Friday, November 16, 2012

Israel vs Hamas: Deadly Theater 
The West created and runs Israel, Hamas, the “Free Syrian Army,” and the Muslim Brotherhood – when the public needs to be manipulated, a deadly ballet ensues.
November 16, 2012 (LD) – The Western allied, funded, armed, and directed sectarian extremist organizations, namely Al Qaedathe Muslim Brotherhood, and their subsidiaries of Hamas and the so-called “Free Syrian Army,” were created and to this day are backed specifically to counter real opposition to Western designs of hegemony across the Muslim World.
The West has also created and continues to perpetuate Israel as it exists in its current state, a purposefully provocative militant nation that serves as a beachhead for Western objectives throughout the region, as well as a perpetual impetus for filling the ranks of extremist groups who are then turned loose against the West’s enemies.While Israel conducts combat operations against Hamas in Gaza, they are supporting their affiliates in Syria just across the border upon the Golan Heights, and across greater Syria in coordination with the US, France, England, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. While US representatives frequently meet in Doha, Qatar to support and continue propping up the political front serving as cover for Western, Saudi, and Qatari backed terrorists in Syria, Qatar’s unelected leader-for-life, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, has slinked in and out of Gaza to pour 250 million dollars into Hamas just before the latest Israeli-Hamas violence broke out.
It is documented that since 2007 the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia have been colluding to arm and unleash sectarian extremists, both Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, against their collective enemies across the region. With the West using Qatar as a base of operations, not only to continuously prop up the so-called “Syrian National Council,” but to base the corporate-funded Brookings Institution think-tank’s Doha Center, are we to believe that Qatar is not-so-secretly trying to destroy Israel right under America’s nose? Without condemnation or protest from the US or any of its co-conspirators?As difficult as it is to believe, the current government in Israel is purposefully placing the lives of its citizens and soldiers in harm’s way to execute an orchestrated geopolitical stunt – aimed at capturing the sort of popular support Hezbollah had gained in defending Lebanon in 2006. Unlike in 2006, where Hezbollah was backed by, according to Western sources, Syria and Iran, today, Hamas is, as it always has been, supported by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, with Israel and the US playing a more covert role of funding, infiltrating, directing and manipulating the organization.
Could that be the reasoning behind this latest exchange between Israel and Hamas? An attempt to rebuild a tremendous loss of credibility after nearly two years of supporting US, Israeli, Saudi, and Qatari designs against Syria? Is it a much larger version of the US-engineered assaults on its own embassies recently, aimed at reasserting the “War on Terror” narrative after Russia openly accused the US of arming and funding directly Al Qaeda in Syria? Or could Israel simply be “weeding” Hamas of the inevitable “true believers” in their cause leaving only co-opted double agents in the wake of the violence? Perhaps both. As the conflict continues to unfold, it is absolutely imperative to understand and keep in mind the illegitimacy of Hamas and its affiliates across both Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood – how each organization is currently propped up by the West everywhere from Egypt to Syria and Libya to Yemen. While inevitably people will die on both sides, tempting us to reinvigorate our old pro-Palestine, pro-Israeli prejudices, we must understand that this division is precisely what the West seeks as a medium through which it plans on continuing the pursuit of its regional objectives.
[ed notes;click link for whole article...i dont agree with some things he cites or says either...anyway.....the CIA's connection to syrias muslim brotherhood is ammar abdulhammid who runs liason between both and runs national salvation front for khadam in wash d.c. .that man works for foundation for defense of democracies and hes also affiliated to brookings/saban center..hes also connected to NED..thats the real connection between syrias mb and west!!!!!!the other connection is ziocon mg paul e vallely whos directly tied to pentagon,israhell lobby and fsa leaders!!!how cartallucy missed this tells me hes not very brigth...especially for someone who was in military,or so i read..another point i should make is he himself gives israhell political cover by failing to point out us govt policy is ran by zionist jews...some with dual citizenship to israhell itself...same could be said of france and uk as well..

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