Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mexico’s New President Set to Empower a “Devil’s Cartel”
Baruch Vega, a long-time CIA operative, has raised a red flag over the incoming president of Mexico’s decision to employ the former head of the Colombian National Police, Gen. Oscar Naranjo, as his security advisor in the war on drugs.

CIA Operative Claims Corrupt Colombian Law Enforcer Now Advising Peña Nieto Is Sign Of That Danger Ahead... 

“I do not think Naranjo will be running a war against drugs,” Vega contends. “He will be running a war to protect Mexican drug traffickers.”Vega contends there is a real danger that Mexican president-elect Enrique Peña Nieto is on a path to recreate a similar corrupt alliance between government security forces and major narco-traffickers — many shadowed in the trappings of legitimate business interests — as existed in the early to mid-2000s in Colombia during Naranjo’s rise to power in the Colombia National Police (CNP) while he also allegedly was assisting elements of the infamous North Valley Cartel.In addition to the role Naranjo will play in helping to cultivate Mexico’s drug-war strategy for Peña Nieto, the president-elect has already made public his plans to stand up a paramilitary force, composed of ex-soldiers, that would be some 40,000 strong. Peña Nieto also hopes to created a single, consolidated national police force. With these tools, he says, the Mexican military can be replaced as the primary enforcer of security in the drug war in Mexico and the battle can be refocused from hunting down the top narco-capos to stemming street violence and other crimes against the community, such as extortion and kidnappings.
The elements of Peña Nieto’s plan, however, as Vega has already exposed in Colombia while working as a US government asset, are almost identical to what gave birth to what Vega calls the “Devil’s Cartel.”Dark AllianceVega told Narco News that between 1997 and 2000, the FBI and DEA each employed him as an operative in separate investigations focused on the North Valley Cartel leadership. At the same time, Vega claims, he also worked as a foreign counterintelligence source for the CIA. Those facts are verified in US federal agency judicial-hearing documents [link here].During the course of those DEA and FBI investigations, Vega claims he discovered the operations were being compromised by corrupt players within both DEA and U.S. Customs — a federal law enforcement agency whose investigative arm has since become U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE. ICE is part of the US Department of Homeland Security.Vega’s allegations are supported by a US Justice Department memo obtained by Narco News in 2008, known as the Kent Memo. That memo, drafted by Department of Justice attorney Thomas M. Kent, contains some of the most serious allegations ever raised against U.S. antinarcotics officers: that DEA agents on the front lines of the drug war in Colombia are on drug traffickers’ payrolls, complicit in the murders of informants, and directly involved in helping Colombia’s infamous paramilitary death squads to launder drug money.
Vega alleges that in the late 1990s and early 2000s, agents in the DEA office in Bogotá, as well as someone within U.S. Customs, were leaking information about ongoing U.S. law enforcement investigations to key players in the Colombian National Police. Vega says those corrupt CNP officials were aligned with North Valley Cartel narco-traffickers, in particular a faction of that cartel led by an individual named Wilber Varela.In the aftermath of the information being leaked, there was a bloodbath, Vega says, resulting in numerous informants and cooperating sources being assassinated. Similar allegations are made in the Kent memo.“I have had three contracts on my life …,” Vega told Narco News previously. “I am one of the few survivors in this whole ordeal. Almost all of the people in my group (cooperating sources and other informants) are now dead.”Vega says the many pieces of this dark mystery make it appear very complicated to unravel.“But, if they are lined up in the right way, it becomes easy to understand,” he adds. “It’s a matter of putting the right players in the right place.”The way things lined up, according to Vega, involved what amounts to the perfect narco-trafficking organization, or the “Devil’s Cartel.”This so-called Devil’s Cartel was an alliance of North Valley traffickers under the capo Varela, many of them, like Varela himself, former CNP officials, along with active members of the CNP under the direction of a corrupt CNP colonel named Danilo Gonzalez. Vega also contends that Naranjo, who served in the CNP with Gonzalez, was also a key part of this circle of corruption.Paramilitary forces under the leadership of Carlos Castaño, who headed the murderous paramilitary force called the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (the AUC), provided the muscle and protection for this Devil’s Cartel and its operations, Vega contends.The intelligence arm of this Devil’s Cartel, Vega claims, was composed of corrupt U.S. federal agents with DEA and U.S. Customs.[ed notes;click link for whole expose..then also see... Top Mexican Drug Lord: I Trafficked Cocaine For The U.S. Government US Government Informant Helped Sinaloa Narcos Stay Out of Jail [A.S. US Court Documents Claim Sinaloa “Cartel” Is Protected by US Government

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