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TURKEY WATCH - MHP Demands Panel for Illegal Wiretapping
Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli appealed to the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) yesterday to establish a joint parliamentary commission to inquire into illegal eavesdropping and secret filming. The premier made public Dec. 21 that bugs, or wiretapping devices, had been found in his home office.“A joint parliamentary commission should be established to inquire into eavesdropping and secret filming. Turkey should be cleaned of all bugs and insects in this way. If the premier turns a deaf ear to this call, our suspicions about his government will come true, and it will be revealed that a bug farm was established by the AKP,” Bahçeli told reporters at a press conference.
Bahçeli also slammed Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for masquerading as a victim of illegal eavesdropping even though he was content with the situation when sex tapes of MHP deputies were released before the June 2011 elections.“Mr. Prime Minister was not annoyed when the chief of General Staff was illegally eavesdropped on and when the recordings were released on the Internet. He remained indifferent when the main opposition leader’s private life was revealed, and our party was trapped by illegal tapes,” Bahçeli said
“The bugs that were fed by the AKP have mutated, gone out of control and hit their master. God knows why Mr. Prime Minister did not foresee that the bugs that he previously used for his political gains could get out of control and target him,” Bahçeli said.‘A case of balck humor’The MHP leader described the attempts to eavesdrop on the prime minister as a “scandal” and “a case of black humor.” “Why Mr. Erdoğan recently made public that there had been attempts to eavesdrop on him even though he alleged that it happened almost one year ago. Eavesdropping on the prime minister is an issue of national security. Who would able to put those bugs in his room?” Bahçeli asked, adding that the government should urgently pave the way to find out those who are responsible for the eavesdropping, instead of complaining.In further remarks, Bahçeli elaborated on ongoing tension between the government and Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) over students’ protests against Erdoğan during his visit to the university to attend the launching ceremony of Turkey’s first domestically made satellite, Göktürk-2.Bahçeli rebuffed both the students who staged demonstrations to protest the prime minister and universities who released declarations condemning the students and ODTÜ administration.“Universities have been polarized due to the AKP’s attitude. The government’s ‘divide and rule’ policy was injected into the scientific institutions this time,” Bahçeli said.

But it was only a few years ago –2005– that the United States supported the “responsibility to protect” doctrine so that genocide would “never again” occur. And it is only this past May, 2012, that President Obama, in what Syrians must view as a cruel jest, appointed an “Atrocities Prevention Board.” The President spoke at the Holocaust Museum, and among his remarks were these:And finally, “never again” is a challenge to nations. It’s a bitter truth — too often, the world has failed to prevent the killing of innocents on a massive scale. And we are haunted by the atrocities that we did not stop and the lives we did not save.One has to wonder if the White House is haunted these days by “the lives we did not save” in Syria. When one focuses again on what the President said last May, a conclusion emerges. At the Holocaust Museum, he said this about stopping mass murder:Now we’re doing something more. We’re making sure that the United States government has the structures, the mechanisms to better prevent and respond to mass atrocities. So I created the first-ever White House position dedicated to this task. It’s why I created a new Atrocities Prevention Board, to bring together senior officials from across our government to focus on this critical mission. This is not an afterthought. This is not a sideline in our foreign policy. The board will convene for the first time today, at the White House….Going forward, we’ll strengthen our tools across the board, and we’ll create new ones. The intelligence community will prepare, for example, the first-ever National Intelligence Estimate on the risk of mass atrocities and genocide. We’re going to institutionalize the focus on this issue. Across government, “alert channels” will ensure that information about unfolding crises — and dissenting opinions — quickly reach decision-makers, including me.What is most striking about these words, today, is how bloodless and bureaucratic they are. In response to mass murder we will have a new board, and strengthened tools, and a new intelligence estimate and “alert channels.” We’ll also have “many tools — diplomatic and political, and economic and financial, and intelligence and law enforcement and our moral suasion,” the President said.Tell it to the Syrians. In the end, all those “tools” were, like the speech and the visit to the Museum and the new Board, an alternative to action, a substitute for steps that might actually have stopped the killing at 10,000, or 20,000, or 30,000, or 40,000.When the reckoning of the President’s two terms in office is done, four years from now, it is hard to believe there will be a more depressing and damaging item than this: he sat by while mass murder and the use of chemical weapons began in the Middle East. This position is actually popular now, all the polls suggest: the American people do not favor intervention in Syria. But of course one reason for those polls is the lack of presidential leadership; the numbers would change if the President explained why it was vital for us to act, and ways in which we could act that would not put American lives in danger.So here’s a suggestion, one that reflects the death toll in Syria, and the 500,000 refugees, and the million or more displaced persons: let’s be honest and disband the “Atrocities Prevention Board” right now. That would save some time and money, and would reflect the actual foreign policy of the Obama administration.
[ed notes:im just citing few paragraphs,click link for whole piece,where he pushes debunked claims about Assad using chemical weapons against citizens blah blah many times must we show and prove the most hardcore fanatic zionist war criminals tied to israhell ,demand us invasion of Syria,and the absurdity of demanding this under humanitarian grounds?Could a zionist warmonger who promoted wars for israhell care about syrias future , except to implement  israhells greater eeretz agenda and devastation it brings to Syria ,region and future?Zionist jew dogs of war for r2p in Syria,now thats a good one,especially when one considers abrams was involved in iran/contra scandal,for supporting the nicaraguan contra mercenaries Elliott Abrams - Profile - Right Web - Institute for Policy Studies ...similarly,his cohorts and warcriminal partners from same scandal and advocacy groups all support the syrian rebels,those included ,madeline albright,oliver north,m.g. paul e vallely!,and negroponte!!with friends like these Syria,who needs enemies!

Rescuing Christians in Pakistan: Another Israeli Project for the Destabilization of the Islamic World? By Maidhc Ó Cathail The Passionate Attachment
In order to advance its hegemonic designs, Israel has long exploited ethnic and sectarian differences in the Middle East and beyond. To date, the 2011 secession of South Sudan from Khartoum stands as one of the most successful examples of Tel Aviv’s divide and conquer strategy. Now, the involvement of individuals with intimate ties to the self-defined “Jewish state” in a project whose stated aim is to rescue Christians in Pakistan strongly suggests that Islamabad is also being targeted for destabilization.Introducing the ostensibly humanitarian project on his website, Walid Shoebat, a prominent figure in the Israeli-inspired and -funded Islamophobia network, writes:Pakistan is our primary focus for our initial push to save Christians who are suffering from the Blasphemy laws, which are used by Islamic extremists to make up charges against innocent Christians, in order to steal their property and stir up violence against the Christian population.On March 4th the Christian Minister of Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti was gunned down by Islamic extremists causing tremendous fear within the Christian community. Even in the short time since his murder, the violence against Christians has increased dramatically.The Raoul Wallenberg Project is working with people on the ground who are well connected in the Christian community. They have reached out to us for our support to help alleviate their suffering, and in certain situations, help with their escape. For their protection we cannot expose their names publicly. In the future, large donors who are concerned about the transparency of fund ing [sic], we can provide the names and details privately.The work we do is practical. We will be supplying food, medicine, safe houses, legal help for visa applications, and in extreme circumstances, security details for rescue missions.Our financial goal is to raise one million dollars a month – solely for the Raoul Wallenberg Project – which will allow us to make a significant impact to alleviate much of the suffering of persecuted Christians and remove them from their circumstances. We are working behind the scenes with members of Congress, in particular the staff of Congressman Allen West, who has kindly offered his help on Capital [sic] Hill. Other members of Congress will be recruited as public opinion puts pressure on them for their support of this real, and dangerous threat to Christians worldwide.
Shoebat’s reference to Congressman West is revealing. While AIPAC ensures that most members of Congress dare not openly oppose Israeli policies, West is particularly eager to please the lobby. In a letter to Florida constituents before his 2011 visit, he wrote:In Israel, I will get the opportunity to meet with a true Leader, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. At a time when western civilization has no leading voice, I believe the only one that resonates, speaks Hebrew.
As for Shoebat, his purported concern for persecuted Christians appears to be motivated by a similar passionate attachment. According to the description on his website of his alleged conversion from Muslim terrorist to Christian activist,
“He has set out to bring the cause of Christ, the Bible, and the case for Israel to millions throughout the world.”
Given Israel’s dispossession and ongoing oppression of Christians in Palestine, it seems likely that the Raoul Wallenberg Project’s stated mission of rescuing their co-religionists in Pakistan is merely cover for another Israeli project for the destabilization of the Islamic world.
[ed notes;also read.. Israel, West breed extremism in Pakistan/ How the weapons from Israel are arranged for Karachi
Summary and Review of Chatham House paper – ‘Syria: Prospects for Intervention’
After assessing the balance of consequences of both non-intervention versus intervention and non- military versus military intervention, participants of the Chatham House Meeting determined three likely options for future action: increased provision of weaponry to the FSA and amplification of covert intervention; reprisal air strikes in response to widespread bloodshed in Aleppo; and an augmentation of sanctions on Syria. Regardless of the political implications of any of these three options, what is clear is that decisive action must be taken as the humanitarian crisis in Syria worsens and major cities descend into chaos. Near to 20,000 have already perished and more than 134,000 refugees are fled the country. The Meeting concluded with the argument that proactive action, though it will have immediate, and significant, consequences, may ultimately be preferable to simply waiting for further atrocities to happen.

Published on Dec 30, 2012
This gruesome act was committed by one group, You decide. Assad regime loyalists are the terrorists, who use barrel bombs, nerve gas, artillery and tanks against civilian targets. FSA arny rebel forces fight to liberate themselves from tyranny in Damascus, homs & Aleppo against tanks, artillery, attack jets and helicoptersbama, NATO & UN stand on the sidelines for fear of angering the ruskies, redc hina and iran

GRAPHIC WARNING Staged beheading in SyriaGraphic.mp4

[ed note:filthy feinstein pathetic attempt to claim its staged,fools noone,and his claim that its US/NATO'S inaction that enables the ruskies and iran for these crimes to be commited,are an afront to logic,as these rebels commiting these criems are the nato backed mercenaries,wich feinsteins israhell are betting on to win conflict!

Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists Shell Damascus Intl Airport with Mortars ...
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Another group of terrorists from the US federal agency for spreading terror known as Al Qaeda 

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