Wednesday, November 14, 2012

BRASILS LANDLESS MOVEMENT(MOVIMENTO SEM TERRA) LATEST CHILDS BOOK HIGHLIGTHS STORIES OF TWO LITTLE PALESTINIAN CHILDREN UNDER ZIONIST OCCUPATION!   Child Magazine's Landless Movement tells the story of two Palestinian children shows and reality experienced by them in the Arab country.Region's campaign theme of solidarity organization.  The Movement of Landless Rural Workers (MST) of Palestine made a theme of the latest issue of children's organization. The story of a Palestinian boy and a girl, Layla and Samir, is part of the Journal Landless children in 2012 and has a bit of routine in the Arab country. According to Maria Cristina Vargas, a member of the Education sector MST, Palestine is the focus of this year's campaign solidarity movement, which has sought to work with the international vision to its members."I am here in Brazil, I'm working here, but I am sister of the world's workers, who also live difficulties, we are coming because we are workers, there is something that brings us together," said Vargas, exemplifying how the campaign is done. According to her, this is not a campaign to be released, but to educate members about what is happening in another country. "Palestine is a big challenge for us. Like the MST is shown in the media with a masked reality, so is Palestine," he says. 
The Journal Landless children account a day of Layla and Samir, who are sibblings. The story goes that on a Friday they wake up early to take a walk along the other children in their school and their relatives, among the olive trees which is extracted from the olive oil and then done. The story also says that the two characters' home was surrounded by extensive olive groves until Israeli troops arrived, bombed, vandalized everything, then put fences and then walls. The landscape there has changed. But somewhere up high, tells the story, Layla and Samir, could see that the place where they were olive trees, Israel has built homes for the rich and middle class who supported his government. Layla told at school that his grandfather was very sad to see destroyed the olive trees he helped plant with his hands in times past. That Friday, however, the two children were excited because it would plant, with other residents, 64 olive trees, representing the years of Israeli occupation.
The story still has the euphoria of planting olive trees and how the action was suppressed by Israelis. The magazine also features information about the history of Palestine, their problems with Israel and the historical importance of the region, including Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The publication also reports briefly visit the MST did to Palestine last year. They helped harvest olives. The magazine uses drawings made by children about the history of Palestine and pictures of the country. The story was written by Marcelo Buzetto, the sector of international relations MST. According to Vargas, the magazine's annual demand and bring the themes that had the involvement of MST during that year. The idea is that with this go rescuing and telling the story of the movement itself and that children are incorporated into this process, receiving information from the logical child.The Journal Landless children is distributed to children living in camps and settlements and also has digital version.
[ed notes;mst is a gigantic movement in brasil wich for years has occupied un-utilized or wasteful land to benefit the communities..they have been attacksed ,killed ,and opressed by govt,police,and large landownerswho employ brutal methods to remove them...its a very noble cause,wich has yet to be given appropriate govt support..they are villified by the zionist brasilian media,and they support Palestine..

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