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Exposed! zionazi lt general paul e vallely back in turkey and deep inside Syria with fsa commanders and terrorists at time of supposed chemical attacks!
Unlocking the facts in Syria – MG Vallely in Syria UPDATE - August 26, 2013 – Video of MG Vallely and FSA Col. Malik Kurdieh has been added By Tera Dahl - SUA Sr. Middle East Correspondent – Cross posted at  (ultra rightwing and zionist organization) ANTAKYA, TURKEY
 [[[[[[[Paul E. Vallely, Major General US Army (ret) along with his Middle East advisor Nagi N. Najjar, met with Commander-in Chief of the Free Syrian Army Colonel Riad El Asaad on their latest trip to Turkey and inside the war zone that is Syria.]]]]]
[[[[[What is clearly evident is that the United States again are backing the wrong elements in the Syrian rebellion – sending all of the support and logistics to the Muslim Brotherhood/Salafists Syrian Military Council backed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia.]]]]] The FSA nationalistic command under Colonel Riad, which includes the majority of the opposition forces, does not receive any support – either military or logistical.Financial support and arms flowing through the Supreme Military Council and the Syrian National Council (SNC) have been given to radical Islamic elements that have inserted themselves into the battle field. The true FSA has not received any of the support from the international community, instead they have been marginalized, even though they are the majority of the support on the ground.
MG Vallely, US Army (Ret.) and Col. Malik Kurdieh discuss positions in Syria
The command of the FSA – with the coalition of other defected officers and soldiers from the Syrian Military under Assad – originated to defend innocent protesters and civilians against the brutality and killing of the civilian population of the Assad regime. The true FSA desires to have a good relationship with the United States. During the meetings, the commanders spoke of their desire and aspiration for a Syria that allows for the people to think freely and live in liberty and freedom. They want the support of the (zionist ran)United States because they say that the U.S. represents freedom to the world and they want freedom for Syria.
Colonel Riad and his nationalistic military commanders are confident they can overturn the Assad government if the Syrian Air Force can be neutralized and taken out of action. During the meeting with Colonel Riad, he stated they “wished the U.S. would be open to them in a positive way”, they “desire good relations with the United States”.  The true Free Syrian Army is not being represented or supported in Washington, DC. This must change. [[[[[The U.S. must stop supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist elements and start supporting the FSA under the command of Colonel Riad.]]]]]
Figure 2 Gen (ret) Paul Vallely meeting with FSA soldiers inside Syria
Figure 2 – Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely US Army, (Ret.) meeting with FSA (terrorists)soldiers inside Syria – (SUA 2013)
Figure 3 Gen (ret) Vallely meeting with FSA Commanders in Aleppo, Syria
Figure 3 – Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret.) and Nagi N. Najjar meeting with FSA Senior Commanders in Aleppo, Syria – (SUA 2013)
Figure 4 Gen (ret) Vallely meeting with FSA Commanders
Figure 4 – Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret.) meeting with FSA Senior Commanders – (SUA 2013)
Figure 5 Gen (ret) Vallely in the heart of Aleppo, Syria
Figure 5 – Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret.) in the heart of Aleppo, Syria – (SUA 2013)
Figure 6 Gen (ret) Vallely with FSA soldiers in Aleppo
Figure 6 – Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret.) with FSA soldiers and Senior Commanders in Aleppo, Syria – (SUA 2013)
Figure 7 Eating dinner on the way out of Syria with FSA soldiers
Figure 7 – Eating dinner on the way out of Syria with FSA soldiers – (SUA 2013)
Figure 8 In Aleppo with FSA soldiers
Figure 8 – In Aleppo, Syria with FSA soldiers –
 [ed notes;i told my readers since last year that lt general paul e vallely was directing the fsa terrorists for a while,ever since last year when he wa sin turkish terror camps during ramadan.  He also opened up a liason office with fsa thru sua..  its important people know paul e vallely is close friends with war criminal oliver north!its also important people realize he is a pitbull for israhelli interests,and a top pentagon insider who ran psychological operation groups!The most important is the book he co wrote called ,endgame:the blueprint for victory in the war on terror,wich is a blueprint following up on PNAC agenda,wich clearly described ways to manufacture a continual war in region after Iraq war,and one wich targets Syria for regime change and destruction,
not to mention paving way for an attack on Iran!!

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