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The Jewish Monopoly on Opium Still Fuels Chinese Resentment Today
David Sassoon – China’s own original “Merchant of Death”.
The 99 year British lease on Hong Kong expired in July, 1997, allowing China to take over its land once again.Hundreds of newspaper stories and TV reports covered that event but not one revealed how England first gained control of Hong Kong.The truth lies buried in the family line of David Sassoon, “The Rothschilds of The Far East,” and their monopoly over the opium trade Britain won Hong Kong by launching the opium Wars to give the Sassoons exclusive rights to drug an entire nation.David Sassoon was born in Baghdad, Iran in 1792. His father, Saleh Sassoon, was a wealthy banker and the treasurer to Ahmet Pasha, the governor of Baghdad (Thus making him the “court Jew” – a highly influential position)In 1829 Ahmet was overthrown due to corruption and the Sassoon family fled to Bombay, India.This was the strategic trade route to India’s interior and the gateway to the Far East.In a brief time the British government granted Sassoon monopoly rights to all manufactured cotton goods, silk and most important of all – Opium – then the most addictive drug in the world.This is what made David Sassoon a billionnaire in the middle 1800′s – 160 years agoThe Beginning of the Opium Trade In the beginning, David Sassoon wanted to trade cotton cloth with China in exchange for tea, but the Chinese did not want the cotton that Sassoon wanted to trade.At the same time, Britain had an insatiable appetite for Chinese tea, but the Qing Dynasty and its subjects did not want to buy anything that the British produced.The Chinese were, however, willing to trade tea for silver, since at that time China had a currency fully backed by silver. But the government of Queen Victoria did not want to use up the country’s reserves of gold or silver in buying tea.However, Sassoon considered that the Chinese might be susceptible to opium, which could then be exchanged for tea.Armed with this knowledge, he sailed back to England to make a new proposition to the Queen. And, on the advice of David Sassoon, Queen Victoria decided to export opium from the Indian Subcontinent to China where her military would enforce its importation and use.In Order to boost the trade David Sassoon forced the farmers in Bengali to stop farming food and turn to growing opium poppies. The climate in Bengali was very good for growing opium and Sassoon’s business flourished. He became a member of the East India Company, a firm owned and run by Jews out of the City of London. So successful was the opium business that the tax the East Indian Company paid to England paid for all English wars between 1831 and 1905.Opium Was a “Jewish Business”The Jewish Encyclopedia of 1905 states that Sassoon expanded his opium trade into China and Japan. He placed his eight sons in charge of the various major opium exchanges in China.According to the 1944 Jewish Encyclopedia: “He employed only Jews in his business, and wherever he sent them he built synagogues and schools for them. He imported whole families of fellow Jews. . . and put them to work.”Sassoon’s sons were busy pushing this mind-destroying drug in Canton, China, and their trade expanded alarmingly. Between 1830 – 1831 they trafficked 18,956 chests of opium earning millions of dollars. Part of the profits went to Queen Victoria and the British government. In the year 1836 the trade increased to over 30,000 chests and drug addiction in coastal cities became endemic. The Sassoons Destroyed Everything They TouchedMoney for these people was only a tool for making more money, no matter the disasters wrought upon the Chinese – or indeed any other nation.Sir Albert Sassoon, the eldest of David Sassoon’s sons took over the family “business” empire. He constructed huge textile mills in Bombay that paid true slave wages. This early example of the “off-shoring of industries” continued after World War One and ended up putting mills in Lancashire, England out of business with thousands losing their jobs to the cheap labor of the Sassoons in India.This did not stop Queen Victoria from having Albert knighted in 1872. After all, the Sassoons could prosper only after they had subverted the governance of China, whereupon Britain empowered the Sassoons to destroy and impoverish the people, for the glory of the British Empire.Solomon Sassoon moved to Hong Kong and ran the family business there until his death in 1894. Later, the entire family moved to England because with modern communications they could operate their financial empire from their luxurious estates in London.They socialized with royalty and Edward Albert. Sassoon married Aline Caroline de Rothschild in 1887 which linked their fortune with that of the Rothschilds. The Queen then also had Edward knighted. All 14 of the grandsons of David Sassoon were made officers during World War One and thus most were able to avoid combat.David Sassoon became a naturalised British citizen in 1853. He kept the dress and manners of the Baghdadi Jews, but allowed his sons to adopt English manners. His son, Abdullah changed his name to Albert, moved to England, became a Baronet and married into the Rothschild family. All the Sassoons of Europe are said to be descendants of David Sassoon..The AftermathThe British-protected Sassoon opium trade brought death and destruction to millions and still plagues Asia to this day.Nothing else in China’s history has had such an impact on what and where China is today. This brutal period of unconscionable imperialism and evil profiteering is surely one of the greatest two or three events in China’s 5,000 years of history.Countless tens of millions of familes were destroyed; fortunes lost, daughters prostituted, production collapsed, the economy crashed. The treasures and heritage of 5,000 years of a peaceful society ravaged by madness and destruction of the British and French.The toll was unimaginable. The British Crown and the Jewish Sassoons conspired to turn an entire nation of people into drug addicts of the worst kind, solely to satisfy their greed and lust for power.This drug trade totally eviscerated China’s social fabric, virtually destroying not only the country but families and all of society. And, by most estimates, the forcible imposition of opium on The Middle Kingdom by Britain, and the clever and brutal marketing by the Sassoon Jews, set back China’s development at least 75 years.And, using their magical technique of putting all of the blame of their sins upon a scapegoat, to this day the Jews claim that the Opium Trade of China was the fault of the British simply because the Sassoons all had British passports. And to this day, many Chinese believe them.And the British East India Company itself was owned, at least in large part, by these same families – the Rothschilds, the Sassoons, and others.Any resentment that the Chinese might feel toward the British today, at least due to the imposition of opium, is partially misdirected.A fair share should be directed to these Jewish merchants.[ed notes;click link for whole article,just a  few excerpts im citing here due to length

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