Monday, August 26, 2013

anti zionist jew and washington based middle east expert mark bruzonsky... U.S. HAS FOMENTED THE SYRIAN CIVIL WAR
The American mainstream (lamestream) media keeps broadcasting that maybe now finally the U.S. will “get engaged” in Syria. What is continually overlooked is that the U.S. has been fomenting the creation of the Syrian civil war for some time, carefully coordinating with top allies Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and with help from Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE and Bahrain as well. [[[[[[Using the weapons of covert war (CIA), economic war (Commerce and Treasury Departments), intelligence war (NSA), and propaganda war (State Dept and NGOs) the US has been encouraging and fueling the civil war in Syria from the start.]]]]] Moreover the U.S. undermined the Geneva Conference that took place in summer 2012 and has prevented international diplomatic efforts this year that were aiming to bring about a political solution at Geneva II this summer. Using allies and pretending not to know advanced arms have been flowing to the Syrian “rebels” for some time now. [[[[How else would it have been possible for a “rebel” army to take on the well-trained and well-armed Syrian army. What happened in Benghazi, where the American Ambassador was killed, was part of the covert effort to funnel Libyan weapons to the Syrian “rebels”]]]]]. But failing to bring down the Syrian Baath Government the U.S. and allies have been raising the stakes in recent months with more money, weapons, training, as well as covert, black, and no doubt false flag ops. Once again Americans are being taken into a historic conflict based on lies, deceptions, the military-industrial complext, and foreign lobbies. And it won’t end in Syria…the real target is Iran…and the real goal is nothing less than reconstituting control of the region via “client regimes” which means undermining and taking out everyone else who will not comply.  “We are losing! Bomb SYRIA!”
 As usual the Americans and Europeans, and their top regional regimes in Israel and Saudi Arabia,  are being grossly deceptive in pursuit of their real policies and reasons.
The bottom line is that after years of CIA-led (Saudi/Qatar funded) war against Damascus to bring about “regime change” the Syrians are still winning!  That’s the real reason the Americans are readying their cruise missile to be fired from the sea and their air-to-ground missiles to be fired from war planes at a “safe distance”.   And much more will be done covertly.The goal will be to sufficiently weaken and disrupt the Syrian army so that the “rebels” (armed, trained, and financed by the U.S. and allies for some time now) can still win rather than lose or be stale-mated.At the same time the Obamaites are being careful not to push the Russians into further counter-engaging; but to use enough power so that Damascus will fall.Yet at the same time the primary U.S. allies in the region, Israel and Saudi Arabia, are hoping that once the hot fighting starts something will happen, or something can be done, so that the new hot war will expand to both Iran and Lebanon REGIONAL WAR, even WORLD WAR, Looming?
 This time the next target is Syria and the current excuse is “chemical weapons” and “red lines”.   Of course the Brits and the French are pushing for it, they are still living in the world of Sykes-Picot albeit the junior partner to American superpowerhood.The Israelis are also pushing hard, however quietly for them.   If they didn’t want what is happening their Israel/Jewish lobby could easily deflect it rather than stoke it.   Even so it’s critical to remember that their goal is far beyond Syria to Iran and Lebanon and Palestine and regional control via American power.The Saudis have their own game not only maintaining dictatorial control in Arabia but with the coordination of the US and Israel of the whole region.

Mark Bruzonsky holds dual advanced degrees in international affairs and law from Princeton University and New York University where he was a Root-Tilden Scholar.   He is a journalist and international affairs consultant and the publisher of as well as the now under development WashReport.  He writes and speaks frequently about world affairs, U.S. foreign policy, the Middle East, the underlying realities of policy-making in Washington, and U.S.-Israeli relations. 

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