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Monday, August 22, 2011


Venezuela Says U.S. Lacks “Moral Authority” to Judge Antiterrorism Efforts

This Friday the Venezuelan government formally “rejected” a U.S. State Department antiterrorism report issued a day earlier, describing the document as “plagued with false affirmations, political preconceptions, and veiled threats.” In a press release issued today, Venezuela’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the U.S. government seeks “to impose, by way of intimidation, its international policy of disregard and domination” and that the ongoing “refuge and protection” provided by the United Stated to confessed terrorist Luis Posada Carriles negated all “moral authority” in the U.S.’s so-called War on Terrorism.

The U.S. Country Reports on Terrorism 2010, issued on 18 August 2011, states that the U.S. State Department is “concerned about Hezballah’s fundraising activities in Venezuela,” and declares that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is continuing “to strengthen Venezuela’s relationship with state sponsor of terrorism Iran”. The report also claims that 2010 was another year in which Venezuela “was not cooperating fully with U.S. antiterrorism efforts.”

Egyptian TV bans parts of show parodizing former regime officials

Egypt’s state-run TV has refused to air parts of a sitcom that parodize officials from the regime of former President Hosni Mubarak, Al-Ahram newspaper’s website said.The move seems to revive practices by the old regime against media productions critical of its rule.Some episodes of “Al-Tayyara al-Shaqiya” (The Naughty Plane), currently screened by state-run Nile Comedy, includes humorous criticism of former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly and the former National Democratic Party official Ahmed Ezz.

Censorship authorities also refused to air an episode featuring a character that closely resembles former Shura Council speaker Safwat al-Sherif.The newspaper said the show did not explicitly refer to those characters by their real names, but rather relied on the sharp resemblance.Director Mohamed Gamal told the newspaper that censorship officials asked him to replace the episodes

Seeds and Oil: Media complicit in crimes against humanity

The media is pimping for the oil and gas industry in Montana and North Dakota and covering up the Navajo commercial farm's use of genetically-modified Monsanto seeds. The media is complicit in crimes against humanity.The Navajo Nation's commercial farm, Navajo Agricultural Products Industries near Farmington, N.M., is still using Monsanto seeds and even promoting these seeds on its website. It is the same farm that has a Raytheon Missiles factory on its farmland, a story censored by Indian Country Today. The corn grown at NAPI is used in commercial products such as potato chips.

All over the world Indigenous Peoples have banned and burned Monsanto seeds, but the Navajo farm still promotes these seeds. On its website, NAPI says, "We purchase our seed from Pioneer Seed Company, Syngenta Inc., and Monsanto, companies producing the best quality genetic hybrid corn seed on the market today."However, Indigenous Peoples around the world know that the Monsanto seeds will destroy their traditional crops in the region through cross-pollination and destroy the health of people eating foods made from these genetically-modified seeds.

Mayans in Chiapas and Guatemala have taken a strong stance against Monsanto's genetically-modified seeds. Mayan ceremonial leaders are urging Indigenous Peoples to use, and save, their traditional seeds because of what the future holds for humanity.From India to Hungary and Haiti, farmers are building bonfires and burning Monsanto seeds. As for Raytheon Missiles on the Navajo farm land, the Navajo Nation Council has continued to promote Raytheon Missiles on the farm. This information was censored by Indian Country Today, while I was a staff writer there. In fact, the ICT executive editor told me not to even research the topic. The media is also now cheerleading for the deadly oil and gas industry.

COLOMBIA- VIDEO- Campesinos exigen derecho a la paz

Tres líderes compesinos hablaron con con Notimundo en el marco del Encuentro nacional de comunidades campesinas, afrodescendientes e indígenas por la tierra y la paz, realizado con gran éxito en Barrancabermeja, Santander los pasos 12 al 14 de agosto de 2011.

Video: Victims of Forced Evictions Interviewed, Plus Press Release: 100 days into Michel Martelly’s pres­idency: Survey reveals government’s closure of camps con­flicts with durable housing solutions proposed in housing plan’s-pres­i­dency-sur­vey-reveals-government’s-clo­sure-of-camps-c/

Venezuelan opposition and CIA linked, Navarro asserted

Venezuelan parliamentarian Hector Navarro emphasized this Friday that the opposition in the country grouped in the political party Unity Table and US intelligence organs are linked.Navarro said that it brought his attention the simultaneity and same content with which the former US Assistant Secretary of State Roger Noriega and some representatives of the local opposition issued statements on the measure adopted by the Venezuelan Government about the repatriation of gold reserves.“There is a link between them [opposition] and the CIA,” he added.

The National Assembly held an extraordinary session on Wednesday to debate over the repatriation of gold reserves, valued in 11 billion dollars.“We"d like more content in the debate from the right-wing,” who added that only 28 opposition parliamentarians attended the debate, out of 65.He explained that there are many conflicts within the Unity Table, “mainly for power.” Desperate empire

The socialist parliamentarian underscored that the empire entered “a phase of desperation” due to the serious economic difficulties as a consequence of the world financial crisis. Said situation represents a threat not just for Venezuela, but the entire region, because of the enormous natural wealths in South America. “They (the US) have oil reserves for few years, we have reserves for centuries. That results very attractive to them. We must be on the alert,” Navarro added.

NICARAGUA : towards the common good - ALBA - democracy and solidarity

This video explores how ALBA has helped Nicaragua's Sandinista government balance the imperative of promoting trade and employment with the need to protect and help the most vulnerable sectors of the population. The solid economic and social coherence of the Bolivarian Alliance of the peoples of the Americas can be seen here in a concrete way along with its deep moral integrity. With ALBA, the democratization of the country's economy has brought new dynamism to its trade and increased employment. At the same time, the solidarity driven commitment to guarantee fundamental rights to the most vulnerable has restored those rights to hundreds of thousands of people who had been abandoned during 16 years of neoliberal governments.

[ALSO SEE...At Work for John Negroponte? Noam Chomsky, Brian Wilson and Tom Hayden and their fellow signatories have helped the Bush regime recoup lost ground for unjust US and European militarist corporate domination in Latin America which they will bequeath to whichever US plutocrat dauphin is anointed in November.

Colombia Spent U.S. Anti-Drug Aid Hiding Political Ties to Drug Trade

The U.S.-funded counterinsurgency campaign against a Marxist rebel group in Colombia was viewed as so successful that it has become a model for strategy in Afghanistan. But things were not what they seemed: the Washington Post reports that U.S. ally and former president Alvaro Uribe has been implicated in "egregious abuses of power and illegal actions," involving U.S. aid an "possibly U.S. officials" -- all under the cover of fighting drug trafficking. American cash, equipment, and training were sent to Colombia to help break up cocaine-smugglers, but were actually used "to carry out spying operations and smear campaigns against Supreme Court justices

(NATO)National Association of Terror OperationsBy Azartush Najjarian

The trend of NATO interventions involves military forces from wealthy parts of the world fighting with unimaginative-military advantages with regards to weaponry against impoverished groups in the third world. Humanitarian reasons have been used as the primary justifications in most all of these intervention wars led by NATO. The original twelve members of NATO in 1949 were the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Some of states were the major ex-colonial powers such as the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, France, Denmark and the US.

After the masses are programmed to commit to the protocols the elite wish to impose, the chaos begins. Propaganda is the tool of indoctrination and it goes back to psychological programming as we have discussed before, which is also synonymous with synthetic realities. Synthetic realities could be defined as the intentional manipulation and distortion of what we perceive to be true in order to achieve a particular aim or goal. In essence it is the annihilation of compassion, rationale, logic, and sympathy. It works to rape and distort human beings from their humanity and mutual desire to assist each other.

UK govt openly backs Zionist funded EDL

Analysts have voiced their concerns over British government's miscarriage of justice, sentencing a boy for stealing a bottle of water to six months imprisonment, but gave away an EDL thug attacking a mosque with £ 200. British government has taken one more step in favor of Zionist funded English Defence League (EDL) by passing very light sentences on its members who overtly shouted “we'll burn your mosques.”During last week's massive unrests across England, thousands of people were arrested and appeared in courts and received harsh sentences even on minor crimes, since the cabinet ministers reportedly violated the judiciary's independence.

Following the widespread unrests in England, two men were sentenced to four years in prison for inciting riots on Facebook and one man was sentenced to 18 months for having a stolen TV in his car.Claiming to be independent, UK Judiciary system has been imposing tough sentences against protesters to prevent them from further anti-government demonstrations in the country.Frank Fernie, a 20-year-old student at York College, has been given a 12-month sentence for throwing two placard sticks at police in Piccadilly on the anti-cuts strikes on March 26.

Charlie Gilmour, son of the Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, recieved 16 months for hanging off a flag at the cenotaph, sitting on a car and throwing a bin at a convoy of cars taking Prince Charles to the theatre during a student protest last year.However, Andrew Ossit, the supporter of the extreme right-wing group, appeared at Calderdale Magistrates' Court for an act of religious aggravation and got away with a £100 fine along with £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.Several British unions and activists have many times expressed their surprise over the support government is giving to the anti-Islam group, and urged Prime Minister to ban the EDL rallies across Britain because violence erupted in their protests.

Analysts also insisted that David Cameron has obviously failed to notice that Norway terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, who caused deaths and injuries to many Norwegian people, confirmed having links with EDL leaders.Since the formation of racist group EDL in 2009, UK leading unions have accused the government of failing to clamp down on extreme, right wing, and fundamentalist group that staged several anti-Muslim demonstrations shouting against spread of Islam and Muslim communities in Britain.


At least 125 people were confirmed dead on Sunday as sectional fighting continued between two feuding tribes in Jonglei state, officials said.60 others perished in fighting between the army a militia group in Upper Nile state on Saturday, according to the army spokesman.The Caretaker Justice Minister, John Luk Jok, said 125 bodies were found dead in Uror County, Jonglei state since the fighting broke out on Thursday.The Murle of Pibor in the same state attacked the area on Thursday morning, he said.

He said eight villages were devastated in the fighting, and that some children were amputated by the attacking tribesmen.The wounded were being evacuated by the Medicines Sans Frontiers.Over 2000 heads of cattle were stolen and several others were wounded in the process, according to the state Governor, KuolManyang Juuk.The Lou-Nuer of Uror and the Murle have longstanding conflicts over cattle and grazing land and have been engaged in reprisals since North-South war ended in a 2005 Naivasha Peace deal.

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BREAKING NEWS. VIDEO. "Massive Atrocious Criminal Bombings" by NATO

Feminism, Colonialism and Islamophobia Treacherous Sympathy with Muslim Women

Ever since the attacks of 9/11, feminists in the West have increasingly used the theme of the oppression of women in Islam as justification for war and domination. This strategy of using this rhetoric of "saving the women" in the name of "civilization" is an old ploy used many times in the past by Western imperialists, writes Leila Ahmed

Kurdish pawns bind Turkish rook

Turkey has trained its eyes homeward with air strikes on Kurdish insurgents inside Iraq just as Saudi Arabia was hoping for its help in Syria. The probability of a robust Turkish intervention in Syria almost certainly diminishes with the Turks tied up in the Kurdish regions, and Ankara has to put aside its aspirations to reclaim its Ottoman legacy

49 Nano-Based Products in Iran Receive Nano Scale Confirmation

49 products in the field of nanotechnology in Iran have so far been granted the scale confirmation from the Nano Scale Station of Corridor of Technology Services to Market, Iran’s Nanotechnology Initiative Council announced on Saturday. According to Qassem Jaffari, the head of companies’ affairs in the Corridor of Technology to Market Services, 139 files have so far been issued for the companies in the Nano Scale Station of the Corridor. 184 products produced by those companies have requested to obtain the nano scale confirmation in a bid to receive the Corridor’s support.

“After the investigation carried out by the Nano Scale Station, 49 products out of 184 succeeded in obtaining the nano scale confirmation,” he added. “Those companies and their products will enter the next path in the corridor after obtaining the confirmation. In the next path, they will receive various services for technology development, and they will move towards the commercialization of their products,” Jaffari stated. Being the first station in the Corridor, Nano Scale Station is in charge of evaluating and assessing the scale of materials and the products of companies. In case the nanoscale of the materials is proven, the Station will issue the confirmation for the industrial products.

The Corridor of Technology to Market Services is a section that has been established by Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council in order to discover, organize, and complete the missing links in the field of the commercialization of nanotechnology products. The structure of this section consists of 16 stations, and it provides the knowledge-based companies with the required technology development services in order to facilitate the commercialization process.

Lebanese authority reject Intl Tribunal claims on Hezbullah members

The head of the administrative board of Muslim Scholars assembly, Sheikh Hassan Abdullah during the assembly iftar has ruled out International Tribunal held to grill some members of the Hezbullah Islamic Movement. Abdullah said “We confirm our initial premise of the Islamic ruling so we do not agree with the International Tribunal, what increases in our commitment in this stand is the politicization of the court as proved the documents, its head is a person loyal and loving to the Zionists, and , between its investigators officers from the contaminated hands with the blood of our children, that does not make us surprised if this court to take care of presumptions declared by Mr. Hassan Nasrallah about the involvement of the Zionist entity to the crime ,

which affected the martyr President Rafik Hariri, but we discovered that this court relied on the Mossad in the fabrication of charges and then sent computers to the Zionist entity to be dealing with the contents”.He considered that “the goal of the International Tribunal is a continuation of 1559 and the war in July 2006, which is trying by the United States to undermine the Islamic resistance, and we say to her that the plot will not pass through the awareness of the Lebanese and will fail as failed past plots“.

He noted that “the weapons of the resistance is the only one through which we can preserve our nation and our sovereignty, which is the only deterrent to Israel about breaching of Lebanese sovereignty, and the need for this weapon is confirmed today after the attempt to control our oil wealth, and called on “all parties to deal with this issue from of national interest, not through malicious political and partisan interests“.

He stressed “the need not to endanger the Lebanese-Syrian relations to any setback,” pointing to the importance of “taking the necessary steps, so as not to turn Lebanon into a tool to isolate Syria, but we emphasize the need for fateful Syrian-Lebanese cohesion ,” saying “by some of smuggling weapons to Syria or exposure to the security of the Syrian and assaults, will not be in the interest of Lebanon, and is therefore a departure from the text of the Taif Agreement and other agreements signed between Lebanon and Syria.”

BBC Admits Role in 1953 Iranian Coup

'The coup overthrew the government of the then Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh leading to the restoration of absolute monarchy under dictator Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi who was later toppled in the Islamic Revolution in 1979.In a documentary aired on August 18 on the anniversary of the coup, BBC Persian channel admitted for the first time to the role of the BBC Persian radio as the propaganda arm of the British government in Iran.After repeated denials of the BBC Persian radio's role in helping London oust Mosaddegh, the program entitled Cinematograph detailed how the radio network broadcast anti- Mosaddegh programs to undermine his government.'

Exclusive: Staging of Major Terror Attack on US Evident

'Plans are afoot to push the United States into an attack on Iran. Anyone knowing the political atmosphere would believe this impossible unless something really terrible were to happen.No nation on earth, we should believe, would ever stage such an event, dirty bomb or even full scale nuclear attack, as nothing less than that could push Americans to war, not an America very skeptical of 9/11 and its aftermath.'

Eretz Yisrael: Lawless, Corrupt and Dysfunctional by Stephen Lendman

What do you call a country that persecutes occupied people and one-fifth of its own population for not being Jewish? An illegal occupier for over 44 years, suffocating over 1.6 million Gazans under siege! A nation practicing torture, persecution, and racism as official policies! A modern day Sparta, glorifying wars and violence!

A country spurning rule of law principles! An unparalleled regional state terrorist! A nuclear armed global threat! A society of extreme social inequality! A nation with no legitimacy for all of the above reasons, besides having stolen another people’s nation violently!It’s called Eretz Yisrael – Israel, a nation where thousands of fed up Jews vote with their feet and leave regularly. Like America, Israel isn’t fit to live in. One day perhaps that will be its epitaph

State Department takes control of spying in Iraq

Having already spent heavily on security contractors to protect diplomats, the State Department has now taken over a $230 million contract from the U.S. Army for L-3 Communications to conduct intelligence gathering in Iraq. The transfer was brought about because the U.S. plans to withdraw the rest of its military personnel by the end of December. With that reality in mind, Washington decided the State Department should take point in protecting American interests in Iraq going forward.

It is unknown what exactly the company will do for the government, because Washington is refusing to divulge the details of the contract. All that’s been released publicly is that L-3 will “assist in all aspect of intelligence support activities in order to provide timely and actionable intelligence information,” according to The Washington Post.

The contract, which expires in May 2012, was not opened to rebidding when oversight was transferred from the Army to the State Department. Officials said to do so would cause delays.In taking over watch of the L-3 work, the State Department will not be paying the company. Instead, the Army will finish paying off the contract.

Turkey’s double-standard policy on Syria

The Turkish military’s recent massive attacks on Kurdish separatists have raised the question of why Turkey is criticizing the Syrian government for its crackdown on armed terrorists.In response to PKK terrorist attacks in which several militants were killed, the Turkish armed forces have conducted extensive operations against PKK bases in southern Turkey and northern Iraq over the past month.Over twelve PKK commanders have been captured during 24 operations conducted in the Kurdish regions.

According to the Turkish security forces and Turkey’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, a number of people have been killed and many others injured in the recent operations.Hundreds of tons of ammunition and bombs have been used by the Turkish military in the recent crackdown on the Kurds.

So how can Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticize the Syrian government for attacking armed terrorist groups while Turkey is conducting such massive operations in response to a few attacks by some PKK insurgents? No one can deny that the Turkish government has the right to protect its territorial integrity. However, the Turkish government does not seem to recognize such a right for other neighboring countries like Syria.

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Al-Assad: We’ll Not Bow, Military Action against Syria Much Bigger than West’s Ability

Underestimating US and Western calls for his fall as "worthless", Syrian President Bashar al-Assad described them as coming from "countries that are committing massacres."In an interview with Syrian Television, al-Assad pointed out that "such remarks should not be made about a president who was chosen by the Syrian people and who was not put in office by the West, a president who was not made in the United States."The Syrian president warned that "any military action against Syria will have repercussions that will be much bigger than the West's ability to endure."

"When they speak of reforms, Western colonialist countries mean that we must give them everything they want, that we abandon resistance, that we abandon our rights ... They shouldn't even dream of it ... We will not bow.""They expected that Syria would fall within weeks, but the Syrian people safeguarded Syria. Gunmen have intensified their operations, especially throughout last week, but I'm not worried about the security situation," al-Assad assured."Security authorities must confront any security problems in the country and this is the state's duty," he stressed.

On the Syrian leadership's security dealing with the latest events, President al-Assad said noted that "there is nothing called the security solution or the security alternative. There is only the political solution.""We are at a transitional stage and we will follow up on the laws...there will be elections and a review of the constitution. The most important thing at this stage is to continue dialogue," he added stressing that "It is unquestionable that there will be a review of the constitution whether the target is Article 8 or the other political items."As for the elections of the People's Assembly, the Syrian President declared that "the purpose is to allow a chance for the parties to be formed and be able to compete...the time expected for conducting the People's Assembly elections is by next February."

Democrats Accuse Obama of Waging War Because Of Oil

Democratic Congressman Markey of Massachusetts accuses Obama of waging war in the Middle East because of oil

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Judiciary Official Underlines Mossad's Role in Assassination of Iran's N. Scientist

Tehran's Public and Revolutionary Courts Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi announced on Sunday that the terrorist behind the last year assassination of Iran's nuclear scientist Masoud Ali Mohammadi had been trained in Mossad's military bases. "The suspect in this case, named Ali Jamali Fashi, had traveled to Israel several times and had received the necessary trainings for the assassination in Mossad's bases," Jafari Dolatabadi said on Sunday. He also stated that Jamali Fashi had received $120,000 from the Zionist regime to carry out the assassination and then returned to Iran.

Iran Preparing to Try Terrorist behind N. Scientist's Assassination

"The criminal will be tried on Tuesday," Jafari Dolatabadi said in a press conference here in Tehran today.

Lebanon Blocks UN statement Naming Eilat’s Operation ’’Terrorism’’

Lebanon, which is currently a member of the United Nations Security Council, prevented early Saturday a condemnation of the recent heroic resistance attack in Eilat in the southern occupied territories.

Two Zionists Dead, 10 Injured in Retaliation, Palestinian Resistance Target “Israeli” Navy Ship

Two Zionist settlers were killed while ten others injured due to the Palestinian resistance retaliation on the Ofakim settlement and the occupied city of Beir el-Sabeh (Beersheba), after the "Israeli" renewed its aggression on the Gaza Strip. "Israeli" media sources stated that bombarding Beir el-Sabeh (Beersheba) caused heavy damages on a house that was directly targeted, where 4 settlers suffered severe injuries.

Zionist occupation authorities urged settlers to resort to shelters, at the time when the enemy acknowledged that 40 missiles and rockets have been fired by the Palestinian resistance at the Zionist settlements since Saturday morning. ''Israeli" media reported that some 4 Grad rockets were fired at the Ofakim settlement, where one of them hit a factory, leaving behind extensive damages, while another rocket hit a house and a car in Beir el-Sabeh (Beersheba).

Furthermore, and for the first time since the beginning of the armed Palestinian resistance against the Zionist enemy, Palestinian resistance sources confirmed that the explosion heard Saturday night in Gaza was a result of bombarding a Zionist warship in waters.The Zionist Channel 2 acknowledged the explosion that occurred in the middle of the waters, and said that it's the first time that the Palestinian resistance fires a rocket at an "Israeli" naval ship.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

FOR TOMORROWS LINE UP ... Obama’s Belated Syria Hard Line

Assad, by contrast, had been an ally and partner of America’s would-be nemesis, Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Assad turned Syria—an Arab regional power—into a conduit for Iranian influence and troublemaking in the Middle East heartland. He allowed Sunni insurgents access from Syria into Iraq to kill American soldiers. He supplied rockets and other advanced weapons systems to Hizbullah. He gave succor to Hamas, hosting its external headquarters in Damascus. He developed a clandestine nuclear-weapons project in abrogation of Syria's Non-Proliferation Treaty obligations. He used murder and assassination in an attempt to regain control of Lebanon from democratic forces there.

BY : Martin S. Indyk, Vice President and Director, Foreign Policy

Director, Saban Center for Middle East Policy; U.S. Ambassador to Israel (1995-97, 2000-01); Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs, U.S. Department of State (1997-2000); Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Near East and South Asian Affairs, National Security Council (1993-95); Executive Director, Washington Institute for Near East Policy


MORE ON INDYK Martin Indyk – Another classic example why Jews, with dual & uncertain loyalties, can’t be trusted in the US government or even US businesses

Gary Sick on Clinton's Iran Policy and Martin Indyk

I have nothing to add to that except to note that Martin Indyk was associated with the Pro-Israeli lobby before he was appointed by Bill Clinton (perhaps as a result of this pre-election promise to AIPAC.) Among other things, Indyk founded the Washington Institute for Near East Policy with AIPAC money, which has since then essentially joined the other "think tanks" like AEI and JINSA as a front and mouthpiece of the NeoCon/AIPAC war cheerleaders.


Friday, August 19, 2011

How US-led regime change warriors train and misuse bloggers for their dirty games

Sometimes even the notorious Zionist hasbara trolls can be useful to reveal something interesting. Here it’s a network of bloggers trained by US-led „soft war“ warriors to be used for US-led regime change operations. A few days ago CNN and a self-styled London based anti-Syrian propaganda organisation calling itself Syrian Observatory for Human Rights spread an updated version of the Kuwaiti incubator lie. Basically the story was that Syrian security killed babies in incubators in Hama, widely a copy of the well-known fairy tale fabricated by Lauri Fitz-Pegado with PR company Hill & Knowlton to prepare the public ground for the US-led invasion of Iraq back in 1990.

Completely different fom what was going on in Tunisia and Egypt is what the US is doing in Libya and Syria. While the USA in Tunisia and Egypt took own their own puppet regimes to replace them against something nice because they were seen as a burden for the image of the U.S. in the middle east, in Libya and Syria the US is attacking resisting governments with regime change attempt to replace governments of resistance with US controlled zionist puppet regimes.

It looks like doing regime change in Libya and Syria has been pretty much a condition to get the support for taking down devout zionist puppets in Tunisia and Egypt. The consequences are grave. While bringing down US puppet regimes could be relatively easy done by using military relations to stage a coup, trying regime change where the resistance governs amounts to an act of war.

For Syria the US regime change experts planned a false flag terror campaign to tarnish the image of the popular president Bashar al-Assad of socialist Syria, modelled after the Mossad-led „green campaign“ against Iran in 2009. While the Mossad-led colored revoution attempt for regime change miserably failed, Israel was quite satisfied with that it managed to tarnish the image of Iran in the arab world with operations like the false flag murder of Neda Soltani, riots in the streets of Tehran instigated by zionist propaganda and mass arrests of murderous gangs called by zionist propaganda networks and TV channels of Persian gulf dictatorships „peaceful protesters“.

The zionist-led plot against Syria works in a similar way. What was the false stories about Neda Soltani for the propaganda campaign against Iran, was the false case of Hamza Al-Khatib for the propaganda campaign against Syria. National and international people who didn’t understand that it was murderous propaganda, bought into the fake story distributed by zionist and gulf dictatorship propaganda channels, and so the campaign got fuel.

The leaders of the zionists and the gulf dictatorships know, that it is highly unlikely that they will manage with their terror to stage a regime change in Syria, because the popular Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has just too many followers in Syria. But with fabricated propaganda and murderous crimes blamed falsely on the Syrian government they may manage to tarnish the image of the Syrian government in other arab countries and the Western world, and that they would see already a success, for that the Syrian form of a responsible secular government will less likely to serve as a model for zionist client dictatorships like Saudi Arabia in the future then.



Syrian human rights activist Ammar Abdulhamid(ZIONIST) says democracy protesters are disgusted with Iran’s support of Assad regime



There are several tendencies in the uprising. There are areas -- not in Hauran, where it all began -- where there are people who agitate along religious lines. And there are historical problems in Hama and Jisr Al-Shugur. There is hatred there, and if they feel pressured, the people there resort to arms. In order to speak truthfully, I have to admit that yes, there are armed groups. But there are only a few of them and they are isolated. Of course there are other elements that want to engage Syria in sectarian fighting.

For example, the March 14th Movement in Lebanon. There is evidence that people from that group have smuggled weapons into Syria. Also in the area around the valley Kalach people have taken up arms. There, near the Turkish border, there are some people who have brought weapons into Syria from Turkey, and also near the Iraqi-Syrian border, there are weapons. None of this can justify a crackdown against the people on the streets.

Ninety-nine percent of the people who are participating in the uprising are courageous, nonviolent and still have a sense of humor.

[Samir Aita is an economist and chairman of A Concept mafhoum ,Samir Aita is editor in chief of Le Monde diplomatique's Arab editions, and president of the Club of Arab Economists...and for ten years he advised the Syrian regime regarding its reform program...Now...thanks for admitting there are armed groups being armed via external groups like Hariri and more...I have shown this since day one...nevertheless your claim 99% of protestors in opposition arent tied to these groups is silly and obviously unknowable...i take issue with more in his piece but will adress those points i take issue with later since i have to step out for a few...

Lebanon upgrades Palestinian delegation to embassy

Acting Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas (Abu-Mazen) hoisted the flag of "the state of Palestine" in Beirut on Wednesday as he inaugurated the Palestinian embassy in Beirut.The ceremony, which saw the Palestinian delegation upgraded to an embassy, was attended by Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati and top Palestinian officials, including top PA official Saeb Erekat and intelligence chief Maged Faraj.

The Labyrinthian International Geopolitics of the Libyan Conflict

As for the West, it can content itself with the observation that, if it wasn't able to save Libya, at least it was able to cripple it. It is a pattern that the West has repeated in its engineered partition instead of national reconciliation in Kosovo and Sudan, and in midwifing the fragmentation of the Soviet Union into a suspicious Russia and a host of new NATO members.

It is another lesson in US "nation-building" - born of a characteristic disregard for sovereignty, circumvention of the United Nations, a cavalier attitude toward international law and a reckless deployment of military power – to which China, one of the last remaining multinational empires, is likely to pay close attention.

Iran's Kish Oil Bourse Begins Oil Transactions In Euro and Dirham

Iran oil bourse completed its first oil transaction after its official opening earlier this month. The Persian Gulf region's first indigenous oil bourse sold a 500,000 barrels package at $109 and received payments in euro and dirham unlike most other oil transactions which are in US dollar despite all the risks involved. The move would hopefully boost oil transactions amongst world's leading oil producers in other currencies than US dollar thus reducing unnecessary and dangerous exposures to the US currency from now on. Many leading oil and gas producers plan using other currencies in their mutual trades.

Iran opened its Kish Oil Bourse in order to facilitate energy contracts and also provide ample opportunities for foreign companies active in the energy sector. A base price of $621.35 per ton under Euro and Dirham accounts in overseas banks was set under direct supervision of the Iranian National Oil Company NIOC. Washington and its allies view establishment of the Kish Oil Bourse to pose a danger to Western energy monopoly in coordination with Western financial establishment , but at the same time unacceptable for nearly all major global energy producers.

Chossudovsky: Death Squads in Syria Part of Intelligence Operation

"I think this is really part of the public relations campaign to demonize the Syrian government without addressing the fundamental causes of the crisis," he stated. "This is not a peaceful protest movement. It is an armed insurrection by gunmen, well-organized mercenaries and it is confirmed not only by government sources. Let's examine: Israeli and Lebanese sources say the protesters have heavy machine guns...Since when are peaceful civilian protesters armed with heavy machine guns?... And I think the United Nations decided to remove its non-essential staff essentially as a prelude to tomorrow's [August 18] session at the UN Security Council."

Kidnapped US national alleged to get involved in intelligence work

The US national, who had been kidnapped by unidentified gunmen from his residence in the Pakistani city of Lahore at the weekend, was engaged in intelligence gathering, a provincial minister said in comments on Thursday. No group has claimed responsibility for the abduction of Dr Warren Weinstein and reports now say that the American FBI agents have joined the Pakistani police in search of the missing man. Law Minister of Punjab province, Rana Sanaullah, claimed that the abducted US citizen was collecting information on sensitive matters and his activities were quite suspect.

The Minister told The News daily that the information they had collected from his three guards and the driver revealed that he was staying in Lahore with some agenda. He said Dr Warren Weinstein had been involved in mysterious activities like those of Raymond Davis, a CIA undercover agent who was arrested in Lahore in February after he shot dead two Pakistanis in a crowded marketplace. The minister said the US national was kidnapped by some unknown people and the police with the help of different intelligence agencies were holding a joint investigation to trace him.

He claimed that the investigators are of the firm belief that his guards were involved in his abduction as it is very difficult to kidnap anyone from his house in Lahore and later shift him to an unknown place. He stated the US citizen used to move to different areas of Pakistan and the question arises as to why he was abducted from Lahore. He claimed that the guards must be involved in providing information to the abductors.

Meanwhile, a three-member team of Americans along with Lahore police officers visited the residence of Warren Weinstein in Model Town area on Wednesday. The visitors inspected the crime scene where they were briefed regarding police efforts to recover Weinstein and arrest the culprits. They were also informed about the apprehension that the abductors might have transported their victim to Afghanistan. It is pertinent to mention that despite the lapse of four days, the investigators could not make any major progress in the case. Similarly, neither the police nor the officials of American Consulate had received any ransom demand from the abductors.

Israel targets German schools for indoctrination: report

Israel is actively targeting German schools for indoctrination amid its worsening public image in Germany, according to a report published by the German-based news website Palaestina Portal. It quoted 'reliable sources' as saying that the Israeli embassy had reportedly asked the education ministers of Germany's 16 states to have access to classrooms to explain and justify its controversial policies. Several German states have refused the Israeli request, however the north German state of Bremen, widely viewed as the most ardent supporter of the Zionist regime, has given the go ahead for such brainwashing sessions.

The latest Israeli propaganada campaign comes as more and more younger Germans, especially those of Turkish and Arab origin, have been extremely criticial of the policies of the illegal Jewish state. Most Germans regard the Zionist regime as one of the greatest threats to global peace, especially in the wake of the Israeli wars in Lebanon in 2006 and Gaza in 2008/9. They also strongly oppose Israel's massive human rights violations and racial policies in occupied Palestine.

The Israeli diplomatic mission has also been targeting especially younger German journalists as part of its efforts to restore its woeful public image by inviting them to Israel. Germany's largest publishing house, Axel Springer which owns several newspapers, including the top-selling daily Bild, is pursuing an openly pro-Israeli editorial line. Meanwhile, a number of German media representatives have also complained they have been pressured by the Israeli embassy not to write articles criticial of the Zionist regime.

Iran sanctions: Much ado about nothing

After years of psychological propaganda against Iran and introducing the people of Iran as an uncultured, uncivilized and terrorist nation, the U.S. and Europe joined the anti-Iranian terrorist organization MKO, which is notorious for the killing of more than 40,000 civilians, to stage a charade against Tehran and accuse it of developing nuclear weapons. They were too quick in their moves and for the first step, publicized forged documents and materials which allegedly showed that Iran is developing weapons of mass destruction and atomic weapons.There is indeed much ado about Iran’s nuclear program and despite all evidence that Iran is not pursuing a clandestine nuclear weapons program, the US keeps piling accusations on the country. Who knows? Maybe Iran’s nuclear program is only an excuse for the U.S. government to start another war in the region.



Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - Least Developed Countrie's(LDC's) should receive reparations for colonialism and slavery, Iran says President AHMEDINEJAD Meets Participants in Int'l Campaign against Terrorism Conference Scholars in Tehran to discuss world peace, counter-terrorism Iran says Middle East must be free from nuclear weapons

International support for Palestinians prompts desperate measures from Israeli lobby - MEK/MKO (TERRORIST CULT) used to counter pro-Palestinian rally

An NCRI insider (National Council of Resistance of Iran is also on the US terrorism list as an alias of the MEK) has revealed that the Israeli lobby has employed the Mojahedin Khalq (aka; MKO, MEK, Rajavi cult) terror group to bring thousands of rented crowd fillers to Washington in order to counter the day of Qods annual rally on Friday 26th August. Qods day is an annual day of protest against the illegal occupation of Palestinian land and the city of Qods (Jerusalem, the second most important city for Muslims after Mecca) by Israel.

Leaders of the Washington-backed terrorist cult have been allocated a budget to bring over 5,000 people to the counter rally, but so far the MEK has only been able to gather around a thousand participants (too much money not enough brains?) The group has already organised the travel arrangements (plane tickets, visas, hotels etc) to fly around 1,000 people from Europe and elsewhere. The travellers are promised a free two week holiday with pocket money in return for participating for a couple of hours in the counter demonstration. Organisers and agencies that will be in charge of the shipments are offered considerably more.

The MEK operatives have promised guarantees that participants in the rally will not be under any pressure or scrutiny from law enforcement agencies - which have already given written permission for the terrorist group to gather under the flag of the Mojahedin Khalq (an FTO according to the USG), and they will not face prosecution for any reason, under any circumstances. The leaders of the terror cult openly tell their forces that the group has secured extrajudicial protection from the highest authorities in the American political, judicial and law enforcement circles. (Presumably through affiliation with AIPAC and other Israeli connected organisations.)

[ALSO SEE...CIA use (MKO, MEK, Rajavi cult) terror group to counter Anti-war campaign MEK Supporters Testify Before Congress

The ‘untamed wildernesses’ of Israeli and American colonialism

Israeli assertions that Zionism has made the "desert bloom" and that the Arabs were incompetent farmers have taken on the same justificatory tone (both moralsitic and scientific) as the untamed wilderness myth in the U.S. The blooming dessert meme also explains why the present water situation in Israel has become a major environmental issue and the Israelis have had to destroy so many Palestinian orchards - to conserve water, perhaps?

But these orchard demolitions reveal an inherent problem with the wilderness narrative: the land is inhabited. The Founding Fathers, though unhappy with Indian land claims, recognized that the natives did live there (duh, that was the whole problem!) and, obviously, since they lived there in numbers, knew that they were able to feed themselves. The "wilderness" mythology is, in fact, a largely modern invention in both Israel and America.

So how does one end up glossing over this? The simplest solution is for the people at the time to have already gone and created a "wilderness" through scorched earth tactics, as the 1779 Sullivan Expedition to the Ohio demonstrated. Largely forgotten today, it was launched four years into the American War for Independence and was regarded as an extremely important military effort at the time. George Washington himself ordered it, making it comparable to David Ben-Gurion's decision to launch the October 1948 invasion of Galilee. Like the Galilee operation, the Sullivan Expedition had been given the same objective: secure the territory for future settlement by evicting the native population.

Fake Facebook Identity Used By Military Contractors Plotting To Hack Progressive Organizations

Earlier this year, ThinkProgress obtained 75,000 private emails from the defense contractor HBGary Federal via the hacktivist group called Anonymous. The emails led to two shocking revelations. First, that an assortment of private military firms collectively called “Team Themis” had been tapped by Bank of America to conduct a cyber war against reporters sympathetically covering the Wikileaks revelations. And second, that late in 2010, the same set of firms began work separately for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a Republican-aligned corporate lobbying group, to develop a similar campaign of sabotage against progressive organizations, including the SEIU and ThinkProgress.

In presentations obtained by ThinkProgress from the e-mail dump detailing the tactics potentially used against progressives, HBGary Federal floated the idea of using “fake insider personas” to infiltrate left-leaning groups critical of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s policies. As HBGary Federal executive Aaron Barr described in several emails, his firm could work with partner companies Palantir and Berico Technologies to manipulate fake online identities, using networks like Facebook, to gain access to private information from his targets. Other presentations are more specific and describe efforts to use social media to hack computers and find vulnerabilities among even the families of people who work at organizations critical of the Chamber.

In one email from the dump, Barr discusses a fake persona he created called “Holly Weber.” She would be born in Portland in 1984, attend Reynolds High School, and work for Lockheed Martin after a stint in the Air Force. Earlier this week, Twitter users actually identified the phony account. Before it was taken down, ThinkProgress snagged screen shots of the fake persona’s Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. (Barr also described his strategy for pretending to be teenagers online). View a screenshot of the fake account below…

Maritxu Sorgintxu:Welcome to the Plot Against Syria Directory

Syria is under attack by a conspiracy of evil persons. These persons created a massive fabrication machine to falsify information about Syria.In this Site, we try to simulate the Plot hierarchy by introducing the key players and their negative impact on Syria.


Retired CIA Officer and Activist Ray McGovern: The Pentagon & Israel’s Islamic Terrorism Propaganda Game is Crumbling

retired CIA officer turned political activist, Ray McGovern. Ray presented morning intelligence briefings at the White House during his 27 year career as an employee of the federal government. McGovern will talk about GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry's demand that AG Holder and the Justice Department prosecute private citizens who are participating in the Gaza-bound aid flotilla. He will also talk about the helicopter crash in Afghanistan that claimed the lives of 30 American and 8 Afghan troops and also the manufactured crisis over the debt ceiling.

CAUGHT RED-HANDED ... Washington tried to snatch $ 1.5 billion to pay its CNT employees

The United States tried to seize on Monday 1 500 000 000 dollars owned by the Libyan state, but at the last minute South Africa got in its way. The documents emanating from this episode, and unveiled by Voltaire Network, reveal that the members of the CNT and their staff are the direct employees of a US entity

Para-Business Gone Bananas: Chiquita Brands(US CORPORATION) in Colombia

Even worse, the corporation appears to have helped smuggle AUC weapons into the Colombian war zone. In 2001, Chiquita facilitated the diversion of three thousand Nicaraguan AK-47 assault rifles and five million rounds of ammunition from Panama to Antioquia, where Banadex controlled the port of Turbo.[xxii] The crates remained at Chiquita’s private facilities for several days before their transfer to fourteen AUC vehicles.[xxiii] While paperwork claimed that the Panamanian ship carried plastic and rubber balls, the Banadex employees used heavy-lifting machinery unnecessary to move the declared cargo.[xxiv] Two years later, the Organization of American States (OAS) found Banadex guilty of the illegal arms deal and probable bribery of port authorities, but somehow failed to mention Chiquita’s ownership of the subsidiary.[xxv]

Chiquita may have facilitated the transfer of at least four other arms shipments to the AUC. Hasbún himself has confessed to the entry of 4,200 assault rifles through Chiquita’s port of Turbo.[xxvi] In another instance, José Leonardo López Valencia, an electrical mechanic at Turbo, witnessed uniformed AUC paramilitaries offloading from a Chiquita ship crates believed to contain smuggled firearms.[xxvii] In 2001, a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) report revealed that Chiquita agreed to pay a USD 100,000 fine without admission of guilt for a 1995 bribery case in which Banadex employees paid Turbo port officials USD 30,000 to overlook two previous citations for failure to comply with Colombian customs regulations.[xxviii]

Chiquita’s assistance to the AUC extended even beyond illicit arms shipments, to tacit participation in the drug trafficking. The produce behemoth allegedly gave the right-wing umbrella group “uncontrolled access to its port facilities and ships” and Colombian prosecutors accuse the AUC of using Chiquita vessels bound for Europe to smuggle narcotics, particularly cocaine.[xxix] Éver Veloza García, former commander of the paramilitary Turbo Front in Northern Urabá, explained how paramilitaries evaded the control points of security agencies by tying narcotic shipments to the hulls of banana vessels at high sea.[xxx] Indeed, authorities have seized over one and a half tons of cocaine, valued at USD 33 million, from Chiquita ships.[xxxi]

The world of dirty money Part 1

Charles Abugre introduces ‘the web of secrecy, collusions and the players that drive and sustain the world of illicit money flows’, with reference to the ongoing case of Kenyan public officials Chris Okemo and Samuel Gichuru and multinational corporation Alcatel-CIT.

Corporations, crime, corruption and capital flight Part 2

Tax avoidance, not developing country corruption, is the biggest source of illicit capital flight, writes Charles Abugre in Part 2 of a four-part series of articles on the flow of ‘dirty money’.

TNCs, transfer pricing and tax avoidance Part 3

How do multinationals and unethical companies conceal and move capital abroad? Mostly through manipulating import and export prices, writes Charles Abugre in Part 3 of a four-part series on the flow of ‘dirty money’.

Fighting illicit capital flight Part 4

The illicit extraction, concealment and channelling of capital from poor countries abroad destroys societies and must be curtailed. So how do we do this, asks Charles Abugre in the final article in a four-part series on the flow of ‘dirty money’.

Somalia: Global war on terror and the humanitarian crisis

The US government’s counterterrorism activities and ‘humanitarian’ assistance in Somalia and the Horn of Africa go a long way towards explaining the region’s entrenched problems, writes Horace Campbell.In 2006 war broke out in Somalia, following a US-orchestrated plan to create and arm a coalition of militia leaders, Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism (ARPCT), to help hunt down suspected al Qaeda operatives. The defeat of the ARPCT by local fighters gave rise to the emergence of Islamic Courts Union (ICU), which was a coalition of political groups that gave themselves the political cover of calling themselves Islamists.

The ICU government established security, law and order in most parts of Somalia for the first time in 16 years. The ICU was widely embraced by many Somalis, even those who were opposed to Islamic rule. The contradictions embedded in the provision of some acceptable level of governance by the ICU and the opposition of sections of the population to Islamic rule (especially as driven by Islamic hardliners within the ICU) were local and regional dynamics meant to be resolved by the Somali people and their neighbors. However, in order to fight the political forces that called themselves the Islamic Courts Union, the US backed some of the most despicable militarists in Mogadishu.

Abdi Samatar wrote extensively on the dangerous outcome of this opportunism of the US military and called for engagement with the ICU so that the lull in violence could be extended in Somalia. But the Islamophobic neo-conservative elements and warriors within the Bush administration who were bent on threat inflation and the fabrication of terrorism to fit into the template of global war on terror and counterterrorism remained gung ho about fighting a long war in Somalia.

US Hires Blackwater for Afghan Drug-Heroin War

U.S. Training Center Inc. has been awarded a U.S. Department of Defense task order in support of counter-narcoterrorism activities in Afghanistan.Under the order, USTC will be responsible for providing all-source intelligence analyst support and material procurement for U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan through the Counter-Narcoterrorism Technology Program Office's TORP 0236 Afghanistan Combined Joint Interagency Task Force NEXUS Support Task Order.The task order is valued at $17.6 million.

[AMAZING ,CONSIDERING BOTH US AND BACKWATER ARE BIG PLAYERS RUNNING THESE TRADES IN AFGHANISTAN...Pentagon & Blackwater/Xe Protect Afghan Drug Trade Afghan MP Unveils Western Forces' Involvement in Drug Trafficking CIA Sets up Laboratories along Borders to Smuggle Hallucinogenic Drugs to Iran Najjar: US, Zionist regime assist drug dealers

Repatriation of gold strengthens Venezuela's economy, sovereignty

Energy and Oil Minister, Rafael Ramirez, underscored this Thursday that the repatriation of Venezuelan gold reserves, deposited abroad and estimated at 11 billion dollars, “are measures strengthening our economy and sovereignty.” “No better place than the vaults of the Venezuelan Central Bank. Now we will have the custody of all our physical reserves in gold,” Ramirez emphasized.On Wednesday, president Chavez announced the repatriation of the gold deposited in other countries" banks (England, United States and Canada, for instance) so as to safeguard such reserves from the world financial crisis that has undermined the economies of said countries.Movement of reserves guarantees better protection

“This Bill means that for the first time in history the Venezuelan State will enter in determined and definitive way to control a sector that was out of any kind of control,” Ramirez said.He recalled that transnational companies operating illegally at the south of the country are plundering Venezuela"s natural resources and causing a great environmental damage.“They are taking our gold away without any kind of control, without paying any kind of taxes and with huge damage to the environment,” he added.

“The Law will be aimed at taking control, putting order in the sector and, of course, preventing the resources from exiting the country and use them to increase and strengthen our reserves in the Central Bank. In addition, the State will have the monopoly in the commercialization of this mineral, which is one of the most precious elements in economy.”He underscored that as a consequence of the risk of US and European markets, added to the increasing social violence, most of the countries are leaving dollar aside and looking for shelter in gold. “If countries are sheltering in gold and it is a significant element for economic stability, we can not leave our gold abroad and even less under the control of transnationals with serious financial problems.”

Selling The Wars - Image Is Everything When You're Marketing A $3 Trillion War Machine

The Pentagon budgets half a billion dollars to market its wars in the U.S. Call it public relations or call it propaganda, it's meant to win the hearts and minds of Americans. But is it coming at the price of the truth? Examining the cost of war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

For those wondering why I cover the wars, it's simple. All moral issues aside, of which there are plenty, if we have to borrow - let's face it, it's stealing - if we have to steal from future generations to pay for our current love of killing, then it will be covered here at the Bail. Book it.Thus far, the war in Iraq has cost over $740,000,000,000 -- but the cumulative cost could be between two and three trillion dollars. The war has caused the death of over 4,400 American troops, and left more than 31,000 wounded.

A&E911: Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 (new video) By Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth

This is AE911Truth’s best shot at a professionally produced 15 minute informative and engaging documentary on the destruction of World Trade Center Building #7 on 9/11/01 - designed for newcomers. It is free. Please spread far and wide. Join actor, Ed Asner, and architect, Richard Gage, AIA, as they narrate an unfolding story that decimates the official account (“collapse due to normal office fires”) of this 47 story high-rise which was destroyed on the afternoon of 9/11 in record time: top to bottom in under 7 seconds – and at free-fall acceleration for a third of its fall.

Those Huge Demonstrations In Syria

The Western media have diffused an edited reality, corrected by a single source which nobody has deemed it necessary, it seems, to question.-We know for a while that the protests in Syria are far smaller than reported:That same night on July 15, I received news feeds from the AFP announcing a million protestors all over Syria, of which 500,000 in Hama alone. In Hama however, they could not have been more than 10,000.This ‘information’ was even more absurd due to the fact that the city of Hama counts only 370,000 inhabitants.

So what sources does AgenceFrancePresse (AFP) cite?The same which crops up systematically throughout the media and has now become a monopoly in its own right, regarding the Syrian protests: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). Behind this superficial veneer of respectability and professionalism, hides a political organisation based in London, its president none other than Rami Abdel Raman, a man who has consistently sided against the Baath regime, who is loosely linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Venezuelan golden retreat could lead to dire trouble

Author and researcher Adrian Salbuchi believes there is a double reading on this. “First of all, there is a financial one, and then you see a political one,” Salbuchi told RT. “The financial one is really quite simple, seeing the way the markets are going, seeing the way the European Union’s and the United States’ economies are going.”“Venezuela is the 13th largest holder of gold in the world,” he added. “From a financial aspect, I think it is a very shrewd and intelligent move to protect his country’s gold assets. There is, however, a political overtone in that he wants to pull out the other financial assets that Venezuela has in the UK, in the US, and push it into what he calls ‘more likable allies’ – Russia, China and Brazil.”

Salbuchi says he fears the Venezuelan president might have not measured the potential risk and consequences of such a move. “This is an outright attack on the US, UK and the European Union as major financial markets, as major areas of safety to keep your gold,” he said. “If this could start a run on keeping gold in the US, UK, European Union and Switzerland, this might have much more dire consequences than Mr. Chavez imagines.”“This might be a triggering mechanism that might even justify a political move to start regime change throughout Latin America, which would no doubt start with Venezuela,” he warned. “Actions such as this could very well be the triggers for grave geopolitical actions.”


VIDEO-Proof that Demonstrations in Syria are Not Peaceful

Evidence that demonstrations in Syria, which mainstream media describes as "peaceful", are anything but that. Footage shot around Talkalakh, Syria.

[A.S.> SYRIA-"Peaceful" terrorists doing their thing - filmed from safety Watch them terrorise the local population with bombs and gun fire. Look at the end when the guy is clearly carrying a high power rifle.

Protestor fail: Small Anti-Syrian traitors gathering get chased away by much larger patriot crowd

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela-Venezuela Makes A Huge Transfer Of Gold From Switzerland To Banks In China, Russia, And Brazil

We watched the story reported by Swiss Info (below) unfold in real time over the last two days on TeleSur, VTV and CNN (English & Spanish) here in Venezuela. The Swiss Info report tries to explain the Chávez government's decision to return Venezuela's gold bullion to Venezuela with the following twist: "Banking officials call the move a big risk that could be prompted, in part, by litigation to recover damages from the nationalization of Venezuela's oil fields -- a bill that could range from $10 to $40 billion."In other words, these "banking officials" (whoever they might be) are suggesting that Venezuela owes $10-40 billion to corporations that once stripped Venezuelan petroleum under agreements with corrupt regimes in the pre-Chávez decades.

Under those agreements, petroleum companies paid 0-1 percent in royalties for the oil they took with most of that money going to the corrupt ruling class which now forms the Venezuelan opposition. Venezuelan Opposition: The role of the Venezuelan opposition as imperial stooges has become more apparent in the last 24 hours with their nominated spokesman, one Julio Montoya a member of the National Assembly from Zulia state objecting to the tranfer of gold and funds in reserve.

He objected to transferring the reserves to other Venezuela-friendly countries since, as he maintained, it would put the national wealth closer to the hand of "Chávez' cronies," implying that this is all part of a plan by Chávez to loot the natioanal wealth. Obviously no evidence was presented for this indirect accusation. They have no arguments against this measure except for the ears of their mentally unbalanced anti-Chávez fanatics.

Thursday, August 18, 2011




Codel Hoekstra met for an hour with King Abdullah II on July 24 at Queen Alia International Airport, just before the King's departure for Kuwait. Intelligence Committee Chairman Peter Hoekstra thanked the King for his support of a strong U.S.-Jordan relationship and his contributions toward stabilizing the region. Congressman Renzi praised the King for his courage and creativity, and for his help in the campaign against Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. He asked for more detail on the King's effort to build an alliance against Iran. The King described this effort as containing offensive and defensive elements. The defense included rebuffing Iranian efforts reach out to Arab Shia; the King wanted the conflict cast in Arab-Persian terms, not Sunni-Shia ones. As for the offensive component, the Arabs needed to develop stronger cards to use against Iran. The King did not believe Iran was as strong as it pretended to be. There were chinks in its armor. One idea was to use Iran's own tactic, and support minority elements inside Iran.


The King felt it was necessary to address the Iranian threat with one voice, and focus initially on Syria as the most vulnerable of Iran's assets. He described privileged Saudi/Egyptian relations with Syria as "gone" but said that Jordan had gone along with a Saudi/Egyptian desire to give the Asad regime one last chance to join the Arab mainstream and disavow obnoxious policies, including support for Iraqi insurgents, its behavior in Lebanon, and its facilitation of Iranian threats to the Arab world. Abdullah discounted the likelihood of Syrian action, but at least this effort would clarify matters for those who make excuses for Damascus. The King stressed the importance of focusing on Syria in the campaign to curtail Iranian influence. President Asad, he said, argued that the internal choice was "me or the Muslim Brothers." The King advocated concerted efforts to develop other options, perhaps by cultivating a coalition of Kurds, Druze, Sunni tribes, and the Sunni urban class. As for the challenge of Iran, it was important to "close the vulnerability" the present paralysis on the Palestinian/Israeli front presented for Iranian exploitation.


Report: U.S. Favors Muslim Brotherhood (KHADDAM) Over Pro-democracy Syrian Opposition (WHAT PRO DEMOCRACY?) (EMPHASIS MINE)

The Hudson Institute, a leading consultant to the Defense Department, asserted that the administration has decided to work with Turkey and the Brotherhood in Syria for a post-Assad government. In a report by Herbert London, the institute said Obama has dismissed the pro-democracy opposition as an alternative.

London, president of Hudson until 2011, said the State Department has ignored non-Brotherhood opposition groups.In July, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton invited Brotherhood operatives and urged them to work with Turkey to help oust Assad."According to various reports the State Department made a deal with Turkey and Muslim Brotherhood representatives either to share power with Assad to stabilize the government, or replace him if this effort fails."



The summit began with a briefing by a high-ranking State Department official on the current situation in Syria Farid N. Ghadry (also Farid al-Ghadry and Frank Ghadry) is co-founder and current president of the Reform Party of Syria (RPS), a "'US-based opposition party' of pro-democracy Syrians" SYRIAWATCH-Syrian Opposition met in DC with(GLOBALIST NEOCON) ''New American Foundation''???


VIDEO-EXPOSED!The Book of Joshua (Muravchic) Prophetic on Arab Democracy NED-SABAN CENTER PLOT ON SYRIA!


Clinton met with members of the Syrian opposition for the first time last month, ''''''' but several Syrian activists say they have been meeting with various agencies across the administration on a regular basis. '''''''''''''' US Provided Funds to Anti-Government Syrian Exile Group United States has funneled about $6 million to the London-based Movement for Justice and Development since 2006.


SYRIA-IRAN Operations Group - SourceWatch U.S. Turns to Arab Dictators to Contain Hezbollah-The first target of U.S. instructions to the Arab regime appears to be Syria(2006) ZIONIST THINK TANKS AND SYRIAS OPPOSITION LEADERS)


[NOW FOR THOSE UNAWARE OF WHO KHADDAM IS SEE...Abdul Halim Khaddam, former Vice President of Syria...[WHO IS KHADDAM"? ..Relative of Saudi King Abdullah and former Lebanese premier Rafiq Hariri KHADDAM AND MB EXPOSED Khaddam and National Salvation Front Exposed