Saturday, December 6, 2008

Why the US Wants the Collapse of Pakistan (UNObserver & International Report) Amaresh Misra, on 3 December 2008, at, has an article entitled Mumbai Terror Attack: Further Evidence Of The Anglo-American-Mossad-RSS Nexus The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, or RSS, is a 'fascist' Hindu group)Among the points made:1. According to Andrew G. Marshall: "The attacks prepare the ground for the break-up of Pakistan and the furtherance of destabilizing terrorism in the Middle East and Asia..."The Anglo-American have undertaken, primarily through Iraq, a strategy of balkanizing the entire Middle East in a new imperial project." (See Marshall’s Divide and Conquer: The Anglo-American Imperial Project.)2. The Marathi daily 'Maharashtra Times' said the terrorists who targeted Anti Terrorism Squad chief Hemant Karkare, police commissioner Ashok Kamte and encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar, were speaking Marathi fluently. (i.e. they were not from Kashmir or Pakistan)Reportedly, traditional Jews from Mumbai, who have migrated to Israel, speak fluent Marathi and are known to have been recruited by Mossad In the Chittisinghpura incident, on 20 March 2000, one day before President Bill Clinton was due to arrive in India, 35 Sikhs were killed in the village of Chattisinghpura.It was said that about 15 uniformed men belonging to Lashkare Taiba and trained in Pakistan were responsible.Five days later, five men were killed by paramilitary forces in a village called Pathribal, claiming that the “foreign militants” responsible for the Sikh massacre had been found and duly eliminated.When local village people protested, investigations began.When the final results of the investigation were made public, it was found that local police were responsible for the massacre of the Sikhs B. (The September 2006 Malegaon bombings were a series of bomb blasts that took place in Malegaon, a town in the Indian state of Maharashtra, some 290 km to the northeast of Mumbai.The explosions killed at least 37 people.According to Maharashtra Police, in November 2006, the blasts were the work of the Student Islamic Movement of India.[1]However, on 8 November, 2008, the Maharashtra Anti Terror Squad revealed that Lt Colonel Srikant Purohit of the Indian military was involved in a blast that killed people in Malegaon in September 2007. The Anti Terror Squad indicted Purohit for supplying the RDX used in the blasts. (ATS Investigations show Purohit procured RDX /Indian officer held over blasts )The Anti Terror Squad has also found out that Purohit attended secret meetings of the 'fascist' Hindu group Abhinav Bharat.It has been reported that Lt Col Srikant Prasad Purohit, the Army officer arrested in the Malegaon case, was involved in other blasts as well. (More detained as Purohit probe spreads to blast in Nanded 2006 ) ) On 3 December 2008, the bipartisan Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism reported that:If there was a WMD attack on the United States, it would originate in Pakistan.(WMD attack to originate in Pakistan: US report) Israeli "Auto Kill Zone" Towers Locked and Loaded On the U.S.-Mexico border, the American government has been trying, with limited success, to set up a string of sensor-laden sentry towers, which would watch out for illicit incursions. In Israel, they've got their own set of border towers. But the Sabras' model comes with automatic guns, operated from afar Russia Today: 20,000 Troops In U.S. CFR-Brookings Report Reveals Obama Mid-East Plan It doesn’t get more in your face than this. “CFR-Brookings report reveals Obama’s Mideast strategy,” a headline on the United Press International website declares. In other words, the CFR and the “liberal” think tank at the Brookings Institute are handing down Obama’s marching orders in the form of a publicly released report Scott Althaus, professor of political science and communication, and Kalev Leetaru, coordinator of research in the Cline Center for Democracy, recently found that the U.S. White House Web site has modified, and in some cases, deleted key documents in the public record. Freedom Under SurveillanceParts I and II Converging technology, transhumanism, and our future in the making. The cutting edge group known as transhumanists see a beautiful future brought about by artificial intelligence, life extension, and cybernetics. What one must realize before getting carried away with such utopian dreams is that transhumanism was born out of the elitist pseudo-science eugenics.

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