Thursday, April 11, 2013

The U.S. War on Communism, Drugs, and Terrorism in Colombia
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[[[[[Biological warfare]]]]]
One major objective of Plan Colombia has been the destruction of coca fields by aerial chemical fumigation, thus impacting the cocaine trade at its source. Glyphosate, the chemical substance used to fumigate illicit crops and known by its brand name Roundup, was originally patented and produced by the U.S. agricultural corporation, Monsanto. Monsanto classifies Glyphosate as a “mild” herbicide, but the World Health Organization classified it as “extremely poisonous.” [6] Roundup is sold over the counter in the United States as an herbicide that carries the warning,Roundup will kill almost any green plant that is actively growing. Roundup should not be applied to bodies of water such as ponds, lakes or streams…After an area has been sprayed with Roundup, people and pets (such as cats and dogs) should stay out of the area until it is thoroughly dry…If Roundup is used to control undesirable plants around fruit or nut trees, or grapevines, allow twenty-one days before eating the fruits or nuts. [7]In Colombia, two additives, Cosmo-Flux 411 and Cosmo InD, are added to the lethal cocktail, [[[[[[[[which increase its toxicity four-fold ]]]]] and [[[[[[produce what is known as Roundup Ultra, or as some call it “Colombia’s Agent Orange.”]]]]] [8] In addition, the concentrations in the mixtures prepared by the Colombian military (under the guidance of their U.S. colleagues) are five times stronger than is recognized as safe for aerial application by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). [9] This product is regularly sprayed over inhabited areas, farmland, livestock, and areas of invaluable biodiversity. [10] The National Environmental Justice Advisory Council, a Federal Advisory Committee to the EPA, issued a letter on July 19, 2001 stating, “Aerial spraying of the herbicide has caused eye, respiratory, skin and digestive ailments; destroyed subsistence crops; sickened domestic animals; and contaminated water supplies.” [11] Even anti-drug development projects, including ones funded by USAID, the United Nations, the Colombian government and international NGOs, have been destroyed by fumigation. One of many examples is that of COSURCA, an organic coffee cooperative founded to provide peasant farmers with an alternative to coca cultivation. COSURCA was prepared in 2005 and again in 2007, and ended up destroying the coffee crop and the project’s organic certification for future crops. [12]As well as the clear human health, food security, and environmental risks involved in the fumigation campaign, it has also been a massive failure in achieving its stated goal of eradicating the coca crop. Coca, unlike most other food crops, is quite resistant to aerial spraying of glyphosate. Many farmers, who are destined to have their food crops destroyed are left with few options when coca is all that will grow on their land after the spraying of glyphosate has been applied. Ironically, the fumigation campaign has therefore provided an added stimulus to coca cultivation. [13]  [[[[[[Conclusions]]]]]]
[[[[[[[It is established that U.S. “war on terrorism” policies in Colombia and beyond further alienate the populations of countries, where they are implemented and swell the ranks of the militarized “terrorist” forces the United States claims to be fighting.]]]]]] [[[[[[[ Nevertheless, the purpose of this war, like the war on drugs and the war on communism before it, is the creation of a façade that justifies U.S. economic imperialism.]]]]]]] [[[[[[[[The ‘terrorists,’ therefore, like the ‘narcoguerrillas’, play a crucial role in maintaining this façade. The United States’s Colombia policy is certainly aimed at making sure footed left-wing insurgent groups never have to face the gain of strength or political unity necessary to overthrow the state. These groups are also a necessary to have as an enemy, just as the continuation of the internal conflict is necessary, to justify continued U.S. military training, aid and intrusion in the affairs of the strategically located, oil and resources of this rich Andean state.]]]]]]][ed notes;click link for whole article..p.s. i urge my readers to look or google ,search for a documentary(its also on netflix) called Plan Colombia cashing in on the drug war william brownfield(ex amb to Venezuela declare on record theres no proof the areal spraying in Colombia has any negative effects on enviroment,health,and communities,wich documentary then has experts expose as an outrigth lie....

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