Monday, June 24, 2013

US PLAN COLOMBIA @ WORK .."President Santos is responsible for the murder of two farmers in Catatumbo"
To neglect, with arrogance and indolence of the Santos Government, the crisis of the Catatumbo began to have a tragic outcome. The tragedy announced her own President Santos with his statements stigmatizing, bookmarks and quarrelsome: demanded blood and achieving it, our fellow Edison Franco and Leonel Jácome were killed by bullets from the army yesterday in Ocaña, two young peasants from San Calixto, they already will not see the area of reserve peasant who dreamed of, not already will see a region of Catatumbo, in prosperity and in peace.The so-called approach of the Government to farmers in Tibu to start dialogue, already came with a sign of indifference and arrogance, they want to talk to the leaders of the protest with the generals Marcolino and Palomino, the task Vulcano de el Ejército and strength of the police, institutions committed to paramilitary groups and the violation of human rights in our region. Two hundred peasant leaders said no to his presence and the conditionality of the new alien Agriculture Minister, Francisco Estupiñán, who said that "is with them or no meeting".We ask President Santos order cease repression on farmers to prevent one greater tragedy.We ask President Santos make presence in Tibu with convened civil institutions immediately to installing the table of dialogue and agreement - MIA, and begin to solve the regional crisis through dialogue.We demand, Mr President, that an investigation that justice and punish those responsible for these murders.Mr Santos, the crisis of the Catatumbo is solved serving 160 law and declaring the area of Catatumbo of peasant reserve (ZRC), ceasing the eradications indefinitely forced coca crops, initiating a program of gradual and concerted substitution of coca in the framework of the Plan of sustainable development of the ZRC of Catatumbo and repairing the victims of violent eradication.Mr Santos, peace is built and you have a unique opportunity, concrete political will towards peace, the will to make a reference for the construction of the peace of Colombia, Catatumbo sit with us, meets law 160, do to stop the violence against us, we begin our troubleshooting by the path of dialogue. You hope in Tibu.
3 peasants injured by rifle bullet - 7,000 farmers in Catatumbo took over the airport of Ocaña
7,000 Catatumbo peasants have taken Ocaña airport, located on the road that leads to the municipality of Convention near the sector Aguas Claras.This new action is in fact blocked air transport, where the army and police were disembarking members of the mobile anti-riot Squadron in order to suppress the peasant protest, which takes about 12 days in all the Catatumbo.At this moment there are clashes between the ESMAD and communities while the public force is flying over the area.Helicopters throw gas on protesters tear, the ESMAD uses the powerful gas, 0.18, one of the strongest gas used by the policeThey are reported so far 3 wounded by rifle bullet: Audel Rodríguez, El Rosal, El Tarra, Jimmy Jaimes Mesa Rica, Hacarí, Nayi April, Las Palmas, Convention. There are an unknown number of detainees.The peasants were threatened by soldiers of the national army who warn them soaring if protesters hit the airport fences. In addition there have been shots from the rifle by the armed forces.Clashes occur at this moment in "The Y" de Ocaña, which connects this town with Aguachica and Convention.Pategallina, junction of roads taken by peasants, has movement of helicopters, landing at the military base, presumably transporting effective riot of the Esmad.Other blocked at this time include: the one, J10, La Aduana, La 3, La 4, Bertrania, in the municipality of Tibu jurisdiction.

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