Thursday, May 24, 2012

Politico Says Relax, The Poisonous Bilderberg Octopus Doesn’t Bite

In the realms of darkness, Bilderberg conspirators are plotting the destruction of America and humanity. Source of image: Dees Illustration.
On Thursday, May 31, slave owners from around the world will meet in Virginia at this year’s Bilderberg conference. Topics of discussion will include the 2012 U.S. presidential election, the Euro crisis, the conflict in Syria, war with Iran, and the U.S. debt crisis.
As usual, the “mainstream” media is pretending that the conference is a figment of the imagination of wild conspiracy theorists and continuing the decades-long policy of censorship and denial. The “honourable”exception is the fringe political website, Politico. Kenneth P. Vogel wrote a piece on May 19 called, “Marco Rubio as vice president: the Bilderberg conspiracy.”
Vogel covers all the bases: he calls anti-Bilderberg activists obsessive and paranoid; he downplays the pull that Bilderberg has in global politics; he takes away the mystique of Bilderberg and makes it dry; and he tries to discredit Infowars and the global alternative media. It’s a very predictable and formulaic hit piece.
Vogel also bashes 9/11 truth-tellers. But that’s normal. No anti-truth and anti-American article would be complete without a despicable propaganda attack on the real account of the dubious 9/11 events. He wrote:
“Such concerns are not uncommon on the far edges of the anti-government spectrum of thinking, where the far left and the far right find common cause over their distrust of Wall Street and Washington. The rise over the past few years of the tea party and Occupy protests has spread similarly strong anti-establishment messages. And that’s expanded the audience for conspiracy theories about U.S. government involvement in the Sept. 11, terrorist attacks and plots hatched at Bilderberg, Trilateral and the Council on Foreign Relations.” (Source: Politico).
Articles like these only show how stupid, irrelevant, and out of step with the times the “mainstream” media has become. The truth movement is not the product of the far left and the far right. We have gone beyond the categories of left and right. What matters is not ideology, but transparency, honesty, and integrity. If we can’t trust our leaders and our governments, then to hell with them.
Sites like Politico have no future. The “mainstream” media is now fringe, and on the edge of collapse. First they denied the reality of the Bilderberg conspiracy, and now, after the global alternative media has exposed the secretive group, they deny its power and anti-democratic influence over the political life of nations.
Likewise, today, the media laughs at the notion that 9/11 was an act of state terrorism by the shadow governments of the United States and Israel; Tomorrow, they’ll admit that 9/11 was an inside job but they’ll add that it didn’t really change anything. They call this “spin.” Normal people call it insanity.
The corrupt and compliant “journalists” in the establishment media who have blood on their hands think they can save face by dismissing truth-tellers as “fringe conspiracy theorists.” They desperately try to wipe off the egg on their faces, and marginalize truth-tellers who have exposed their deceptions.
But they fail every time because nobody believes anything they say anymore. They have lost their audience, they’re losing control of the historical narrative, and they’re forced to resort to mockery and insults to suppress the patently obvious.
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