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Muslims to march on White House next September 11th
AIPAC’s stranglehold on American political life.AMPAC will be forcefully announcing its presence with a “Million Muslim March” on the White House on September 11, 2013. The goal, announced at AMPAC’s press conference in New York:“We at AMPAC (American Muslim Political Action Committee) are planning a historic event for 9/11/13. One million Muslims will march to Washington D.C. and demand that our civil rights be protected by our government. We are demanding that laws be enacted protecting our First Amendment rights.We are asking President Obama to fulfill his promise from his first campaign for the Presidency of a transparent government. Lastly we are asking for the establishment of a real 9/11 Commission to reveal the truth to the American people.” AMPAC founder M.D. Rabbi Alam, a well-known Missouri Democratic Party organizer, points out that American Muslims, like other Americans, were targeted on 9/11.More than 60 Muslims were murdered in the explosive demolitions of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11, and a mosque in the South Tower was annihilated. Alam points out that “Muslim and non-Muslim alike were traumatized by 9/11, but we as Muslims continue twelve years later to be victimized by being made the villains.”American courts have traditionally held that the Bill of Rights guarantees that all religions must be treated equally by the government. Alam cites “the ‘war on terrorism’ in Islamic countries, Congressional hearings on Islam in America, and changes to the NDAA” as infringements of the First Amendment right to freedom of religion.AMPAC organizers also argue that the US government and media have lied about 9/11 and its aftermath. According to the AMPAC press release, “These lies told to the American population have made it impossible for us to do true Dawa (Islamic outreach).”The attack on American Muslims’ free speech actually appears to have begun a few days before 9/11, when the FBI raided key Muslim organizations and shut down their computer servers. The FBI’s raids preemptively prevented Muslims from freely expressing and disseminating their view of 9/11: That it was an inside job, presumably orchestrated by Israel and its American agents.Polls show that more than 80% of Muslims globally, and two-thirds of American Muslims, believe that 9/11 was an inside job – and these polls undoubtedly understate the real numbers. Yet the corporate media, dominated by Jewish Zionists, has refused to allow Muslims’ perspective on 9/11 to even be heard, much less debated. To this day, most Americans falsely believe that Muslims accept the official story of 9/11.9/11 was used to shut down the free speech rights of Muslim Americans – and not just about 9/11. Sami al-Arian, America’s leading Muslim political organizer, was harassed and imprisoned after 9/11 for the crime of publicly stating his strong opposition to the apartheid state of Israel. At his trial, jurors were swayed by graphic footage of Israelis maimed by suicide bombers. The prosecution implied that al-Arian was responsible for these acts of violence simply because he was Palestinian, Muslim, and opposed to Israeli apartheid.Another American Muslim leader, Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah of Detroit, Michigan, was murdered by the FBI in 2009 in reprisal for his statements criticizing US imperialism and injustice. His body was riddled with 19 bullet holes in an FBI raid reminiscent of the FBI murders of Fred Hampton and other Black Panthers in the 1960s.Imam Abdullah is not the only American Muslim killed by US authorities for his political views. Among the better-known cases is that of scholar Anwar al-Awlaki, who, along with his son and grandson, were murdered by cowardly drone strikes in Yemen. Al-Awlaki was imprisoned, tortured, mischaracterized as a “terrorist,” and finally murdered by US authorities due to his outspoken opposition to the 9/11-triggered war on Islam.Another influential, politically-engaged American Muslim, the scientist Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, was kidnapped, raped and tortured by US authorities who disapproved of her political views. Like so many other American Muslim leaders, she was tried in a kangaroo court on ridiculous trumped-up charges in order to silence her eloquent voice.The FBI and other secret police agencies, along with Israeli Mossad spin-offs such as the ADL, have used both federal agents and hired criminals to infiltrate, surveil, and terrorize mosques since 9/11, chilling Muslims’ rights of free speech and free association. A key FBI goal has been to entrap young, naive Muslims into appearing complicit in FBI-concocted “terror plots.”
As of 2006, the US had already kidnapped and tortured more than 80,000 Muslims worldwide, according to the UK Guardian. Today, that number has undoubtedly grown into the hundreds of thousands. Virtually all are innocent of any acts of violence. Many have been targeted because they are the most charismatic and outspoken leaders, or the best organizers, in the Muslim community.
Faced with a reality reminiscent of the Jews’ situation in 1930s Nazi Germany, most American Muslims have been terrorized into silence. But today, more than a decade after 9/11, more and more are finding the courage to speak out.Last year, AMPAC founder MD Rabbi Alam was targeted by the Zionist-dominated media for raising questions about Israel’s role in 9/11. Alam refused to be intimidated. Instead, he responded by founding AMPAC and launching plans for next year’s 9/11/2013 Million Muslim March on the White House.Will AMPAC one day dislodge AIPAC from its throne? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, stay tuned to for updates on next September’s Million Muslim March.
JOHN PILGER:  The Real Invasion Of Africa Is Not News, And A Licence To Lie Is Hollywood’s Gift 
The invasion has almost nothing to do with “Islamism”, and almost everything to do with the acquisition of resources, notably minerals, and an accelerating rivalry with China. Unlike China, the US and its allies are prepared to use a degree of violence demonstrated in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Palestine. As in the cold war, a division of labour requires that western journalism and popular culture provide the cover of a holy war against a “menacing arc” of Islamic extremism, no different from the bogus “red menace” of a worldwide communist conspiracy.Reminiscent of the Scramble for Africa in the late 19th century, the US African Command (Africom) has built a network of supplicants among collaborative African regimes eager for American bribes and armaments. Last year, Africom staged Operation African Endeavor, with the armed forces of 34 African nations taking part, commanded by the US military.Africom’s “soldier to soldier” doctrine embeds US officers at every level of command from general to warrant officer. Only pith helmets are missing.It is as if Africa’s proud history of liberation, from Patrice Lumumba to Nelson Mandela, is consigned to oblivion by a new master’s black colonial elite whose “historic mission”, warned Frantz Fanon half a century ago, is the promotion of “a capitalism rampant though camouflaged”.
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Hugo Chavez' Illness and Dirty Tricks
President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez has been diagnosed with cancer. No matter the official reports on his state of health have been becoming more optimistic with each passing day, the hostile propaganda juggernaut is getting into full swing at global scale saying the President is «incapable» to carry out his functions. It’s easy to guess which US agencies are behind the necrophilic activities: the State Department, the CIA, psycho-political operations services. Media, non-governmental organizations, various intelligence agents tasked to spread influence – all are involved in the «Kill Chavez» operation…Cochez compared the Bolivarian government to the past dictatorships of Stroessner, Batista, Trujillo and Somosa. According to the Panama’s Ambassador, the internal issues, including top leaders health problems, should be discussed freely in real democracies. He expressed doubts the Venezuelan people were given full and trustworthy information about the Chavez’s state of health. He called upon the colleagues to adhere to the principles mentioned above while considering the issue to avoid becoming accomplices in the violations of Venezuelan Constitution.The scandalous and ill-intentioned speech evoked immediate response for Roy Chaderton Matos, the Ambassador of Venezuela in the OAS. In immediate response to Cochez, Chaderton was scathing: "Mr. Ambassador of Panama, I won't allow your aggression towards my country and my government, nor your venomous and miserable comments about the health of President Chávez, whom surely, following orders of your government, you wish to die." From his criticism of the Panamanian government Chaderton moved to the personal qualities of Willy Cochez: "You are neither a politician, nor a diplomat, nor a gentleman, you are a lout." Chaderton doubted the Panama’s government had previously approved the Cochez’s speech. He wished «to talk to the owner of the circus, not a clown» (1). No doubt, the Venezuelan diplomat meant the US while referring to the owner of the circus. Over three years Cochez has been countering the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (in Spanish: Alianza Bolivariana para los Pueblos de Nuestra América, or ALBA) in the Organization of American States day in day out. It hardly met the foreign policy interests of Panama, but fully matched the North American ones (the United States of America and Canada). He managed to get away with these kinds of tricks before, but this time it was not Venezuela only offended. He also attacked José Miguel Insulza Salinas, a Chilean politician and statesman, who is currently the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, who, allegedly, facilitated destructive trends inside the international body.The Panama's Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), Guillermo Cochez, was dismissed the next day by the president of Panama Ricardo Martinelli. It came to light the diplomat had received the instructions to abstain from disputes with the Venezuelan Ambassador and ALBA representatives. The Panama’s Foreign Minister had told him to do so by phone and in the written form. It was a rare occasion he was told what to do in such a detailed way. Obviously the Panama’s Foreign Ministry received the information the US State Department wanted to use Cochez to launch the debates devoted to the «Venezuelan issue». Cochez ignored the instructions sent from above and actually confirmed the fact that he considered the US Department of State to be his main employer. Otherwise it’s hard to explain why the Panama’s diplomat would come out is support of radical Venezuelan opposition giving interviews to the newspapers El Unirersal, El Nacional and Golobovision TV news network without paying much attention to wording (he said Chavez was «fully paralyzed», «dying» «incapable»).Right after being fired Cochez got involved in the activities to spread around the fake clip allegedly showing Chavez on an operating table. It’s not easy to believe the posting of the fake clip was a mere improvisation.Italian freelance journalist Tommaso De Benedetti saw a YouTube clip shot in 2008 showing a man resembling Chavez on an operational table. The journalist made pictures and tried to sell them to some European newspapers. Spanish El Pais, that has been waging a war against «the Chavez regime», took the bait. The Newspaper’s editors say they checked the authenticity of pictures. They asked Moisés Naím a Venezuelan writer and columnist, living in the United States and Yoani Sánchez, a Cuban blogger, which has a reputation of intensively cooperating with the CIA, for their expertise. Now, could the people, who devoted their lives to the fight against «dictatorships» in Venezuela and Cuba be impartial? They confirmed the authenticity of the pictures and an El Pais edition saw light with the picture of Chavez on the cover. That’s exactly what was needed. The matter is the US special services normally use El Pais, El Mundo, ABC and other leading Spanish newspapers materials to target Latin America.The photo was revealed as a fake by Venezuelan TV journalist Walter Morales, the Dossier program’s anchorman. It sparked panic in El Pais. The edition was urgently withdrawn and reprinted no matter it meant additional expenditure.
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Ecuador and US Fake Peacefulness
Israel must remove all Jewish settlers from occupied West Bank - UN
A UN human rights inquiry has called on Israel to remove all Jewish settlers from the West Bank and cease expansion. The report said the settlements violate international law, and are an attempt to drive out Palestinians through intimidation."Israel must, in compliance with article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, cease all settlement activities without preconditions,” the report read, adding that Israel must immediately begin to withdraw all settlers from the occupied Palestinian territories (OPT).The inquiry prompted a strong reaction from Israel who slammed the report as biased."The Human Rights Council has sadly distinguished itself by its systematically one-sided and biased approach towards Israel. This latest report is yet another unfortunate reminder of that," said spokesman Yigal Palmor in a statement.The 1949 Geneva Convention prohibits the transfer of a civilian population into an occupied area – such an act could constitute war crimes if brought before the International Criminal Court. Following the UN’s de facto recognition of Palestine last December, Israel announced plans to build thousands of homes in the OPT. In response, Palestine wrote to the UN warning that Israel's planned expansion into the occupied territorieswould lead to more war crimes being committed.The UN investigators interviewed over 50 people who were driven from their homes. They described how their livelihoods were destroyed and their land was confiscated, and how they were subjected to continuous violence from Jewish settlers. "The mission believes that the motivation behind this violence and the intimidation against the Palestinians as well as their properties is to drive the local populations away from their lands and allow the settlements to expand," said the report.The report has the potential to significantly worsen the UN’s already-strained relationship with Israel, particularly after Israeli representatives failed to appear at a UN human rights review two days ago. The Israeli government has repeatedly ignored international condemnations of its settlements in the occupied territories, and continues to bar the entry of a Human Rights Council probe to assess the impact of the settlements. Israel has insisted that the organization is biased in favor of the Palestinians, and claimed that historic and biblical ties justify its claim to the territories.
This PolicyWatch is part of "Syrian Spillover: Perspectives from Neighboring States," a series of articles on how the conflict is affecting Turkey, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon.
Assad's ouster would create significant risk of widespread violence in Iraq, but also a fleeting opportunity to regain leverage over the Maliki government.
As a fragile postconflict state, Iraq can ill afford the chaos currently roiling in neighboring Syria. If President Bashar al-Assad's regime collapses, large segments of north-central and western Iraq could become deeply unstable, with local factions opening a de facto civil war against federal forces, whether temporarily or indefinitely. For the United States, keeping Iraq on an even keel would be a supreme test of diplomatic skill at a moment when attention would understandably be focused on Syria itself. But such a crisis could also open a window of opportunity to reestablish influence over Baghdad.SECTARIAN DYNAMICS
Iraqi Sunnis and Shiites perceive the Syrian conflict very differently. The majority Shiite population sees it as a frightening, negative development. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's administration is the first modern Arab government to be led by Shiites, and in their view, major Sunni states such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey will not tolerate this state of affairs in the long term. Reflecting their historical sense of victimization, the newly dominant Iraqi Shiites see the Syria crisis as the beginning of a revanchist Sunni backlash, and they fear their hold on Baghdad may be the next domino to fall.These factors, combined with continued Iranian influence, have spurred Maliki to seek a negotiated end to the Syrian conflict. He has also allowed Tehran-sponsored assistance to flow to Assad via Iraq, even tolerating the movement of Iranian-backed Iraqi Shiite militias (e.g., Asaib Ahl al-Haqq) into Syria to bolster the regime's fighting strength.
Meanwhile, Iraq's minority Sunni Arab community views the conflict next door in an entirely different light. Sunni politicians and militant groups have long portrayed the Maliki government as an Iranian puppet intent on excluding them from all state institutions. After many years of continuous setbacks, some Sunnis view the Syrian uprising and the region's response to it as a light at the end of the tunnel -- the first sign that Sunni states are stepping up to roll back Iran's influence.Such sentiments have likely contributed to the growing strength of recent Sunni protests across north-central and western Iraq, at which Free Syrian Army flags have been observed on numerous occasions. Syria's war has given Iraq's predominantly Sunni provinces (e.g., Anbar, Ninawa, Salah al-Din) hope that they might one day be able to formally or informally band together with the backing of a powerful Sunni-ruled state. Some factions have also been emboldened by the strong pro-Sunni stance of Turkish prime minister Reccep Tayyip Erdogan, photos of whom have been noted at recent Sunni protests.These diverging sectarian sentiments are driving Iraq toward a climactic moment if and when the Assad regime collapses. In that scenario, Maliki and his Shiite constituency would feel unprecedented pressure and anxiety, while Sunnis could become fleetingly triumphal, cohesive, assertive, and prone to miscalculation. The potential for a brutal federal crackdown would therefore be high.[[[[[[Yet this moment of potential danger is also a moment of potential U.S. leverage. Assad's fall would likely dent the mystique of Iran's supposed regional rise, providing a ripe -- albeit risky -- opportunity to pressure Iraq's errant premier.]]]]]]]  IMPLICATIONS FOR (ZIONIST RAN) U.S. POLICY   Because Assad's ouster could spur Iraq's Sunni Arab provinces into open rebellion against Baghdad, U.S. leaders and diplomats must be ready to dedicate focused effort on the Iraqi government and opposition. Advance preparation is essential to ensuring effective crisis management in Iraq at a time when attention would be sucked up by events in Syria. Washington would also need to provide all actors with a sense of calm and perspective, cutting through the conspiracies and panic that typically attend such moments in Iraq.[[[[[U.S. diplomats could also use Assad's departure to regain leverage over Maliki, despite the risk of exacerbating an already-explosive situation. In addition to giving him a laundry list of recommendations,]]]]][[[[[[[[ Washington could emphasize the moment's watershed nature, telling him that Iraq must choose to either integrate its future with that of the United States and the broader Arab world, or slide into the dwindling club of isolated Iranian proxies. ]]]]]][[[Such a warning could be linked to signs that the administration is seriously considering "Plan B" -- a turn toward the KRG-Turkish axis and away from Baghdad. The potential impact of this message would only be amplified by Washington's previous reticence to get tough with Maliki. Although such a strategy could conceivably nudge Maliki closer to Tehran, the clear evidence of Iran's failure to save Assad might be difficult for him to overlook.]]]]]]

Argentina rejects Israel request for explanation on Iran deal
 Argentina has rejected a request from Israel to explain about its recent deal with Iran to investigate a 1994 bombing in Buenos Aires which killed 85 people.

Ruins of AMIA building in Buenos Aires after a 1994 bombing.
Ruins of AMIA building in Buenos Aires after a 1994 bombing.
In a Wednesday statement, the Argentinean Foreign Ministry said the Israeli request for an explanation was “improper action that is strongly rejected.”
On Tuesday, Israel summoned Argentina’s envoy to protest the Iran-Argentina deal. Israel’s Foreign Ministry has also asked the regime’s envoy to Argentina to demand a meeting with the Argentinean Foreign Minister Hector Timerman to “seek clarifications” over the agreement. “The terrorist attack perpetrated on July 18, 1994, did not involve a single Israeli citizen. The victims were mostly Argentine citizens and included six Bolivian citizens, two Polish and a Chilean,” Argentina's statement said.On Sunday, Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi and his Argentinean counterpart signed a memorandum of understanding for the two countries to shed light on the 1994 bombing on the AMIA building in Buenos Aires. AMIA stands for the Asociacion Mutual Israelita Argentina or the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association. Argentinean President Cristina Kirchner welcomed the agreement, saying, “It’s historic. Nearly 19 years after the attack on AMIA, a legal instrument is for the first time being established between Argentina and Iran.” Under intense political pressure imposed by the US and Israel, Argentina had formally accused Iran of having carried out the bombing attack. The Islamic Republic has categorically denied any involvement in the terrorist bombing. 
Hezbollah: Zionist Strike on Syria Uncovers Conspiracy against Our People
Hezbollah denounced on Thursday the Israeli strike which targeted a scientific research center in Syria a day earlier, saying the raid aimed to negate Damascus’ role in the path of resistance.In a statement released by Hezbollah Media Relations, the party considered the strike as a “savage attack that carries out the Zionist entity’s policy which aims at preventing any Arab and Muslim state from developing its technological and military capabilities.”“As Hezbollah firmly condemns the new Zionist attack against Syria, it sees that the assault blatantly uncovers the reality of what’s coming on in Syria since two years ago.”The party noted that the strike “discloses the criminal attempts aimed at negating Syria’s role in the resistance path, in a bid to pass the chapters of the conspiracy against Damascus and our Arab and Muslim people.”Hezbollah urged the international community along the Arab and Muslim countries to condemn the attack, but said “we were used to the silence of this community,” in front of such attacks, “especially when the Zionist entity is the attacker.”“As Hezbollah voices solidarity with Syria, its leadership, army and people, its stresses the importance of realizing the gravity that Syria is being targeted,” the statement said.The party also considered the raid “an opportunity for some sides to review their stances and adopt the dialogue as the only solution to stop the bloodshed” in Syria.
Israeli raid on Syria meant to ignite conflict desired by West: Tony Cartalucci
French, British, US warplanes and troops occupy Yemeni capital
As the UN Security Council continues its Yemen visit after holding a closed meeting with Yemeni and GCC - Gulf Cooperation Council - officials in Sana'a, the capital, residents woke up under foreign military occupation. - Keen to guarantee the safety of its state officials and ensure that no faction, group or individual will try to derail efforts being made in regards to moving Yemen transition of power forward, the United States of America, France and the United Kingdom took control between them of the sky and the ground.
Iran FM says mercenaries wreaking havoc on Syria
Iran Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi says foreign-backed “mercenaries” are spreading chaos in Syria. - “It is clear to everyone that those committing atrocities in Syria are mercenaries who have come from outside Syria and have been armed and are fighting against the Syrian government,” Salehi said Wednesday in a joint press conference with his Omani counterpart Yousef bin Alawi. “All power plants, silos, factories, institutes and organizations serving people have been destroyed by these terrorists,” the Iranian minister added. Salehi noted that people are the ones suffering from the problems caused by the the Syrian crisis in the past two years. “However, the [present] conditions are such that the people are currently standing against the mercenaries, and wherever the government retakes an area [from militants] the people support it themselves,” he said. The minister added that the “real opposition” in Syria is seeking a peaceful solution to the crisis in the country.
Stephen Lendman: Washington's War of Aggression on Syria - Israel partners with Washington's wars. It's been largely covertly involved against Syria. It's now blatantly overt. Since last weekend, Israeli warplanes violated Syrian airspace multiple times. They overflew the Beka Valley. They attacked a weapons storage facility. They struck a convoy allegedly en route to Lebanon. On Wednesday, they bombed a scientific research center near Damascus. These actions and similar ones are naked acts of aggression.
Army Command: Israeli Warplanes Violated Syrian Airspace and Bombarded Scientific Research Center in Damascus Countryside
The statement said that Israeli warplanes snuck from the north of Al-Sheikh Mountain, flying at a low altitude and below radars, heading to Jamraya in Damascus Countryside where a branch of a scientific research center is located and bombarded the location before sneaking away.The aggression resulted in considerable material damages and destruction to the building, in addition to a vehicular development center and a garage, martyring two workers and injuring five others.The statement stressed that the allegations of some media outlets that the Israeli warplanes targeted a convoy headed from Syria to Lebanon are baseless, with the General Command affirming that the Israeli warplane targeted a scientific research facility in blatant violation of Syrian sovereignty and airspace.The General Command said that it has become clear to everyone that Israel is the motivator, beneficiary and sometimes executor of the terrorist acts which target Syria and its resistant people, with some countries that support terrorism being accomplices in this, primarily Turkey and Qatar.The statement said that this blatant aggression adds up to Israel's long history of aggression and crime against Arabs and Muslim, putting forth this act of Israeli arrogance and grave transgression upon Syrian sovereignty before the international community.The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces concluded by affirming that such criminal acts will not weaken Syria and its role and will not dissuade
Syrians from continuing to support resistance movements and just Arab causes, primarily the Palestinian cause.

Jaber: Israeli aggression on Syria condemnation of Arab silence
Liberation and Development" bloc member, Deputy Yassine Jaber, considered the Israeli airstrikes on a military location in Syria was to target the Syrian national role and attack Arab dignity, condemning the Arab silence over the Israeli aggression against the Arab people. "Israel aims to increase tension in Syria and the entire Arab region," the MP stressed.
Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour condemned the Israeli air strike against a scientific research center inside Syria."The Israeli attack is considered a blatant aggression which we strongly denounce. This aggression confirms again the true course which Israel has been pursuing since 1948 up till this date. This aggression also represents a threat to the world peace and Arab security," the minister said.He stressed that Israel's de facto peace which Israel is trying to impose will not find its way in the region.Mansour called on the Arab countries to take a resolute stand to confront this aggression with all legitimate means.

US officials(ZIONISTS) told the New York Times on Wednesday that Israel notified the United States about an airstrike it carried out overnight Tuesday near the Lebanese-Syrian border.The officials said that they believed the target of the strike was a convoy carrying sophisticated anti-aircraft weaponry intended to reach Hezbollah forces in Lebanon. An unnamed Western official told the Wall Street Journal that the convoy was carrying sophisticated SA-17 anti-aircraft weapons.Israel has so far declined to comment on the strike. The Syrian Army issued a statement Wednesday accusing Israel of bombing a “scientific research center” in the Jamraya area just northwest of Damascus.

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A Whisper to a Roar screening at The National Archives (ed note:national archives at ziocons service) tonight, Jan 30th at 7:00 pm! Presented by the Charles Guggenheim Center for Documentary Film in partnership with theNational Endowment for Democracy. (cia front)Followed by panel and Q&A with film’s inspiration Larry Diamond, (TIED TO WORLD BANK,HOOVER(PRO WAR THINK TANK) AND CIA FRONT NED )  whose contributions to global (OVERTHROW OF) democracy(IES) advocacy inspired the film; filmmaker Ben Moses;(ed note;hes a Zionist Jew! 
 and the film’s Esraa Abdel Fattah [ed notes:she was the zionist ran us state dept tool in Egypt after mubarak wa soverthrown,by his handlers in washington)(they needed a new puppet a new face in order to stop the coming inevitable revolution to topple him)anyway backround on this tool...  Abdel Fattah  reappeared during the January 2011 nationwide protests in Egypt that called for the end of President Mubarak’s regime.  [[[[[[[[Not only was she active on the internet, but also on the ground, updating Al Jazeera TV with the latest news related to the opposition.]]]]]] [ed note:from being al jazeeras mouthpiece in Egypt,to a ziocon film in no time!!!  
Pix coming soon from the screening at the U.S. State Department, livestreamed for U.S. Embassies and Consulates around the world! The U.S. Department of State’s Open Forum and the Senior Advisor to the Secretary for Civil Society and Emerging Democracies hosted a screening of A Whisper to a Roar on January 29th. The hosts are also working in collaboration with over 25 US Embassies and Consulates around the world to host viewing parties with civil society leaders in their respective countries. The participating Embassies and Consulates are part of the Secretary’s Strategic Dialogue with Civil Society and will host their viewing parties as part of their mission-based working groups, which focus on engaging with civil society to further (ZIONIST RAN) U.S. foreign policy.
Five Steps the EU Can Take to Help Syria’s Recovery
A five-pronged strategy is needed to overcome these obstacles and set postconflict Syria on the path to recovery. And the European Union can play a central role in the efforts.First, the international community should focus on the human elements of the crisis: helping returnees reunite with their families, sheltering those whose homes have been destroyed, supplying vast amounts of basic commodities (mattresses, blankets, cookers, food) to those most in need, and helping with home repair and rebuilding. Specialized international agencies and NGOs should be mobilized alongside national NGOs.[ed notes:These aren't a gift mind you,these are actually money making schemes,where the torn and destroyed Syrian nation(if Assad is toppled),will be importing everything from commodities,and other goods,wich favour who else but the globalist/capitalists targetting Syria?theirs aims arent altruistic,but rather a lucrative enterprise,wich required the total collapse of the nation,in order to pursue and benefit those hes advocating for,the manufacturers who will make a killing in profits...Turn the situation and see it from another angle,for a second,Imagine if Russia or China started backing rebels,and subversive groups in any western nation,then these proxy groups,destroyed that  western nation,bankrupting it,sanctioning its,stealing its existing assets,then after devastation Russia or China started advocating going in after toppling that state govt,and promoting its economic interests to rebuild it?Can you imagine the outcry by western nations then?similarly though the latter scenario is hypothetical in nature,the reality is this is what west has done and plans to do to Syria!!!
The second element concerns the health and education systems. Hospitals, clinics, and schools need equipment, staff, and supplies to help in the recovery process. Most of the wounded have been treated in a summary way, and many are in need of secondary surgery, prosthetics, and rehabilitation. The need for psychological support is also immense, not least for the children. Here too, specialized international NGOs should be involved alongside the Syrian doctors and medics who have kept working under horrendous circumstances. [ed notes:the sad irony is that Syria had all these under Assad,had great and free healthcare,some of the regions best hospitals,now the imperial wolves seek to bring in their supplies,their own version of private healthcare,wich will reep millions at expense of who?Syrians!!!These criminal anglo american establishments(like carnegie) proposing these agendas and policies are the ones who will sow the seeds they planted thru organized collapse of Syrian state..they will get the contracts,and their corporate sponsors will get the billions in reconstruction(much of wich will go missing just like in Iraq),or did you think the zionist sponsored rebels built hospitals?and schools?no! they destroyed them purposely,and unashamedly documented themselves doing it in process in their own videos!!!
Third, the country’s struggling infrastructure needs to be restored. Roads, sanitation, energy, telecommunications, and water supply facilities have been devastated. In addition, a massive cleanup of military ordnance and equipment as well as civilian scrap vehicles is required. Not least, chemical weapons stocks should be secured and destroyed under international agreement and supervision. This will probably call for a combination of military and civilian expertise. [ed note;do people understand or grasp the value of the money (wich will be paid with interest of course) from gaining the rebuilding devastated Syrian nation?communications will be ran by zionists!!!energy will be ran by the worlds top energy corporations ( in west!),and the restructuring of Syrias military?the same militaries wich brougth us the Iraq and Afghanistan wars,you imbecils!(those clueless leftists in west still supporting the rebels).
The fourth aspect involves restarting the Syrian economy and restoring agricultural, industrial, and trade activities. The proper incentives and self-help schemes should be put in place, while fair and equitable access to funding should be ensured.  [ed notes:You think syrias rebels, if Assad is toppled,would get control of Syrias agricultural and trade policies?No,those will be managed by those who give them the loan packages...IMF,WORLD BANK,MONSANTO etc..rebels have no clue how to run or manage a country,(whos economy is now shattered thanks to them and their allies)they like Egypt,Tunisia, will fall into western conformity and will open up every sector of economy to the international globalists!
The fifth element is related to governance and is probably the most difficult component of the strategy. The focus should be on assisting local and national administrations to reorganize and resume the management of public services. Reinserting civil servants, the police, and the military into society will be an extremely delicate task. Getting the civil registry right (that is, counting the deceased), transitional justice efforts, public-assets recovery, and combating corruption should be high on the agenda.[ ed notes:The E.U. managing Syrias public services? lol imagine that,a body of govt's wich are now bankrupt and cutting their own citizens every social service and pensions,administering Syrias public services..''SIGH''
None of this will be easy, as past experience in postconflict management shows. The UN system will probably take the lead, experts will pile up evaluations and diagnoses, NGOs will compete for visibility, and individual countries will want to show leadership. The new Syrian government, whatever its composition, will have to rely in part on structures held over from the previous regime that are by now largely discredited. Of course, the various components of the National Coalition, not least the commanders of the Free Syrian Army, will also struggle for their share of responsibility in the reconstruction process. Ideological battles will not be far under the surface. Indeed, the road will be fraught with dangers.
It is too early to envisage the kind of international framework under which such massive efforts will be planned, agreed, funded, implemented, and supervised. But some sort of UN-sponsored agreement with the new authorities will be required in order to ensure full acceptance by the Syrian people and the international community. Individual Arab states, such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, may want to play a major financial role, while international agencies such as the World Bank will also naturally have a central part.  [ed note;Told yaaaaa!What ,(dumb leftists backing rebels)did you think for a second,that the rebels had the financial means to run Syria after?No,you mental midgets,they are but pawns,used to bring about the end result,wich is favours those who have the means to organize and restructure the nation(the international corporations and criminal banking cartels),who's model for Syria,can be seen in Afghanistan,and Iraq!You frauds who back rebels,you are guilty,and your naivety,dishonesty,and support for these rebels ,facilitated the whole zio western project in works(if it succeeds,hasnt yet).
European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, with Commissioner for Development Andris Piebalgs and Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy Štefan Füle, should and come up with a clear blueprint of what the EU can offer. Their initiative should focus on the five-pronged strategy: alleviating human suffering, rebuilding Syria’s health and education systems, repairing infrastructure, bolstering the economy, and addressing issues of governance. By so doing now, the European Commission will be fully ready when the time comes to extend, on behalf of the EU, a helping hand to the Syrian people. It is not too early to signal publicly to the desperate Syrian people that the EU is ready to help them stand on their own feet. [ed notes;question : when a nations infrastructure is almost collapsed due to war,where do you silly imbecil fake leftists imagine,the reconstruction money wich will have to be borrowed will come from?the imaginary loan fairys?it will come from the most criminal corrupt leading world lending institutions you mindless drones,again ,''THE WORLDS MOST CRIMINAL ,CORRUPT WORLD LENDING INSTITUTIONS! Any so called leftist backing western intervention or rebels in Syria,are undoubtedly usefull idiots and tools,and these make me sick. Fake revolutionaries,you arent even qualified to discuss these issues,if you were, i wouldnt have to be here stating the obvious,wasting my time now would i?

High Court hears of Iraqi girl shot dead by British
Paul Cheston, Evening Standard, Jan 29 2013Shocking allegations of killings, torture and abuse of Iraqi civilians by British troops and interrogators were revealed in the High Court today. Lawyers for nearly 200 Iraqis are fighting for a judge-led inquiry into what they describe as five years of systematic abuse. The allegations involve killings and torture at British-controlled detention centres between Mar 2003 and Dec 2008. The court heard of an eight-year-old girl shot dead as she played in a street with her friends in daylight. A man was also shot dead as he queued for petrol, a teacher was hooded and abused in front of his son and his subsequent death was officially described as “natural causes” and there were a number of drownings. Michael Fordham QC, representing the Iraqis, told the court:We are saying enough is enough and there must be a public inquiry in relation to the credible and prima facie cases of human rights violations perpetrated by the British military in Iraq.The case comes one year after the damning report by a judge after a public inquiry into the death of Iraqi civilian Baha Mousa at the hands of British forces. The Ministry of Defence has made 200 settlements with alleged victims, costing £15m. Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has announced plans to investigate claims through the Iraq Historic Allegations Team. The hearing is expected to last for three days with judgment then reserved. The case continues.
Russia today announced further curbs on (SUBVERSIVE)civil society groups, as a leading
(PUNDIT TOOL)  analyst recommends “information warfare” as the most effective response to the Kremlin’s growing authoritarianism at home and abroad.
[ed note:information warfare,meaning psychological disinformation and vicious attacks) “Russia’s Justice Ministry is proposing legislation to extend rules on surprise governmental inspections of nongovernmental organizations having ‘foreign agent’ status to the rest of Russian NGOs,” Interfax reportsThe reasons for a “foreign agent” to undergo an unannounced inspection include a report from a private individual, government agency or media group that there are indications of extremism in its activities, an allegation by a government agency that the NGO has committed any other offense, or a decision of the president or government to have the organization checked.The law that makes it binding on foreign-financed Russian NGOs engaging in politics to register as “foreign agents” came into force on November 21, 2012. Some of Russia’s (foreign funded organisms,aiming to destabilize nation)  NGOs, including the Moscow Helsinki Group, Memorial, Golos, Civil Support and For Human Rights, declared they would boycott the law.The ruling elite exhibits “suspicion verging on paranoia about Western capabilities and intentions,” Lucas writes in Rethinking Russia: The Paradox of Paranoia, a new report for the Center for European Policy Analysis. [ed notes:edward lucas is a zionist agent,and center for european policy analysis is a ziocon think tank ran by zionist jews 
The Moscow Helsinki Group, Memorial, Golos, and For Human Rights are supported by the National Endowment for Democracy.(cia front)
[ed note:the fraud edward lucas is also tied to henry jackson society,a brittish israhell think tank wich promotes endless wars for the apartheid zionist state and its expansionist policies.. [[[[[HJS EventDeception: Spies, Lies and How Russia Dupes The West, 17 April 2012.]]]]] (no need to read it,its all propaganda aimed at russia from the israhelli intelligence front,the HJS ziocons... 
Mossad’s Pakistani agent arrested in Lahore
Coming hot on the heals of a Mossad spy being arrested in Lebanon who had been providing information to the Zionists for decades, a Pakistani recruited by Mossad has also been arrested in Lahore. While the arrest took place several weeks ago, details have just emerged. The Pakistani was recruited during his incarceration in Guantanamo Bay where he was held for two and a half years. The fact that he was recruited by the Israeli spy agency Mossad reflects the deep links between the US and its Zionist ally. Guantanamo Bay (or Gitmo in regular parlance) is an illegal blackhole run by the US on a Cuban island illegally occupied by the US.Subjected to torture during which he was offered a deal to work for Mossad in return for early release and huge rewards, the culprit agreed. Under interrogation, he revealed that from Gitmo he was sent to Spin Boldak in Afghanistan that is close to the Pakistani border. A purpose-built centre at Raazik Panchheeri serves as a base for training. This centre is used for training militants that are launched against Pakistan. Raazik Panchcheeri is the hometown of Qandahar spy chief who harbours special grudge against Pakistan even though such people frequently use Pakistan for their families’ treatment, visits and other activities. Think of biting the hand that feeds you!Recruits are provided training in acts of terrorism such as making and planting bombs, identifying key individuals and secretly passing information to his handlers in Israel. He was unleashed on Pakistan after his training in Afghanistan. The fact that he operated for so many years without being detected is cause for concern. For nearly a decade, Pakistan has been engulfed in terrorist and suicide bombing campaigns that has killed thousands of people.The Afghan terrorist training camp is under the direct supervision of the Indian Consulate in Qandahar. India has opened numerous consulates in almost all Afghan cities bordering Pakistan even though there are few Indians living there. It is widely known that these consulates serve as spying centres as well as training terrorists to be used against Pakistan. There is a close nexus between the Indians and the Israeli Mossad. Both are involved in training terrorists against Pakistan inside camps in Afghanistan. According to sources, there are at least 250 Pakistanis, most of them from Baluchistan that are receiving training in this camp.The arrest of Mossad’s Pakistani spy, whose name has not been released, is a blow to Israeli attempts to destabilise Pakistan. Their Pakistani spy is 40 years old and holds a Masters degree in Information Technology. It is also revealing that he was arrested from the Defence Housing Society in Lahore, an upscale locality of Lahore, a few weeks ago. As the name suggests, Defence Housing Societies have a large number of retired military officers residing there. They have close contact with colleagues that are still in service. The presence of a Mossad spy living in such a locality clearly has much broader security implications.According to Pakistani security personnel, the Mossad spy put up violent resistance to his arrest but was finally subdued. A large cache of weapons, maps of sensitive installations and a laptop were recovered from his possession. A search of his laptop revealed a treasure trove of information, just as vast amounts of information was retrieve from Raymond Davis’s cell phone after his capture in Lahore in January 2011. Davis was a CIA operative working under cover as US Consulate contractor in Lahore. Unfortunately he was allowed to go scot free under American pressure by the cowardly Pakistani rulers. Mossad’s spy will not be able to get away so easily, especially since he is a Pakistani citizen.The Mossad spy was in touch with people in Israel on a regular basis via email. He had shared details of many sensitive installations with his handler who was in Jerusalem. His inbox was full of emails from IP addresses traced to Jerusalem.Under interrogation, he admitted to his involvement in the attack on a Pakistan Army camp in Gujrat city on July 9, 2011. He also admitted to being involved in the killing of KPK jail police in Icchra, Lahore on July 12, 2011. When asked how many Pakistani security personnel he had killed, the Mossad spy confessed to killing more than 200.As a highly qualified IT professional, the Mossad spy also admitted that he had recruited other Pakistani professionals with promises of huge amounts of cash and other rewards on behalf of Mossad. All members in his circle were well-educated people who willing sold their souls to the Zionists and Hindus for a fistful of dollars. As a result of his confession and information, most of them have been arrested. It came as no surprise when he admitted that a robust network of Mossad spies is operational throughout Pakistan. This network worked on many high-level terrorist plans in connivance with the Indian intelligence agency, RAW.The Mossad-RAW nexus has been well known for decades. The Zionists are working in tandem with the Indians in Kashmir against the people there. Now Zionist tentacles have spread into most parts of Pakistan as well. The restive province of Baluchistan is their particular target because of its strategic location. The Mossad-RAW trained terrorists use the area around Pashin to move to and from Pakistan. Pashin lies in a strategic triangle bordering Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. In that area, Mossad-RAW agents can target both Iran and Pakistan. The American CIA is also active against both countries.[ed notes:also see... US Court Convicts Pak-American DEA Agent David - thenakedfacts

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Idle No More Global Day of Action Jan 28, 2013 Photos
International Treaty to Protect the Sacred from Tar Sands Projects
Zapatistas Marcos Part 5 'Them and Us'
US Marines and the Drug War in Guatemala
Nineth Montenegro, the second vice president of Guatemala’s congress, told Toward Freedom she found out about the operations through reports in the newspaper.
“There was no discussion in congress. It was an agreement [made by the executive] that the President approved,” said Montenegro. “Some here think there was a violation, because legislative power is independent and it is the only [power] which can authorize the arrival of troops or military or support. It never went to congress.”
One of the documents referenced in the agreement was signed by Castillo Armas, a military dictator who took power after the US backed coup against President Jacobo Arbenz in 1954.Such references make it clear that the legal elements permitting present day US military engagement in Guatemala were created in the wake of the coup in 1954, and have been maintained ever since.The day after they received the request from the US Embassy, the Guatemalan government responded in the affirmative. Toward Freedomobtained the exchange of notes between the US and Guatemala which legalized the presence of US troops and private security contractors hired by the US Department of Defense in Guatemala for 120 days, beginning July 17th. [11]The agreement allows US personnel to carry arms, to import and export goods without inspection or taxation by the Guatemalan government, to freely transit into, out of, and throughout the country without interference by the Guatemalan government, and to make free and unlimited use of radiofrequencies.[12] US soldiers and contractors are granted immunity from prosecution in Guatemala should injury or death of civilians or military personnel result from the operation.
[ed notes;click link for whole expose,just citing few paragraphs,then also see my other post on same issue from yesterday(probably on second page of my blog by now)
The U.S. secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, said its country must help strengthen security in the new Arab democracies as it did in Colombia makes "15 or 20 years" with results "obvious".(ed notes:millions displaced,and mass crimes against humanity) At a hearing in the House on the attack of September 11 the U.S. consulate inBenghazi (Libya), Clinton put Colombia as an example to argue that it is necessary to provide funding for security assistance in countries lived revolts Arab Spring."These terrorists, these extremists not only threaten us in the West, also threaten the stability and future of these governments. So we have to help them like we helped Colombia for years," he said."15 or 20 years ago, Colombia was in a very difficult state. Had an insurgency, a drug cartel that basically controlled territories. U.S. got involved, working with the Colombians, and I think the progress is obvious to all. [ed notes:The role of united states in Colombia is to put it mildly,a gross chronology of  war crimes,genocide,plunder,and outright colonialism..    The foreign minister, who will leave in the coming weeks in charge, said that the U.S. "does the job alone, but collaborates with governments that are willing to help them acquire the ability to protect its citizens."In the case of Libya, whose safety depended cooperation consulate suffered the attack that killed four Americans,Clinton acknowledged that the authorities "were ready, but they had lacked the ability" to protect diplomats.In addition to supporting these governments, considered, America must "do a better job of conveying an idea contrary to the narrative extremist jihadists"."We have abdicated in the area of television broadcasting. We have private channels, but we are doing what we did in the Cold War to convey a message to the world," he said."We are abdicating on ideological grounds, and we have to return to it. We have the best value, the best narrative, which advocates a good and decent life, and we are letting the jihadist narrative fills a void. We have to come back and compete with it, "she said.Clinton's intervention succeeded other testimony at a Senate committee this morning, where he admitted that there were "deficiencies" in the attack on the consulate in Benghazi and took responsibility for the same[ed notes:First war criminal (zionist jew) wolfowitz suggested colombian model for afghanistan(he was architect of zionist afghan war  for israhell of course),now this whore of babylon killary wants the plan colombia model for the new puppet so called democracies in arab world''sigh'' not surpised after all plan colombia was clintons project(with neocon support of course).who wouldnt wnat this model after all?see..   Plan Colombia Aid and the Paramilitaries | the narcosphere Plan Colombia Plan Colombia - Genocide and Destabilizing South America  Z Blogs | UK Guardian somehow overlooks genocide in Colombia  Paul Wellstone on Plan Colombia - A-Infos Radio Project US Plan Colombia, a tale of genocide perpetrated by US ... ZCommunications | Plan Colombia by Tim Rogers | ZMagazine Article FIGHT PRIVATISATION! FIGHT PLAN COLOMBIA!

Plan Colombia's hidden agenda - 3/3 - YouTube
[ed notes;go to my colombia section and go thru my archives..for the real horror show sponsored by united states..


YPG Counters FSA Propaganda
About Serê Kanîyê/Ras al-Ayn
Was Fordo a Hoax? If So, Why?
 We have so few sources and contacts there, and both sides are doing such a poor job of communicating with each other, that a netherworld of rumor, fakery and shadowy figures like Reza Khalili can prosper. It allows intelligence agencies like the Mossad and others to exploit ignorance and information vacuums to create fictional narratives that advance Israeli interests. It also indicates how faulty may be the intelligence on which both sides make their judgments about policy. At any rate, all this means journalists have to exercise extra care and not be hurried into decisions that may reflect poorly afterward. But of course if we don’t at times take risks, then we may not report a story that is important for the world to know.It’s important to take credit when you get a story right and to acknowledge when you got it wrong. It appears the latter was likely the case with this story. The only thing to do in such a situation is to admit the possibility of error and move on.One final note: this should hammer a nail in the coffin of Reza Khalili, WND and Hamidezra Zakeri, who initiated this hoax by being the first to report it. UPDATE: Now, an Iranian monarchist comes out of the wood work to try to revive the story with this report.