Saturday, November 10, 2012

Commentary by Terrance Nelson 'Nits make lice'
they send out a little girl about six years old with a white flag on a stick; she had not proceeded but a few steps when she was shot and killed.(In a public speech made in Denver not long before this massacre, Colonel Chivington advocated the killing and scalping of all Indians, even infants. "Nits make lice!" he declared.)By Terrance NelsonI have heard so often from western media and North American people that the past is the past, that (white people today) are not responsible for the past, that the "Indians" should forget about the past and live in the present. I wonder how the Jews would feel if they were told to live in the present and forget about the past. If we forget about the past, we will never learn from the mistakes and we will allow the same horrors to be done to other people today and into the future.I was in Iraq in 1998 with a television camera crew. Seven indigenous people from Canada documenting the Economic Sanctions and the effect upon the people. Today, we in the west continue on with our justification for imposing Economic Sanctions, this time upon the Iranian people and our future killing of Iranian people, men, women and children. Some of the Iranian people are like Black Kettle, who believe that they only have to make Americans see that the Iranians are no threat to America, the reality is that standing by the American flag will not help.Read Dee Brown's book if you want to know the future for children of other countries, there is no question given the mindset of the Crusaders that, we will kill their children.Nazanin Afshin-Jam the so called human rights champion who is the Iranian Canadian wife of Defence Minister Peter McKay talks of the deaths of children in Iran and routinely condemns Iran about human rights violations against women in Iran. Has Nazanin Afshin-Jam ever condemned the United States for what happened to 567,000 children in Iraq. Our video, A War on Children is on You Tube. It is not easy to fight for people who are really oppressed. The people in Iraq and Iran are dehumanized and demonized in the Jewish media and those that want to be in with the right people will never condemn the human rights violations in Canada or the United States. Nazanin Afshin-Jam's family was part of the Shah's regime. She is not on the ground in Iran fighting for the rights of women, she is safe in Canada, with money, power and privilege.Iran does not need the Crusaders from the west to tell them how to live, they need to left alone. There is only one purpose for economic sanctions against Iran, the glut of oil money paid by the west to OPEC nations must be de-valued. China and Japan hold over 2 trillion dollars of American debt but it is OPEC that is the target. In 1990 prior to the Iraq war, the Iraqi Dinar was worth three and half American dollars. Eight years later, the economic sanctions had de-valued the Iraqi Dinar. When we got there it took 1,450 Iraqi Dinars to buy one American Dollar. The 1,450 Iraqi Dinars that bought one American dollar in 1998 would have been worth 5,075 American dollars in 1990.Seventy percent of the University students in Iran are women. If changes are needed in Iran, it must be Iranian people that make those changes, not an outside force. What you talking about John has nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction or nuclear weapons, that is simply the pretext, the media ensuring that Americans are kept in fear, fear is what allows the military budgets to be passed in the United States without Americans daring to question if such budgets are really needed.Iran has recieved oil money from the west, those American dollars that have been converted to Iranian currency and investment into Iranian economy must now be de-valued so as not to pose a threat to the wealthy people who control the American economy.John, I know nothing about the person your email refers to, this Dr. Rafil Dhafir who has been sentenced to a long prison term. I do know that, we as indigenous peoples in North America have been the target of many such campaigns. Leonard Pelletier is in his 37th year in prison. He will never be allowed to be free. Anyone who resists the Crusader must be eliminated.Whether we allow our children to be killed is our decision. In Canada there is 30,000 Indigenous children in care, they are in the Canadian Child Care system, taken from their homes with extreme violence if necessary. (Type in Ty and Connie Jacobs in the internet.) We as indigenous people are employed in this Genocide and many of our people serve and protect that genocide.Taking children from one group to another group is a definition of Genocide in the UN 1948 Genocide Act. Whether Iranians allow themselves to be killed and to see their children suffer the same fate of the Iraqi children remains to be seen. Terrance Nelson

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