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ALJAZEERA USES LEFTIST AUTHOR TO PROMOTE ATTACKS ON CHAVEZ FOR NOT SUPPORTING WESTERN CONSPIRACY AGAINST SYRIA  How Hugo Chavez botched the Arab Spring - Aljazeera  If Venezuela had sensible leftist leadership, the country would have pursued a more level-headed approach toward Syria.  
One would think that Latin leaders would see the Arab Spring as a unique and historic opportunity to further the cause of progressive politics. Yet, in a colossal misstep, the South American left failed to take the situation by the reins or to identify and work with sympathetic civil society groups on the ground such as labour, secular women and other leftists. [ed notes:interesting kozlov would say that because those were  precisely the groups the us state dept and the globalist,zionist think tanks in west were supporting!!!  Home | The Middle East Partnership Initiative - US Department of State  Arab Spring - Global Research  It's Official: “Arab Spring” Subversion U.S. Funded  State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs - Federation of ... Smoking Gun: US Government Role in Arab Spring  Land Destroyer: Ending Syria's Violence how a researcher could have missed these important factors speaks volumes,but hey when you need publicity to sell books you will sell your soul i guess,especially to aljazeera wich has hosted israhelli warcriminals,and whos a brnach or rather extension of the brutal monarch of qatar!!!
 It's somewhat befuddling and disappointing development, since Latin and Arab leaders had been on track to actually consolidate progressive ties prior to the eruption of mass protest in North Africa.  Indeed, before popular revolution broke out, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela had enjoyed a certain degree of popularity within the Arab world for championing the cause of Palestinian rights. In a serious miscalculation, however, Chavez came out against the Arab Spring once revolution spread from Egypt to Libya and then onward into Syria. In so doing, Chavez and others discredited themselves and probably discouraged any lasting alliance between Arab revolutionaries and sympathetic forces in South America. [ed notes;notice he doesnt mention who the revolutionaries are..for good reason because these were extremists and groups wich were tied to western intelligence agencies!!! FAUX “REVOLUTIONARIES” « Libya 360°  PROOF The 'Arab Spring' Was Contrived; The Revolution Business ...  Just How Revolutionary Are Arab Revolts If the US Is Involved? - Al ... Washington sends forth stooges to replace Gaddafi — RT
Politics of the Syrian-Venezuelan community 
The reasons for Chavez's missteps aren't too difficult to fathom. As I wrote in an earlier Al Jazeera column, the Venezuelan leader fashions his foreign policy in accordance with the notion of counteracting the "US Empire". While such an approach is understandable, it has led Chavez into some very questionable alliances with the likes of Bashar al-Assad of Syria, for example.Though it's unclear where the political allegiances of all the many Syrian-Venezuelans might lie, reports suggest that at least some object to Assad's crackdown on the civilian population. This Al Jazeera story, for example, demonstrates that anti-Assad sentiment is alive and well in Venezuela. In the report, some activists express concern that by openly demonstrating against Assad they might be exposing themselves to reprisals in the event that they return to Syria. If Venezuela had sensible leftist leadership, the country would have pursued a more level-headed approach toward Syria and reaped maximum political advantage in the process. Though it's not a very well-known fact, Venezuela has a sizeable population of Syrians which reportedly numbers almost 2 million people. [ed notes;incredibly the author seems to suggest that the many pro assad rallies in Venezuela,were of course due to fear and even managed or staged thanks to a veenzuelan pro assad sentiment in the chavez administration,whereas the small minute groups who are anti assad,are 100% credible and legitimate only!!!in otehr words any pro assad syrians in veenzuela must be discounted(majority) and the minority against assad there,is the standard for legitimacy,especially because they are paraded on aljafraud era channel!!!
Perhaps, Chavez could have cultivated political support from more level-headed, anti-Assad Syrian-Venezuelans and staked out an independent line on the Arab Spring. Cynically, however, Chavez has chosen to steer the Syrian-Venezuelan community into his own corner while jettisoning any notion of a human rights-oriented foreign policy.  In June 2010 for example, shortly after the Arab Spring had spread to Syria, Chavez welcomed Assad to Caracas and remarked that the Syrian leader was now an honourary member of the Syrian-Venezuelan community. With a handful of sycophantic Syrian-Venezuelans looking on, Chavez added that the people of Arabia and Latin America would work together to construct a new world, and "Syria and Venezuela are at the forefront of that struggle".  During the event, which was broadcast on Venezuelan state media, Chavez fondly recalled how Syrian-Venezuelans had embraced traditional folklore dance from his native Plains region, at which point members of the community broke into chants of "Oooh, ah, Assad no se va!" ["Assad is not leaving!"].  
Syrian state media Sana seized on the glorified pep rally and sought to exploit the event for propaganda purposes. In a report, the outlet interviewed Syrian Venezuelan members of parliament and the head of the Syrian-Venezuelan Club of Caracas, both of whom praised Chavez's misguided foreign policy to the skies.
Since Assad's trip to Venezuela, both Syrian and Latin media have continued to extol the virtues of so-called anti-imperialist solidarity. Take, for example, South American news station TeleSur, which aired a very uncritical report showing a pro-Assad rally in Caracas. Meanwhile, Correo del Orinoco, a paper edited by Chavez's foreign policy adviser Eva Golinger, broadcast the views of pro-Assad members of parliament in Caracas. Not to be outdone, pro-Chavez website "Aporrea" quoted the Syrian Ambassador to Venezuela at length, who claimed that his government was doing its utmost to provide for its people. Ridiculously, the diplomat went so far as to say that Damascus authorities were promoting a socialist and even revolutionary political agenda in Syria.
[ed notes:here is a so called scholar and researcher on revolution in latin america,trying to discreditt correo de orinoco,aporrea and telesur for showing uncritical coverage of assad,meanwhile he's doing this from aljazeera!!this aljafraud-era ,see.. ALJAZEERA ,THE FOX NEWS OF THE ARAB WORLD ALJAFRAUD-ERA WHY DOES THOU CONCOCT LIES AL JAZEERA SCANDAL CONSPIRING AGAINST SYRIA WHEN OFF THE AIR Al JAZEERA EXPOSED Lies about Syria ''Dead Man talking'' LIES ABOUT SYRIA - ALJAZEERA EXPOSED LYING AGAIN WITH FAKE VIDEOS Aljazeera is now protective of Zio-Nazi intelligence work  SyriaWatch-aljazeera caught again!Pushing Soros and US Gov agent narrative on Syria- Debate rages among Syria's opposition Kurds Al-Jazeera’s war on Sheikh Nasrallah HAMID DABISH & ALJAZEERA EXPOSED...  
The decline and fall of TeleSur 
In yet other ways, Venezuela and the South American left failed to capitalise on the Arab Spring.  Take, for example, the issue of media coverage of widening Arab revolt. In early 2007, I interviewed Aram Aharonian, the Director of South American news station TeleSur, who claimed that the media outlet was politically independent and not beholden to any particular ideological agenda. But TeleSur, which receives funding from Venezuela as well as other leftist Latin American countries, has lost a lot of credibility through its misplaced coverage of Arab revolutions. According to a scholarly article in Global Media Journal, TeleSur adopted an ideological approach when covering unrest in Libya which implicitly embraced official government positions. Later, in Syria, a TeleSur correspondent frequently quoted state-controlled Sana while TV anchors based in Caracas relied mainly on Al-Ba'ath, a newspaper which is close with the Assad regime.  
[ed notes:according to scholarly global media journal??? oh these people.. Affiliation:  Global Media Journal is the official publication of the Global Communication AssociationFounder and Managing Editor Professor and Department Head Yahya R. Kamalipour what he doesnt tell you is mr yahya wrote a book wich was  touted by cia front national endowment for democracy  Select Books and Reports   Kamalipour, Yahya R. 2010. Media, power, and politics in the digital age: the 2009 presidential election uprising in Iran. Lanham, Md: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.   wich laid out massive propaganda claiming ellections in iran were stolen(a long debunked myth see  WHY THE MYTH OF IRAN'S “STOLEN” - Campaign Against ...   ) its interesting that this fraud yahya promotes green movement and pro monarchism in Iran...reason why ned promoted his book is because ned is behind green movement yahya backs..see Older Post - THENAKEDFACTS his claim greens are peaceful debunked  IRANGREENMOVEMENTEXPOSED
Moreover, TeleSur's reporter attached a lot of importance to Damascus demonstrations in support of the Assad regime and on many occasions the journalist "blamed foreign, Arab and international media for spreading false information" about the situation within Syria.  
 Inside Story Americas - Why is Venezuela
so violent?
At other times, TeleSur denied reports of clashes occurring throughout Syria and described the political situation in the country as calm. The network characterised Assad's soldiers, meanwhile, as martyrs whereas demonstrators were referred to as "vandals". 
Global Media Journal writes that TeleSur blew its credibility during the Arab Spring and missed a historic opportunity to become an important media player throughout the region. Indeed, TeleSur's abysmal coverage may have wound up wrecking Chavez's "honeymoon" with the Arab world.  
Al Giordano, who runs "Narco News", a website which covers Latin American politics, has even harsher words for the network. In an online article, he criticises TeleSur's coverage of the Arab Spring which had tarnished the network and turned the organisation into a "colossal flop and a predictable formulaic bore". [ed notes:though al giordanni has done some excellent work on drug war,hes hardly qualified to speak on middle east,in fact his only qualifications is that his network has organized so called independent media journalism courses in egypt ,but for wich credibility has yet to be proven,after all whos reporting ,from wich angle and is there bias?can the reporting be reliable or credible?more on al giordano is fact he used to work for senator skull and bonesman kerry!!! Giordano was for a time a prominent media figure in Western Massachusetts. He sometimes worked on political campaigns, notably for senator John Kerry "Hot Muckraker: Al Giordano" now john kerry is a staunch oponent of assad,see...  Older Post - THENAKEDFACTS  satanist, demorat & skull and bones senator ker - THENAKEDFACTS is his affiliation to kerry a factor?has to be considered..  Giordano claims to have had "first hand dealings with various TeleSur employees and freelancers", and says the latter "live in constant, abject fear of getting 'the call from Caracas' (their words) or angering their superiors". Giordano adds that TeleSur "is a viper's nest for anyone employed there, filled with bullying middle managers and cut throat colleagues who covet each other's jobs".[ed notes:This is hearsay ,and has no relevance to wether or not the so called syrian revolution has any credibility,it doesnt..see..  THESYRIACONSPIRACYARCHIVES indepedently of wether telesur is compromised or isnt,fact remains the uprising in syria was engineered by west,and its a zionist conspuiracy,thats the relevant fact here!!   THE SYRIA CONSPIRACY THE FINAL NAILS IN THE ...   THE SYRIA CONSPIRACY- AN ISRAHELLI ZIONIST PROJECT ...  SYRIA FALSE FLAG
Dropping the ball on women  In yet other respects, Chavez completely squandered the Arab Spring. Take for example, the issue of women and women's rights. In many ways, popular revolt in the Arab world has given voice to disempowered women who clamoured for a greater stake in political and social affairs. To be sure, some women protesters have been tied to Islamist parties and religious conservatism, though others share a more secular outlook. Perhaps rightly, many secular women fear the growing ascendancy of Islamic fundamentalists and the hijacking of the Arab Spring. [ed noteds:again the idea chavez doesnt support womans rights in arab world is ridicullous,he offers no evidence of this,what chavez opposes is the zionist ,western engineered arab spring,not womens aspirations wich even before arab spring have long waited and fougth for their rights,his argument is basically an ad hom attack..the fact us state dept has been funding many womens movements in mena region before arab spring and and still today,doesnt mean that the left and chavez shouldnt defend womens rights but it certainly shows they are compromised!!!he wont mention that fact however.for example ...when us state dept and western govts fund venezuela opposition where women are also included,and chavez and left opposes it,does that eman he doenst support womens rights?course not!the authors arguments are absurd!
 Little signs of change  Not only has Chavez failed to promote the hopes and aspirations of secular women, but Venezuela also lost a crucial opportunity more broadly to inject socially and politically progressive ideas into the Arab Spring. If Chavez seeks to become a kind of third world leader, then his antics in North Africa and Syria have done much to erode Venezuela's international standing.  Perhaps, Chavez will turn over a new leaf in his next six-year presidential term, though the political signs are not very encouraging. As I revealed in a previous Al Jazeera column, the Venezuelan President seems to be grooming Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro as his successor.  It's a disappointing choice, since it was Maduro who orchestrated Venezuela's pro-Assad foreign policy in the first place. Indeed, Maduro even travelled to Damascus in an effort to shore up the Syrian dictator.  
In light of his backward instincts and mediocre political team, it seems very unlikely that Chavez will budge when it comes to foreign policy. If Venezuelans want their leaders to play a more constructive role in the Arab world, not to mention other regions of the globe, they will have to stop worshipping Chavez's every word and start to challenge their government's perverse and misguided priorities in the international arena.
[ed notes: again author is attempting to demonize nicolas maduro because he doesn't support the fake revolution in syria,but doesnt show why.worst even he doenst even want reader to understand the positions taken,so ill provide the much needed context regarding issue,from maduros point of view,and chavez regarding syria conflict! ON VENEZUELA AND SYRIA CONSPIRACY)VENEZUELA- CHAVEZ BLASTS EMPIRE ON SYRIA,ISRA-HELL AND STATES ''MANY WORLD PEOPLES WATCH ENTHUSIASTICALLY AND WITH HOPE,OUR REVOLUTION MUST READ-Chavez Warns That a Nuclear Conflict Looms Ahead in The Middle East,EXPOSED US SHADOW GOV BEHIND 9/11 ATTACKS AND SAYS ISRAELI COMMANDOS HAVE INFILTRATED INTO SYRIA.. AMBASSADOR OF VENEZUELA TO UN - (IMPERIAL POWERS) Safeguarding civilians: an excuse to transgress peoples' sovereignty VENEZUELA-Maduro: Empire uses Syria's domestic problems to destroy this country the fraud author should now concentrate not on leftwing media in latin ameirca voicing opposition to the zionist western engineered arab spring,but rather his own discreditted affiliations with a media outlet aljazeera wich is nothing more then the fox news in the arab world...he should also reevaluate his advocacy for global communications wich is ran by a pundit who promoted pro iranian monarchy groups,however,i think it is now to late for the author,as he has just discreditted not those he accuses but himself and everyone hes affiliated with!!!why is author supporting an arab spring whos revolutionaries are backed by NATO???an arab spring wich made israhell stronger???

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