Monday, August 26, 2013

Venezuela Watch- Captured two Colombian citizens involved in assassination attempts against President Maduro 
The Minister for the Interior, Justice and Peace, Miguel Rodriguez Torres, reported Monday that two Colombian citizens involved in assassination attempts against President Nicolas Maduro were captured.At a press conference, broadcast by state media, Rodriguez Torres said that after the investigations conducted by the security forces of the Venezuelan state, last August 15, two subjects who formed a destabilizing group were captured. Such group consists of 10 individuals: Victor Johan Gueche Mosquera, 22 years old, and Erick Leonardo Huertas Rios, 18, who entered the country on August 13 through San Antonio del Tachira. "We found their location on August 15 and captured them in the hotel Guaracarumbo, on the Pan American Highway, which travels through the state of Aragua and Miranda to get to Caracas," he said. He explained that the capture of these two citizens was informed 11 days after "due to the seriousness of the information and the process" of research and intelligence carried out by the state security agencies. The Minister added that two rifles equipped with laser sights, along with a photo of President Nicolas Maduro, with President of the National Assembly Diosdado Cabello were seized in the operation. "In their bags they also had 10 Venezuelan Army military uniforms in full regalia." Rodriguez Torres said the two young men were led by Alejandro Caicedo Alfonso (aka David) from the Colombian municipality of Soacha, near Bogota. "David is the link, in jail, with Oscar Alcantara Gonzalez (aka Gancho Mosco), who is being held in Colombia since March 2013 and convicted of using minors to commit crimes, including murder, conspiracy and trafficking, manufacture or possession of drugs," he said. The senior officer also said that Gancho Mosco "is constantly visited by David, who is receiving instructions directly from him (Gancho Mosco) in jail and carries them out by means available". "David was on the trip from Bogota to Cucuta with these two young men who came to Venezuela," said Rodriguez, who added that the Colombian authorities were provided with all information processed by security and investigative forces of Venezuela on the case.
Maduro thanks Colombia's cooperation to fight plans to murder him
"This Conspiracy comes directly from the United States, and we have enough evidence," said President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro on detailed plans of assassination against this Monday by the Minister for the Interior, justice and peace, Miguel Rodríguez Torres.The head of State gave these statements to his departure from the end of the infant national fencing Championship, developed at Fort Tiuna in Caracas.Maduro stressed that the Government of Venezuela has reported consistently from where comes the conspiracy in whichthe self confessed terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, is linked and  being protected by the United States Government. "President Obama: is it that you don't know that in the United States is conspiring from the Group of Posada Carriles, monitored and advised by (the former senior US officials) Otto Reich and Roger Noriega to commit acts of terrorism and an assassination in Venezuela?", asked the Venezuelan President in reference to the U.S. President."Is it that President Obama does not know it it? Is it the first thing, if you don't know it?Or is it that the President Obama whos make decisions thru him in the United States to aim at killing of a head of State of America Latin without his knowing about it is so weak? Is that it is so weak that it knows, and there are instances of the power of the United States who have decided to kill me and he can't stop them? or is he decided to physically eliminate me? "he questioned Maduro, at the time who insisted that Obama should answer these questions in any way.On the other hand, it was considered suspected positions of the Venezuelan right rejected, once again, the evidence submitted by the Minister Rodríguez Torres this Monday."There is a strange nervousness, they try to take it by the mockery," he said pointing out that the attitude of the opposition before the denunciation of assassination groups leaves them "very bad stood before the country".Two Colombian citizens involved in assassination against President Maduro plans were captured on 15 August at the hotel Guaracarumbo, located on the Pan-American Highway, Miranda State, reported this Monday evening the Minister Rodríguez Torres.The holder of the office of Interior said that the two subject, members of a destabilizing group consisting of 10 individuals, identified by the Directorate of intelligence of Colombia, respond to the names of Víctor Johan Gueche Mosquera, 22 years of age, and Erick Leonardo Huertas rivers, 18, who entered the country on 13 August by San Antonio de el Táchira.In this context, Maduro said that the capture of these Hitmen is carried out after continuous monitoring that has made the Government to various conspiracies."After the physical loss of Commander Chávez International right started a process of conspiracy against Venezuela to destroy this wonder who we are," said the President.Request for deliveryDuring the statements offered to VTV, the President of the Republic asked Carlos Salcedo, Venezuelan involved in assassination plans discovered by the national Government, which was handed over to the authorities of the country."We guarantee their procedural rights and a fair trial. But surrender. If you are Venezuelan, has family and want this country, somehow (...) must understand that murdering Nicolas Maduro is to launch a civil war in Venezuela, said the President, who is defined as "the guarantee that the peace in Venezuela follow building".He stressed that the fascist sectors in Venezuela should know that there are legal and constitutional limits. "I have no doubt that the main leaders of the fascist right agree this type of event (magnicidas)," Maduro said."They do not accept that the Venezuelan people is Government (...) "do not accept that this man is here, a man standing in the street, is President of the Republic and is consolidating the Bolivarian revolution", said.The President said that not shake you the pulse to enforce the laws and the Venezuelan justice on those who try to carry out the assassination plans.He called to the sectors of right to reflect on its plans "for the wrath of the gods, peoples fall upon you leaders of the right and our country would be in the most fervent general insurrection".In this regard, it indicated that "what the leaders of the opposition are seeking are scenarios such as those of Syria, Egypt and Libya, all against all, widespread violence, chaos and intervention of the army of United States disguised as Blue Helmets". However, "whatever happens they cannot nor will be able with the Bolivarian revolution."In this regard, he added that the national Government is preparing to guarantee respect for the victory of the Venezuelan people on December 8.

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