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BRASIL-PALESTINE ... My visit to Palestine: the genocide of a people
... My visit to Palestine: the genocide of a people
I had the honour and the pleasure to integrate the second mission of solidarity with the Palestinian people that happened between the 18 and 24 April, organised by the Committee for Palestinian State, articulation that brings together 70 organizations, among which the major parties of the left, the biggest Trade Union Central, the MST, youth organizations and other social movements organized.We had the opportunity to get to know cities, towns, villages, hamlets, we met with dozens of entities of the social movements and the struggle for resistance, talked with mayors, councilmen, Governors, leaders of Government, the PLO, and with the various parties that makes up the front that unites all sectors which call for a Palestinian State.

Brasileiros em missão de solidariedade na Palestina
The second mission of solidarity
with the Palestinian people was
in the West Bank in April-Photo
All of the delegation of 20 people from several States had the understanding that people are the victim of one of the largest pursuits in world history, but in the day-to-day contacts we were taking the real dimension of the tragedy that victim that suffered and small country, much bigger and worse than we imagined. That sense of outrage that affects us when we watch movies on the Holocaust was in taking on each account, on each affidavit, in shows of pictures and videos. All this was more impressed, more shocked by the cruelty with which the Jewish Government attempts to exterminate a people and occupy its territory completely. It is curious that at each meeting that took part in the collection of the leaders was that when we go back to the country, we denunciássemos widely and we have seen what we have seen, they know that the international media is that they are "terrorists" and that the Jews were victims of persecution, that "Israel has right to defend itself" (such as repeated frequently Obama, guarantor and accomplice of carnage promoted by its partners Zionists).To enter Palestine from Jordan, we came across one called "check-point" (there are about 600 in the country) where frightening Jews armed with rifles promote all kinds of embarrassment and teasing the who tries to visit the country. I had the opportunity to attend a Argentine Jewish humiliate a Palestinian trying to cross the border of his country, one of the most depressing scenes I saw in life, full of racism demonstration put into practice against a people. Worst of all is watching this and nothing to do, because if anyone dares protest can be arrested, charged with terrorism and spend the rest of his life in jail and never have the right to see the family. So that's there.We had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful city of Betúnia, where resides a Brazilian community. There we were greeted by the Mayor, aldermen and we had the company of the Ambassador of Brazil in an act in place. From there we went to a lunch on a playground where we hear the anthems of the two countries. Well this city side in the Palestinian territory, there is a Jewish army prison with about a thousand prisoners-are more than five thousand political prisoners-the largest in the world. All of them are summarily convicted by a military tribunal without defence. Many are dying because they are sick (unable to treatment), other in physical and psychological torture sessions, including young people of 12, 13 years (here, text on an article published in the British newspaper The Independent about the topic).We met in the town of Cobar two former political prisoners who have spent more than 30 years in prison. One of them met the children in prison-they also were arrested for participating in protests against the occupation of the country. Many young people are keen to be arrested in order to meet parents in prison. And are given disproportionate sentences for playing stones at invading soldiers (this kind of "crime" is considered by the Jewish State as "terrorism"). In this small village saw scenes that left us perplexed. In a video shown by local leaders, Jewish soldiers, as they do in all locales, stormed the village with a gigantic war apparatus, murdered a young Palestinian with a bomb, hijacked a child (which then will be tortured and forced and accusing someone of "terrorism"), beat up women, destroyed homes and assaulted with violence those who were protesting against the cowardice. In general this is how the Palestinian day to day things that remind us the horrors committed by Hitler against the Jews, who now mostly silent or support the carnage put into practice by their Governments.

We were in another village of Bilin name, where local leaders promote weekly demonstrations against the occupation. On the day, there was a soccer match in honor of a young woman who was murdered by the forces of occupation and soon after a few young people focused in front of the "wall of shame" or "apartheid wall", (with 800 kilometers long and flanked by electrical fences) and threw stones (a symbolic way of resistance struggle) against the soldiers on the other side of the wall, all of them duly protected and immune to the stones. The response of the Zionist army was about 100 bombs of various types, pepper, tear, etc. (the weapons created by Israel are tested every day against the Palestinian people, Guinea Pigs of the murders of the Zionists). Delegations from various parts of the world are concentrated in place to watch for expressions (including Jews) and even then, without any embarrassment, an enormous brutality is the answer of the terrorist State of Israel. On the other side of the wall, the settlers watch and have fun in a sort of "cabin" the firepower of their armed forces.The UN decided in 1948, sensitized with the Holocaust, divide the Palestinian territory to shelter the Jews (the placing with 52% and leaving the Palestinians with 48%). From then on, anchored on a overwhelming deaths apparatus and always supported and supported by the us, they were occupying gradually the part that doesn't fit (half Palaestina, which today has only about 12% of which had on the partition), disregarding all international laws and agreements. Throughout this process illegal deocupação with continuous repeated mass massacres of natives, millions of Palestinians went into exile (a number calculated currently at 6 million people, half of the Palestinian population.)Palestine is banned by the invaders to have ports and airports (which had in Ramalah was bombed and occupied by Zionists today). The country's water, which comes from the Jordan River, is diverted to the Israeli territory and then referred back where it came from and charged. This is a permanent source of blackmail, because at any moment they reduce or cut depending on the will of the colonizer. Electricity and telephone work the same way.
Of the dozens of outrageous things that we saw, one caught my attention because it is an appalling form of cruelty. Palestine, with a fragile economy, for obvious reasons, is the source of income in agriculture and survival of a large part of the population. There, more than five thousand years to cultivate olive trees, source of production of olive oil, undisputed quality. Because, from the bus on the edges of the road, we saw a vast area of, with all trees uprooted by Jewish settlers protected by the invading army. As the Jewish religion does not allow if start up plant roots, they leave only a small stump above the Earth. In other places, we saw all the crops burned. Second article published on the website of "unsuspected" Veja magazine, only between January and September 2011, were cut and burned olive trees by Jewish settlers and 7,500 since 1967 there were more than 800 thousand (matter can be read here ). When our guide, a Palestinian absolutely generous and polite, informed us that in the city of Hebron had a different kind of occupation (the settlers occupy the upper part of the House of Palestinians to reside in the place), I confess that I had difficulty to understand, assuming to be a joke. It was not. We saw up close. The Jewish State recruit settlers around the world with salaries of $ 7,500 per month just to live in the colonies. In Hebron, they take up the sides of the city and also over, and from up there, playing all kinds of waste in Palestinians underneath, which use nets to protect themselves from the filth thrown by the Jews.In one of the meetings that we participate, the Governor of Jerusalem made a relevant analysis. For him, politics of Israel and allied powers (USA and Eu) is pushing the Palestinian people gradually out of the country and the region in the future be totally dominated and controlled by Zionists, that imagines there be "promised land," holy land ". He cites the example of his city, where residents are forbidden to build new dwellings (and when build, the army tips), while around are being built more and more Jewish colonies.For most people, especially the young unemployed, in the midst of this heinous siege, the best alternative is to look for in other countries, since its target can be the graveyard. A Palestinian businessman/Brazilian, without hope, told me in Ramalah it would though. For him, the future of the country is to be occupied entirely by the killers. "We can't face the army of Israel and Americans together," said the disconsolate. Is the deliberate policy by Israel/USA has the desired effect.The Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano summarizes the current situation:Already left little Palestine. Step by step, Israel is erasing it from the map. The settlers invade, and behind them the soldiers go correcting the border. The bullets sacralizam the plunder. Consuming appetite is justified by the title that the Bible gave. Since 1948, the Palestinians are condemned to perpetual humiliation. Cannot breathe without permission. Lost their home, their land, their water, their freedom, their everything. Israel is the country that never meets the recommendations nor the United Nations resolutions, which never respects the judgments of international tribunals, that circumvents international laws, and it is also the only country that legalized torture of prisoners. Who gave you the right to deny all rights? Or this green light from power have rain that has in Israel most of his vassals? By chance the tragedy of the Holocaust implies a policy of eternal impunity? The Israeli army, the most modern and sophisticated world, know who kills. Does not kill by mistake. Kills by horror. At the same time we were there, the Portuguese national team playmaker Cristiano Ronaldo, refused to change the shirt with players of Israel claiming "not to use killer shirt".Many Palestinians say that what the country has been passing this "ethnic cleaning". Some there compare Zionism to Nazism. Galeano speaks in "war of extermination of a people". We should not doubt: is underway in Palestine a deliberate policy to expel/destroy a population without which nothing is done by the "international community", the Association of imperialist States that have already invaded and bombed other countries with the cynical argument of "humanitarian reasons". All lovers of peace, freedom and self-determination of people must support the struggle in defense of the Palestinian State and against the genocide of his people.
Other missions of solidarity will happen and everyone is invited to visit this small and beautiful country of a wonderful, hospitable people, that in spite of all the suffering, resists with pride and perseverance.Geraldo Galindo is President of PCdoB in Salvador (BA)
[ed notes:this article and piece is courtesy of FEPAL federacao Palestina and SANAUD

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