Friday, November 16, 2012

AFRICAN SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL- Uhuru Solidarity Movement condemns Israel’s recent attacks on Gaza The Uhuru Solidarity Movement condemns Israel’s recent air strikes on Gaza and the brutal assassination of a leading figure in the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas military commander Ahmed al-Jabari.We stand in complete solidarity with the right of the Palestinian people to defend their land against the US-backed Israeli invasion and to struggle for national liberation from Zionist and US imperialist domination.We recognize that the state of Israel is an illegitimate white colonial settler state resting on stolen Palestinian land.The Health Ministry in Gaza reported that the air strikes on Jabari had also murdered at least five other Palestinians including a baby and a 7-year-old girl, and had wounded over 40 others.These are the deadliest attacks on Gaza by Israel since the bombardment of Gaza four years ago with cluster bombs, missiles and artillery shells following the electoral victory of Hamas in the 2006 elections.Hamas is designated by the US and by Israel as a “terrorist” organization, but we know who the real terrorists are. The Real Terrorists: US and Israeli Governments

Ahmed Jaabari

After brutally murdering Jabari, the Israeli Defense Forces initiated a series of online postings gloating about their assassination of the Palestinian leader. They employed psychological warfare tactics to terrorize the Palestinian people and demoralize the spirit of the Palestinian resistance.The IDF posted a video on Youtube showing an aerial view of the pinpoint bombing that killed Jabari and other Palestinian men, women and children. Later, the IDF posted a mug shot of Jabari on Twitter with the word “ELIMINATED” written across his face.We are reminded of the US-backed terrorists who filmed the capturing, torture, and lynching of Libyan leader Muammar Gadaffi and posted it to the internet for the world to see.As Chairman Omali Yeshitela, the leader and founder of the Uhuru Movement, said, “The US Government is the largest terrorist organization on the planet.”The system of capitalism itself was forged through a process of terror carried out by Europeans against African and Indigenous people.Historical Roots of the CrisisAn article published in The Burning Spear Newspaper during the 2006 Israeli invasion of Gaza explained, “The tap root of the struggle in the Middle East began in that historical period made famous by Christopher Columbus when the Europeans unleashed upon the world’s peoples a more than 500-year period of rape, plunder, pillage and genocide.”The article goes on to explain, “Palestine, after having been under Ottoman control since 1517, came under British mandate in 1917. The British Balfour Declaration decided that Palestine would become a “national homeland for Jewish people.”“In 1948, the British, the United Nations and the Zionist Movement decided to split Palestine. The Israelis with 30 percent of the population received 53 percent of the land. The Arabs with 70 percent of the population received 47 percent of the land.“Then, as a result of the first Arab/Israeli War in 1948-49, the Israelis occupied another 22 percent giving them a total of 75 percent of Palestine. They immediately began receiving financial support from the United States.”
For the past 64 years, Israel has functioned as a military outpost for U.S. imperialism, used to protect the imperialist oil interests in the Middle East.Today, as Arabs and other colonized peoples are rising up to reclaim control of their land and resources, US imperialism is desperately attempting to maintain a stranglehold on the region known as the Middle East. US and Israel Attack Syria and Iran

Map showing the location of the Golan Heights, Syrian land seized and annexed by the Zionist state
Israel recently fired twice into Syria, a nation that has been under siege for the past year by US, European and Israeli-backed “rebels.”Under the guise of a formation called the “Free Syrian Army,” US imperialism is carrying out horrible atrocities against the Syrian people and government because the Syrian leader Bashar al Assad’s administration has been a bulwark in the axis of resistance to Western imperialist aggression that also includes Hezbollah and Iran.
At the same time, the US and Israel have repeatedly threatened military provocations against the Islamic Republic of Iran, under the pretext that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. US government fears the possibility of Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons because Imperialism seeks to hold a monopoly on violence.The US government has more nuclear weapons than any other government on the planet and the only country to ever use nuclear weapons on another people
.We stand with the people of Palestine, Iran, and Syria. Stop the US Colonial WarsWe recognize that the US government is engaged in wars of colonial occupation not only in the Middle East but throughout the entire globe, such as in Somalia where Africans have been subject to terrorist drone strikes engineered by the neo-colonial Obama regime.We recognize the US imperialist war against the people of Congo where over 10 million African people have been murdered in the last decade from US and European backed proxy wars designed to facilitate the extraction of tremendous amounts of natural and mineral resources for the benefit of the US, Europe and general white population.We recognize the wars against African, Mexican and Indigenous people right here inside US borders. The US was born from the enslavement of African people and the genocide against the Indigenous people of this land.Therefore, we reject the idea that calling for the US to withdraw aid from Israel is somehow a progressive or anti-imperialist demand. Demanding withdrawal of US aid to Israel serves to legitimize the US government. It is based on the assumption that imperialism can be reformed through a change in policy.The US government is the world’s largest illegitimate white colonial settler state.Just like the State of Israel, the US was created through a process of genocide and colonialism, the European invasion of Indigenous land, the systematic extermination and the forcible expulsion of the masses of the Indigenous people into concentration camps.Then the importation of millions of enslaved African people built up the US economy and created the pedestal of wealth, power and opportunity upon which the entire world’s white population restsAfricans and Palestinians: Colonized People Struggling for National Liberation

Militarized police occupy the black community inside the US
For hundreds of years the US government has been engaged in a vicious counterinsurgency war against the internally colonized African community, developing many of the brutal tactics later used by Israel to suppress the resistance of the Palestinians.This counterinsurgency that militarily crushed the Black Liberation Movement of the 1960s through assassinations, mass arrests, harassment, and terror carried out against the leadership of the Black Revolution and overall black population, not unlike what Israel is doing to the Palestinian liberation movement today.Today over half of a century later, the conditions faced by Africans inside the US have only worsened. Just as the Israelis set up checkpoints throughout Palestine, Africans in the US are subject to humiliating public cavity searches at “routine traffic stops”, a common site for the police murders of young African men.Just as the Israelis occupy the Palestinians homeland with tanks and gun-toting IDF thugs, the US government occupies the African community with armored vehicles and assault weapon toting SWAT police. In November of 2012 the St Petersburg, FL police department announced they would begin patrolling the black communities with armored trucks outfitted with four cameras on each side painted with giant eyeballs on them.

Israel and North America are founded on the same principles: genocide, white power and settler colonialism.

Just as the Israelis kidnap, torture and imprison masses of Palestinian men, women and children, the US government imprisons millions of African people – over half of the 2.5 million plus people in US prisons are Africans— mostly for nonviolent drug offenses despite the fact that most drug users and sellers in the US are white.Just as the Palestinian people are a colonized people struggling for national liberation, the African community inside the US is a colonized population struggling for national liberation.The Uhuru Solidarity Movement, working under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party, stands in solidarity with the rights of Africans, Palestinians, Mexicans, Syrians, Iranians, Afghans, and all other colonized peoples to fight by any means necessary to liberate their homelands and reclaim their lives, lands, labor, and dignity.Join in solidarity with the resistance of oppressed peoples around the world. Attend the plenary conference of the African People’s Solidarity Committee, “African Resistance, White Solidarity” on January 6-8, 2013. More information is available at Tune in to “Reparations in Action” on every Sunday at 1PM EST
LONG LIVE PALESTINE!VICTORY TO ARAB, AFRICAN, AND INDIGENOUS PEOPLE!DOWN WITH IMPERIALISM! UHURU!   The following statement was released by the Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM). The USM is the mass-wing of the African People’s Solidarity Committee, which organizes under the leadership of the African Socialist International in order to develop material solidarity within the White nation for the revolutionary national liberation movement of the various colonized nations of the world. The APSC seeks to overturn the historical allegiance of the masses of White people (including White workers) to imperialism and replace their relationship with the majority of the world’s people based on parasitism, exploitation and oppression.

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