Monday, September 5, 2011

The western project for the East: parliamentary systems under protectorate

Arab affairs Editorial: Parliamentary regimes under tutelage What is happening in Libya is putting forward the real archetype of the political project carried by an Arab political faction and featuring a mixture of branches from the international Muslim Brotherhood organization, groups from the liberal bourgeoisie and some failed left wing blocs. This characterized the so-called Libyan opposition before the invasion of Tripoli and the Syrian opposition that is yearning to imitate it with a few minor differences reflecting numerous specificities and divergences that are not to be taken lightly. But what is happening in Libya is actually offering the content of the new political authority towards which the Arab societies are being led based on the idea of foreign intervention

under the slogan of spreading democracy and getting rid of tyranny. In the Libyan case, there is an attempt to renew colonial hegemony over the country and its oil wealth in a new shape and based on the allocation of Western influence. What has changed at the level of Western colonial hegemony over Libya is France’s entry as a key partner in the control over the oil resources, after the transitional council pledged to offer Paris one third of the share in exchange for the active French role in NATO’s war, both politically and militarily. In the meantime, the American, British and Italian presence will be sustained, while the marginal Russian and Chinese presence in the Libyan economic and oil relations network will be annulled as the remnant of the Cold War that should be eliminated, and not due to Beijing’s and Moscow’s positions towards NATO’s war as some are claiming.

As for the political project presented by the new ruling team under the umbrella of colonial hegemony, it is the establishment of a presidential and electoral parliamentary system under the headline of democracy, similar to the Arab parliamentary systems established in the 20s of last century under foreign tutelage. At the time, colonialism set a ceiling under which the political transition game through parliamentary elections and consecutive governments could take place. On the political level, the new formula is not different from the latter under the banner of democracy, which will sponsor the division of power between groups that are mostly brought together by their loyalty to Western colonial hegemony, while the local governments will be subjected to the restraints and frameworks that will be set up for the reconstruction project following the destructive war that damaged the entire Libyan infrastructure. News analysis

The Syrian Contra: terrorism and foreign interference Last week’s events confirmed the Syrian street abstinence from responding to the calls for demonstrations and protests issued by the Syrian opposition movements. In the meantime, the foreign pressures on the Syrian national state reached unprecedented levels in terms of their political content, with the continuation of the threats to see foreign intervention amid consecutive leaks about the scenarios of military operations inside the Syrian territories, although, the obstacles facing such an adventure –

whether by Turkey or NATO- are increasing. Firstly, the wager on the month of Ramadan which was promoted by the Syrian oppositionists has miserably failed. Indeed, the month of fasting was launched with the announcement by the opposition and the American studies and planning centers of the fact that Ramadan will witness the fall of the regime in Syria and the expansion of the rebellion and the protests with crowded daily demonstrations.

Any observer can notice the collapse of this wager, at a time when the opposition went back to an exposed political maneuvering campaign to mobilize a few people every Friday by gathering their supporters in remote villages and towns to organize - via the satellite channels participating in the NATO plan - a visual deceit operation. Secondly, this fictive war in the media outlets reached its peak when Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya channels, Sawa, the BBC, Future television, Al-Sharq TV and the Free Lebanon Radio Station waged instigation campaigns and started issuing insults instead of providing coverage with a minimum level of objectivity.

Thirdly, at the level of the opposition’s formation, it is clear based on the obstructed birth of the transitional council that the American decision conveyed by the Turkish behavior is to place the Muslim Brotherhood Organization on the forefront of the opposition movements in which some room was left to the liberals, the leftists and the Takfiris. The Syrian developments are thus heading towards a course in which the funded opposition movements are in competition while commanded by the Muslim Brotherhood, in the presence of some liberals and leftists who constitute a deceiving décor that is necessary for international and local misleading.

The question remains about the possibility of seeing war on Syria. It is certain that the terrorism of the Syrian Contra gangs, the pressures and the international sanctions constitute chapters of that war which – in case it were to occur - will be part of a major international confrontation revolving around occupied Palestine, in a renewed conflict over the identity of the East in which Syria has been representing the heart and fort for centuries. The Arab file

Syria ...Participation in the gatherings and demonstrations called for by the Syrian opposition witnessed a state of acute retreat during this past week, while a wave of political disputes and confrontations prevailed over the oppositionists who disagreed over the attempt of the Muslim Brotherhood Organization –with the support of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government- to impose the structure of a transitional council. This happened at a time when some of those who were named as members in it soon announced they knew nothing about it. In that same context, the field coordination committees leading the actions of the oppositionists in Syria reiterated their instigation to carry weapons, while the political and media campaigns targeting Syria intensified amid calls for foreign interference.

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