Friday, August 30, 2013

U.S. President Barack Obama should rearticulate his policy of regime change for Syria, says Michael Weiss, a columnist at NOW Lebanon.(RUNS ZIONIST JEWISH HENRY JACKSON SOCIETY,WHOS AFFILIATED WITH JINSA AND TOP WEAPONS MANUFACTURERS IN WORLD)
“No direct U.S. military engagement would work without a concomitant commitment to building up the armed opposition, which has also been a long-neglected official U.S. goal,” he writes for Foreign Affairs. “A responsible and trustworthy rebel army could be tasked not only with fighting the regime and its manifold proxies but also with safeguarding (ZIONIST RAN)U.S., European, and regional interests from the rise of extremists in the Levant.”Unfortunately, he notes, the US and the West have failed to deliver on earlier commitments to send light weapons to the Supreme Military Command, a the coordination and logistics umbrella for the Free Syrian Army (FSA) led by Salim Idris (above).[[[“And yet, in spite of such torpidity, there are encouraging signs,” Weiss argues: Little covered by the international press and policy wonks, in recent months, the southern front in Syria has seen rebel units backed by the West and its allies winning more and more territory at the expense of both Assad and al Qaeda, which has been using the war in Syria as an opportunity to expand its reach to establish what it hopes will be a Islamic emirate in advance of a worldwide caliphate. The credit for this goes mainly to Saudi Arabia and to what it calls its “southern strategy,” or the buildup of rebel forces in and around Damascus, particularly in the towns of Barzeh, Jobar, and Qaboun, where rebels have seized regime weapons caches and even overtaken an electrical facility. All of these towns are located in Eastern Ghouta district, the very same area that Assad gassed last week and had gassed before then, too.
[ed notes:the above statements are encouraging to zionazi likudnik chickehawks like weiss and hjs!!!
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad wrongfully underestimated the (zionst ran)U.S. policy against intervening in any international conflicts……Assad had previously used chemical weapons on different occasions and the U.S. administration did not react in any way to deter the Syrian regime,”(zionist) Syrian analyst Atef al-Souri writes for Fikra Forum: As for the rebels, they are achieving noticeable progress around Damascus after receiving sophisticated Saudi weapons….As for the strategic objective behind the [U.S.] intervention, we are hoping that it would be for the purpose of pushing Assad to accept the Geneva agreement and cede power.Any regime change should remain the task of the Syrian people, said the ranking Republican on the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee.“I hope it is the kind of action that does not move us away from the policy we have right now of where we want to see the Syrian opposition group taking the lead on the ground,” said Senator Bob Corker.(corker is a zionist! see...
GOP Sen. Corker: Obama did 'very good job' in AIPAC address ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Train the opposition“The United States should now make recruiting and training many thousands more rebels a top priority,” Weiss contends: One incentive for doing so is that, unless Washington plans to dispatch Joint Special Operations Command units into Syria at a later date (and that does not seem likely), it will require its own proxy — a Syrian gendarmerie — for curtailing the military and political influence of al Qaeda. …Some have said that building a trustworthy rebel ally is an impossible task. But there is perhaps no better indicator of the readiness of certain rebel formations to play ball than the confidence with which top FSA commanders in Deraa openly condemn Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant — the two al Qaeda franchises in Syria — and label them hirelings of Syrian intelligence. Conditions are “fertile for the weakening of the jihadists” to the benefits of opposition moderates, Weiss contends.
[ed notes:you have to laugh really,when a zionist jewish chickenhawk advocating wars for israhell,comes out with such a statement,that proof zionist ran us and allies can build a trustworthy new regime under fsa(made up of all kinds of extremists and directed by major general paul e vallely a ziocon israhell lapdog,see ) after they gave a silly statement claiming to not align with alqaeda al nusra and other fronts,wich are directed and funded by zionist ran,client regimes like saudi arabia,qatar,and other gcc puppet monarchies lol
“Assad has emerged unscathed from every reprehensible escalation of violence he has committed against his own people,” says Ziadeh, a former Reagan-Fascell fellow at the National Endowment for Democracy.
[ed notes:backround on ziadeh lol

SYRIA FALSE FLAG_0001.wmv - YouTube

Prevent ‘a Congo on the Mediterranean’

[ed notes:preventing a congo scenario,interesting prashing really considering israhells role in that genocidal conflict as well as zionist ran us's ..see
Israel and the Ongoing Holocaust in Congo
16 Years of U.S. Genocide in Congo“In the next few days and weeks, then, it is not just live images of explosions in Damascus that should consume the United States’ attention, but also to activity at the northern and southern borders of Syria,” Weiss writes in Foreign Affairs: Are the rebels receiving adequate weapons and training? Are they gaining ground in the southern front? Has Idris stopped drafting open letters to the president begging him for more help than he’s yet received? The answers will indicate whether a coherent strategy is in play….It would be folly to have witnessed the shattering of previously held myths about Syria only to see the recrudescence of another: that a Syria with Assad in it will prove more stable and manageable than a Syria without him. Obama needs to start by recognizing how foolish and dangerous that assumption is. [[[“Two or three days’ worth of airstrikes that are not geared toward regime change would do little to prevent the emergence of a Congo on the Mediterranean,’ Weiss concludes. “But they would guarantee that the United States will be returning to this conflict later, at time not of its own choosing.”]]]]]

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