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 Scandal in Peru by Israeli military training
Members of the Israeli company Global CST in Peru  
Peru's parliament investigates a contract with an Israeli company, adopted by the previous government to advise and train the military command, after comptrollers bodies identified irregularities in your signature. The Oversight Committee of Congress studied the involvement of three former ministers of the government of Alan García (2006-2011) in accordance with Israeli private security firm Global CST.The contract, signed in secret in 2009, was to support the military in its fight against a survivor group Sendero Luminoso, which acts in the valley of the rivers Apurimac, Ene and Mantaro (Vraem). The Maoist Shining Path guerrillas faced the state between 1980 and 2000.An audit by the Comptroller General's Office concluded that civilian and military authorities violated laws and regulations to force the contract with the company, whose founder and director is Israeli General Israel Ziv reservation.His research established that Peru lost a total of about $ 16 million, because Global CST failed to meet the terms of the agreement with the Joint Command of the Armed Forces.The First Anti-Corruption Special Prosecutor welcomed the report of the comptroller and in the coming days will formalize the criminal investigation against former officials at least 20 civilians and military of the second government of Garcia, who had presided over the country from 1985 to 1990.The main legislative committee questioned by are the former Minister of Housing and Health, Hernán Garrido, and Defense extitulares Antero Flores Araoz and Rafael Rey, besides the former head of the Joint Command, retired General Francisco Contreras."Everyone involved in the recruitment of Global CST should answer the questions necessary to clarify this case, linking military and civilian exauthoraties in previous government," he told IPS the president of the oversight committee, Rep. Gustavo Rondon."We want to know if it was necessary to bring a foreign company to train military fighting terrorists. Following the statements, we will draw our conclusions and send a report to the prosecution, where there is a criminal investigation, "said Rondon.After leaving office as minister in October 2008, Garrido was linked with Global CST in Colombia, where the Israeli company provided military assistance to that country, struggling with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).The Colombian agreement with the Israeli firm was signed when the current president, Juan Manuel Santos, was defense minister from 2006 to 2009.The April 30, 2009, Garrido and Ziv met in Lima with then Defense Minister Flores-Araoz, to offer advice to Global CST in the war against Sendero group in Vraem.The next day, Ziv met the chief of the Joint Command, Contreras, who has since led the negotiations to finalize an agreement with Global CST.Five months later, on October 20, 2009, the Joint Command and Global CST signed a secret contract, according to the Comptroller General, was harmful to the Peruvian government. The company earned $ 10.6 million, paid no taxes for the operation and had other benefits, bringing losses to 16 million.Sources close to Garrido said that the former minister IPS is simply presented to the Peruvian authorities Ziv, who was not involved in the hiring process and is not paid to facilitate contact.However, after signing the contract, Garrido provided advisory services to social development projects in Colombia Israeli company and Guinea.The former head of the Army, General Otto Guibovich, testified before the legislative committee that it was unnecessary to hire a foreign private company to train elite forces in the Vraem, because Peruvians have more experience.Guibovich, who confirmed to IPS what I said in Congress, also met with Garrido and Ziv, on April 30, 2009. But he said because he did not promise anything for a consulting project of this type.Secret documents obtained by IPS indicate that Global CST, when asked to prove their ability in counterinsurgency warfare, the Peruvian government presented letters from the then Minister Santos and other Colombian officials of that country.Ziv In a letter dated June 20, 2009, Santos thank you for "the great work of the advisory group Global CST, which advised such dedication and talent under his leadership, the Ministry of Defence of my country the last three years. "But Ziv hid their Peruvian that his company was training in the same 2009 to a controversial personal guard Captain Moussa Dadis Camara, who staged a coup in Guinea and ruled the country between 2008 and 2009.
The Comptroller stated that the Peruvian Joint Command did not provide in their annual action plan or perform its 2009 budget contracts as signed with the Israeli firm.In the command "there was no need to hire a foreign company to train the military. The invented it. And when they did, was to measure and likeness of the proposal submitted by Global CST, "sources told IPS the comptroller. "The worst is that it forged a document to authorize the hiring of the Israeli company" detailed."A proof that there was common desires to hire the company that recommended a former minister, is that the head of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Francisco Contreras, requested funds for an amount that corresponded to what exactly Global CST had asked for their services "they said.The charge of the comptroller of the alleged perpetrators of the illegal recruitment of Global CST, comprising at exinspector the Ministry of Defence, retired Vice Admiral Carlos Tubino, who okayed the service of the company.Tubino is now congressman Popular Force, led Keiko Fujimori, daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000), convicted and imprisoned for corruption and humanitarian crimes.The Fujimori and Apra party representatives, the president García, criticized the comptroller research, despite having been accepted by the prosecution."It is not an impartial investigation because it has a political purpose. The aim is to discredit the Armed Forces fighting terrorism. We have seen that many of the accusations are unfounded comptroller, "argued Rep. July Fujimori Gago, member of the Legislative Commission
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