Monday, November 5, 2012

DILLUSIONAL ISRAHELLI THINK TANK... WAR WITH IRAN SIMULATION...RATIONALIZING ZIONIST PUSH FOR WW3 WHILE ARGUING ANOTHER OUTCOME (CONTAINMENT OF IRAN) IS POSSIBLE AS WELL... WWIII or containment - INSS simulation of immediate period after Israeli attack on Iran  War Game: The Hours following an Attack on Iran’s Nuclear Infrastructures - The Policies of the Actors and Principal Insights INSS Insight No. 382, November 4, 2012 Dekel, Udi and Lerner, Yonathan Main Policies of the Various Actors
Russia chose to promote its objectives in the Caucasus and Europe. Russia also viewed the attack as an opportunity to position itself as the leading actor in the international community because of its ability to communicate with all the actors involved. However, the gap between the US and the Russian positions led to a paralysis of the international community’s ability to act. In turn, and in the absence of American leadership, China, with access to all the relevant actors, became a key player on the international field.[ed notes:Russia and China both have defense pacts with Iran..they migth not engage openly ,but you can bet they will sabotage any allies of israhells efforts against Iran and its allies in region as well...Russia: “Should Anything Happen to Iran … This Will Be a Direct ...
Syria preferred to focus on its domestic upheaval, maintain a low profile, and not be dragged into combat against Israel.[ed notes:If you think Syria seeing Iran and Hezbollah defending itself/Iran will sit idly by and sit the coflict out,you are insane..Syria will retaliate with maximum force,and expose the already outed western zionist opposition in country,for not aligning with campaign against zionist war machine..they are already exposed as such..all he'll have to do is say the day of wrath is now,we will defend the region from israhelli attacks,join in against the zionist enemy or expose yourselves further(rebels lie claim assad doesnt want war with israhell while they meet with zionistsLinks to this post - THENAKEDFACTS EXPLOSIVE- ISRAHELLI TROOPS INSIDE SYRIA…POSING AS ...  SYRIAN OPPOSITION AND ISRAHELLI ... - THENAKEDFACTS  ZIONISTS AND FSA HANG OUT IN BARRACKS IN TURKEY-VIDEO-ZIONIST WAR MONGERS FROM WINEP  Vallely meets with Syrian opposition leaders - THENAKEDFACTS  Older Post - THENAKEDFACTS
..if they dont ...thats political suicide on their part,wether they do or dont..but Assad will definatly strike back...notice how zionists at inss assume because they sponsor opposition against Syrian govt,that in of itself that ensures Assad cant retaliate against israhell to aid Iran because they ahve their own preoccupations to deal with..that was the whole aim of its destabilization against assad,to soften up the country while preparing to attack Iran...the real goal behind it..regime change Iran..,however,inss are truly mistaken and misreading the situation and predicament wich will result from a conflict between Iran and israhell..
Hizbollah found itself in a quandary. On the one hand, Hizbollah came under heavy Iranian pressure to begin a massive launch of missiles and rockets at Israel, this being the “day of reckoning” for which Iran had furnished Hizbollah with 50,000 missiles and rockets. On the other hand, Hizbollah was wary about causing heavy damage in Lebanon yet again. It therefore chose to respond to Iran’s demands selectively by launching rockets at Israeli military targets, especially airfields and active anti-missile defense systems. Israel’s restrained response intensified Hizbollah’s dilemma and supported its decision to attack to a relatively limited degree and focus on military targets.[ed notes:Hezbollah is going to decimate you,the raining of all  or most of its arsenal on going to make northern part of israhell cease to exist as it is known today.The idea or supposition that hezbollah will be concerned about march 14 alliance(zionist collaborators)concerns(of israhelli incursion into lebanon as a result) is laughable..Hezbollah will defend southern lebanon at all costs with every drop of blood and attack on Iran is precurser for the day of judgement upon the zionist entity...the drones alone it will unleash will bring terror into your black soulless hearts...
Hamas chose to walk a fine line by demonstrating some commitment towards Iran, while making sure not to provide Israel with an excuse for a large scale attack in the Gaza Strip. Hamas’ limited ability to control rogue and radical elements in Gaza was evident, and Hamas was forced to ask the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt for help in restraining the rogue elements it lacked the power to control.[ed notes;Hamas is a joke they have no serious backing in Palestine,its no secret they never even won ellections in west bank against fatah years ago..this is because on voting day few years back the zionist israhelli occupation prevented west bank citizens from even reaching ballots for most part(this i know from my brother ''Pali'' in west bank)who stated and exposed this to me on day one of events!!That meant that israhell and us gave ellections to Hamas!!!Hamas is a joke just as is mb...they too are finished,they have zero credibilty and work with west,and zionists..just like elements in fatah itself!!
The other actors – Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states, Turkey, and the international community: Each chose to operate on the basis of its own particular interests, distance itself from the events, and prevent widespread regional escalation. [ed notes;gulf states ,turkey and egypt under mb might sit it out as they are compromised and puppet regimes of the west...yet all will face domestic backlash for being seen as subserviant puppet regimes to hostile enemies of muslims,while the the real resistance now is defending itself against israhell and its zionist allies coming to its defense!!ramifications for those already unstable puppet-ships who sit it out will only bring their demise to forefront of following events and  upheavals in their own respective countries!!most arab populations support irans right to nuclear energy!!!The destabilization of Syria was a precursor to an attack on Iran by the expansionist zionist regime in Israhell..they believe that situation is favourable in the sense that gcc is in their camp(wich it is)that Hezbollah has less support in Lebanon thanks to western engineered march 14th schemes(wich are behind rebels as well.)(that plan was outlined by madeline albright btw years ago see) FLASHBACK-LADY ALBRIGTH ”WHORE OF BABYLON” AND - Shoah .,what they fail to realize,is israhell proxies are cowards,and should the outbreak of an airstrike on Iran take place..the final battle will weed out collaborators of zionist west,from the real resistance willing to die to defeat the zionist enemy from thereon(any fraud movement not on board at that point will be targeted soon after as well)....that too will be a prelude to their own downfall,since none of these anti revolutionary forces,have any real support on ground or bases anyway..the zionist arrogance makes them assume they are in a position of power to determine course of events suiting their agendas,however,their plans are really dillusional and sure to backfire in every sense of the word...

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