Wednesday, August 12, 2009

China using stickers to quell tension For anyone still upset about the ethnic riots that killed nearly 200 people here last month, Li Han says she has just the thing — yellow smiley-face stickers bearing the slogan, "A smile is the common language of all nationalities." Musharraf Faces Arrest on Return to Pakistan Islamabad police officials said Tuesday that they had registered a criminal case against former President Pervez Musharraf for detaining Supreme Court judges after he imposed emergency rule in 2007, raising the prospect of his arrest if he returns to the country. and who funded musharaf? UK Government Says We must face facts or starve: farming needs technology GM Crops Should Be Increased - UK Ministers, Farmers Obama: North America Union needs 'aggressive action' Noting the huge trading partnership among the three neighbors, Obama said that commerce must be expanded, not restricted. 08-11-2009: Congo's Rape Epidemic Worsens During U.S.-Backed Military Operation For the women of eastern Congo, a U.S.-backed Congolese military operation meant to save them from abusive rebels has turned into a nightmare of its own. 08-11-2009: Russia Today: Court Throws Out FOIA Lawsuit Against Federal Reserve Keith Olbermann now compares tea parties to Hamas and Hezbollah South American Leaders Concerned Over Colombia-U.S. Military Plan South American presidents expressed deep concerns over a United States plan to increase its military presence in Colombia at a Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) Summit in Quito, Ecuador, on Monday. Canada’s Peace Magazine and the promotion of non-military warfare in the service of US foreign policy goals …they had to pursue a strategy … called “crypto-eugenics.” In essence, “You seek to fulfill the aims of eugenics without disclosing what you are really aiming at and without mentioning the word.” This is how the Eugenics Society conceived of its funding for the IPPF. - Matthew Connelly, Fatal Misconception: The Struggle to Control World Population (Harvard University Press, 2008), p. 163 Kurdish magazine urges Jews to return to Iraq DEJA VU: FOXS IN THE FHA HENHOUSE Nanobees sting tumors to death Microscopic "nanobees" that literally sting tumours to death have been successfully used to fight cancer.Researchers in the US unleashed swarms of the tiny artificial particles on human breast and skin tumors in mice.Each spherical "nanobee", measuring just three millionths of an inch across, was armed with a cancer-killing toxin found in bee venom.Targeting cancer but not healthy cells, the nanobees delivered a lethal "sting".The bee toxin, melittin, destroys cells by drilling holes through them.After four to five injections of melittin-carrying nanobees over several days, the growth of breast cancer tumours in the mice was slowed by nearly 25%.Melanoma - or skin cancer - tumours shrank in size by 88%.Professor Samuel Wickline, from the Siteman Centre of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence at Washington University School of Medicine, said: "The nanobees fly in, land on the surface of cells and deposit their cargo of melittin which rapidly merges with the target cells."We've shown that the bee toxin gets taken into the cells where it pokes holes in their internal structures."The nanobees are made of perfluorocarbon, an inert material used in artificial blood. Dr Wickline's team has been investigating their use in various medical applications, including the diagnosis and treatment of narrowed arteries and cancer. great so the medical establishment will abandon their cut and burn method that does serious harm and adopt this new method rigth? New US Study Affirms Smoked Marijuana Protects Against Cancer.look another option.are we considering abandoning the cut and burn method making huge profits for chemo industry? Settlers erect 11 new outposts in West BankRight-wing activist with the Land of Israel Loyalists movement erected 11 new outposts in the West Bank, Tuesday evening. Three sheds were erected at Givat Egoz, a shed was built at Nofei Yarden, near the West Bank settlement of Shilo, a floor was laid down ahead of construction at Reches Sela; Mitzpe Avihai, near Kiryat Arba, was expanded and a new outpost – Maalot Hebron, was,7340,L-3753684,00.html can the us now finnally implement its own laws(glenn ammendment and symmignton act)and stop all aid to israel?or is that too much to ask obama? Israeli Interior Minister: Israel will build settlements with or without U.S. support. Let's make sure it's withoutWhat does it take for the United States to stop funding the Israeli occupation? The Israeli daily news source YNet is reporting that Interior Minister Eli Yishai and other Israeli government officials visited an area of planned Israeli settlement construction which, if completed, would cut the West Bank nearly in half. During their tour, officials reaffirmed the government's commitment to build settlements with or without U.S. approval.

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