Friday, May 25, 2012

Alleged al Qaeda video gives support to draconian cybersecurity legislation

As per usual, the Western-created al Qaeda has emerged from the woodwork to help create support for American policies which hurt the people of the United States.
I have spent a great deal of time here at End the Lie trying to detail the various pieces of cybersecurity legislation (one of which is CISPA) being pushed by our so-called representatives in an attempt to get even more control over the internet and further expand their surveillance capabilitieswhich are already quite substantial thanks in part to companies like Google (and Facebook, of course) and their Big Brother technologies along with the massive data collection industry.
Note: If you’re concerned about being tracked by Google follow this easy guide to help block Google’s tracking methods and this general guide to staying anonymous online. Both are written in order to make the methods accessible to even the least tech savvy readers.
There have been numerous attempts to build support for the legislation through clear false flag-type tactics, like using the leader of Lulz Security, better known as LulzSec, to carry out attacks in concert with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or the alleged Russian cyber attack on U.S. infrastructure which turned out to be wholly fabricated.
In a new video, allegedly produced by al Qaeda (although, unsurprisingly, the official coverage avoids the creation of any and all doubt by leaving out the word alleged), the group calls upon the “cover Mujahidin” to carry out “electronic jihad.”
This clip is clearly an attempt to push the ludicrously un-American cybersecurity legislation currently being considered into law.
This is emphasized by the fact that the joke-of-a-Senator Joe Lieberman, who once said we should emulate China’s freedom-crushing internet policies (see video below) and was once said by Glenn Greenwald to emulate Chinese dictators, immediately jumping on the opportunity claim it proves we need cybersecurity legislation.
“This is the clearest evidence we’ve seen that Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups want to attack the cyber systems of our critical infrastructure,” Lieberman said.
“Congress needs to act now to protect the American public from a possible devastating attack on our electric grid, water delivery systems, or financial networks, for example,” said Lieberman.
“As numerous, bipartisan national security experts have said, minimum cybersecurity standards for those networks are necessary to protect our national and economic security. I urge the Majority Leader to call up for debate and a vote the bill that Senators Collins, Rockefeller, Feinstein, and I authored to set those standards,” he added.
Similarly, Susan Collins, a Maine Republican and ranking member on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (which Lieberman chairs), has claimed that it proves al Qaeda is considering launching cyber attacks.
“This video is troubling as it urges Al Qaeda adherents to launch a cyber attack on America. It’s clear that Al Qaeda is exploring all means to do us harm and this is evidence that our critical infrastructure is a target,” Collins said.
“They understand that a cyber attack on our critical infrastructure will cause us great harm – possibly more than a traditional physical attack. That is why the Senate needs to act on our bipartisan Cybersecurity Act that requires minimum security performance requirements for key critical infrastructure cyber networks,” added Collins.
These assertions are laughable at best, since not only is al Qaeda a purely Western creation which continues to serve the interests of the West, but especially the United States and Israel, but the video’s providence is unverifiable.
Consider the fact that anyone could put out such a video in order to build governmental and public support for absolutely any cause they wanted to. Need more aggressive gun control legislation? Just make a video supposedly showing al Qaeda urging attacks using small arms. Need more funding for the Navy and Coast Guard? Make a video supposedly showing al Qaeda urging sea-based attacks on Western targets.
This tactic is so blatant that it is almost painful to see it continue and often officials do not even have to turn to alleged videos, instead opting to simply make it up entirely as Ryan Crocker did in claiming that if we left Afghanistan al Qaeda would suddenly be able to plan and carry out another September 11, 2001-style attack.
Furthermore, the video becomes even more suspicious when one reads the part of the official press release which states:
The video, made by Al Qaeda’s media outlet, was obtained by the FBI last year through open sources. But the section on Al Qaeda’s interest in committing cyber attacks on the U.S. only recently gained broader circulation within the Administration.
Clearly this was released for a reason, and that reason should be quite obvious to you by now.
Keep in mind, Lieberman and Collins, the two Senators quoted in the release, authored the cybersecurity legislation currently backed by the Obama administration, which would give the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) – which has become a behemoth agency the likes of which have never been seen in American history – unprecedented control over the internet.
This legislation – which follows recommendations made in a corporate-sponsored MIT study – would also give DHS the ability to enforce their standards for so-called critical infrastructure on the private sector in addition to forcing corporations to share information on cyber attacks with other companies and government entities.
The timing and willingness on the part of Lieberman and Collins to jump on this video makes it quite clear to me that this was released for a reason. There is also the real possibility that it was completely manufactured, although that goes without saying when al Qaeda is involved.

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