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natan and nethan,a love story
LIKUDNIK WARMONGER '' TOO BAD THE (ZIO)ARAB SPRING DIDN'T HAPPEN 20 YEARS AGO''  Trying to buy peace with Syria's tyrant  
 Suppose that the Israeli peace movement had gotten its wish years ago and the Assad dynasty, faced with the prospect of obtaining all but a sliver of the Golan free and clear, had agreed to forgo a few hundred square meters of land. What benefit would Israel or the suffering Syrian people have reaped? In today’s violent circumstances, with a tacit detente still in place between Jerusalem and the tottering regime in Damascus, Israel would have earned the enmity of Syria’s Islamic extremists as well as Syrian liberals, democrats and the masses of ordinary citizens straining for freedom. Meanwhile, Assad would enjoy the strategic depth of a secure military redoubt on the heights above the Sea of Galilee, an ideal spot for sequestering his chemical and biological weapons — whose poison payload could be dumped, at a moment’s notice, into the waters below.
[ed notes:the whole op-ed piece is a bunch of garbage,and propaganda not so cleverly given space by zionist pro war wapo,who thougth noone would notice that the author natan writting it was a likudnik fanatic extremist ,who was even more rabid and demonic then the butcher of Palestine,ariel sharon!!!he was so fanatical that he even opposed ariel sharons so called pull out of settlements from gaza(he prefered sacrificing the settlers and  expanding more settlements)(sharon did it  in order to secure their safety,wich would  instrumental in allowing israheli gov to brutally assault those Palestinians in Gaza,ever since,without injuring the zionist colonial settlers(those settlers were given huge pay offs to (recolonize)resettle on other Palestinian lands nevertheless).To let this lunatic argue that he sougth peace with Syria is not only disingenuous but an afront to logic and reality.Likudniks seek peace?Not in Gaza,not in Syria,Not in Lebanon,Nowhere!!...some backround on natan... Natan Sharansky, a human rights activist and political prisoner (CONVICTED SPY) in the former Soviet Union, is chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel. He is a far right-wing politician and held various ministerial posts in Likud governments (under Benjamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon).In May 2005 he resigned in protest aganist Sharon's plan to withdraw from Gaza.Sharansky began his political career in Israel by becoming head of the Zionist Forum   
Too bad the Arab Spring didn't happen 20 years ago,' says Natan ...
There will always be anti-Semitism in the Middle East, but the more democratic Arab states become, the less dangerous they are for Israel, the Jewish Agency chairman asserts
While a political hawk, he is one of the few public figures in Israel who fully embraced the Arab Spring, arguing that it is in everybody’s interest — emphatically including Israel’s — that the people of the Arab world choose their leaders themselves and move toward free, democratic societies.  “It’s a pity that it didn’t happen 20 years ago,” said Sharansky, who today heads the Jewish Agency for Israel. “It had to happen.”  His 2004 “The Case for Democracy” is one of former US president George W. Bush’s favorite texts — it served as his foreign policy guide — but Sharansky differed from Bush on one crucial point. “Bush was saying [in 2007], if it’s not Mubarak, it will be the Muslim Brotherhood and we don’t want the Muslim Brotherhood,” Sharansky recalled in a recent interview in his Jerusalem office.“That is the big mistake of the West: If the only options are either Mubarak or the Muslim Brotherhood, you will get the Muslim Brotherhood. If the only options are Yasser Arafat or Hamas, the answer is Hamas. If you understand that [autocratic regimes will not last] forever, that they have to fall, then it has to be said: the sooner it will happen, the better.” The later they will fall the more the people [in the Arab world] will hate you, and the smaller the opportunity for any liberal democracy to work,” Sharansky said.
[ed notes:this likudnik pitbulls basic strategy is simple....the zio arab spring throws whole mena region into a position of weakness,economic powerlessness once govt is toopled..therefore the old zio-western sponsored regimes,even when toppled(they cannot be sustained forever,wich is true as he argues),the new  regimes wether still sponsored by west or not...have to deal with imploded economy as opposed to focusing on israhells crimes...,wich is good for israhell of course as he argues...basically he favours the zio arab spring,and the neoliberal assault wich follows
i should also note,that the us even when replacing their old puppet dictatorship seizes and plunder their assets..also see.. JINSA-ZIONAZI WAR OVERSEERS ADMIT ARAB SPRING MADE ISRAHELL STRONGER JINSA-ZIONAZI WAR OVERSEERS ADMIT  Uprooted Palestinians: JINSA: 'Israel is winner of Arab Spring'

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