Wednesday, July 17, 2013

REBEL FALSE FLAG ALERT- NGO: Nine Syrians ‘executed’ at checkpoint
 At least nine Syrians, including a child, were executed by regime forces at a checkpoint in Damascus province, a watchdog said on Tuesday."Nine citizens, including a child, were shot dead by regime forces near the town of Qara, in the Qalamun area of Damascus province, yesterday [Monday] evening," the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.The nine were “executed" at a military checkpoint in the area, the group said, citing local activists.Video footage shot by activists and distributed by the Observatory showed bodies laid out on the white floor of a room, some of them partially covered with a piece of white plastic sheeting.Several appeared to have been shot in the head, and others in the chest
.[ed notes;ok so according to the cia/mi6  front ''syrian observatory'', basically these citizens and a child were executed at a military checkpoint,but yet so called opposition activists then filmed them dead in a room possibly next to it,afterwards???where did the military go???did they see any syrian soldiers commiting this act?no! let me guess,there were sandbags close by it,therefore SAA is to be accused right?is this the logic?the opposition thinks people are stupid really,can you imagine the syrian army manning a checkpoint,gunning down around a dozen civilians and a child,then leaving the evidence ,traces of the checkpoint and leaving scene for the opposition to formulate their own narrative blaming regime?..anyone buy that?
.In the central province of Homs members of a Syrian pro-regime militia gunned down seven Sunni men working on reconciliation overnight, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Tuesday."Seven men belonging to a reconciliation committee, including two retired officers and the imam of a mosque in the town of Zara… were killed yesterday by members of the People’s Committee," the group said, referring to a pro-regime armed group.[[[[[Regime-authorized reconciliation teams have sprung up across Syria, working on grassroots mediation and negotiated truces in various areas]]]]]]
[ed notes;think about it,why would regime forces or pro assad groups kill ''reconciliation committees''?what interest would that serve the govt?it wouldnt!it would serve the rebels however,who refuse any reconciliation efforts and talks...
The team targeted on Monday had successfully mediated before, the Observatory said, and was working to smooth ties between Sunnis and Alawites in religiously-mixed Homs.Many Syrian Sunnis back the Sunni-led uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, who is Alawite and the conflict has led to increasing sectarian tensions in the country, particularly in Homs.The Observatory said the group of mediators was on their way to a meeting in the town of Tal Kalakh.They were killed at the entrance to the Alawite village of Hajar al-Abyad, which the Observatory described as “one of the most important strongholds for the shabbiha [pro-regime militants] in the region".The group distributed a video showing black body bags tagged with pieces of paper bearing each man’s name.
 [ed notes:ok so lets break this down...a team of mediators who sought to bring peace between sunnis and shiite,were killed at entrance of alawite village?but interestingly enough,again we have opposition activists coming right behind the crime,and filming it..meanwhile those supposed pro regime militias allowed people to come film their crimes at doorstep to their village,knowing where the blame would be this the logic?can anyone swallow these kinds of narratives seriously,without poiting out to the lunacy behind the subsequent accusations by opposition activists?

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