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SPINWATCH-Maria Conchita Alonso writes open letter about Chavez to Sean Penn

Actress Maria Conchita Alonso has fuelled her dispute with Sean Penn by writing him an open letter condemning his public support for controversial Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

comment-maria conchita alonso is the sister to roberto alons,a cuban venezuela who in 2004 was detained along with 100 colombian paramilitaries  in his farm plotting against Chavez related to the international fugitive manuel rosales offer of millions to any group who could assasinate chavez...EXCLUSIVE: ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT AGAINST PRESIDENT CHAVEZ REVEALED ON AL JAZEERA 

During the interview, obtained exclusively by Al Jazeera, the Colombian paramilitary confirmed that a "wealthy Venezuelan politician" named Manuel Rosales, offered him $25 million to assassinate President Chávez by any means. The conversation with Rosales took place at a secret meeting in 1999 with several Colombian paramilitary leaders. Rosales said that he personally would be in charge of the plan to assassinate President Chávez, though the money would come from several sources. The Colombian paramilitary forces involved in the assassination attempt first went for training in Catatumbo, on the border with Venezuela.

But in 2004, approximately 100 Colombian paramilitary forces were detained in a farm outside of Caracas belonging to an opposition leader, Robert Alonso, who has often called for the violent overthrow of the Chávez administration. The Colombians were detained and accused of a plot to assassinate the President. They were found with military uniforms, weapons and sufficient ammunition to cause serious damage in the country. Robert Alonso, a Cuban-Venezuelan and brother of the famous actress Maria Conchita Alonso, fled in exile to Miami, where he has remained ever since, continuing to plot violently against President Chávez.

See the original Al Jazeera segment here

Paramilitarismo colombiano en Venezuela

La policía detiene en Caracas a 56 paramilitares colombianos

Swiss say legal immunity protects Pakistani leader

Switzerland will not reopen a money-laundering case against the Pakistani president as long as he enjoys legal immunity — a welcome answer Wednesday for the U.S-allied leader after the Supreme Court forced his government to request the case resume.

Violence continues to plague Cordoba department

Despite hopes for peace, following the the mass-demobilization of Colombia's most notorious paramilitary group the AUC, violence in Colombia's northern department of Cordoba remains widespread, as neo paramilitary forces fill the vacuum left by AUC.

According to Verdad Abierta, a Colombian news publication focusing on paramilitaries and the armed conflict in Colombia, the two recent massacres in the towns of Montelibano and Puerto Libertador, which left 16 people dead over one weekend, are not isolated incidents.

Anticapitalism and climate justice

From a North-South perspective, climate justice involves unconditional cancellation of the debt of the countries of the South, an illegal and illegitimate debt and demanding recognition of a social, historical and ecological debt from North to South, the result of centuries of pillaging and exploitation. In cases of disaster, it is necessary to promote mechanisms of “popular relief”.

We have seen as climate change increases the vulnerability of the popular sectors, especially in the countries of the South. The earthquakes in Haiti and in Chile are two of the most recent cases. These threats necessitate networks of international solidarity of rank and file social movements allowing a channelling of immediate and effective aid to local populations. The initiative cannot be in the hands of an international “humanitarianism” empty of political content.

NOII-Vancouver Opposes Kenney's Proposed Refugee Reforms

The refugee rights and migrant justice organization No One Is Illegal-Vancouver is outraged at [Citizenship and Immigration] Minister [Jason] Kenney’s proposed refugee reforms...“What Kenney is calling an overhaul of the system is a dismantling of refugee protection...Ironically, Kenney is saying he wants to avoid a two-tier immigration system, but is himself creating a racist two-tier refugee system based on nationality.”

Bush and Clinton Greeted With Burning Tires in Haiti

Burning tires and protestors welcomed former U.S. presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush when they arrived at the half-crumbled National Palace on Mar. 22...[T]he visit was little more than an expensive photo-op to reinforce the world public's perception that the U.S. leading international efforts to help Haiti recover from the devastating Jan. 12 earthquake.

Israel Threatens Lebanon: A New Middle East War?

When Israeli Minister...Yossi Peled said recently that a war with Lebanon’s Hezbollah was “just a matter of time” and that such a conflict would include Syria, most observers dismissed the comment as little more than posturing by a right-wing former general. But Peled’s threat has been backed by Israeli military maneuvers near the Lebanese border, violations of Lebanese airspace, and the deployment of an anti-missile system on Israel’s northern border.

“Our President Is Deceiving the American Public”: Pentagon Papers Whistleblower on President Obama and the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

We are joined by a man who played a major role in efforts to end the Vietnam War in the 1970s. In 1971, the then-RAND Corporation analyst Daniel Ellsberg leaked to the media what became known as the Pentagon Papers, a 7,000-page classified history outlining the true extent of US involvement in Vietnam. After avoiding a life sentence on espionage charges, Daniel Ellsberg has continued to speak out against US militarism until the present day.

Russian rail bombs a reminder of tragic Chechen plight

"The Russians, very cleverly, played the Islamic bogeyman card by branding the Caucasian “rebels” as dangerous Islamic terrorists. As Obama “Americanises” Iraq and Afghanistan; Netanyahu “judaises” Jerusalem, Medvedev can “Russify” the Caucuses without fear of recrimination or censure."

Expected Obama Administration Backing for Indonesian State Terror\

The news comes ahead of Obama’s expected announcement of new military aid, falsely claiming TNI and Kopassas "no longer murder civilians." They always did and now do, according to a senior Indonesian official (unnamed for his safety), speaking out because he opposes the practice. "TNI still practices political murder." Yet America rewards it, despite being legally bound not to and to provide Congress with relevant information.

comment-see leahy law....

Izzy Award Winner Jeremy Scahill: "We're At a Ground Zero Moment to Save Real Journalism"

I would define an independent journalist as someone that's totally un-embedded when it comes to their relationship with the powerful. In other words, you don't get into bed with any political party. I'm not a Democrat; I'm not a Republican. I'm a journalist. It means that you don't get in bed with the military, with the CIA, or wealthy corporations, and you don't compromise your journalistic or your personal integrity in the pursuit of anything, including a story.

France council advises against full veil ban

The France Council of State [official website, in French] on Tuesday advised the French government [report, PDF; in French] that a complete ban on full Islamic veils risks violating the French Constitution [text] and the European Convention on Human Rights [text]. The government requested that the council, the country's highest administrative court, review the proposed ban before drawing up legislation.

The government has already banned public officials from wearing veils while operating in their official capacity, and also prohibits veils in public schools. The council held that even with the existence of these partial bans, which are based on France's secular principles, it could find no legal basis for a complete ban on veils in public places

The Trillion-Dollar Shadow (audit the Fed!)

What secrets are hidden in the Federal Reserve’s trillion-dollar shadow? Economic recovery depends on confidence, and confidence requires knowledge. But Senators like Chris Dodd and Judd Gregg don’t want us to have that knowledge. They don’t even want it themselves.In Sen. Dodd’s case, he’s trying to give the Fed more authority (over consumer protection) even as he fights to keep its activities hidden. Fortunately, the final decision may not be up to him.

Pacified Americans

If the U.S. public looked long and hard into a mirror reflecting the civilian atrocities that have occurred in Afghanistan over the past 10 months, we would see ourselves as people who have collaborated with and paid for war crimes committed against innocent civilians who meant us no harm.

Argentina: Santa Fe Declaration in Defense of Cuba

Nicaragua Affirms Solidarity with Cuba

Journalist Political Murders In Honduras

From the beginning of the constitutional crisis of 2009, the OAS took a stance that seemed calculated to guarantee the reelection of José Miguel Insulza. Comparing the statements of Human Rights Watch and the OAS Inter-American Commission on Human Rights you will see that the IAHRC would only publish and complain of human rights abuses against friends of ALBA nations

Mike McConnell and the American Corporate State

Avatar: The daily struggle of Colombia's indigenous communities

At 4AM on the morning of January 30, 2010, three helicopters and a Kfir combat plane attacked an area in the northern part of the Colombian department of Chocó, where two hours earlier a spy plane had detected fire and smoke. According to the army, fire and smoke are telltale signs of guerrilla activity.

The attack, however, did not produce any guerrilla casualties, and the machine gun fire and bombs instead converged on a house with 5 people inside: José Nerito Rubiano Bariqui, his wife Martha Ligia Majoré Bailarín, their 8-year-old son Giovanni, and Martha Ligia’s niece Celina Majoré and her 20-day-old baby. Martha Ligia was wounded in one leg by a projectile, while José Nerito suffered a firearm-induced thorax wound which resulted in a broken spinal column, leaving him paraplegic. The new-born died three weeks later.

The army claimed the attack was an innocent mistake and President Alvaro Uribe stated that the armed forces are always careful not to bomb civilian areas. But the government's policy of offering "democratic security" to the privileged has resulted in too many of this kind of "mistake", as well as the extrajudicial killings, for such disclaimers to merit much credibility. Moreover, the inhabitants of the bombed area claimed this was not a simple error but a premeditated and concerted effort to sow terror in this community and surrounding ones.

The Uradá Jiguamiandó and the Emberá-Caito Indigenous Reserves are home to rich deposits of copper, gold and molybdenum. The Colombian government's unscrupulous obsession with Foreign Direct Investment resulted in the awarding in 2005 of a 30-year mining concession contract on a 16,000-hectare site to the infamous La Muriel Mining Corporation. The Mande Norte mining project, as is called, is the largest copper mining project in Colombia. Mining giant Rio Tinto has an option to enter a joint venture or profit-sharing arrangement with Muriel Mining.

Indigenous and afro-descendant communities, however, commenced legal actions on April 23, 2009, to stop the explorations. They claimed a lack of environmental impact studies, and, most importantly, a lack of prior government consultations with communities living on the collectively-owned land, which is in clear violation of Colombia's Law 70 of 1993 as well as International Labor Organization Convention 169.

comment-this is just part of article,to see whole article click link above...

Moncayo gives thanks for liberation effort

Liberated FARC hostage Pablo Emilio Moncayo gave his thanks to those who assisted in securing his release after 12 years in captivity, at a press conference in Florencia, Caqueta Tuesday night. While the presidents of Ecuador, Brazil and Venezuela were included in his thanks, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe was not.

zz_e_dd: - Singer: The pro-Israel lobbys curious defense of an alleged Somali war criminal.

Mohammed Ali Samantar is the only living vestige of the Barre regime, the last government in two decades to exercise central control over Somalia and, not coincidentally, the last that was impudent enough to try. When Siad Barre was finally overthrown in 1991, Samantar, who had served as defense minister and prime minister, fled, in a storm of bullets, to Italy. He eventually made his way to Fairfax, Virginia, where he lived in suburban obscurity until a group of Somali nationals discovered him, hired a lawyer, and sued for damages.

According to his accusers, the Barre regime committed unforgivable acts of violence against them and their families, offenses spanning a range of brutality from arbitrary detention, to torture, rape and extrajudicial killing. Samantar was allegedly aware of the crimes being perpetrated against civilians and yet failed to stop them. The suit was dismissed by a federal district court and then reinstated by the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. It is now pending before the Supreme Court, where a peculiar coalition of defenders is urging reversal.

Among them, to the confusion of some observers, are five prominent pro-Israel organizations, each with a professed interest in keeping Samantar out of court. In joint amicus briefs, the groups insist that as a former government official, Samantar should be immune from suit. To hold otherwise, they warn, would violate international law and set an inviting precedent for Israel’s enemies and their supporters in the human rights community.


FEC commissioner helped RNC conceal role in 2004 vote suppression

Caroline Hunter, a Bush-appointed Federal Election Commissioner who remains in office, provided misleading statements under oath in an effort to conceal Republican National Committee involvement in vote suppression activities during the 2004 presidential election, a Raw Story investigation has found.

Legal experts say Hunter's submission of such statements under oath is a serious ethical and professional breach which could warrant a bar review and potential disbarment. At the time, Hunter was serving as deputy counsel to the Republican National Committee.

In the final days of the 2004 presidential election, the Democratic National Committee files an injunction against the Republican National Committee in New Jersey federal court, alleging its involvement in using lists of returned mail to challenge 35,000 newly registered Ohio voters. This tactic, also known as voter caging, is historically employed to suppress votes from minority and low-income citizens who tend to vote Democratic.

Oil conglomerate 'secretly funds climate change deniers'

Koch Industries, which is owned and run by two Kansas-based brothers and has substantial oil and chemicals interests, spent the sum between 2005 and 2008 to finance "organisations of the 'climate denial machine'", claims the environmental campaign group Greenpeace.

Despite the relatively small size of the conglomerate, the sum is three times that spent by ExxonMobil, the western world's biggest oil company, in the same period. A Greenpeace investigation also claimed that between 2006 and 2009, the company and its owners - Charles and David Koch - spent £25.3 million ($37.9 million) on direct lobbying on oil and energy issues.

comment-also see...Koch Industries: the Worst Climate Denier You've Never Heard of...

Western Civilization and the Economic Crisis: The Impoverishment of the Middle Class

'In the past few decades, the middle class has been forced to survive on debt. In order to maintain the image of middle class, and to maintain the functions of the middle class (i.e., to consume), the middle class needed access to credit and had to descend into a class of debt. Now, as the world is undergoing a rapid social, political, and economic transformation, the middle class has been marked for death.

As a debt crisis takes the nations of the world into debt servitude, the middle classes of the western world will lose their access to credit, and will be forced into repaying their debts. As nations fall under a debt crisis, the middle class will collapse with it. A class built and sustained on debt is not sustainable. We are entering into a period of rapid class transformation on a global scale.

The mirage of the middle class is steadily vanishing as our eyes adjust to the reality of our environment. The Empire we turned a blind eye to abroad, is about to hit home; what we do abroad, comes home to roost. The middle class is about to realize the true cost of empire.'

GM Crops Cause Liver and Kidney Damage

A report published in the International Journal of Microbiology has verified once again that Monsanto's genetically modified (GM) crops are causing severe health problems. A legal challenge issued against Monsanto forced the multi-national agriculture giant to release raw data revealing that animals fed its patented GM corn suffered liver and kidney damage within just three months.'

comment-also see...Obama Appoints Ex-Pesticide Lobbyist as Agricultural Trade Negotiator‎

 Israel 'Forged Thousands of IDs',7340,L-3869514,00.html

The British secret intelligence service (MI6) suspects that airline staff working for the Israeli secret service Mossad may have copied thousands of British passports, some of which were used in the assassination of senior Hamas figure Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, the News of the World tabloid reported Sunday.

According to the report, British authorities are also concerned about security searches carried out on British officials attending a terrorism conference in Israel last September.

MI6 believe that Britons flying to Israel have been targeted for months and their documents have been cloned, the newspaper said, adding that the Foreign Office held top level talks last week on whether to issue a warning against travelling with certain airlines.'

comment-also see...UK paper says Mossad tipped off MI6,7340,L-3851519,00.html

Pupils Fingerprinted Without Parental Consent, ATL Conference Hears

'Pupils are having their fingerprints taken without their parents’ consent, teachers have warned. The Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) voted for urgent policy on the use of biometric data in schools at their annual conference yesterday.

Schools use fingerprints in place of swipe cards to save time identifying pupils when they are buying their lunch or during registration. But some are taking data without parents or pupils’ permission, teachers said.

“Parental consent should be compulsory, it’s outrageous that pupils' fingerprints can be taken without the parents' consent,” Hank Roberts, executive member for ATL, said.'

Anti-Zionist Jews Met Ahmadinejad In NY Hotel

'Something you never were allowed to see in the Zionist-owned US main stream media. This meeting occurred during Ahmadinejad's September, 2009 trip to New York.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Haiti: Clinton, Bush visit, promote sweatshops

Other criticism was directed more at the UN economic proposals associated with Clinton, who as president restored Aristide to power in 1994 with a US-led military intervention; Clinton's administration also pushed the Haitian government to carry out a drastic reduction of tariffs on imported rice (known in Haiti as "Miami rice"). On March 18 a number of Haitian organizations issued a statement denouncing the UN's Preliminary Damage and Needs Assessment (PDNA) for rebuilding Haiti.

The UN document was "produced by a group of 300 international and national functionaries," excluding Haitian "social actors," the statement said. The Haitian groups called for a "break with economic dependence" and for the construction of "an economic model that stimulates national production" rather than export-based industries. (

Costa Rica: Arias tries to bust port workers union

The International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) charged that the government of Costa Rican president Oscar Arias Sánchez had in effect "illegally established a 'yellow' (unrepresentative, undemocratic, employer-run) trade union" for the 1,500 dockworkers at the Atlantic coast city of Limón. The government's interference in the union--"in contravention of…conventions 87 and 98" of the United Nations' International Labor Organization--is intended to bring about "the kind of privatization that has led to joblessness and misery in Limón's sister port of Caldera" on the Pacific side, the ITF said.

Israel greenwashing the "war on terror"

The European Parliament must decide between investments or extermination

We denounce the extermination of more than 1,000 indigenous people by the Colombian army and illegal armed groups. More than 30 ethnic groups are at risk of disappearing. ONIC Secretary General has denounced the European Parliament and warned that "Spain lies in its latest report on human rights in Colombia,and  only wants to sign the FTA as soon as possible."  The Indian extermination is not a thing of the past. Thousands of them are still being killed and those who have better luck are displaced off their land as punishment and become  'nomadic'. In Colombia the situation is particularly serious. Since 2002 (the year that Álvaro Uribe came to power) there have been killed more than 1,000 indigenous people, 164 of them in 2009. Of the 102 indigenous groups that exist in the Andean country, 62 of them are endangered, and 34 at imminent risk of extinction. 

Secretary General of ONIC (National Organization of Indigenous Colombians)Fernando Arias that represents  1,350,000, indigenous people , complained to the European Parliament responsible for the genocide: "There were several massacres committed by the right-wing paramilitaries and the Colombian army. " 

Arias acknowledged that the Government has a "perfect excuse": "The fight against terrorism of the FARC is used  to justify it , but in fact they are attacking civilians. Bombarding our areas and then say it was a military error ". According to the secretary general of ONIC of indigenous leaders are "targeted by blanket attacks in order to terrorize the local population or in retaliation for their refusal to engage in war or to get them to  abandon their campaign for their rights." 

This speech was heard in Parliament through the campaign 'Word fresh air of life', the ONIC is present in different European countries, and which seeks to create a global solidarity network and claims that the current model of economic development and transnational corporations on indigenous territories are involved,in  increase the risk of extinction of our people. So far they have been heard in Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Sweden and Brussels. But his words took more force to MEPs, whom Arias explained how hundreds of women "were constantly raped by Colombian military forces and members of illegal armed groups". 

SPAIN LIES ABOUT COLOMBIA Secretary General of ONIC described the dramatic situation and continues to make a request that has already been heard on numerous occasions by other human rights groups. The representative of the Indians asked the EU not to sign the FTA (Free Trade Agreement) with Colombia: "How is it possible that the  supposed Mecca of human rights  negotiates with a government wich is a gross human rights violator?". 

Fernando Arias warned that even if you change the president "the policy against indigenous peoples will remain the same." He also wanted to warn the House that ignored the assessment on the state of human rights which will be delivered by the Spanish government "is flatly false, and the information is favorable to the Colombian government for signing the FTA as soon as possible." 

Juvenal Arrieta, Embera community of northwestern Colombia,states the EU asked that "before signing the FTA it wuld send a mission to integrate the various parties that form the European Parliament, to verify the situation of the plight of our people" . Arrieta reported that in Colombia, the rulers and the media stigmatize them, arguing that "we engage in political opposition and we are archaic peoples and are opposed to development. "We are not against development, but to raze economic projects with our people," he said. "If they want to take our water, we share it, but do not kill us to take away the water." 

ALL THE SUPPORT OF NGOS Various NGOs and human rights groups spent nearly a decade and learned about the situation of indigenous Colombians. According to Amnesty International the helplessness of the total indigenous peoples is to be found amid the legal and illegal armed groups. "All parties to the conflict," said a representative of AI, "are responsible for human rights abuses. "A third of Indians," he said, "are living on land over which they dont hold titles, and that makes it easier for government to move them and implement large scale projects. And the prior established by the UN on indigenous rights are not respected. " 

For his part, Fidel Mignorance, representing HREW (Human Rigths EveryHere) presented the imminent threat of extermination. "There are some towns with fewer than 500 inhabitants where oilfields are developed. "It has been shown that instead of benefiting the population, these projects threaten  to end the  ancestral cultures and lead to extinction of their people." 

Belgian Coordination Colombia (CBC), which groups the Belgian NGO working for human rights in Colombia, asked the EU to protect indigenous Colombians against its imminent demise, and asks you not to sign the FTA with Colombia because this does not guarantee the rights of these ancient races. The CBC asks: "Signing the FTA as it is, does that mean that the EU would be willing to sacrifice the existence of indigenous peoples in Colombia to protect the interests of its own investors and exporters?

Pro-GMO chemical pollutor becomes Obama’s ag trade negotiator

Despite declining bee and butterfly populations from agricultural chemicals, on Saturday the US Senate approved President Barack Obama’s nomination for chief agricultural negotiator in the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, Monsanto lobbyist Islam Siddiqui.

“Dr. Siddiqui’s confirmation is a step backward,” said Tierra Curry, a scientist at the Center for Biological Diversity (the “Center”). “His appointment ensures the perpetuation of pesticide- and fossil-fuel-intensive policies, which undermine global food security and imperil public health and wildlife.”

A second Israeli assassination in Eastern Europe?

Israel appears intent on maintaining its image as a pariah state that flouts international law in carrying out political assassinations using what many Israelis now see as a revived Mossad -- an intelligence agency that provides the same type of national self-esteem for Israelis as the Waffen SS did for German Nazis.

Canada: Launch of Latin American Peace Initiative - Stop war and defend social gains in Latin America!

Hands Off Venezuela, the Bolivarian Circle “Louis Riel,” Latin@s, the Latin American Solidarity Network, and the Venezuelan embassy and Consulate-General in Toronto gathered for the launch meeting of the Latin American Peace Initiative (LAPI), which seeks to prevent a new war in Latin America. The need to build an anti-war campaign for Latin America has gained a new impetus given last summer’s coup in Honduras and recent attacks on Venezuela by Canada’s Peter Kent and the US’ Hillary Clinton.

Venezuela detains 3 Colombians for espionage

Two Colombians and one Canadian-Colombian were detained by Venezuelan authorities and accused of espionage Monday, after they took photos of a telecommunications base during a vacation in the Venezuelan state of Maracay. Colombians Cruz Elba Giraldo and her nephew Santiago Giraldo, along with Canadian-Colombian doctor Carlos Cossio became the subjects of an investigation, which led to a search of the Giraldo family business, after they took the photos.

In the search Venezuelan authorities found Cruz Elba Giraldo's identity card from when she served as a secretary in the Colombian army for three years. Venezuelan authorities also found the identity card of Carlos Cossio from when he served in the Colombian army as a doctor.

Venezuela found these documents to be proof of espionage on the part of the Colombians and arrested them. They remain in custody in the Venezuelan state of Barinas.Relatives of the detainees reported the arrests to the Colombian government. The family has asked the Colombian government and the Colombian Foreign Ministry to intervene in the case to help the Colombians to be released.

comment-also see...Venezuela arrests 'Colombia spies     Venezuela captures 'Colombian spies    Suspected Colombian paramilitary leader Magaly Moreno captured in Venezuela

Honduras: resistance remobilizes in response to state terror

several thousand marched in Tegucigalpa to demand an end to the escalation of repression, and against the neoliberal policies of the new government. The FNRP, a broad alliance of social and political forces that emerged hours after the coup d'etat of last June 28, called the march, which began at the National Pedagogical University and ended in a rally against the National Autonomous University (UNAH).

The university has been occupied by its workers since Feb. 23, when they began a strike demanding wage increases. In a speech, FNRP general coordinator Juan Barahona demanded the release of 15 university union leaders, who were arrested ahead of the march on charges of sedition and usurpation of power

Fowler slams Harper's foreign policy Former diplomat accuses Tories of pandering

A former top Canadian diplomat Robert Fowler has slammed Prime Minister Stephen Harper's foreign policy, accusing the Conservatives of pandering to Canadian Jewish voters with a "reckless" Middle East policy that blindly favours Israel.

He also said Canada does not deserve a seat on the United Nations Security Council; that the Afghanistan mission is doomed to failure; and that Canadian politicians nowadays pursue foreign policy goals only to "corner the ethnic vote" in Canada.

"The world does not need more of the kind of Canada they have been getting," Fowler said in a speech in Montreal on Sunday morning. "Canadian governments have turned inward and adopted 'me first' stances across the international agenda; and Canada's reputation and proud international traditions have been diminished as a result."

Indigenous People bar proposed pipeline from their territories

A coalition of Indigenous Nations have issued a declaration barring the proposed Enbridge Northern gateway pipeline from transporting crude oil from the Alberta Tar Sands through their territories along Canada’s west Coast.The coalition of nine First Nations say the project, regardless of any economic benefits it may hold, poses an imminent threat to the environment, as well as their territories, cultures and livelihoods.

The Enbridge pipeline–stretching 1,170 kilometres to a deepsea port in Kitimat, B.C–would be stapled to a number of indigenous territories and and cross more than 1,000 rivers and streams before reaching through the delicate ecosystems of the west coast, including the Great Bear Rainforest.

“We all believe the Enbridge Gateway pipeline project is a threat to the very existence of our culture and our way of life,” says Art Sterritt, executive director of the Coastal First Nations.Speaking about the Great Bear Rainforest, he states, “An oil spill there would be devastating to the environment… It would literally wipe out all of our cultures. And we know it is not a question of if, but when there would be an oil spill.”

Swedish pension giant shuns Israeli arms maker

STOCKHOLM - The biggest Swedish pension fund said Monday it had barred Israeli arms maker Elbit Systems from its investment portfolios on ethical grounds.

Following the lead of Norway's state oil fund, Foersta AP-Fonden said it had banned investment in Elbit because it had built and was operating a surveillance system for an illegal barrier between Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

"The Ethical Council recommended that Elbit Systems Ltd should be excluded from each portfolio because it deems that the company can be linked to violations of fundamental conventions and norms," it said in a statement.

AUDIO-Impending conflict - Megamining

“Here in Chubut, one of our main concerns is mega-mining”, said Quintana. After the UAC meeting, there was strong opposition to the initiative of Mario Das Neves’ government, which aims to devote a provincial region to mega-mining projects.

Very small communities live in that arid zone, where the government and corporations are trying to push again for the extractive activities. 80% of the residents of Esquel expressed their rejection to mining projects seven years ago.

Illuminati Created the US to Advance NWO

'Most Americans scoff at the mention of conspiracy but their country was created by Freemasonry and they don't have a clue. Freemasons drafted the Constitution and signed the Declaration of Independence. The Indians who dumped the tea in the harbor were Masons. So was Paul Revere and his minutemen, George Washington and most of his generals.

The Marquis de Lafayette was excluded until he joined the Masons. At least 20 of the 42 US Presidents were "Brothers."Freemasonry is the Church of Lucifer masquerading as a fraternal mystical order. It fronts for Illuminati (Masonic; Cabalist Jewish) central bankers who started the US as a vehicle to advance their New World Order.'

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lenny Foster: Illegal Imprisonment of Leonard Peltier

ILLEGAL IMPRISONMENT OF LEONARD PELTIER Navajo Nation Corrections Project Excerpt:"I recommend the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples seek compliance through the Declaration of Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples and demand a congressional investigation into the human rights violations of Leonard Peltier.

Invitations will be made to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of Indigenous Peoples to visit Leonard Peltier at the United State Penitentiary in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. I request his petition for Executive Clemency is approved by the United States Justice Department and President Barack Obama."

Venezuelan President Chavez says Clinton thinks US owns 'the continent'§ionid=351020704

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez scorns US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as an ancient thinker, charging her with interfering in Venezuelan domestic affairs. "She still considers herself the imperial lady. She is behind the times," Chavez said during his visit to Ecuador on Friday."She still thinks the United States is the owner of this continent," he added.

Chavez made the remarks after Clinton criticized Caracas over the detention of television station owner Guillermo Zuloaga. During a Latin American tour, Clinton said that the Venezuelan government is limiting freedom and should restore "full democracy."

"A Venezuelan judge comes along and orders the detention of a criminal in Venezuela who owns a media outlet," Chavez noted. "And then they attack the government of Venezuela ... for attacking press freedom, for attacking journalists and the news media -- what cynicism. It's the cynicism of the (US) empire." Attorney General Luisa Ortega said Zuloaga is charged with deliberately spreading false information and insulting Chavez at an Inter-American Press Association meeting in Aruba last weekend.

After Chavez ... Juan Carlos Loyo is high on Venezuelan opposition

Since he became director of the National Lands Institute (INTI) several years, Loyo has been spearheading the much needed reform head on and achieving results. One of the biggest lies doing the rounds both domestically and internationally is the successful media spin that the agrarian reform has been a complete failure and that former allegedly thriving farms are now empty shells thanks to expropriation and bad management.

Reuters reporting on Venezuela summed up: Socialism is a dirty word!

The world is sick of Israel

Macaco allegedly paid for Prosecutor General's election to office

Former paramilitary leader, Carlos Mario Jiminez, alias Macaco, paid five billion pesos to ensure the election of Mario Iguaran to the Prosecutor General's Office, according to an extradited paramiltary.Eidelber Jhon Cano Correa, who was extradited to the US in 2006, revealed the information to magistrate Ivan Velasquez in an interview in New York in March 2010, reported RCN Radio.

"Macaco said there was a short list to choose the Prosecutor General and they would get their candidate at a cost of five billion pesos," Cano claimed.Velasquez was in New York for a Supreme Court investigation into possible links between Senator Habib Mereck and paramilitaries.The heads of the paramilitary group, AUC, held in US prisons, have offered to cooperate with the Colombian Supreme Court's investigation into the "para-politics" scandal in return for reduced drug-trafficking sentences, reported El Espectador on Thursday.

Indigenous struggle in defense of Mother Earth and its collective organization (By Hugo Blanco)

The indigenous population of America has been fighting for over 500 years in environmental protection and collective social organization. With the onslaught of neoliberalism, both nature and your organization, this struggle has intensified. In all countries with indigenous populations, it has fought hard in defense of Mother Earth against attack by oil, mining, logging, etc..

Agribusiness is also destructive of soil and elsewhere, for killing the soil with monoculture and the use of agrochemicals, super-exploits its workers and in general produces for export, including biofuels to feed cars. Another attack is the construction of dams, hydroelectric plants, airports, roads, etc.. to serve the people hurting businesses.The slaughter of about 200 (the official figure is 10) Peruvian Amazon natives in Bagua, whose bodies were cremated by repression, caused international outrage.

There are also successes, such as Tambogrande that prevented the Canadian company Manhattan extract the gold which is under the population.In Chile, the "socialist" government repressed the Mapuche who defends the laws of Mother Earth with Pinochet.In Argentina, Andalgalá and other peoples are fighting bravely in defense of the environment.In Guatemala report that hundreds of thousands of Indians fighting against the mining legislation.

In the U.S., Indians are opposed to uranium mining that damages "Great Grandma" (the Grand Canyon).In British Columbia, Canada, indigenous struggle against the emergence of structures in its territory for the Winter Olympics. The attack of big business is not only against the environment, knowing that collective organization is the weapon of defense of the Indians, it also attacks target. The anti-Indian community was almost simultaneously in Mexico and Peru. The anti-Indian law decrees Peruvian President are against the environment and against the indigenous community.

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The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium, and the Dying Children

"An award winning documentary film produced for German television by Freider Wagner and Valentin Thurn.The film exposes the use and impact of radioactive weapons during the current war against Iraq. The story is told by citizens of many nations.

It opens with comments by two British veterans, Kenny Duncan and Jenny Moore, describing their exposure to radioactive, so-called depleted uranium (DU), weapons and the congenital abnormalities of their children.Dr. Siegwart-Horst Gunther, a former colleague of Albert Schweitzer, and Tedd Weyman of the Uranium Medical Research Center (UMRC) traveled to Iraq, from Germany and Canada respectively, to assess uranium contamination in Iraq."

IraqS Oil Finds Itself In The Hands Of International Petroleum Companies

AUDIO -Terror regime Wave of political murders in Honduras

The National Front of Popular Resistance of Honduras reports that a strategy of fear and extermination is being implemented in the country against the people who opposed the coup d’etat of June 28, 2009, and who failed to recognize the November presidential elections under a terror regime. Three journalists were murdered in one month and teacher Jose Manuel Flores, was murdered in Tegucigalpa on March 25.

AUDIO-Tsilhqot'in people against Taseko Mines

Interview with Cecil Grinder at the rally in Williams Lake

From Queen Charlotte to Haida Gwaii The ascent of the Haida and the struggle with Canada

But if Canada has embraced the culture of Indigenous peoples, especially the Haida, it has been a great deal more resistant to their political claims. The provincial and federal governments jealously guard their exclusive reign over the land. The outcome for First Nations' traditional territories has usually been straightforward: its undisturbed apportioning-off to private industry.

In Haida Gwaii, the old growth treasures proved irresistable to timber barons, who brought industrial logging to the islands in the early 1900s. Enormous, tough spruce trees became the favoured material for WW2 fighter planes. As part of British Columbia's "resource industrial complex," Gill writes, forestry operations were guaranteed deep support from politicians, in exchange for healthy contributions to government coffers. All the big corporate names— MacMillan, Rayonier, Brascan—eventually took part in the lucrative island industry. They laid bare hillsides with mechanized savagery, moving assuredly to take more and more, from one island to the next.


NATO's M.O.: Killing pregnant women, smearing journalists

In recent months, Times reporter Jerome Starkey has exposed two incidents of Afghan civilians killed by foreign forces and their Afghan protegees. In December a night raid in eastern Kunar province killed eight boys. This was followed in February by another house raid which killed an attorney and his police officer brother and which involved the strange assertion that the raiding forces had found the bodies of two women who had apparently been murdered.

Castro’s secret archives: US Special Ops prepares to snatch five decades of damaging material

WMR has learned from knowledgeable sources in the Pentagon that the U.S. Special Operations Command has recently been tasked to come up with a covert operation designed to snatch the secret archives complied over five decades by former Cuban President Fidel Castro.Our sources report that among Castro’s archives are documents proving the collaboration of top U.S. Mafia figures, including Mafia financial boss Meyer Lansky, with the CIA in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas in 1963.

Castro apparently kept track of many of those involved in the assassination of Kennedy because they were also actively involved in anti-Castro plots associated with right-wing Cuban exiles that were organized out of Miami, New Orleans, Houston, and Dallas, cities where the Mafia was extremely active.WMR has learned that Castro’s extensive archives have been secured in a well-protected facility on the Isle of Youth (formerly the Isle of Pines) off the southwest coast of Cuba.

In addition to documents that point to the mob’s and CIA’s involvement in the Kennedy assassination, including the roles played by the Canadian Bronfman family and their wealthy attorney, the CIA-connected Louis Bloomfield of Montreal, the Castro archives reportedly contain a wealth of information about Cuban support for Angola’s government and liberation movements in Africa and Latin America. The archives also have details about the role of the CIA in the Angolan civil war and the coups that toppled Chilean President Salvador Allende and other leaders, as well as Henry Kissinger’s infamous Operation Condor that “disappeared” thousands of leftist, student, and labor leaders in Latin America

Venezuela: The people’s fight for a fair hearing

One analysis of Carroll’s reporting on Venezuela, published by the left-wing British magazine Red Pepper in September 2008, carefully dissected his anti-Chavez bias. The BBC has also had its coverage of Venezuela questioned recently. In December 2009, researchers at the University of the West of England published the preliminary findings of a 10-year study. Of 304 BBC reports published between 1998 and 2008, the researchers found that only three mentioned any of the Chavez government’s positive reforms — such as poverty reduction programs that have halved the poverty rate from 46.5% in 1998 to 23% in 2009. 

Instead the BBC’s reporting has been characterised by insinuations that Chavez lacks electoral support, and even compared Chavez to Hitler in one instance. The research also suggested the BBC has fallen short of its legal commitment to impartiality, truth and accuracy. It is within this context of media disinformation that I decided to make my new feature-length documentary, Inside the Revolution: A Journey into the Heart of Venezuela.

Bolivian President Threatens to Nationalize Sugar Growers

President Evo Morales warned that he will nationalize sugar refineries whose owners try “to sabotage the Bolivian people” by selling their product at elevated prices in Bolivia’s domestic market.

“If some owners of sugar refineries continue selling their sugar more cheaply abroad and more dearly (domestically), I will see myself forced to nationalize ... those factories, without any fear,” Morales said.

The president reiterated the need to have state-run sugar factories “so that the private ones are not sabotaging or blackmailing the Bolivian people by selling their sugar more cheaply abroad and more dearly in Bolivia.”

Africa: since ages living in the racist abyss of capitalist barbarism

professor, Dr. Franz J. T. Lee writes: When we are sitting at the foot of the lighthouse, we can barely see its warning lights of imminent approximating danger. Currently our global ship of State, our Titanic, is steering directly towards the huge rocks of disaster. No great god, no great idea, no great man, no Herrenvolk, can and will save us from this man-made self-destruction.

Of course, we will remain on collision track unless we ourselves ... global Society in relation to galactic Nature ... get rid of the current 'democratic-republican' Janus-faced barbarism on a world scale: exploited Labor versus exploiting Capital.

At this moment the 'great powers' are activating their mortal arms of mass destruction, they are launching the Goebbels generation of diatribal, fascist, political propaganda and they are going for 'total war' (Hitler), total body, mind and thought control.

U.S. Aid from Foreign Military Financing, Entire Region, 2006-2011

Grant military and police aid from Foreign Military Financing, Entire Region, 2006-2011

Mexico(militarized failed police state)2008-116,500,000 2009-39,000,0002010- 265,250,000 2011- 8,000,000 total-428,750,000

Colombia(militarized fascist police state)2006- 89,100,0002007- 85,500,000 2008-52,570,000 2009-53,000,000 2010-55,000,000 2011- 51,500,000 total-386,670,000  (these numbers exclude extra funding thru state department)

IDB Megaprojects:Displacement, Destruction, and Deception

Our report studies IDB megaprojects in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Honduras and what has been termed "development-induced displacement." Based on the results of these projects on local communities, we find the use of the term "development" perverse.

In these case studies, the inhabitants of the lands to be flooded out, plowed under, or built on play an active role. In most instances, rather than passively joining the diaspora, they have organized to defend their land and call for the suspension or modification of bank-promoted megaprojects. They have been met with threats and assassinations from interests vested in the multibillion dollar investments, but they are making their voices heard.

Dennis Ross ‘peddling the same snake oil’

Colombia and the TLC : Just Who Benefits from 'Free Trade'?

Colombia and the TLC:Jobs, deficits, and keeping 'free trade' alive The organizations that stand to benefit the most from this trade agreement -- U.S. multinational corporations -- have been involved in aiding and abetting [the] bloodshed [against trade unionists].

Colombia today has some of the worst labor rights violations in the world. Trade unionists are routinely murdered, tortured, and threatened with death: since 1991, over 2200 have been assassinated. Many of these extrajudicial killings have been directly linked to the Colombian Military and the President's own secret police, the Administrative Department for Security or Departamento Administrativo de Seguridad (DAS).Out of so many murders, there have been only 37 convictions. The FTA/TLC will only embolden anti-union attacks here.

Free Africa Foundation: Buying Freedom For Africa

The Free Africa Foundation campaigns for African development and never passes up the opportunity to denounce World Bank and IMF policies. But contrary to appearences, its discourse is actually directed at promoting economic deregulation. Using this example, Michael Barker revisits the history of Washington’s backing of the anti-Apartheid struggle. At the time, it essentially consisted in going along with an unstoppable historical movement, deflecting it from any criticism of the predominant U.S. economic system.

AIPAC: Telling a Whopper

AIPAC urged support for continuing US military aid for Israel, which AIPAC refers to as 'security assistance,' by approving President Obama's request for $3 billion for fiscal year 2011 as part of the 10-year $30 billion package. Time Magazine was unusually candid in its coverage of this request, reporting 'the Israeli government has announced plans to replace its aging fleet of F-16 fighter jets with new, American-made F-35 fighters, a major cost that Israel hopes will be substantially borne by American taxpayers.'

Indonesian Army Threatens to Arrest U.S. Journalist Over Assassinations Report

In response to my report revealing their assassinations of political activists (see posting of March 21, 2010), the US-backed Indonesian armed forces (TNI) are threatening to have me arrested, presumably on criminal defamation charges. (See Markus Junianto Sihaloho & Nurdin Hasan, Jakarta Globe, "Indonesian Military Threatens Legal Action Over Aceh Party Killings Claims.")

I welcome this threat from TNI, a force which has murdered many hundreds of thousands, and challenge them to arrest me so that we can face-off in open court. I will be glad to stand in court before the Indonesian public and detail TNI's role in numerous tortures, disappearances, massacres and assassinations.I would welcome the opportunity to enter a formal, public legal proceeding which would afford the opportunity to question TNI Generals under oath.

If given such a chance I would also attempt to call US personnel as witnesses, and question US military, CIA, State Department, and White House officials about their support for TNI. I would ask these Americans why they have given weapons, training and money to TNI, even as they have seen that force repeatedly kill civilians.

'Cabbing' for Israel?

'The latest revelations come only a few months after another Channel 4 “Dispatches” report, by Peter Oborne, showed how large numbers of MPs were stooging (or "cabbing") for Israel.

Mr Oborne reported that a majority of Conservative MPs and half the shadow cabinet are signed-up Friends of Israel, and millions of pounds flow into the bank accounts of MPs and parties, although only a fraction of these “contributions” are visibly accounted for. Sir Richard Dalton, a former British diplomat who served as consul-general in Jerusalem, observed: "I don't believe, and I don't think anybody else believes, these contributions come with no strings attached".'

Israeli Army Invades Khan Younis, Israeli Leaders Weigh Resumption Of Assassinations

'Several armored military vehicles carried on Sunday morning a limited invasion into Khan Youni, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. The latest attack comes admits talks of a likely resumption of assassinations in the coastal region. Israeli Finance Minister called for "reoccupying" Gaza and "eliminating Hamas".

The latest developments came as Israel’s military and political leaders are weighing the possibility of a massive attack against the Gaza Strip in addition to weighing the possibility of resuming Israel’s illegal assassinations policies.'

Too Big To Jail? DoJ: Wall St. Bailout Buds 'Co-Conspirators' In Plot To Rip Off State, Local Governments

'JPMorgan Chase & Co., Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and UBS AG were among more than a dozen Wall Street firms involved in a conspiracy to pay below-market interest rates to U.S. state and local governments on investments, according to documents filed in a U.S. Justice Department criminal antitrust case.

A government list of previously unidentified “co-conspirators” contains more than two dozen bankers at firms also including Bank of America Corp., Bear Stearns Cos., Societe Generale, two of General Electric Co.’s financial businesses and Salomon Smith Barney, the former unit of Citigroup Inc., according to documents filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan on March 24.'

British Government Under Fire for US Use of Diego Garcia

'The unfettered use of the British island of Diego Garcia by the American military is “disturbing” and ministers should be “less deferential” towards the US, says a cross- party group of MPs.

In a report published today, the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee criticises the British government for ceding control of the island in the Indian Ocean to the US, and demands a comprehensive review of the arrangement.

The report comes as the US is planning to make another major military deployment at Diego Garcia. This summer, the USS Emory S. Land, which left a base in Italy in 2007 under a cloud, will arrive the island to start servicing the US submarine fleet.'

Snoopers Check We Don't Split Atoms

'They can show up without notice or warrants and with 1,208 reasons to enter your home, workplace or land without your permission. This is Gordon Brown’s new model army of snoopers, which is gaining new home invasion powers at the rate of two a week. The Prime Minister promised a crackdown on them in 2007 but it is Conservative peer Lord Selson who is leading the fightback.'

'Lockerbie Bomber' Refuses Release of Medical Records 'Mystery'

Actually, there is no mystery. Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi did not place the Lockerbie bomb that killed 243 passengers and 16 crew members, plus eleven people in Lockerbie, southern Scotland, on December 21st 1988, in the crash of Pan Am Flight 103.   

The perpetrators were American, British and Israeli 'Intelligence'. Al Megrahi's second appeal due to be heard in 2009 would have revealed evidence to demolish the official story of the Pan Am crash and so a deal was done to release Al Megrahi on 'compassionate grounds' on the understanding that he would drop his potentially devastating appeal.

The man who made the official decision to release Al Megrahi to stop the truth coming out was Scottish 'Justice' Secretary Kenny MacAskill who has also refused to order an investigation into the paedophile abuse case of Down's Syndrome girl, Hollie Greig, and is a former lawyer with Levy and McRae, the law firm that has threatened people who are exposing the Hollie Greig scandal and the Scottish establishment paedophile ring that is involved.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Capitalists think they own every living soul, and that wealth and well-being are tied to race. These zoo keepers need captives to use and abuse. When they washed on our shores we resisted. We refused to forget who we were and are. Followed was one of the biggest holocausts in all humanity. Over 100 million of us in the Western Hemisphere were murdered. We wouldn’t die off. Their domesticated European flocks had to be brought over to slave for them.

VIDEO-Wet’suwe’ten Blockade Against Logging

The Vancouver Media Co-op interviews Richard Sam, a member of the Wet’suwe’ten Nation and one of two people maintaing a road blockade against the Canadian logging company Canfor in central British Columbia

For nearly five months now, a Wet’suwe’ten family in central BC has maintained a road blockade within their House territory.The Canadian logging company Canfor was granted rights to log in the territory by the Provincial government in August 2009. However, they did so without consulting or gaining the consent of the Wet’suwe’ten Nation.

Fast-Tracking Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement a Betrayal of Commitments

The Colombian government has already been preparing its own reports on labour rights violations for the International Labour Organization for decades, and yet the murder of trade unionists persists. 45 trade unionists were killed in 2009, maintaining Colombia’s dubious record of being the most dangerous country to be a trade union leader.

The Colombian government is deeply mired in human rights violations. Asking a country which allows its security forces to engage in the murder of its own citizens, as documented by the UN High Commission for Human Rights in a November 2008 report, to assess its own human rights record is a mockery. This is no where near the independent human rights assessment that unions and human rights organizations, and indeed Canada’s parliamentarians called for in 2008.

CFTC Whistleblower Injured in London Hit-and-Run

London metals trader Andrew Maguire, who warned an investigator for the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission in advance about a gold and silver market manipulation to be undertaken by traders for JPMorgan Chase in February and whose whistleblowing was publicized by GATA at Thursday’s CFTC hearing on metals futures trading –– was injured along with his wife the next day when their car was struck by a hit-and-run driver in the London area.

Federal Law Enforcement Operations Underway in Michigan Against Militia Members

The FBI was conducting raids Saturday night at multiple locations in southeast Michigan.Action News has learned Homeland Security and the Joint Anti-terrorism Task Force is also involved in a major operation.

Federal officials would not say who they were targeting or where, but the FBI has set up a command center at the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department in Ann Arbor, where they have brought in two satellite trucks and a radio tower.Agents have also obtained search warrants and multiple arrests have been made.

Americas Program Biodiversity Report—March 2010

Monocultures of African, or oil palm, whose oil is used to produce a variety of products ranging from cosmetics to biodiesel, bring massive violence and destruction of biodiversity, as the cases of Colombia and Honduras demonstrate. "Violence is an additive to African palm oil or biodiesel," stated the labor organization Rel-UITA. "Environmental degradation, repression of indigenous and campesino communities, and union-busting are some of the footprints that mark the violent identity of the industrial cultivation of the African palm."

Recently 185 of the 200 workers at the palm plantation Palo Alto in Colombia chose to join a union, and were crushed by the bullets of mercenaries. "They opened fire with their faces uncovered, brazenly defiant with the arrogance of those who know that in Colombia impunity nourishes the use of weapons and that it's open season on union members all year long." In 2009, 37 union leaders were assassinated in Colombia. That year, seven of every 10 union members murdered in the world were Colombians.Workers' demands include payment of salaries, bonuses, severance pay, interest on severance pay, family subsidies, and seven years' worth of social security premiums.

"These modern slaves earn an average of (U.S.) $230 dollars, some $30 below the minimum salary. According to the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores, a labor federation, in Colombia you need two minimum salaries to keep a family from dying of hunger," Rel-UITA charged. "It is very difficult to understand how in these feudal work conditions which are accompanied, in addition, by extreme violence, the development of the African Palm would favor progress for people or their quality of life, as President Alvaro Uribe says it will.

The only thing the African palm delivers in Colombia and the rest of the world from the top down is violence and poverty.""There is no crop which has displaced more campesinos in Colombia than the African palm. It is the 'napalm' of Plan Colombia: burning the forest, torching the people ceaselessly, and with full legitimization … Uribe wants Colombia to be 'the Saudi Arabia of biodiesel' in 2020. We can imagine it: a huge desert, an oligarchic monarchy, and a multimillion dollar marketing operation calling for the use of Colombian 'bio-combustibles' to save the planet."

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Colombia's Elections: Under the Gun

Researcher Claudia Lopez of the Electoral Observation Mission explained the relationship between drug-trafficking groups and elections in an interview with independent journalist Hollman Morris. "The narco-trafficking structures need to have political representation and that's why they seek it so avidly. Because through political representation they get impunity, legitimacy, and a capacity for negotiation with government authorities."

The consolidation of narco-paramilitary groups follows a pattern. First they establish territorial control in areas where they have interests in illegal drug production or trafficking. Then they take control of local, state, and federal government representation. In Colombia, the process has been dubbed "capture of the state."

Astoundingly, in the March 14 elections, parties tainted by the para-politics scandal were not punished for crimes as serious as aligning with illegal armed groups and being implicated in massacres of civilian populations. Worse, they were returned to office. Colombian civil society groups identified 80 candidates directly connected to imprisoned or sanctioned politicians with paramilitary ties. Although official results are not in to do an exact count, many of these family members and close associates gained office.

comment-also see...International Delegation Issues Preliminary Findings on Pre-electoral Conditions in Colombia  Colombia Elections 2010

Another Mossad assassination?

RT Contributor Wayne Madsen investigates an assassination in Hungary that is eerily similar to the January killing of a Hamas operative in Dubai.

Israeli spy agency Mossad still unchallenged in the West

Paul J. Balles views the use of deception, disinformation and murder by the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, and notes that “not a single establishment journalist nor Western intelligence agency has given enough credence” to former Mossad operative Victor Ostrovsky's revelations about the agency’s methods “to modify and correct the Mossad-planted line”.

”If journalists of the so-called free Western press ever took stock of Victor Ostrovsky's revelations, they've neatly swept them under the carpet. The hoax, the disinformation and deception created by Israel's Mossad, is finally crumbling like the Tower of Babel it reflects.”

U.S. Plunges Central America Back To Era Of Coups And Death Squads

The Nicaraguan press recently published an article by Uruguayan journalist Jorge Capelan titled “The United States and its Web of NGOs in Nicaragua,” which detailed that “the destabilizing strategy the United States has pursued in Venezuela through non-governmental organizations and ‘contractor’ firms is also being applied in Nicaragua against the Sandinista government.

The report documented that since 1994 the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) created “so-called Offices of Transition Initiatives (OTI) in several countries worldwide.“They were originally created to support transition to capitalism in Eastern European countries, but they later spread to other states where it was necessary to address situations in which US interests were threatened.”

An OTI was launched in Venezuela in July of 2002, two months after the 47-hour coup there, and in late 2005 in Bolivia in an attempt to prevent Evo Morales’ victory in the December 18 presidential election.Although there “is no OTI in Nicaragua,” USAID is concocting “a similar strategy against the Sandinista government through the CampTransparencia program run by the paramilitary DynCorp firm.“CampTransparencia has organized forums and other similar activities in Nicaragua. Its main cadres have experience in ‘regime change’ operations.” [18]

Treason by members of the United States Congress / Anthony Lawson

It must have been realised that the letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, signed by nearly 300 members of the U.S. Congress, affirming their commitment to Israel, would be widely publicised and fall into the hands of that illegal Apartheid State, so the writing and signing of that letter should be considered an act of treason.

The letter has totally undermined the power of the President of the United States by virtually telling Israel: “It does not matter what you do to the Palestinians, how many illegal structures you build on the territory you stole from them; how you behave towards the Lebanese, or what you have in mind for Iran, we, the signatories on this letter are with you, all the way.”

Israel rejects UNHRC resolution

Israel rejected a UN Human Rights Council resolution urging the country to pay Palestinians for damage incurred during the military assault on Gaza that began in late 2008. "The UNHRC resolution… has nothing to do with safeguarding human rights," Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said in a statement, according to The Jerusalem Post, an English-language Israeli newspaper.

comment-also read....UN rights council adopts resolutions criticizing Israel   The UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) [official website] on Wednesday passed three resolutions [press release] critical of Israeli practices towards Syrian and Palestinian territories. The resolutions were adopted [Haaretz report] during the 13th session of the UNHRC [materials] held in Geneva. One resolution titled "The grave human rights violations by Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem" passed by a vote of 31 to 9 and made specific demands on Israel including:

... that the occupying Power, Israel, end its occupation of the Palestinian land occupied since 1967, and that it respect its commitments within the peace process towards the establishment of the independent sovereign Palestinian State, with East Jerusalem as its capital, living in peace and security with all its neighbours;

... that the occupying Power, Israel, stop the targeting of civilians and the systematic destruction of the cultural heritage of the Palestinian people, in addition to the destruction of public and private properties, as laid down in the Fourth Geneva Convention

... that Israel, the occupying Power, respect the religious and cultural rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, particularly in occupied East Jerusalem, as provided for in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the core international human rights instruments, the Hague Conventions and the Geneva Conventions, and that it allow Palestinian citizens and worshippers unhindered access to their properties and religious sites therein