pentagon to carry out its wars and foreign occupations. Unsurprisingly, at least five of these companies have seen their contracts with the Defense Department skyrocket since 9/11.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011



The United States has welcomed the formation on Thursday of an umbrella group of Syrian opposition figures, the self-proclaimed Syrian National Council. Ahmed Ramadan, Bassma Kodmani, Abdulbaset Seida speak as a group of Syrian opposition members announce a Syrian National Council in Istanbul, Turkey, September 15, 2011.


Bassma Kodmani is based in France (writing books in French and oh look connected to the Ford Foundation) Bassma Kodmani is Executive Director of the Arab Reform Initiative . She is also senior adviser on international cooperation to the French national research council (CNRS). From 1999 to 2005 she headed the Governance and International Cooperation Program at the '''''''''Ford Foundation office for the Middle East and North Africa''''''''''. Here she had special responsibility for initiating and supporting joint Israeli-Palestinian projects, Special Advisor, ''''''Oxford Research Group ''''''''' Advisory Council, ''''''''Carnegie Middle East Center'''''''' [2


Mohamad Abu Ramadan - Aspen Institute / Middle East Strategy Group ...The Aspen Institute Middle East Strategy Group (MESG) "supports pragmatic economic and policy initiatives that tangibly advance prospects for peace in the Middle East. The group’s membership includes prominent American, Palestinian and Israeli business leaders and policy makers. MESG is chaired by former Secretaries of State ''''''''''Henry Kissinger'''''''' and ''''''''''Madeleine Albright''''''''', Senators '''''Dianne Feinstein'''''' and '''''''Chuck Hagel''''''''''', and Palestinian and Israeli businessmen Samer Khoury and Idan Ofer. Group Members Mohamad Abu Ramadan


Abdulbaset Seida- WHO IS THIS FRAUD?AN AUTHOR WHO HAS GIVEN LECTURES AT NONE OTHER THEN THE ULTRA-RIGHTWING,ZIONIST,NEOCON HUDSON INSTITUTE ...SEE....Syria: Challenges and Opportunities for the New Administration Thursday, March 26, 2009.. Abdulbaset Sieda, Ph.D., is an educator and author of numerous books, including Forgotten Seasons of Continual Sufferings: The Kurdish Question in Syria. (and close friend of dr radwan ziadeh a leading spokesperson for syria opposition who comes from chattam house(riia)and iiss an imperial brittish military think tank)see...





Syrian CP (Unified), A letter to the World Communist and Workers Parties [En.]

Dear comrades;Due to the weakness of Syrian mass media in the confrontation with the gigantic media of imperialism, the mobilization of forces all over the world against Syria, and the anti-Syrian alliance consisting of imperialist powers in addition to their puppets in the region, including Turkey, which adopted a pragmatic policy to share the hegemony of western countries on the region, due to all that, our party hopes that all communist, workers and democratic parties in the world would help spread these clarifications in the public opinion in their countries.

Also, we call upon these parties to solidify with Syria because it is the most important Arab country resisting the imperialist plans to dominate the Middle East, and firmly opposing the American-Israeli plan to fragment the area in several sectarian entities whose control would be easy. Syria also supports the national resistance in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq. Besides it supports the right of the Palestinian people to liberate its territories and establish a national state with Jerusalem as its capital.
Iraqi Activist Unveils MKO-Al-Qaeda Military Cooperation (aka; Mojahedin Khalq, MEK, Rajavi cult)

800 Iraqis enter Camp Ashraf (now the camp of New Iraq), everyday, but a majority of them are al-Qaeda members and receive military and terrorist trainings in the camp," Nafeh Eisa told FNA on Tuesday. He added that the terrorist group has put pictures and portraits of al-Qaeda leader on the walls of the camp, respecting them as "heroes of Islam". Earlier in May, an Iran-based right group said that it has obtained authentic documents proving that the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization has long had tight cooperation with Al-Qaeda

[ALSO SEE...Iraqi Source Discloses US Aid to MKO Terrorist Operations "Nobody dares to make any obstacles on the way of American vehicles' arrival at camp Ashraf and they easily enter the camp without being questioned. So, they take the MKO members out of the camp for terrorist operation and then carry them back to the camp when they are finished," Sheikh Al-Jabouri continued. He underlined that the MKO (also known as the MEK, PMOI, NCRI, the Rajavi Cult) terrorist group has never abandoned its terrorist operations, and stated, "We have suffered many losses since the arrival of the Americans in our country and continuation and spread of terrorist operations in Iraq is among them."

Obama's Arc of Instability: Destabilizing the World One Region at a Time

It’s a story that should take your breath away: the destabilization of what...used to be called “the arc of instability.” It involves at least 97 countries, across the bulk of the global south, much of it coinciding with the oil heartlands of the planet. A startling number of these nations are now in turmoil, and in every single one of them...Washington is militarily involved, overtly or covertly, in outright war or what passes for peace.

Mohawk Nation News: EU, US and UK Parasites Going Bust!

Those criminals who murder and plunder the world are eventually removed by nature. Their actions violate the natural world. EU Eurozone and its US and UK co-conspirators existed by leeching off the labor and resources of Indigenous people worldwide. They invaded, built infrastructures and sent their people to run them. Then the targets got a bill with inflated interest rate which they couldn’t pay. War and oppression ensued and the people and their land were taken, exploited and destroyed.

EU-US-UK money junkies are the enforcers of the theft of our resources and forcing us to work for next to nothing. The imperialists think the minerals and oil that lie under us belong to them. EU-US-UK’sconcern is the “risk of a vicious circle between sovereign debt, bank funding and negative growth” at home and abroad. EU creates paper called money, backed by the military, to run the world economy. These crooks try to dominate us by persuasion, intimidation, bribes, fear, destabilization, denial of liberty, force, war, death and occupation.

Old fashioned colonialism is not working. EU-US-UK cannot pay their bills. Their infrastructures look almost like bombed out war zones. Their rusting, crumbling bridges, road sand ports reflect a dying empire. They are looking for other ways to steal from us and make us work for nothing. The US suggests getting rough and tough with us!!! We are resisting. We are a negotiating block to be reckoned with. The larger imperial powers can’t set the agenda and try to sell it to us by threats and sweeteners. We want freedom, protection of the environment, agriculture and to hang onto our resources and possessions. They want these for themselves, without taking care of or sharing it.

To run their international corruption, amoral bankers and their degenerate corporation buddies have to keep us in line, which is no longer possible. “Afurther reinforcement of bank resources is advisable”, meaning more worthless money has to be printed and shoved down our throats to make us give up our possessions. Global finance is in trouble. Their fantasy of a planetary financial dictatorship is shattering. EU-US-UK are warning us they can attack,hurt and kill us if we keep resisting. An anti-banking insurrection has started. These panicking empires are dying and becoming third world countries. They want war, not peace. Constant warfare is unnatural. Nature will remain no matter what! Those who don’tconform to the natural way are doomed.

Colombia's Police Train Salvadoran Law Enforcement at U.S.-Funded Installation

On Monday, September 12, members of the Colombian National Police began training Salvadoran, Mexican, Honduran and Guatemalan police and attorney generals at the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) in El Salvador. According to the Colombian Embassy in El Salvador, this week-long course specializing in anti-kidnapping and anti-extortion is meant to "share experiences among experts in the region."

While extortion is recognized as a one of the principal crimes affecting the population in El Salvador and throughout Central America, the increasing role of Colombian police and military in Mexican and Central American policing is cause for serious concern considering the abysmal human rights record of Colombian law enforcement, as is the active role of the U.S. State Department in facilitating and funding this collaboration through such institutions as the ILEA.

The ILEA, a project of the U.S. State Department, was opened in San Salvador in 2006; until now, the majority of instructors at the ILEA have come from various U.S. agencies, such as the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Agency. It is not a surprise that Colombia would be the first country in South America that the ILEA would ask to provide training, considering that "Plan Colombia" has been a cornerstone of the U.S. anti-narcotics policy throughout the region, despite its well-documented failures.

[Also included in this update: Funes Recognizes Palestine, Deploys Soldiers to Afghanistan Right-Wing Party Declares ex-President Tony Saca as 2014 Presidential Candidate Salvadoran Supreme Court Rules Out Detention of Officers Indicted for Jesuit Massacre Women Politicians Unite to Address Issues Facing Salvadoran Women

The Pending US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement: False Claims Versus Hard Realities

Neoliberal free trade policies have been a big part of the reason that economic crises are taking place all over the world and have led to ever widening gaps between the rich and the poor. Colombia has the second largest gap between the rich and the poor in South America and the eighth largest worldwide, according to the World Bank's World Development Institute. The FTA will make matters worse.

Colombian Human Rights Defenders Targeted for Prosecution: The Case of Principe Gabriel Gonzalez

Principe Gabriel Gonzalez has been persecuted for his work as a human rights activist with Colombia's Political Prisoners Solidarity Committee.Since the 80s these paramilitary organizations, in various guises, have waged a dirty war against Colombia’s left-wing guerrilla groups. Rather than engage the insurgents in direct combat, the war has focused on “collaborators”, a tag indiscriminately applied to leftist activists and politicians, unions, campesinos (peasant farmers) and human rights organizations. These groups have suffered massacres, assassinations, forced displacement, kidnappings and death threats at the hands of the paramilitaries.

Collusion between the paramilitaries and the military, politicians, landowners and multinationals has been widely documented. The groups also control much of Colombia’s drug trade. Backed by such power and wealth, those responsible for attacks on human rights groups have enjoyed virtual judicial impunity.

Global NATO and the recolonisation of Africa

‘If there was any uncertainty about the real mission of the United States, France, Britain and other members of NATO in Libya, these doubts were clarified with the nature of the military campaign against the people of Libya,’ writes Horace Campell.

Venezuela demands UN to cease apartheid against Palestine

After meeting with his Palestinian counterpart Riyad al-Maliki, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro expressed that Caracas request at the United Nations Organization (UN) is to cease the apartheid against the Palestinian people, imposed by Zionist colonialist of Israel with the support of the United States.

“We think that the Palestinian cause shall be the cause of the youth, of social movements, trade union, intellectuals of the world. All sectors shall react, as well as governments,” the Venezuelan diplomat said.Maduro said that such actions shall be carried out with the aim to defeat the US and Zionist lobby “which seeks to impose the coarsest apartheid ever committed against a nation” and tries to deny Palestine its place in the United Nations.He described as paradoxical the stance assumed by imperial governments such as the United States at the UN, because as it denies the historic and legitimate right of Palestine to be full member, “it gives a seat to a nonexistent government.”

Brazil recognizes Palestinian State

Palestine shall be part of the United Nations Organization once and for all, said Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff affirmed this Wednesday at the 66th General Assembly, in the city of New York, United States.“It has come the time to have Palestine fully represented at the UN,” expressed the South American president during her speech to begin the session.Rousseff, who became the first woman to open UN General Assembly, criticized the policies undertaken by developed countries to halt the structural crisis of their economic model.

Also, she reminded that the world is enduring an “extremely sensitive” crisis, which may not be solved in hands of a few governors.''Whether we unite and overcome or we will be all defeated,” added the Brazilian president, and she warned that if the situation gets worse, there may be an “unprecedented political breaking-off.”So far, macroeconomic policies adopted by countries of the European Union, she said, answer to partisan interests, not to the need of people.

“As everybody suffers the consequences of the crisis, everybody has the right to take part on its solutions,” she said during her speech at the UN General Assembly.The incapacity to face the economic crisis and financial imbalance, Rousseff added, do not answer to the lack of money but to lack of political will: the G-20 and the International Monetary Fund “need urgently to issue signs of political cohesion.”Rousseff emphasized her presence as representative of an emerging nation “in the mids of this tragedy which devastates developed countries.”The solution to the problem of debt, she affirmed, shall be combined with economic growth, proposal which is translated in a bid for incentive programs and flexibilization of exchange policies to balance the global demand.


Opposition party denounces Colombia's 'shameful submission' to US over Palestine UN Bid...

Colombia's main opposition party Polo Democratico denounced the Colombian government's "shameful submission" to the U.S. in supporting the American effort to block a vote on Palestinian statehood.Colombia's foreign minister announced Monday that Colombia will abstain from voting for the Palestinian National Authority's request for statehood in the U.N. General Assembly and Security Council.

The Polo Democratico Party condemned the Colombian government's policy towards Palestinian autonomy, arguing that "the Palestinian people have every right to self-determination, without external interference.""The Colombian government, boasting the most shameful submission to the orders of the U.S. government and the selfish interests of Israel, has communicated its determination not to extend recognition to the Palestinian state during the next session of the U.N. General Assembly," the party said in an official statement.

"This decision is contrary to the majority position of Latin America, of UNASUR [Union of South American Nations] and of more than 110 countries that have expressed their support for the people and the Palestinian Authority. With this position Colombia isolates itself from most of Latin America and the international community."They asserted that the Palestinian people have been "subjected to more than a half century as refugees in their own territory that has been largely usurped by the government of Israel, with the aggravation of the establishment of the wall of infamy in the West Bank to separate the refugee zones from the rest of the seized territory..."

Israeli spy Iyad Yousef Oenaim confessions after arrested by Syrian authorities

Israeli spy Iyad Yousef Oenaim confessions after arrested by Syrian authorities

Syrian Communities in Germany and Hungary Condemn Conspiracy to Undermine Syria’s Stability

The Syrian community in Germany organized a mass rally at the center of the German capital of Berlin to express their support for the comprehensive reform program and the national dialogue in Syria.The participants condemned the conspiracy that Syria faces to undermine its security, stability and national stances, expressing confidence that the Syrian people will foil the conspiracy and come out of the crisis stronger.

The participants stressed rejection of all forms of foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs, denouncing all criminal acts committed by the armed terrorist groups against the army, law enforcement members and civilians.They also voiced support to the Syrian people and the army in the face of these armed gangs.

In the Hungarian capital of Budapest, members of the Syrian community gathered in the Heroes Square to express support to the comprehensive reforms.The participants organized a car rally and toured the main streets in the capital chanting national slogans praising the wise policy adopted by Syria in its adherence to the national principles.They expressed support to their homeland in the face of conspiracies.

Israeli ‘Vengeance’ strikes Ankara

Yesterday, a car bomb attack on a high school near Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s residence, killed three and injured 34. The terrorist Kurdish PKK immediately took credit for it.The PKK is known to be funded and armed by the US and Israel. It’s a Zionist proxy militia Israel has been using against Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran. All four countries have significant Kurdish minorities which includes Muslims, Christians and Jews. Over 50,000 Kurd Jews are Israeli citizens.

Turkish daily Today’s Zaman (June 2011) had quoted Sedat Laciner, the head of the International Strategic Research Organization, a Turkish think tank, saying that Mossad agents and Israeli military’s retirees had been sighted providing training to PKK militants in the Iraqi Kurdistan. Tel Aviv does not have a positive perception of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party – led by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The PKK is a mere contractor for Israel to serve that purpose.”Israel with the help of former high-ranking Kemalist military officers and local Crypto-Jews, known as Deep State, has tried to bring down AKP’s government twice in the past.

The recent school bombing has all the marks of the Turkish Synagogue which was a Mossad False Flag operation blamed on the non-existent Muslim Al-Qaeda hoax. Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz during his recent visit to Cairo had announced that Turkey and Egypt will cooperate in search for gas reserves of Mediterranean. Israel’s claimed monopoly over Mediterranean gas is already been chllenged by Lebanon. Recently, Lebanon signed a $10 million contract with Iran to explore gas reserves along Lebanese side of Mediterranean.

Palestine-Letter from President Hugo Chávez to His Excellency Ban Ki-moon Secretary General of the United Nations

Let’s not forget that beginning in the second decade of the 20th century, Zionism started to develop its expansionist plans by taking advantage of the colonial British occupation of Palestine. By the end of World War II, the Palestinian people’s tragedy worsened, with their expulsion from their territory and, at the same time, from history. In 1947, the despicable and illegal UN resolution 181 recommends dividing Palestine into a Jewish State, an Arab State, and an area under international control (Jerusalem and Belem). Shamefully, 56 percent of the territory was granted to Zionism to establish its State. In fact, this resolution violated international law and blatantly ignored the will of the vast Arab majority: the right to self-determination of the people became a dead letter.

From 1948 to date, the Zionist State has continually applied its criminal strategy against the Palestinian people with the constant support of its unconditional ally, the United States of America. This unconditional allegiance is clearly observed by the fact that Israel directs and sets US international policy for the Middle East. That’s why the great Palestinian and universal conscience Edward Said stated that any peace agreement built on the alliance with the United States would be an alliance that confirms Zionist power, rather than one that confronts it.

Now then: contrary to what Israel and the United States are trying to make the world believe through transnational media outlets, what happened and continues to happen in Palestine —using Said’s words— is not a religious conflict, but a political conflict, with a colonial and imperialist stamp. It did not begin in the Middle East, but rather in Europe.