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Desmond Tutu backs arms embargo on Israel

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has backed calls for an arms embargo against Israel made by a coalition of Palestinian groups on July 9. A comprehensive military embargo on Israel is long overdue, reads the statement by the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC), a broad coalition of Palestinian political parties, trade unions, activist groups and NGOs. It continues, It would constitute an effective, non-violent measure to pressure Israel to comply with its obligations under international law.

I endorse this call for an arms embargo because we desire peace and justice for Palestinians and Israelis through non-violent ways, said Tutu. The 79-year old former Archbishop gained prominence for his role in fighting apartheid in South Africa. The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign was first launched on July 9, 2005 with the signatory of 170 Palestinian organizations. However this latest call has focused on an arms embargo on Israel and not a general trade boycott.

Israel is a significant player in the global arms trade. In 2008 its total arms imports were $524 million while its total arms exports were $410 million, according to statistics website F-16 combat aircrafts, Apache helicopters and Merkava tanks are among equipment imported and controversially deployed in the Occupied Territories and the recent wars in Gaza and Lebanon.

Many components for these are supplied by UK companies like BAE Systems, Smiths Group and MeggitAvionics according to Campaign against Arms Trade (CAAT). Israel’s own arms industry consists of 200 public and private companies like Elbit Systems and Rafael Advanced Defence Systems. They sell battle-tested weapons technology to many countries including the UK and regularly exhibit at trade fairs.

Sleeper Cell In Europe Rock Norways Throne

The aim of the sudden awakening of these sleeper terrorist cells funded by the zionist movement and masonry is to protect Israel and the worldwide aims of the zionist empire and the elements loyal to it to take the attention of worldwide public opinion away from the exposition of Murdoch’s media empire as a criminal enterprise, and very important, sending a threatening and intimidating message directly to a number of European countries with threat to the stability of these governments and the creation of new facts aimed in its entirety at dropping the issue of Murdoch

and the issue of a Palestinian state declaration, and instead inciting the public opinion against Muslims and diverting it into internal issues which worry a number of European states and societies to some extent, such as the immigration and integration issues which are given strong priority by the rightist European parties, who see the issue as a threat to their rights and the European identity and culture.

Feds ‘Islam 101? Guide Depicted Muslims as 7th-Century Simpletons

Wired reports on the shockingly repugnant and racist disinformation federal agents are subjected to about the Muslim culture to brainwash them into supporting fascist totalitarian government.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Norway attacks are “from the same Gladio-type stable” – former European MP

My name is Richard Cottrell, journalist, author and former European MP. My new book Gladio: NATO’s Dagger At The Heart Of Europe: The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis is coming ...

CIA and FBI Tried to Get U.S. Lawyer to Betray Arab Clients

Federal agents from the FBI and CIA/FBI Joint Terrorist Task Force tried to get a distinguished international lawyer to inform on his Arab and Muslim clients in violation of their Constitutional rights to attorney-client privilege, this reporter has learned. When the lawyer refused, he said the FBI placed him on a "terrorist watch list."Law professor Francis Boyle gave a chilling account of how, in the summer of 2004, two agents showed up at his office (at the University of Illinois, Champaign,)

“unannounced, misrepresented who they were and what they were about to my secretary, gained access to my office, interrogated me for about one hour, and repeatedly tried to get me to become their informant on my Arab and Muslim clients.""This would have violated their (clients) Constitutional rights and my ethical obligations as an Attorney," Boyle explained. "I refused. So they put me on all of the United States government's 'terrorist watch' lists."

The Sham Solidarity of Israel’s Zionist Left’s_zionist_left

Many argue...that struggling shoulder-to-shoulder with Zionist leftists widens the support base for Palestine...This would be true if Zionists viewed Palestinians as equal partners but they do not. The whole idea of two states for two peoples as the only solution to the Palestinian-Israeli predicated upon isolationism, exceptionalism and Zionists’ sense of moral righteousness and superiority to Palestinians which grants them the legitimacy to determine the problem, the solution and the means by which this solution shall be achieved.

Daniel Ortega a Favorite in Nicaragua's Coming Race for Presidency

Nicaragua's liberal elite is predictably concerned that Ortega will manage to retain presidency in the coming elections. At least until recently, a prominent role in the ranks of Ortega's opponents was played by US ambassador R. Callahan whose career trajectory seems to indicate that he belongs to the world of intelligence services much more than to that of diplomacy. In the epoch of the conflict between Nicaragua's Sandinistas and Contras, Callahan served in Honduras in the team of John Negroponte, then US ambassador and a key coordinator of the immoral anti-FSLN campaign.

Callahan continued working as Negroponte's PR henchman when the US was fighting a war against Iraq, and later surfaced as a high-ranking figure at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in Washington.Callahan made huge efforts to prevent Sandinistas from legitimizing Ortega's (and, in a hypothetic future, somebody else's) re-election bid. To this end, the US embassy orchestrated a campaign in partnership with the parliamentary opposition, pro-US media,

schismatic groups in the Nicaraguan administration, NGOs, and dissenting student groups. When the Nicaraguan supreme court issued the verdict that the constitution article banning the incumbent president's entry into competition for a new term was inapplicable, Callahan slammed the court in an emotional outpouring he obviously failed to withhold. The court ruling in favor of Sandinistas dealt a blow to the anti-Ortega plans devised by the US Department of State and the CIA.

HONDURAS-Happening Right Now: More NED-funded Coup Whitewashing

CEDOH continues with its NED-financed workshops. This one started an hour ago at the posh Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Tegucigalpa

HONDURAS-Charter Cities- Scared Yet?

AfGJ Files Complaint Over US Honduras Embassy Endangerment of US Citizens

The following complaint was submitted through the office of Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) by AfGJ National Co-Coordinator Chuck Kaufman after he returned from leading a delegation to Honduras that had a dangerous stand-off with Honduran Police. I recently returned to my home in Tucson after leading a delegation to Honduras June 27-July 5, 2011. On the morning of July 1, 2011, 15-members or our delegation of US citizens were in an hours long stand-off with heavily armed Honduran police who were attempting to conduct an eviction of a peasant community without a judge present or any eviction order, as required by Honduran law.

During our 3-1/2 hour stand-off, snipers in the tree line had high caliber rifles aimed at us and some of the police we were negotiating with had drawn pistols or were making threatening motions with what we believe were Galil rifles. During the entire time we were trying to call the US embassy in Tegucigalpa. We were unable to get a live human being on any of the emergency or any other phones at the embassy. We were unable even to leave a message as all the voicemail boxes at the numbers we could reach were full.

Three Neoliberal Tales in Honduras: The Inter-oceanic Train, Metro-buses and Charter Cities

The manner in which people commute is another indicator of the structural violence lived every day by the working class in Honduras and throughout Latin America.

Uribe's former chief of staff sent to jail in illegal wiretapping case

Former President Alvaro Uribe's then chief of staff is sent to jail after victims of illegal wiretapping by state intelligence agency DAS successfully appealed the Supreme Court's decision to allow him to await trial at liberty.


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez-South America shall get ready to face capitalist economic crisis

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez expressed last Friday night that South America shall continue getting ready to face the economic crisis headed by the North American capitalism.“The North American State is broken. It is not able to pay back that huge debt,” said President Chavez during a meeting with his Cabinet at the Miraflores Presidential Palace, in Caracas.From the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), the South American people are getting ready to counter the consequences of an economic crisis which

“makes the world tremble,” said Chavez and he added that most of the proposals raised to face it “have come from Miraflores.”“Banco del Sur, Reserves Fund, Development Fund, Gas pipeline of the South, Petrosur. It is the real unity. Only that will make true the South American independence and then the South American development,” Chavez said.

The Wahhabi occupation of Mecca has to end

Most Muslims feel sad when they hear about the ongoing Zionist tunnel digging under the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, the third most holy site in Islam...We fear the day when the mosque, God forbid, will crumble. Yet, while we are saddened by such worrying news we should not forget that Mecca and Medina, the first and second holiest sites in Islam, have already been almost completely destroyed during more than eighty years of Wahhabi occupation. If Al-Aqsa had been controlled by Wahhabis instead of Zionists there would probably be nothing left of it by now.

It is really tragic that Mecca, the birthplace of the Prophet and the direction of prayer for all the worlds Muslims, is in the hands of a small, fanatic and obscurantist cult. The Wahhabi band of zealots invaded the holy city in 1924 after which they forced the inhabitants to submit to the Wahhabi creed. Those Muslims who refused to convert to Wahhabism were put to the sword. Many Sunni scholars were killed and Sunni books burned.

The Wahhabis were lead by the warrior chief Abdelaziz Ibn Saud who used the weird Wahhabi doctrine to justify the killing of Muslims and the stealing of their goods. Since they captured Mecca and Medina they have treated these sacred cities like their private property with no concern whatsoever for Muslim sensitivities. They have plundered and vandalized artifacts and sites of both religious and historical importance without consulting any scholars outside of their cult. Neither Sunnis nor Shiites have had any say.

Freedom Rider: White Terror in Norway

“Apparently there is a tacit understanding that white people are never to be referred to as terrorists, even when they detonate bombs and shoot nearly one hundred people to death in a well planned and deliberate act.” What other conclusion can be drawn from the disappearance of the term “terrorist” from corporate media coverage of the carnage in Norway, once the perpetrator(s) was found to be white? “Terror” must be Islamic, or it is not terror. “A group which may not even exist, Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami, was erroneously credited with having claimed responsibility for the killings.”

US, Israeli mercenaries’ blow up Iran-Turkey gas line

A bombing of a pipeline carrying gas from Iran to Turkey early Friday was carried out by “mercenaries” in the pay of Israel and the United States, and forced a cut in supply, Iranian officials said.”The export of gas to Turkey has been temporarily halted after an explosion struck the pipeline” in northwestern Iran, spokesman for the National Iranian Gas Co (NIGC) Majid Boujarzadeh told the oil ministry’s news agency SHANA.

According to Iranian media, the explosion occurred near the Bazargan border crossing, close to the city of Maku in Iran’s West Azarbaijan province,”The bombing which left no casualties … occurred at the hands of Zionist and American mercenaries,” Maku Governor Hamid Ahmadian told the ISNA news agency.

[ALSO SEE...Mossadnik Captured in Egypt Involved in Pipeline Blast - Video

Hariri, Like Israel, Targets Resistance

Former lawmaker in the Lebanese Parliament Hasan Yaaqoub said that Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah set up high national balances in defense of Lebanon and its natural wealth. He said that there was no way to preserve the oil wealth without the resistance and the Resistance-Army-People golden formula.

In an exclusive interview with Al-Manar Website, Yaaqoub said that the policy of tarnishing the Resistance’s image reflects the work of dark rooms serving the Zionist movement in the world. He pointed to documented confessions in the US Congress of spending 500 millions of dollars to achieve this goal.

While asserting that the majority of the nation was convinced that the international tribunal charged with trying the ‘suspects’ in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri’s case was politicized, Yaaqoub found strange the rhetoric of the latter’s son, former PM Saad Hariri. He denounced how Hariri and who surrounds him target the resistance, just like the Israeli enemy does.

Iran, Syria and Iraq Finalized Construction of a Major Gas Pipeline

The overall cost of the project is estimated to be around $10 billion and should take three to five years to complete, once funding is secured: Iran’s Deputy Oil Minister Javad Ouji.

War and Religion: Air Force Cites New Testament, Ex-Nazi, to Train Officers on Ethics of Launching Nuclear Weapons

'Werner Von Braun, a former member of the Nazi Party who used Jews imprisoned in concentration camps, captured French anti-Nazi partisans and civilians, and others to help build the V-2 rocket for Hitler's Third Reich, is cited in an Air Force PowerPoint presentation about the morals and ethics of launching nuclear weapons. The United States Air Force has been training young missile officers about the morals and ethics of launching nuclear weapons by citing passages from the New Testament and commentary from a former member of the Nazi Party, according to newly released documents.

The mandatory Nuclear Ethics and Nuclear Warfare session, which includes a discussion on St. Augustine's "Christian Just War Theory [3]," is led by Air Force chaplains and takes place during a missile officer's first week in training at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.'

Former French Foreign Minister: Israel Controls French Intelligence

'Former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas referred in a book he published entitled "Coups et blessures" (Assaults and Injuries), that "The "Israelis" are doing whatever they want in France, and are controlling the French Intelligence with what serves them".'


De-Zionification Now

'"It (immigration) was a politically motivated attempt by ministers to transform the fundamental make-up and identity of this country (Britain). It was done to destroy the right of the British people to live in a society defined by a common history, religion, law, language and traditions."Melanie Philips, a rabid Zionist and the author of “Londonistan: How Britain is Creating a Terror State Within” is not happy to be singled out by Andres Breivik in his 1500 pages manuscript.

Are they suggesting that “my writing provoked the mass murder of some 93 Norwegians?” she wonders righteously on her blog. I guess that Phillips knows the answer, as much as she knows how to play with words.

But I will use this opportunity to reiterate it for her, and for the rest of us -- there certainly is a clear and strong resemblance between Breivik’s views and Philips’ writing. The most obvious and immediate comparison is that both oppose Islamic immigration and multiculturalism of course, but it goes much further in that both identify the enemy within the ‘left political circuit’.'


Globalist Imperial Network As explained by a globalist

The mechanics of world empire, in particular the current corporate-financier oligarchy has been examined in great detail. The US State Department, supporting NGOs funded directly by both US taxpayers' money as well as funds from the Fortune 500 corporations they serve, alone constitute a global spanning, incessantly meddling homogeneous network working to undermine both personal and national sovereignty while replacing national governments around the world.

Arab Spring: New Foreign Policy/Neo-Imperialism in Action ,Slaughter's legitimacy stumbles not only because she is a degenerate warmongering corporate fascist who has spent a lifetime in the service of a global corporate-financier oligarchy, it stumbles also because of her poor choice of examples used to sell her concept of "global governance." She believes that "Build Local, Go Global and Change the World" represents the new 21st century activist mantra -

however when foreign money representing nefarious corporate agendas are doing the building locally, using their vast media empire to spread it globally and "change the world" it would be difficult to label it as an "activist mantra." It more clearly resembles an imperialist mantra of using duped activists.

Iran’s pace of progress a clear defeat to US hostilities: Indian Scholar

Iran’s pace of progress in every filed is a clear defeat to the US hostilities, said an Indian Scholar Saturday in New Delhi.In an exclusive interview with IRNA, Professor Basir Ahmed Khan, former Pro Vice Chancellor of Indira Gandhi Open University (IGNOU) said: “Despite the illegal sanctions imposed by US and its allies, Iran has not only made itself self-reliant but has transformed as an icon”. Urging the US to gracefully recognize its defeat, the Indian academician said that Iran is not only touching the highest peaks in science, technology and strategic fileds but has got an influential place in the global governance.

And it is always ready to transfer its expertise to other friendly countries of the region, he added. “Iran, as the most developed and self-reliant country in the Middle East, is like a bridge in the heart of the region and has undeniable effects on the entire Middle East region and West Asia,” noted Basir. So, the world powers instead of isolating Iran, should use its influence and expertise in the development and establishing peace in the region in particular and around the globe in general, he suggested.

The Indian scholar, who is also the President of Union Muslim League, while referring to world's objection to Iran's development of nuclear energy, denounced the objection and said that Iran has full right to develop nuclear energy for its peaceful purposes. Condemning the US hostilities to Iran’s development, he advised Iran not to compromise with the US and its allies under any pressure. “Doomsday of the US is very near,” said Basir Khan referring to the US’s crippling economic scenario and burden of debt.


US Congressman Blasts Anti-Iran Terrorist Group's Influence on US Officials

US Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) strongly lambasted FBI for repressing anti-war and international solidarity activists, while ignoring US officials' overt and covert support for the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO). "One of the biggest problems with vague criminal statutes is the opportunity they provide for differential enforcement. The Washington Post and other news sources have reported that former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, former Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge, former White House security adviser Frances Townsend,

and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani have publicly expressed their support for the Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK), an organization that has been on the foreign terrorist list of the State Department since 1997.

"I fully support their constitutional rights to express their opinions on this issue and any others. But, I don't understand why their support of a foreign terrorist organization goes unchallenged by law enforcement, while anti-war activists are targeted with FBI searches and grand jury subpoenas. Is there any distinction that justifies the different treatment of these two groups other than the fact that one of them is composed of prominent people who support the wars conducted by two successive administrations and the other is composed of ordinary people who do not?"

Iran's Major General Hassan Firouzabadi says the Zionist regime responsible for directing and sponsoring the last-week terrorist attacks in Oslo, Norway

"The West should know that Zionists are behind the so-called religious extremisms and terrorist and racist actions," Firouzabadi said on Saturday, adding that the Zionist regime misuses the world people to materialize its wrong and racist beliefs.He referred to the terrorist attacks in Norway, and said that any probe into the incentives and goals of these terrorist attacks without investigating their links with the Zionists will be fruitless.

"Since Zionists realized their failure and weakness, they have tried to expand and spread Christian Zionism which is a big danger for the Christian world, and the West as well as the Church should take it seriously," he added.

Iran produces over 9mln tons of petrochemical products in 3 months

Iran has produced 9.3 million tons of different types of petrochemical products in the first three months of the current Iranian year (started on March 21), the National Iranian Petrochemical Company (NIPC) announced on Saturday.According to the NIPC Public Relations Office, the production has been made in 26 petrochemical complexes throughout the country.

The report announced that 4,387,000 tons of the petrochemical products have been produced in Assalouyeh in Iran's Southern province of Bushehr, 3,835,000 tons in Mahshahr petrochemical complex, and over 1,080,000 tons in other petrochemical complexes in different parts of the country. Iran, the world's fifth largest oil producer, exported around 14mln tons of petrochemical products worth more than $12bln in 2010.

Iran Ate My Homework. Again

Then-ambassador to Iraq and charter New American Centurion Zalmay Khalilzad promised to pony up proof of the allegations outlined by Gordon. The military trotted out some of its very best PowerPoint palaver for a select audience of embedded media trustees, in which some sad sack major looking to become a sad sack light colonel said the shaped roadside bomb charges being discussed could only have come from Iran.

After the brief the major allowed as how, well, yeah, um, actually, the stuff in the bombs could have been bought at any Radio Shack. (But Iran people still suck, okay?) My colleague Gareth Porter correctly noted in Sept. 2007 that the Bush/Cheney administration “has not come forward with a single piece of concrete evidence to support the claim that the Iranian government has been involved in the training, arming or advising of Iraqi Shiite militias.”

To this day, the only existing evidence of an outside party supplying weapons to Shiite militias points directly at “King David” Petraeus who, as commander in charge of training Iraqi security forces in 2004 and 2005, handed out 190,000 (that’s right, one hundred and ninety thousand) AK-47s that vanished like cookies at an AA meeting.

Murdering Iranian Scientists

U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies have basked in their apparent success using a computer virus to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program. But a darker side of this disruptive operation may be the assassinations of the scientists themselves, reports Lawrence Davidson

U.S. missile shield may be precursor for Iran attack - Rogozin

"The missile defense system is not purely a defensive system," envoy Dmitry Rogozin said. "There are serious and authoritative experts in Russia and in other countries who fear that the creation of a European missile defense system, officially assigned the task of blocking a threat from Iran, may in fact be a pretext for preparing an attack on Iran."

Oslo Terror Attacks: Zionism Rears Its Ugly Head Again

In a section headed ‘Controversial principles’, Breivik writes,”Let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists.” Nevermind that the ‘multiculturalism’ they so deride, as extensively documented by Kevin MacDonald, is a product of Jewish intervention in Western society! Hmmm, maybe that is an important clue here…

Breivik wants hundreds of thousands of ‘traitors’ and ‘enablers’ (pretty much the whole intelligentsia of Europe in fact) to be executed for allowing Muslims to enter Europe, wants South Africa to be partitioned to make way for a new Boer/Afrikaner statelet, wants all Muslims deported from the West Bank and Gaza Strip, wants all Muslims deported from Europe… in fact, he wants Muslims everywhere to be deported back ‘whence they came’.

Report: Israel plans to build separation wall in Golan

Report: Israel plans to build separation wall in Golan. Posted on July 30, 2011 by altahrir. GOLAN, Syria (Ma'an) — Israeli authorities plan to build a wall in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights ,Syrian news agency SANA reported Friday.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Anti-Muslims and Politicians Find Common Cause with Iranian Terrorist Organization

The surreal world of anti-Muslim Islamophobia knows no bounds. Islamophobes and the political class that panders to them have been caught with their pants down–figuratively for once. Since 9/11, these traffickers in hate have profited from the development of an industry of “terror expert professionals,” consisting of so-called: “ex-terrorists,” “ex-Muslims,” “scholars,” “think tank gurus,” pontificating on the incompatibility of Islam and Democracy, the danger of a growing Muslim populace in the West, the need to be suspicious of Muslims, Muslims’ susceptibility to terrorism, etc.

Paul Sheldon Foote: Terrorist groups exist because someone wants them to (US, UK, Israel use Mojahedin Khalq, PJAK terrorists)They have existed throughout those regions for a number of reasons: one is strong American support.

CPCCA, Campuses and Criminalizing Criticism of Israel

This month, a serious attack was made against free speech in Canada. A pseudo-parliamentary committee calling itself the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism (CPCCA) issued a report calling on the federal government to adopt a definition of anti-Semitism that would criminalize criticism of the state of Israel...[I]ts recommendations aim to silence pro-Palestinian voices, especially on campuses. The CPCCA's biased processes and dubious conclusions...make a mockery of the notion of disinterested parliamentary inquiry.

Chilean Liberals' Police State

Chilean millionaire-president Sebastián Piñera proudly sticks to the mantra that his government gave Chileans unprecedented sense of security. His “grand strategic alliance” supposed to boost the efficiency of Chile's whole law-enforcement embraces the Carabineros, investigative police, ministry of the interior, and the judicial system plus representatives of the Chilean civil society whose honorary role is to voice public support for the president's initiatives. Predictably, Piñera avoids mentioning the deep involvement with the alliance of Chile's military counter-intelligence as the brand seems irreversibly compromised since the bloody coup which led to the displacement of Salvador Allende.

[ALSO SEE...US Grant military and police aid to Chile, All Programs, 2007-2012 International Military Education and Training $ 4,496,000 / Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies 384 TRAINEES $ 1,554,363 / Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation(SCHOOL OF ASSASINS) 574 TRAINEES

Oct. 8-10: Converge on the U.S. Southern Command, Doral (Miami), FL

For over 200 years the United States, with its military, has been interfering in the internal affairs of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. We want that to end! So on Invasion Day (Columbus) Weekend we will hold a series of events and actions centering around the U.S Southern Command in Doral Florida, just to the west of Miami Florida.We are inviting groups and organizations to co-sponsor and participate in this national event. This weekend of education, entertainment, and protest, with groups from all over the country, grew out of last April's conference on Latin America that was held in Washington DC.

People from all over the Americas know the role the U.S. Southern Command has played in the U.S. intervention, militarism, and economic domination of the region. It is time to show the U.S. Government and the military that people in the United States will no longer tolerate a boot to the neck foreign policy towards Latin America and the Caribbean. From Free Trade agreements to immigration, U.S. policy has had a devastating effect on the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean. This must end

[ALSO SEE...Pentagon Using Drug Wars as Excuse to Build Bases in Latin America In Latin America ALBA Defense School to strengthen peace, independence policy from La Esperanza Against (US ) Militarization ------------------------------- (HONDURAN PROTESTS AGAINST US BASES MET WITH REPRESSION) Honduras Protesta frente a base militar de Soto Cano reprimida por fuerzas policiales

Venezuela-People's Power administers $1 billion thanks to the Revolution

The Venezuelan people, thanks to the power and resources transfer policies implemented by the Bolivarian Government, is administering over $1 billion dollars, through diverse socio-productive projects for the comprehensive development of the country, informed this Saturday the Planning and Finances Minister, Jorge Giordani.In an act to transfer resources for projects in the Metropolitan Area of Caracas, Giordani said that these kind of policies have no comparison within the historic politics of the country,

“which looks for the vindication of the social debt left by the neoliberal governments of the Fourth Republic (1958-1998).”“In the past, the resources were seized by businesspeople, unions, governments. Not anymore, now the people is going to administer directly people"s resources,” he stressed.In this regard, he recalled that the social investment made by the Bolivarian Government is over 380 billion dollars, resources that have been destined to essential sectors such as health, education, housing and food.

Minister Giordani highlighted that the social debt left by Fourth Republic governments was above 100 billion dollars.Just in the first decade of the Bolivarian Revolution, the debt has been paid off and overcome by four times. We have granted resources, almost 400 billion dollars, four times above such figure to pay the debt, and it is still there. There will be always needs”“You are the main responsible to make that those resources, which belong to the people, go directly to satisfy people"s needs. You are essential in the process, not just in the execution of the resources, but also in the social control of it,” he emphasized.

Giordani underscored that not even a cent can “disappear” from those resources, “and you have to watch how they are being used. People are learning, the people are getting organized and administering their own resources, setting their priorities, not mayors or governors kidnapping the power, as those of the opposition who shall not come back ever again. They will disappear.” Those governors and mayors of the bourgeoisie, of the right-wing, believe that they can kidnap people"s resources, Giordani reiterated, “because they believed that they had the control on their backyard, because they are representatives of the US imperialism, they are kidnappers of the power. They are just a political trash, a grotesque vision of the history that shall not return. They will not rule this country ever again.”

Interview with Ambassador of Venezuela to Haiti, Mr. Pedro Gonzalez Canino

Ambassador Canino: You see, it is the signing of the act of independence. It's not just me as an ambassador but all Venezuelans who see the participation of Haitians in the war of independence of Venezuela in a very positive light. Our liberator Simon Bolivar said, "Haiti is the mother of Venezuelan independence.

Haiti Progrès: Venezuela helps Haiti a great deal as part of many cooperations. Can you tell us what this help consists of?Ambassador Canino: The cooperation is vast and deep. Even the Yankees' representative in Haiti, Bill Clinton, acknowledged in several international meetings that the Cuban and Venezuelan cooperation brings much more support to Haiti than all the other donors. No one can hide this truth. It is solidarity that the Venezuelan cooperation brings to the Haitian people. Our government, the Venezuelan people and Commander Chavez offer cooperation to the country.

In the health sector, $40 million are invested, in conjunction with the Cuban cooperation. Cuba has had doctors working for the welfare of the people of Haiti for 13 years. And Venezuela also participates in the work being done, with 20 million given before the earthquake and another 20 million after the earthquake. So we have built with that money 15 diagnostic centers across the country. We have made donations to hospitals and paid doctors. We have also provided housing for them.

We also donate for agriculture. We are involved in rice production in the Artibonite Department and the Central (Central Plateau), with 9.3 million dollars.We also participate in housing by building homes in the area of the Renaissance in Cité Soleil. I am not speaking of miserable construction. I'm talking about houses for chosen Haitian families where everyone can live humanely and for free.After the earthquake of January 12, 2010, Venezuela erased a debt of $395 million that Haiti owed her.In energy, Venezuela installed three power plants in Haiti. One in Cap-Haitien, one in Gonaives, and a third in Port-au-Prince.

We arrived at a compromise to provide the country with fourteen thousand barrels of oil under the Petro Caribe agreement recognized by the Haitian Parliament, with extremely favorable conditions to the country.For the Literacy Project, Venezuela contributed 5 million dollars.After the earthquake, we donated 9,000 tons of top-quality food.

Puppets in Revolt: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and the United States by James Petras

Imperial collaborators are referred to by the occupied people and the colonial resistance as “puppets” or “traitors”; by western journalists and critics as “clients”; by the imperial scribes and officials as “loyal allies” as long as they remain obedient to their sponsors and paymaster.Puppet rulers have a long and ignoble history during the 20th century. Subsequent to US invasions in Central America and the Caribbean a whole string of bloody puppet dictators were put in power to implement policies favorable to US corporations and banks and to back US regional dominance.Washington’s New World Order: Colonial Revivalism and Contemporary Puppetry

The three puppet regimes have provided a fig leaf for the imperial savaging of the colonized people of the countries they preside over. Nouri al Maliki has over the past 5 years, not only justified the US occupation but actively promoted the assassination and torture of thousands of anti-colonial activists and resistance fighters. He has sold billion dollar oil and gas concessions to overseas oil companies. He has presided over the theft (‘disappearance’ or “unaccountable”) of billions of dollars in oil revenues and US foreign aid (squeezed from US tax payers).

U.S. Law Allows Chemical and Biological Testing On Populace

The following document is horrific — public law that allows chemical and biological agents to be tested on the U.S. populace. See the full document: U-2.S. Law Allows Testing of Chemicals and Biological Agents on Civilian Population. How do you feel about being a human test subject? PUBLIC LAW 105–85—NOV. 18, 1997 111 STAT. 1915

(2) The table of sections at the beginning of such chapter is amended by adding at the end the following new item:‘‘985. Persons convicted of capital crimes: denial of certain burial-related benefits.’’.(b) APPLICABILITY.—Section 985 of title 10, United States Code, as added by subsection (a), applies with respect to persons dying after January 1, 1997.

[A.S. US Biological Attacks And Operations On US Citizens

Addounia reports on Qatar's military bases and collaboration

'Secret Saudi Human Rights law to jail critics' Interview with Syed Ali Wasif, President of the Society for International Reforms and Research, in Washington

Press TV: Dr. Wasif, do you think that despite the release of this report Saudi Arabia will continue to be called an ally and a friend by the West, the US and the European Union as you just mentioned?Wasif: Yes, it will be. This is their standard. This is the criminal practice of the West, and that has been going on for the last two centuries. So how could you expect a change, an overnight change? It is impossible.The inhuman practices of the Saudi regime will continue unabated and will be backed and supported by the West unfortunately.But this is no surprise to me. The only surprising thing is the silence or the criminal silence of the Human Rights Council,

and the criminal silence of the United Nations General Assembly and the criminal silence of the office of the Human Rights Commissioner of the United Nations. They are not taking any action against such a report.This is a human rights violation to an extent that it goes beyond the criminal procedures of international laws, beyond the accepted norms.Press TV: Clearly, the introduction of this law goes to show how worried the government is about the uprisings and revolutions taking place in its own backyard,

and even within its borders recently. Will this measure be enough to stifle any challenge and opposition to the authority of the Saudi regime?Wasif: In the short term, yes. It will help Saudi Arabia to consolidate its despotic regime. But in the longer run, it is going to be the Saudi regime which is going to be the loser because it will be facing, sooner or later, international condemnation and international political pressure and pressure from within the royal family and the people of Saudi Arabia, who are trying to get rid of this despotic, dictatorial, Salafists regime.

Exposing Media Misleading against Syria - about the French Embassy and the Dissented Captain

A new episode in exposing the media misleading against Syria... France 24 gave a little time than usual for an eyewitness who did not speak as they wished about what happened in front of the French Embassy in Damascus on 11.07.2011The father of the alleged-dissented captain "Kais Al-Qataena" is not convinced that his son did that willingly...The activist "Abo-Moyyad"... another liar in Al-Jazeera campaign against Syria...

تلفزيون الدنيا كشف التضليل الاعلامي

تلفزيون الدنيا كشف التضليل الاعلامي

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SYRIAWATCH-ALJAZEERA EXPOSED AGAIN- DEMONSTRATORS PARADING EMPTY COFFINS MADE OUT OF STYROFOAM? This is video of Luna AlShibl a journalist in Aljazzera , one of the three whom resigned recently speaking about the media role in making the troubles in Syria Al-Jazeera Beirut bureau chief resigns NAM Radio: Al Jazeera's Arab Spring Coverage exposed...


About 20 young US students graduate on Saturday in the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba in the presence of members of the 22nd Pastors for Peace Caravan.The caravan arrived Friday in Cuba from Mexico, after collecting over 100 tons of humanitarian aid in 130 US cities.According to the program until next July 30, visitors will meet with Cuban students, artists, scientists and farmers. Helen Bernstein, interim coordinator of the organization, stressed the necessity of putting an end to the US economic, financial and commercial blockade against Cuba.The US authorities seized seven computers, as in 2010 when the convoy crossed into Mexico,

but we are here to fulfill the legacy of the Reverend Lucius Walker, founder of the initiative, who died in September 2010, specified Bernstein.Each year, the caravan challenges the punitive measures that have caused Cuba material losses estimated at 751,363 million dollars, according to official figures.The shipment, which should arrive in Cuba shortly, contains drugs, computers, school supplies, portable solar panels and 14 vehicles.

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France to buy Israeli-made drones, ending 42-year weapons embargo

The French Defense Ministry decided last week to purchase unmanned aerial vehicles from Israel, thereby bringing an end to a 42-year-old embargo on weapon purchases imposed by President Charles de Gaulle. The approved sale of Heron TP, or Eitan, will be the first time the drone is sold to a foreign country.

'US, Israel Equip Anti-Iran Groups

'“The enemies of the Islamic Revolution, the criminal US and occupationalist Israel equip and support these forces in the north of Iraq with all their might to use them against the sacred establishment of the Islamic Republic,” Hojjatoleslam Gholamreza Hassani said during a Friday Prayers sermon in the city of Orumiyeh.Hassani said counterrevolutionary forces aimed at creating insecurity at Iran's northwestern borders to “prevent investment in these provinces,” IRNA reported on Saturday. The Iranian cleric added that security has been established in the country's northwestern borders through the efforts of the Iranian forces.'

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American Backers of Mojahedin Khalq (MKO, MEK, Rajavi cult) terror group : For as little as 25k we will take them off the list Iraqi Source Discloses US Aid to MKO Terrorist Operations "Nobody dares to make any obstacles on the way of American vehicles' arrival at camp Ashraf and they easily enter the camp without being questioned. So, they take the MKO members out of the camp for terrorist operation and then carry them back to the camp when they are finished,"


How the American govt fools its people - Part 17 (Terrorizing Iran) Terrorist attacks in Iran-Today-04-19-2011-(Part1) Terrorist attacks in Iran-Iran Today-04-19-2011-(Part2)

Washington’s Allies Run Amok: Saudi and Emirati Forces Open Fire on Unarmed Protesters in Bahrain

A shocking new video shows Saudi and Emirati forces firing indiscriminately at a crowd of unarmed youth protesting against the autocratic US-backed Bahraini government [1]. The attack took place after Friday prayers in the Shia village of Duraz, about 15 kilometres west of the capital, Manama, where the US Navy Fifth Fleet is based with some 4,000 personnel.

All three Gulf states are key allies of the US, with Washington supplying each with billions of dollars worth of military equipment. The three autocratic regimes have also been crucial supporters of the US and NATO’s nearly five-month military assault on Libya – allegedly conducted to defend the human rights of the Libyan people. In the latest outrage against human rights in Bahrain, the video shows two jeeps racing towards a crowd of young males, almost running some of them over. Uniformed police then jump out of the vehicles and start firing shotguns and rubber bullets at the fleeing protesters. Many in the crowd were obviously young teenagers, dressed in shorts and barefoot.

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Just days after independence declaration, Israeli businesspeople seeking economic cooperation with world's newest country in fields of security, infrastructure, medicine and agriculture. Humanitarian group, supported by UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and AJC, to deliver vital food and medicines to help people of new African country on behalf of Israeli and Jewish people.

According to Attorney Adi Braunstein, the legal advisor of the Israeli-Arab Friendship Association, Israel's military and moral support to the South Sudan rebels throughout the years is now expressed in economic cooperation. This cooperation, he says, will lead to deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars, the payment of which will be guaranteed by the international community.

The foundation for the ties with South Sudan was laid by former rebel leader John Garang, who was hospitalized in Israel in the past following an eye injury in one of the incidents involving the Sudan army. Israeli defense experts have already contacted the country's officials in a bid to train police and army officers, and a company from Ramat Hasharon has been asked to put forward a quotation for fortifying the convoy of the new South Sudan president.

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SOUTH SUDAN CHOOSES TO SET UP ITS FIRST EMBASSY IN UAE Government of Southern Sudan signs a contract with Saudi Arabia

Israel used an imposter and a belly dancer to counteract flotilla II

“Though the gay activist and the bellydancer stunts proved to be a total failure but they brought to light the duplicity of the Jewish state and how presumptuously Israel played the world for a bunch of fools” The flotilla II may have failed in literally breaking the Israeli blockade on Gaza but the brave activists’ collective efforts have unequivocally exposed the ugly side of the Middle-Eastern Zionist enclave and displayed its brutal apartheid face for the whole world to see.

Kuwaiti Activist: US, Israel Plot to Sow Discord between Iran, Arabs

Secretary-General of the Islamic Movement for National Solidarity in Kuwait Zahir Abdulhadi al-Mahmeed warned that the US and Israel have hatched a plot to create a rift between Iran and the Arab world to divert attention from the Arab-Israeli conflict."The Western countries, spearheaded by the US and the Zionist regime, are seeking to turn the Arab-Zionist conflict to an Arab-Iran animosity,""Creating rifts among the regional countries is the conspiracy pursued by the Zionist-US propaganda and political campaign in our region,"

He added that while enemies were "encouraging the Muslims to kill their own brothers, they prevent them from taking into consideration the crimes being systematically committed by the Zionist regime against Palestinian Muslims."

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US-Israel-Saudi war against democracy in Muslim world Saudi-Zionist news fabrications Saudi Arabia and Zionists, Brothers until victory or death "Al-Klifa, al-Saud are apparently atheists"

US asked to relinquish hegemonistic approach towards Iran

A Pakistani researcher asked US to stop pursuing hegemonistic approach towards Iran and other Muslim countries. Talking to IRNA Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema, a professor in National Defense University (NDU) agreed with the statement of Iran's Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi that the United States is annoyed with Iran's independence and might.“Iranian foreign minister is very right in his views”, he said.Pakistani analyst was of the view that Iran is pursuing an independent foreign policy which is not acceptable for the United States.

“You know super powers always want countries to follow their orders”, he said. He said that Iran is an independent country and it is not ready to yield to American pressure in any case.The analyst said that negative propaganda against Iran must be stopped. “They (Americans) are creating misperceptions against Iran without any justification”, said Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema, “US must stop its hegemonistic policies towards Iran and other Muslim nations”, said the intellectual.

Iran's Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said America finds it difficult to acknowledge Iran's 'elated' position in the international arena and political transactions.The US “cannot accept that a country like Iran has a geostrategic position and enjoys immense resources,” Salehi said.Cheema asked US to accept Iran’s rights and review its policy towards Iran.Professor Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema is a scholar of international repute.


Iranian Exile Group Poses Vexing Issue for U.S. in Iraq

Mr. Butler is keen to puncture what he believes is the false narrative that has sprouted around the group since the American invasion, which has helped it secure such prominent support. Contrary to widespread belief, he says, the group never provided any valuable intelligence to the Americans about Mr. Hussein’s government. Nor, he says, has it provided any useful information about the Iranian government or its nuclear program. He said that for six years the group provided unreliable information about Iran to the Defense Intelligence Agency, which he criticized as having taken years to discern that it was being fed what amounted to a slew of lies.

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VIDEO-Hundreds in Diala protest against (Washington backed MKO, MEK, Rajavi cult) US keeps MKO terrorists armed in Iraq 12,000 Iranians victims of MKO terror American Backers of (MKO, MEK, Rajavi cult) terror group : For as little as 25k we will take them off the list ---------------------- Iraqi Source Discloses US Aid to MKO Terrorist Operations "Nobody dares to make any obstacles on the way of American vehicles' arrival at camp Ashraf and they easily enter the camp without being questioned. So, they take the MKO members out of the camp for terrorist operation and then carry them back to the camp when they are finished,"

Gerhard, Lehmann, Bellemare: Tools of A So-Called New Middle East!\

Mehlis, Bellemare, and Lehmann are nothing but tools for a New Middle East. The three musketeers of the so-called tribunal of realizing justice and revealing the truth are in fact the masters of a politicized international investigation. They are the leaders of realizing the American-"Israeli" dream in giving birth to "their" New Middle East after all other tools and means failed in making it come true, topped by the July war 2006.

In an interview with al-Intiqad website, Kulbel said that the STL and the assassination of Rafik Hariri is nothing but judicial colonialism, and that the tribunal itself is an "international criminal organization."

Parliament Speaker Blasts Assassination of Iranian Scientist

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani strongly condemned the yesterday assassination of a young Iranian scientist, and stressed that the killing indicates the US and Israel's animosity towards Iran.

On November 29, 2010, two other Iranian academics became the target of terrorist attacks. Unidentified terrorists detonated bombs in the vehicles of Dr. Majid Shahriari and Professor Fereidoon Abbasi in separate locations in Tehran. Shahriari was killed immediately but Abbasi and his wife sustained injuries. On December 2, the Iranian Intelligence Ministry announced that Mossad, CIA and MI6 spy agencies played a role in those attacks.

Iranian nuclear scientist assassinated in Tehran

A physics professor involved in Iran’s nuclear program was assassinated by gunmen outside his home in Tehran.Daryoush Rezai, who was identified as the victim by the ISNA news agency, was shot by unknown gunmen on Saturday in front of his house on Bani Hashem Street in the Iranian capital. The gunmen also injured his wife during the attack.According to the Iranian Mehr news agency, Rezai studied nuclear engineering at Tehran’s Amir Kabir University and did research for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran.

He is the third nuclear physicist to be killed in Iran in the last two years. Last November a top nuclear physicist was assassinated and another survived an attempt on his life.Iran blames Israel and the US for the attacks on its nuclear scientists. The US accuses Iran of using its nuclear program as a cover-up to build atomic weapons, as enriched uranium can be used both for bombs and as an alternative energy source. The allegation has been repeatedly denied by Tehran.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yet another program on “What Do White, Jewish Think-Tankers in D.C. Think the U.S. Should Do About Iran?”

During Bloggingheads‘ latest installment of “What Do White, Jewish Think-Tankers in Washington D.C. Think the U.S. Should Do About Iran?” , former AIPAC spokesman Josh Block, now a fellow at the bizarrely-named Progressive Policy Institute (given its penchant for espousing hawkish foreign policy views, especially on Iran), gave a veritable tutorial on how to cram every long-debunked fear-mongering talking point about the Islamic Republic into a mere 50-minute conversation

Guatemala: Resisting the New Colonialism

Two objectives guide the United States and transnational companies in Central America: geopolitical and military control and enormous profits from mining megaprojects. Militarism, drug-trafficking, and violence complete a picture in which the same ones always lose.-The expansion of the capitalist model is coming at us from two directions: The growth of agribusiness, above all sugar cane and African palm, and the expansion of mining, and the privatization of water that goes along with it. At the same time, the country has been turned into a drug-trafficking corridor from the south to the United States, with a huge dispute over territory on the border between Guatemala and Mexico.

All this creates a complex scenario. The old oligarchies have entered into alliances with drug traffickers and with transnationals. That annuls a state that was already weak, both in terms of citizen’s rights and in terms of security. A good part of the current violence is provoked by “guardias blancas,” as we already have 60,000 private security forces and 15,000 police. In reality, this so-called private security–legal or illegal–protects the mafias through a process of re-militarizing of the country.

How the US Props Up Criminals and Murderers All in the Name of Our Catastrophic Drug War

While the capability of Central American institutions to safeguard human rights is open to interpretation, activists in the region have raised serious concerns about the governments’ interest and will in doing so. They fear the hundreds of millions of dollars ear-marked for law enforcement and security will be used by the deeply corrupt–at times violent–governments of the Northern Triangle to support ongoing human rights abuses

The infiltration of DTOs in Honduras is apparently not confined to a few “bad apples.” According to McClatchy News, a former member of the Honduras Council Against Drug Trafficking estimates as much as 10 percent of the Honduran Congress is linked to drug traffickers and roughly 42 percent of all cocaine flights from Colombia are believed to be passing through the country.Not only is the U.S.-funded Honduran government in bed with international criminal organizations, it is also conducting a violent crackdown on progressive activists throughout the country

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Infrastructure projects to generate 10,000 direct jobs

The first phase of the Rehabilitation and Reinforcing Plan for the Public Transport System will generate close to 10,000 direct jobs, giving a boost to the governmental program Work Mission, informed the Transport and Communications Minister, Francisco Garces.So as to develop 14 projects, translated into 350 works nationwide, the Government has allocated $1.16 billion coming from the National Development Fund (Fonden, in Spanish) and the Complementary Debt Law 2011.

“Government"s intention is to strengthen the mass transport system which was abandoned with country"s automation, to transport the highest number of people possible with infrastructure works in accordance with each region potential,” Garces explained.

Thus, projects include the construction, upgrading and maintenance of highways, roads, subway systems, and bridges among other, so as to improve traffic in big cities, facilitate the transport of people in suburban areas, interstate roads and tourism. These works are expected to be concluded in a short or medium term, depending on each work and each region"s characteristics.

Venezuela to provide $5 million to thwart famine in Somalia

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez approved this Friday five million dollars to thwart the food crisis undergone in Somalia, country located in the east of the African continent.The President detailed that next Sunday will be sent 50 tons of food to Somalia, where almost 780 thousand children might starve to death according to a warning issued by the United Nations International Children"s Emergency Fund (UNICEF).

There will be also sent a commission of Venezuela"s National Bolivarian Armed Forces to aid this African country, in which have been registered the death of tens of thousands of people in the last months.

“The least we may do is to help. We approved five million dollars to buy foods and try to thwart death and famine, which are the result of the savage capitalism,” said the Venezuelan President in local television, through a phone call from Havana, Cuba.President Chavez held a conversation with People"s Power spokespeople who were receiving resources to finance communal projects, in an event headed by Executive Vice-President Elias Jaua in western Venezuela.

Iran to block Israel’s theft of Lebanese oil/gas’s-theft-of-lebanese-oilgas/

Lebanese Christian President Michel Suleiman warned the Zionist entity against taking any unilateral measures to exploit Lebanon’s resources in the demarcation of disputed maritime borders, vowing that the country would defend its Sea and land boundaries and rights through all legitimate means. The warning came after the Zionist regime’s approval of its new map of Eretz Yisrael which includes some portion of Lebanon’s maritime border.

Lebanon’s Islamic Resistance, Hizbullah, which has humiliated Jewish army twice before (in 2000 and 2006) also warned Tel Aviv. “The Israeli enemy cannot drill a single meter in these waters to search for gas and oil if the zone is disputed,” said Hizbullah MP Mohammed Raad.

In order to counter US-Israel Shaitan, Beirut signed energy exploration deal with Tehran on July 20, 2011. This deal, worth $50 million, has put Zionist mafia on hot-plate, claiming that the deal may violate UN sanctions against Iran.The disputed maritime borders of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, connects the coasts of Lebanon, Gaza, Cyprus and the Zionist entity.

Israeli ‘Venegeance’ strikes Oslo

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was quoted as saying: “No one will bomb us to silence. No one wil shoot us to silence. No one will ever scare us away from being Norway.”In 2002, Eva Kristen Hansen, leader of Norwegian Labour Party Youth Movement (AUF), called upon the Attorney General of Norway to investigate if Israeli PM Gen. Ariel Sharon can be indicted for crimes against humanity.In 2010, Egil Drillo Olsen, coach of Norwegian football team wrote in daily Aftenposten that

“the call to boycott Israel was in line with what 90% of the world’s population believes. There cannot be many other opinions”.In March 2011 – Socialist Left Party, a junior partner in Norwegian government, called for military action against the Zionist entity if it decide to invade Gaza in the future.On Monday, Norwegian FM Jonas Gahr Stoere, after meeting Mahmoud Abbas, told reporters that it’s “perfectly legitimate” for Palestinian to take their case for statehood to United Nations in September. Last month, Jonas said in Norwegian parliament that Syria has every right to recapture Golan Heights under Jewish occupation.

United States-The (Real) American Exceptionalism

While the U.S. claims to be a democracy and pretend to promote democracy around the world, the U.S. is not a democracy, but a plutocracy. The U.S. is ruled by a wealthy ruling class for the sole benefit of the minority rich Americans. The American people are manipulated and completely excluded from political influence and decisions. The people are reduced to helpless spectators. They have been indoctrinated “not to get involved in politics” and to mind their own business. Elections are used to con the people. Indeed, the U.S. has one of the lowest voter participation rates. Former U.S. president George W. Bush was an illegitimate president for two terms having arrived at the White House through well-known rigged elections.

The so-called, two-party system is a fraud. It is a one-party with two branches system that serves corporate interest. It doesn’t matter who occupy the White House, the country is controlled by wealthy corporations and individuals. Furthermore, the so-called “promotion of democracy” around the world by the U.S. government and its agencies is nothing more and nothing less than the promotion of ruling elites subservient to U.S. diktats, mostly brutal dictators serving U.S. interests. In short, the U.S. promotes murderous dictators and has a shameful disdain for democracy. The U.S. role in subverting and undermining democracy around the world is outright criminal.