Wednesday, November 7, 2012

True, Turkey’s preferred orientation has recently been significantly readjusted to take account of a series of unexpected developments arising from the aftermath of the Arab upheavals, especially in neighboring Syria. Despite Turkish foreign policy being confronted by hard power challenges within its borders and region, Ankara’s underlying commitment to a new paradigm of world order has not been abandoned. The Kurdish challenge, the Syrian internal struggle, tensions with Iran have led to a dramatic modification of the earlier flagship promise of ‘zero problems with neighbors,’ but even this seemingly unrealistic goal, if sensitively and contextually considered, retains its essential wisdom, which combines principle associated with maximizing peaceful relations with states and their peoples and promoting mutually beneficial interests.
 [ed notes;forgive me as i must interject here dr Falk...but have you swallowed wrong pills?promoting peaceful relations with states and their peoples?and mutually benefitting interests?lets rebuke those claims real fast.... TURKISH OPPOSITION SAYS AKP TRYING TO START WW3  must see...turkish opposition says akp trying - THENAKEDFACTS A Glance at Alawis in Turkey Turkey's creation - THENAKEDFACTS ERDOGAN PROTECTOR OF ISRAHELL HARUN YAHYA (ADNAN OKTAR) A SECRET ... - THENAKEDFACTS ISRAHELLS PROTECTOR ,THE ZIONIST DOG - THENAKEDFACTS Erdogan sub-contractor of Western powers - THENAKEDFACTS ISRAHELLS PROTECTOR ,THE ZIONIST DOG - THENAKEDFACTS Turkey Supports Terrorism: Erdogan scores own-goal on Syria crisis  We have no allies in the Middle East(except zio sponsored dictators) or in our neighborhood. Everybody remains distant from Turkey  TURKEY ''THE  IMPERIALISTS LACKEY''  HDK’s Middl...  these are just a few examples disproving your claims,everything from treason against Turkish people,repression,selling out to imperial powers,to hostility against its neighbors and own citinzens,not to mention protecting israhell!!You were saying mr Falk?oh you were finished ,good,lets move on.. [ed notes;a few more examples of Turkish repression against its own citizens..  VIDEO-PICS- Hatay-Turkish Youths In Region ... - THENAKEDFACTS 1:33 1:33 Video: Police tear gas - THENAKEDFACTS
AKP detractors, whether Kemalists within or Israelis without, have done their best to discredit the Turkish approach to foreign policy. Undoubtedly the new challenge is complex and difficult: How to strike a new balance amid the turmoil of the region that has so far made fools of us all!Yet I am convinced that Turkey continues to do its best to increase the prospects for soft power geopolitics while undertaking the necessary prudent steps to avoid dangerous vulnerability to those political forces that continue to rely on hard power solutions for conflict, including the perpetration of mass violence against their own people.Considering Istanbul as a possible future capital of the world can be interpreted as a side-effect of the advocacy of soft power geopolitics. It also responds to the receptivity of Turkey as a state willing to provide the peoples of the world with a safe haven for dialogue, negotiation, empathy, and the satisfactions of a post-Western world civilization.
[ed notes:has dr falk been listening to harun yahyas rethorical diatribes?lol what has possessed you to imagine that Turkey under akp seeks a new model and one distanced from anything but the one to wich they adhere ,wich is based on the same neocolonial pattern we have witnessed for many years,including the hard power one you say Turkish akp and world is trying to distance itself from?get a clue dr is evidence absolutly contrary to your hypothesis.. proof Turkey under akp is a zionist imperial criminal enterprise... TURKEY ''THE  IMPERIALISTS LACKEY''  HDK’s Middl...  Xinjiang militants in Syria to take part in civi...  FSA ATTACK KURDISH PROTESTORS FSA Attacks Kurdish...  THE ZIONIST US PUPPET COMMANDER AND US DEPLOYMENT ...  TURKEYS PRESIDENT ''QUEEN ELIZABETHS PUPPET'' GUL ... THE  SYRIAN HASBARA NETWORK  IN TURKEY Holding... Turks' Anger at EU Torture Report Is New Reaction ...  VIDEO-PICS-People ALL over Turkey protest agains... 0:59 Fake "pro-FSA" demonstration staged in Tu...  MUST SEE...TURKISH OPPOSITION SAYS AKP TRYING ...  TURKEYS ''ER-DOG-ANUS'' EXPOSED BY MEMBERS OF S...  Turks unhappy with FSA insurgents in Syrian ref...  TURKEYS ERDOGAN GETTING STUFFED... POLITICS - Ba...  Belgian TV Exposed Armed Groups Harboured in Turke...  TURKISH POLITICAL ANALYSTS;US HAS TAKEN CONTROL OF... im sorry dr falk but was that the dictatorship you just promoted?i'm now wondering wether your endorsement of that dictatorship is a ploy to lend israhell a reason to discredit your valid analysis of  their war crimes against as world capital?hundreds of thousands did recently demonstrate and protest akp(who you defend)and its policies in  region,and if it wa sbecause of that id say ok sure why not...however,seems like to me you are endorsing global governance possibly a one world gov based out of turkey under erdogans stinking neocolonial leadership,is that it?are you unaware turkey is hosting zionists and neocons who promoted wars in afghanistan,iraq? WINEP 2012 IN TURKEY HANGING OUT WITH FSA REBELS Older Post - THENAKEDFACTS ISRAHELLI SOLDIER POSING AS JOURNALIST GETS INTO SYRIA THRU TURKEY Older Post - THENAKEDFACTS Vallely meets with Syrian opposition leaders - THENAKEDFACTS

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