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Syria Latest- Al Qaeda has just recieved Tanks from United Snakes of Amerika

Solidarity Growing Among Turkish Protesters 
The protests in Turkey have lasted four weeks now. More and more Kurds are joining in, and sectarian differences are being deemphasized. "Lice is everywhere, resistance is everywhere!" rang out the slogan from the thousands who had taken to the streets of Istanbul on Friday night (28.06.2013). Some hours earlier, there had been violent clashes in the predominantly Kurdish town of Lice, in the Diyarbakir province of eastern Turkey. The protests were aimed at the construction of a new outpost of the Gendarmerie, a branch of the Turkish armed forces. One person was killed while several more were injured.More protests followed in Istanbul on Saturday at midday. Organized by the workers' union KESK and the Kurdish BDP party, they chanted slogans including: "We don't want a police station. We want freedom!"The demonstrators then organized themselves once again - via Twitter and Facebook - on Saturday evening.."The people are all protesting together," 22-year-old demonstrator Yanki Özdogan told DW. From now on, he added, everything would be different. "When I talk to people I notice that their awareness and their empathy for other people has risen. People have gotten closer."Turks, Kurds, Alawis, Sunnis - old sectarian distinctions are apparently being ignored. "That was never anyone's intention," one Kurdish demonstrator said. "All that happened in the past were provocations. It didn't matter how many divisive statements the politicians made. The people won't lose their solidarity, and that's the important thing.""We're all brothers," another Kurd added. "We're all equal and free, and want to live equal and free in this country."Lice - the Kurdish Gezi ParkBut Hüseyin Celik, spokesman for Turkey's governing AKP party, tweeted that the clashes in Lice were designed to disrupt the ongoing Kurdish peace process. "Those planning a big conspiracy are trying to create a Kurdish version of Gezi Park. Please be careful, my Kurdish brothers," he said in another tweet. "Big conspiracy" was the same phrase that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan consistently used in speeches to explain the nationwide protests against his regime.As part of the peace process, meant to end the 30-year conflict between the Turkish government and the PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party), some PKK fighters withdrew from Turkey at the beginning of May into the Kurdish region of northern Iraq. The Kurdish BDP party criticized the progress of the peace process on Friday, and called for an extension of the rights of the Kurds, who make up 20 percent of the Turkish population.'We are deeply ashamed'"For all these years, we've been deaf to the things happening in eastern Turkey, and we always blamed [the Kurds]," one protesting student told DW. "But the latest events have shown us that the situation wasn't how it was presented to us." The media had been lying to them, another demonstrator agreed. "We are deeply ashamed, and we hope that we can all live together in peace."Hundreds of intellectuals also showed their solidarity on the weekend. Under the motto "We are concerned!" they took out an ad in a newspaper on Saturday regarding polarization in society. Artists like Nobel Prize-winning author Orhan Pamuk and pianist Fazil Say endorsed the ad, which said: "We sign the call to end the hate speeches and stop the use of artists as targets." The general oppression has to end, they assert.
 Council of Europe chief ready to nominate Turkish PM for Noble Prize is Kurdish issue solved
Ankara. Turkish Family and Social Policies Minister Fatma Şahin held talks with Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland, who is on a visit to Turkey. After the meeting she said that “the process of EU integration strengthens Turkey’s positions and weight”, Turkish NTV reported.Later on the minister wrote on her twitter page about her impressions from the meeting with Mr Jagland, as follows: “Apart from Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland, who told me literary the following: “Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a Noble Prize candidate if he manages to solve the Kurdish issue”, is also Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee”. At the meeting Minister Şahin confessed that the violence over women in Turkey was a problem of the society and there was a need to take the necessary steps in this field. 
 [ed notes:i should  note,that thorbjorn jagland is also a member of war criminal shimon peres center for peace think tank!!
Mohawk Nation News 'Losers, Weepers'
 The mayors of four Montreal South Shore communities are blocking Quebec’s decision to give back a 300-acre plot of stolen land to the Mohawks of Kahnwake. It was taken to build Highway 30 on unceded territory. The mayors said “two wrongs don’t make a right”. Returning stolen property is just wrong! They have big plans for this prime real estate, which is presently zoned for agriculture. The Mohawks have seen Kahnawake shrink to make way for railroads, highways and bridges. During construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway, thousands of tons of clay were dug up and dumped onto Kahnawake, making it useless for agriculture. No consultation ever took place. On August 17, 2008, the Women Title Holders of the Mohawk Nation issued a Notice of Objection to the illegal construction of Highway 30 on Kahnawake. It was sent by registered mail to Canada, Quebec and their puppet Mohawk Council of Kahnawake. 

[ed notes:cick link for whole article...
 JEWISH US CITIZEN STABBED TO DEATH IN EGYPT DURING ANTI MB PROTESTS... STUDENT,SPY OR AGITATOR? American student killed in Egypt violence taught English  Andrew Pochter, 21, from Chevy Chase, Maryland, died after being stabbed in the chest on Friday in the coastal city of Alexandria, where anti-government protesters stormed an office of the ruling Muslim Brotherhood"As we understand it, he was witnessing a protest as a bystander and was stabbed by a protester," said a statement from the family.Egyptian officials said he was carrying a small camera."He had studied in the region, loved the culture, and planned to live and work there in the pursuit of peace and understanding," read the statement, that asked for privacy in a time of grieving.Pochter was looking forward to beginning his junior year at Ohio's Kenyon College and had planned to study abroad in Jordan next spring, according to the statementA statement from Kenyon College said [[[[[Pochter was interning in Alexandria with AMIDEAST, an American non-profit organization]]]]] that runs education and development programs in the Middle East and North America.A State Department spokeswoman confirmed that Andrew Pochter was killed on Friday in Alexandria."We extend our deepest condolences to his family and friends," Marie Harf said. Harf said the U.S. embassy in Cairo and the State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs were providing "appropriate consular assistance."[ed notes:was he really a  student-teacher?I dont buy it,a jewish kid entering arab spring territory,and championing demonstrations?i suspect he was an agent,though i could be wrong ... the funding for AMIDEAST is as follows.. Contributions for Fiscal Year 2004 Benefactors
($20,000+)  Saudi Aramco Lockheed Martin Corporation Occidental Petroleum Embassy of Qatar Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Slain College Student Andrew Pochter Driven by Jewish Values to Help Egypt
As co-manager of Kenyon College’s Hillel, Andrew Driscoll Pochter was asked to give a speech last year to his fellow students to mark Rosh Hashanah.Zachary Caputo, 21, who lived across the hall from Pochter in their freshman year at Kenyon, told the Washington Post that Pochter wore his enthusiasm for the Middle East on his sleeve.
[ed notes;why cant i find his facebook page?only a page with r.i.p. dedicated to him?hard to believe he didnt have one,considering he was young and full of enthusiasm for middle would want to share his experiences thru social networks as he travelled..yet seems he didnt! why cant i find that speech he gave?hmm
Terrorist Confesses Sabotage against Syrian Radio-TV
 A member of the armed opposition groups in Syria gave details in front of national TV cameras about how he placed bombs in the Radio and Television General Director's office, resulting in serious damages in 2012. The terrorist attack, occurred in August 6, 2012, on the 3rd floor of the building, caused injures in 4 employees and damaged equipment, accessories, roofs and windows.Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan said last night, in a special TV program that he used to work as technician in the Section of Assembly at Syria Drama and Nour Al-Sham channels, before being arrested for a series of crimes.An amnesty was decreed; he was released and was contacted by an opposition leader in the town of Jedeidet Artouz, where he lived, who asked him to blow the facilities in exchange for a million Syrian pounds (about $10,000 USD), a false passport and trip, residence and work abroad with his family.He explained that the instructions for the attack came from Saudi Arabia, and that the leader gave him two cans of refreshing drink full with an explosive transparent liquid to introduce them inside the facilities, with the warning of not opening them.Hassan referred he later received two packs of cigarettes that contained the detonators."I put them inside my private closet at work, I remained there until three in the morning, but many times I stayed until dawn, because at that time there was not transport to return home," he said.At two in the morning of August 6, I called the individual that contacted me and he gave me the instructions to connect the detonators to the two cans, he added.He placed the first bomb can in one of the assembly sets and the second behind a computer."At 08:00 am I abandoned the building and half hour after arriving at my house, my wife told me that an explosion had taken place, so I quickly called my colleagues to know about them and to congratulated them for not being hurt", the terrorist said.On Thursday, another special program broadcast the confessions of Basel Mohamad Al Ali, another extremist responsible for the explosion of Al-Ikhbariya channel on June 27, 2012.This terrorist murdered several reporters and employees of the Damascus-based television network and looted the facility before dynamiting the building and destroying it totally.

COLOMBIA WATCH- SCANDAL RIDDEN COLONIAL LANDLORD,(URIBE ALLY) FEARS COMMUNIST REDISTRIBUTION OF LANDS ... Colombia cattle ranchers fear ‘communist’ redistribution of lands after FARC deal

Colombia’s federation of cattle ranchers, representing the country’s large land owners, on Friday rejected a recently made agrarian deal with the FARC that according to the agricultural businessmen includes Venezuela-like expropriations of private property.Jose Felix Lafaurie, president of FEDEGAN, said the joint report from the negotiating table in Havana “generates more questions than answers,” and opens the door to legally acquired land being expropriated.His letter to chief government negotiator Humberto de la Calle Lombana also warns that FARC and other illegal armed groups are concentrating land ownership, saying that ranchers will not accept losses of land while illegal groups benefit.[[[[[[[Lafaurie is a loyal ally of former president Uribe and strong critic of Santos. Mired in corruption scandals several times, he has managed to continue his political career while also running significant business interests of his own]]]]]].While Lafaurie accepted that illegally taken land should be returned, his letter expressed concern that the ability to expropriate legally owned, but unused lands to give it to small farmers would “open a Pandora’s Box” in which legal land owners would become targets of a process in which the government agencies would have too much discretionary power.However, [[[[[[FEDEGAN cattle ranchers have been accused of being some of the chief propagators of paramilitary violence in Colombia, and Lafaurie himself has admitted to FEDEGAN paying AUC paramilitaries, the main perpetrators of massive land theft]]]]]].

The landowner representative reserved his full fury for the government’s negotiating position with the FARC, saying that the government has “acquiesced” to the FARC’s ideological position that “a communist utopia of equality is achieved by redistribution.” He also criticized the idea of creating more Farmers’ Reserve Zones, saying they could act as a cover for FARC guerrillas.The government has in recent years seized much land and many other assets belonging to the FARC and drug-trafficking groups. However the national paramilitary network AUC was also known to be involved in land theft from small farmers that, through corrupt government officials, then legally handed up in the hands of large landowners. It is unknown how much of this land has been seized or returned.
The joint report of the negotiators in Havana on the issue of land in Colombia was the first such report produced as part of the peace process and is intended to form the basis of the final peace deal.
[ed notes: FEDEGAN IS A MAFIA OF LAND OLYGARCHS! also see..the ex head of FEDEGAN admitted that business's aligned with FEDEGAN hired and employed deathsquads(same ones who usrped lands later aquired by tthese businessmen).. Businessmen came to AUC to "safeguard their interests," says former President FEDEGAN 
 He said that when he presided over the union of farmers never aware of such links between some of its members with the paramilitaries.About the recent pronouncement of winners and entrepreneurs Bajo Cauca Antioquia, Visbal said they  in the past had supported a group outside the law.However, he clarified that "it does not mean that all who are farmers are sponsors" of the paramilitaries.
 also see...  Former ministers’ bribery cases to be joined  During the Yidispolitica investigation, ex-Superintendent of Notary and Registration Jose Felix Lafaurie and ex-Vice Interior Minister Hernando Angarita were also named as participants in the scandal.

During 2011, the Pentagon increased its military spending in the country of 71% over the previous year. Despite the serious economic, institutional and social crisis that rammed to Honduras since the coup, to the repeated complaints of corruption, violation of human rights and collusion with organized crime aimed at the national police, and the failure of the police treatment process, United States still giving funds to continue its programs. 

Speaking to Opera Mundi, the Director of the Americas program of the ICC (Center for international politics), Laura Carlsen, said that United States "wants to have more control over security strategies internal of the Central American countries, especially now that several progressive or left-governments have been installed in Latin America. In this sense - continued - United States seeks to strengthen its military presence to confront what it sees as a threat to their traditional hegemony in the region ", she said.According to Félix Molina, it would be already seeing several signals showing the progressiveness of such intervention in Honduran stage. "Kicked off with the signing of an exchange of intelligence and experience between the regime of Porfirio Lobo and Colombia and then came the authorization to create new military bases of the United States in La Mosquitia and the Caribbean." Also, are witnessing the arrival of senior officials of the Department of State and the direct intervention in the process of evaluation of the public prosecutor, of cleansing of the police repression and creation of several laws", says the journalist.Among the disputed laws, Molina cited, among others, the anti-terrorism Act, the Act of intervention of communications private, national intelligence Act and the extradition act for Hondurans.Last March, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State of the United States, William Brownfield, anti-narcotics Office reported on the approval of a financing of 16.3 million of dollars to create a police task force to combat the most serious crimes.Keep Honduras in the front pages of newspapers and newscasts as the most violent country in the world and as a failed State would be, then, part of the U.S. strategy to justify a possible intervention in fact. "United States manages a double standard to ensure its objectives and strategic priorities. We are seeing increased its presence and its military bases in the region, as well as their social projects and cooperation, hiding their true interests,"said Borjas.A role, seemingly silent and subtle but very effective in practice, according to Molina seeks to strengthen institutionally the apparatus of security of Honduras, but that in fact "aims to strengthen the army, i.e. the device that monopolizes the Honduran State violence, and to ensure its hegemonic control".
Sudan Tribune and NED Supports “Terrorist” Awramba Times
Figure 1. NED grant for Awramba Times (Source: National Endowment for Democracy website).
NED grant for Awramba Times (Source: National Endowment for Democracy website).
 The Lie: Eritrea supports an Ethiopian terrorist organization with $500,000 (Sudan Tribune, Awramaba Times)The Truth: Is it a coincidence that Dr. Berhanu Nega, an influential Ethiopian opposition leader, is being called an Eritrea-funded “terrorist” on the same exact day that he was supposed to testify before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs in a session labeled “The Future of Democracy and Human Rights in Ethiopia”?These accusations against Dr. Berhanu originate from a June 20, 2013 article published by Awramba Times, which links to an allegedly leaked audio with the alleged voice of Dr. Berhanu claiming to have received $500,000 from Eritrea to support the work of the opposition movement Ginbot 7 and Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT). Furthermore, the article alleges that “the original source of this grant is the Egyptian government” citing “confidential informants” but providing no hard evidence of these claims.Despite the Awramba Times relative novelty and obscurity, Sudan Tribune picks up the story and publishes an article under the headline, “Eritrea provides Ethiopian ‘terrorist’ organization with $500,000.”The very first sentence of the article goes on to state that “the Eritrean government has offered $500,000 to Ginbot 7, an exiled Ethiopian opposition political organization designated by Ethiopia as terrorist entity.” The original Awramba Times article, however, never used the wordterrorist” but did label Dr. Berhanu as “Ethiopia’s Ramirez Sanchez,” the Venezuelan terrorist also known as Carlos the Jackal.Eritrea, once again, is branded as a supporter of terrorism even though all indications point to the fact that the Ethiopian ruling regime, which is dishing out the terrorist label, has been the primary proponent of terrorism in the region. Consider that Ethiopia committed the following: armed al-Shabab; bombed itself during an African Union summit and blamed it on Eritrean-supported terrorists; openly supported and hosted the terrorist organization known as the Eritrean Islamic Jihad which killed a British national in 2003; illegally invaded Somalia in 2006 at the behest of the USillegally occupied and continues to occupy sovereign Eritrean territory; allegedly murdered 5 European tourists in the Afar region, according to a military communiqué by the ARDUF (doesn’t recognize state of Eritrea); and committed an unprovoked attack on Eritrea in 2012 in clear violation of international law. Therefore, how can Sudan Tribune use the Ethiopian government’s terrorist label when the Ethiopian government itself takes part in terrorism? Perhaps, a closer look at the website may give us a better understanding of its role in the sphere of Ethiopian politics.In 2011, Awramba Times was awarded $36,000 grant by the US-based National Endowment for Democracy (NED). For many decades now, the NED has been a known source of destabilization of nations in the interests of the United States. As Allen Weinstein, a co-founder of NED admitted in a 1991 Washington Post article, “a lot of what we do now was done covertly by the CIA 25 years ago.”
[ed notes;just citing few paragraphs,click link for whole article..

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Must See---FSA firing mortars into populated areas in Damascus-Syria

US Sends Two Planeloads of Heavy Arms to Syrian Rebels from Afghanistan 
 The US army has sent two huge cargos of heavy weaponries and ammunition from Afghanistan to the rebel groups fighting the Syrian government via Jordan, informed sources revealed on Saturday.“The United States sent two huge cargos of its heavy weapons and ammunitions in Afghanistan to the Syrian rebels through Jordan on June 18, the day NATO ceded control of security affairs to the Afghan army and government,” A ranking member of the US marine troops deployed in Afghanistan told FNA on Saturday.“The cargos were sent to Jordan on two 90-ton capacity Russian cargo planes belonging to Poland,” added the source, who asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of his information.Earlier this year, the same source had informed FNA that the US had started sending the artilleries, armored vehicles and different weapons systems of its troops pulled out from Afghanistan to the rebel groups in Syria.The source told FNA that the Pentagon made the decision to send a major part of its light and semi-heavy weapons systems and military equipment to the Syrian rebels along with its pullout from Afghanistan when the former US Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, was still in office.“The decision to send our arms and weapons systems in Afghanistan to the rebel groups in Syria was originally made when the former US Secretary of Defense was in his final days of office, yet the Pentagon has also received the approval of the new Secretary, Chuck Hagel, as well,” said the source.“One of these cargos consists of the light and semi-heavy military tools, equipment and weapons that the US army has gathered and piled up in Kandahar Base and plans to send them to the rebels in Syria in the form of several air and sea cargos and through Turkey and specially Jordan,” he explained.These weapons and arms systems include anti-armor and missile systems, rocket-launchers and rockets and tens of armored Humvees,” the source added, explaining that senior war strategists in the Pentagon believe that they can change the scene of the war in Syria in the interest of the rebel groups with the help of these cargos, specially the shoulder-launched missile systems and the multipurpose Humvee vehicles.The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), commonly known as the Humvee, travels as fast as 150 kilometers per hour under different weather conditions and in various geographical climates, and various types of machineguns, rocket-launchers and weapons systems can be mounted on this vehicle.HMMWVs serve as cargo/troop carriers, automatic weapons platforms, ambulances (four litter patients or eight ambulatory patients), M220 TOW missile carriers, M119 howitzer prime movers, M1097 Avenger Pedestal Mounted Stinger platforms, MRQ-12 direct air support vehicles, S250 shelter carriers, and other roles. The HMMWV is capable of fording 2.5 ft (76 cm) normally, or 5 ft (1.5 m) with the deep-water fording kits installed.Optional equipment includes a winch (maximum load capacity 6,000 lb (2,700 kg)) and supplemental armor. The M1025/M1026 and M1043/M1044 armament carriers provide mounting and firing capabilities for the M134 Minigun, the Mk 19 grenade launcher, the M2 heavy machine gun, the M240G/B machine gun and M249 LMG. The M1114 “up-armored” HMMWV, introduced in 2004, also features a similar weapons mount. In addition, some M1114 and M1116 up-armored and M1117 Armored Security Vehicle models feature a Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS), which allows the gunner to operate from inside the vehicle, and/or the Boomerang anti-sniper detection system.
German Journalist: West-led Armed Opposition in Syria will Fail
“These groups like Al-Qaeda, but also other armed militias that have infiltrated Syria during the course of the past year now fight the proxy war of the big powers. For Ankara, Riyadh, Washington or Doha it is much more convenient and also cheaper to use (or abuse) those insurgents instead of having a conventional war against Damascus. You have always a supply of men and arms. You just have to pay and to give support by means of intelligence, logistics and training,” said Ochsenreiter in an interview with Fars News Agency.Manuel Ochsenreiter is the chief editor of the German monthly magazine ZUERST and contributes to other journals and magazines in Germany, as well. He spent a few weeks in Syria last year and dispatched special reports of the Battle of Damascus and other developments in the war-hit country. At least we should not forget to mention another important point: insurgents generally do not respect any law in war. They are criminals by definition. They kill, torture, and terrorize the population. Even the worst organized regular army has some instruments and mechanisms to persuade war criminals in their own rows. There are fixed standards on how to treat prisoners of war, how to save the lives and goods of the civilians and how to keep the war outside civilian areas. But none of these mechanisms exist in the groups like the al-Qaeda-linked militias. They are the “bulldozers” of war, and the countries that support those militia gangs keep their “innocence”.

International Law And Justice  By Francis Boyle & Parasaran Rangarajan An interview with International law professor Francis Boyle  PR: Do you feel that these there have been any breaches of international law or war crimes being committed in the latest conflict in Syria by fueling the conflict and arming terrorists in which thousands of innocent citizens are being killed?
FB: Yes, I discussed this in my new book just came out, Destroying Libya and World Order that you can get at Chapters 5-6 and the conclusion segway into Libya. Clearly what the United States, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and now Libya are now doing in Syria by arming, equipping, supplying, and directing these fundamentalist terrorist groups is illegal. It was condemned by the International Court of Justice in the Nicaragua case in 1986 so that precedent is there. All you have to do is go back and read the Nicaragua case and change the name from Nicaragua to Syria and indeed, I point this out in the relevant passages in my book. 
 Israeli leaders rebut criticism of under-reacting to threats from Syria by hinting at covert operations DEBKAfile, Jun 28 2013
 Air Force chief Maj-Gen Amir Eshel was both enigmatic and revealing when he said that most air force activity was “covert and unseen, bordering on fantasy.” Assuming that the prime minister and the generals were referring to actual activities, our military sources ask what they have achieved. Why was Bashar Assad allowed to array forces in southern Syria opposite the Golan, ready for a terrorist offensive against Israel? Our sources report that the Syrian deployment includes suicide commando troops for crossing into the Israeli Golan to conduct multiple casualty strikes against Israeli villages and military bases. Among them are Hizballah fighters, who have taken up position in southern Syria opposite the Israeli border, even while the hem of their leader’s robe is on fire. Thousands more Hizballah fighters are ranged at the southern Syrian town of Deraa, as well as in Damascus, at al Qusayr to control the Lebanese border, and outside Aleppo, ahead of the major Syrian army offensive to capture Syria’s second city and the rest of the North. In the face of these advances by the allied forces of Iran, Syria, Hizballah and Iraqi Shi’ite militias, Netanyahu & Ya’alon are still broadcasting the view that Assad is faring badly in the war and that Hizballah is taking heavy casualties and its combat performance is below par. The blind eye they turn to the real situation in Syria results in the IDF being held back from performing more than around 40% of what is required in the current circumstances, say our military sources. Most of the army’s activities are covert and can’t be revealed. However, we feel bound to refer to another factor contributing to Israel’s inhibited, laggard and often unwieldy performance in Syria: excessive coordination with the pace of US military operations in the Syrian context. Responsibility for this deliberately deficient performance must be laid squarely at Netanyahu’s door.[[[[According to our sources, USrael, Saudi and Jordan are forming up to move in on a section of southern Syria to compensate for their inability to prevent Aleppo falling to Assad’s army. The idea is to let the Syrian ruler seize control of the North, while USrael, Saudi and Jordan push the Syrian army and Hizballah out of the South, a kind of volatile partition which it is hard to imagine Tehran accepting lying down]]]]]]]. This concept has two more major flaws:USrael are too slow and hesitant to achieve their goal before Assad steps in to put a stop to their plan.For it to succeed, the Druze population of southeastern Syria must be won over and cooperate. Through the nearly two and-a-half years of the Syrian civil conflict, Druze leaders have chosen to sit on the fence, using their neutrality to stay safe. They will continue to hold back until they are sure which side is the winner.For now, there is no sign that “the enemy is scared to death.” Therefore, in the absence of effective preemptive operations, Israel and its armed forces had better stand ready for Syria and Hizballah to launch their second front from the Golan.

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Now, basing itself on an Army Radio report, JPost is reporting again that Dermer is going to be the ambassador. According to the report, Dermer will replace Oren in Washington in August. Oren's four-year term is set to come to an end. Army Radio reported that the appointment of Dermer to the post became possible after he was able to rehabilitate his relationship with the Obama administration in recent months following a falling out over his support for Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election. Dermer is from Florida and his family is close with that state's Republican governor and potential Presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

[ed note:ill personally translate one question and his answer...its long so i wont translate all due to length,so get out your translators if you want to read the rest...

Question: in the current situation what are the challenges for the working class and popular movements and leftwing organizations involved?
The challenges are many.First we must have conscience of the natural essence behind these dmeonstrations and all go into the street all together to politicize with all our hearts the young youth that dont have experience in this class struggle...Secondly,we must all march ,manifest ourselves at factories,workplaces,,construction sites,as stated by Geraldo Vandre.We must raise our demands to resolve these concret problems between classes,from apolitical and economic point of view.Thirdly,we need to explain to the public(masses),just who are the principal enemies of this nation.Its the banks.the multinational corporations,the neoliberal colonies of big agrisbusiness interests,and speculators!We need to assume this initiativeto install a debate within our society,to demand approval and reformation ina project to reduce the weekly working hours to 40 only.To demand,a priority of investment in the public sector in education,and agararian reform.To accomplish this,taxes must be cut and dislocate and relocate resources ,like for example the 200 billion dollars that go to a small minority of about 20 thousand super rich,renter,creditors of  an internal debt,wich we the public masses never incurred,.and use this kind of money towards productive investi\ment and social programs.This is what the class struggle puts forward for Dilma led govt:public resources to the burgeousy rentier class or to resolve the peoples problems?We need urgency at federal level,that prioritizes at next ellections ,at the very least institute ellection reforms to implement Public campaign financing exclusively(ed note:as opposed to corporate financing).We needa tributary reform,that goes back to charging ICMS( Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services for Interstate and Intermunicipal Transportation and Communication is a state tax, ie, only the governments of the states of Brazil and the Federal District have the power to institute it (pursuant to art. 155, II, of the Constitution of 1988 ) on Primary Exports,and penalizes(taxes) the wealth of the richest classes,and lower taxes of poor who are paying the heavyest burdens and rates.We need and demand that the govt suspend the bids on our oil resources and stop concessions and privatization of our mining resources and other public areas.Nothing is of benefit to us citizens the royaltees of our oil wealth without education,if the royaltees on these represented only 8% of the oil concession while 92% are pocketted by foreign multimnational-transnational corporations that will end up with it after these bids.We need qualitative urbanstructural reform,with values and emphasis on zero tarifs and increases regarding public transportation.Its already been proven that it can be achieved at minimal costs and its not even hard to achieve public transportation free of charge to the masses to our capitals(major cities).We also need to control real estate speculation.Finally we need to have and convoke a national conference and aprove a project for the conference on National Media Communications,broadly representative,and demand democratization of these,in order to stop the Globo(biggest media network in Brasil,gusano central) media monopoly in country,so our youth and our popular organizations have ample accesss with wich to communicate ,create its own means of new communications,with public funding!I heard variouis discourses during the youth demonstrations,and one thing that definatly unified us with one single flag,was our shared vision by all:down with Globo's monopoly!To acomplish all these tasks it must resonate within society and we must pressure all politicians and govt ,it is essential the working class now mobilizes...
 [ed notes:the whole interview is great,i just cited a short brief summary myself because i feel what he states above encapsulates the overall message wich needs to be broadcast to world,and internally in Brasil thats what MST and all popular social movements are struggling for..though there are more issues that need to be dealt with as well...on that note,viva o MST!!! .more on MST .. BRASILS LANDLESS MOVEMENT(MOVIMENTO SEM TERRA) LATEST CHILDS BOOK HIGHLIGTHS STORIES OF TWO LITTLE PALESTINIAN CHILDREN UNDER ZIONIST OCCUPATION!
The Muslim Brotherhood asked Egypt's former intelligence chief Omar Suleiman to nominate himself for presidency in 2011, Hussein Kamal, former head of Sulieman's office, said on June 25, 2013... Kamal said in a press conference in Cairo that a representative of the Brotherhood – from which current President Mohamed Morsi hails – visited Suleiman in Alexandria in the summer of 2011 and asked him to nominate himself for presidential elections.According to Kamal, the representative told Suleiman, who passed away in July 2012, that this would be on the condition that his vice-president and executive office be made up of Brotherhood members."They wanted him to be a puppet president who would implement the orders of the [Brotherhood's] guidance office," Kamal said."They gave [Suleiman] three months to think about it, but he refused," he added. In a conference held to "reveal information about the Brotherhood's rule," Kamal, who currently does not hold any official position, said that he does not represent the Egyptian General Intelligence Service and is speaking for himself as an "Egyptian citizen."Kamal, who was also Suleiman's office head when the former intelligence chief was appointed the country's vice-president during the 18-day January 2011 uprising, talked about Morsi's November 2012 constitutional decree, saying that it was sent to the presidency "in an envelope from the [Brotherhood's] guidance office."Kamal described the performance of the Brotherhood and its political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), who have a parliamentary majority, as a "failure."In addition, Kamal attacked Qatar calling it a "statelet."
Kamal said that former president Mubarak helped the father of former Qatar emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani when the sheikh overthrew his father in 1995.Kamal claimed that by helping Egypt financially, Qatar wants to abuse its economy as "it is the Egyptian people who will repay these loans." 
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VIDEO- Bilal Bin Rabah A Mosque for Worship Or Store for Weapons?!
Local Editor
Once the Lebanese Army stormed the centers and homes of Ahmad al-Assir, particularly Bilal bin Rabah Mosque, questions were raised on the quantities and qualities of arms hidden in Al-Assir's places.
According to al-Ahed correspondent, large quantities of arms were confiscated from the mosque's storage rooms.Among these weapons were 120mm mortars, explosive materials, and a large number of automatic weapons.Meanwhile, the Lebanese army allowed the media to enter Tuesday evening to the weapons' store located down the Bilal bin Rabah Mosque.


FSA General Gives Int’l Community One Month to Provide Anti-Tank, Anti-Aircraft Weapons...  Listen to how he threatens to spill the beans about chemical weapons at the end of this video if he doesn’t get his way.  
Syria and the Monarchs: A Perfect Storm
“If you are the opposition and you hear” that the White House has drawn a red line on the use of nerve agents, then “you have an interest in giving the impression that some chemical weapons have been used," says Rolf Ekeus, a Swedish scientist who headed up the UN weapons inspections in Iraq.  Carla Del Ponte, of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria, says it was the insurgents who used poison gas, not the Syrian government.Reliance on the GCC also means that Washington is essentially part of the Sunni jihad against Shiites in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. However, while the Shiite-Sunni conflict is important and long-standing, the fact that Iran, Syria, and Iraq have very different foreign policies from the GCC has more to do with the Council’s hostility to Tehran than religious differences.[[[[[[[[[It was Jordan’s King Abdullah who first warned that a “Shiite Crescent”—Hezbollah, Syria, Iraq, and Iran—was a threat to the Middle East, a “warning” that conveniently fit into the Washington's drive to build an alliance against Iran]]]]]]
[ed notes: we know where  puppet king of jordan got his cues from..FLASHBACK-LADY ALBRIGTH ''WHORE OF BABYLON'' AND REGIME CHANGE IN SYRIA 1996
 Syria challenges Israel on Lebanese soil. An effective approach, and one with which American can sympathize, would be if Israel seized the strategic initiative along its northern borders by engaging Hizballah, Syria, and Iran … including by: … establishing the precedent that Syrian territory is not immune to attacks emanating from Lebanon by Israeli proxy forces.Israel can shape its strategic environment, in cooperation with Turkey and Jordan, by weakening, containing, and even rolling back Syria. [[[[[[This effort can focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq — an important Israeli strategic objective in its own right — as a means of foiling Syria’s regional ambitions]]]].[[[[Were the Hashemites to control Iraq, ]]]]]they could use their influence over Najf to help Israel wean the south Lebanese Shia away from Hizballah, Iran, and Syria.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

VIDEO-Syria - American Dollars found with captured FSA / Al Qaeda Terrorists
German member of Parliament, Heike Haensel, described as an "attack against human rights and Latin American regional integration" the cooperation agreement and exchange of information between the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and Colombia."It is scandalous that the past repressive policy of the Colombian state is now rewarded with this security agreement," said the spokesperson for the development policy of the Left-Wing Party (Die Linke) in Parliament.The agreement, signed in Brussels by the Colombian government and NATO, includes a broad exchange and access to experiences in the struggle against groups described as terrorists."Just this week, four farmers were shot dead by members of the Colombian Army in the border with Venezuela during protests for the right to land and food sovereignty," she said.The cooperation agreement has prompted strong criticism from other Latin American countries like Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela, besides trade unions and social movements in Colombia."Military forces in Colombia continue being responsible for extrajudicial executions, torture, war against the civilian population and disappearances," said Haensel.He urged Chancellor Angela Merkel to support, through the European Union, regional integration in the Latin American continent and the end of human rights violations in Colombia, instead of working for expanding the Western military alliance.
LEBANON WATCH- Army Slams 'Fabricated' Videos of Gunmen, Vows to Resort to Judiciary
The Army command criticized on Thursday “fabricated” videos of gunmen allegedly fighting alongside troops in the southern city Sidon, vowing to take judicial action.“At a time that the Lebanese army was fighting a fierce battle against an armed group that was spreading sedition and meddling with the country's security... A cheap political and media campaign was targeting it,” a communique issued by the army said.It noted that “fabricated” videos, audio tapes and pictures were released concerning the army in the town of Abra and gunmen fighting alongside the troops.“The army command reminds that the intelligence bureau's members wear civilian cloths... Any moral or security violations by any soldier or army unit will be investigated and the appropriate measures will be taken,” the statement said.The army command expressed regret that some local media outlets reached a level of deception that any technical expert could easily detect.It described the matter as a “media scandal,” warning that it will not remain mum over it.“We have the right to refer the matter to the competent judicial authority,” the statement said.
 [ed note:Even the Lebanese Army is starting to call out the lying terrorists at Future TV and their MTV jihadist sidekicks.

Cyanide Dreams ... Ecotourism and mega-mining don’t mix in Honduras
WWF and Goldcorp have also collaborated on projects, including exchanges such as a $50,000 donation by Goldcorp to WWF for research into North American economic dependence on water resources and the provision of a company expert for a WWF study examining gold mining and its water footprint. CIDA has also funded WWF. An ongoing $15 million CIDA project in Mozambique, for example, included a $74,000 contribution to WWF for civil society participation in a CSR debate. The same CIDA project provided technical assistance to the Mozambican Ministry of Mineral Resources (MIREM) for policy development regarding the mining and oil and gas industries.Back in Honduras, Siria Valley residents say that before the mine opened, company representatives held parties, gave out gifts and offered notebooks and piñatas to the children. The controversial consultation process was followed by the opening of the mine, which went ahead despite widespread dissent.Pedro Landa, the human rights and environment program coordinator with the Honduran Centre for the Promotion of Community Development (CEHPRODEC), called the marriage between mining and development agencies a strategy of war.“First you do a project about water, talk about sustainability and development, promise to help the children,” Landa told The Dominion in an interview in Tegucigalpa in February 2013. “Then, they will say that Goldcorp is a good neighbour and try to tell people that the mine will be good for their community.” The work of NGOs in collaboration with mining companies can have a coercive effect on prospective or established mining communities since certain projects appear to, and may actually be connected to the presence of the mine, according to Jamie Kneen, communications and outreach coordinator at MiningWatch Canada. NGOs end up covering costs that would otherwise have to be covered by the company and in many cases, at least part of their funding comes from Canadian public funding, through CIDA. This marks a shift from the way things were done in the past, said Kneen.“Individual NGOs have been involved with mining companies for decades, but not with CIDA funding these activities,” he told The Dominion. “Until last year, CIDA was not allowed to fund private companies, only civil society organizations,” noting that a previous specific CIDA program for commercial support, CIDA Industrial Cooperation Program (CIDA-INC), ran from 1978 to 2005 and failed.CIDA now openly emphasizes the private sector and particularly mining; the agency has started providing direct funding for specific projects that directly involve mining companies. “While mining companies may also contribute funds, the projects are mostly funded by CIDA through public funds,” said Kneen.
[ed notes:im just citing few paragraphs click link for whole expose,its a good read..then also see.. Background of the WWF and the 1001