Thursday, July 18, 2013

INDONESIAN THINK TANK...Overview of the failure of world police theories in Syria Author : M Arief Pranoto, Research Associate of Global Future Institute (GFI)
Yes. De jure, Assad seems to win the battle in spite of political studies it is not the case, that there is no final step in the political (war). In other words, the rebels have now possibly consolidated to plan strategies and then whether they would "attack" the sovereignty of Syria or not, all this depends on the Assad leadership on how to defend his country's sovereignty. At least one point to be noted, that the defeat of terrorism under the guise of religion in the Syrian "jihad arena" is a real proof that Assad is able to maximize his country's geostrategy and geopolitics in the global politics.In this brief article, such terms as opposition, terrorists and / or rebels are used interchangeably because the reality on the ground is no different, that they are armed gangs (mercenaries) who are trained, financed and supported by the West under the pretext of upholding democracy, spreading sectarian issues between Shiites and Sunnis, or under the guise of fighting for human rights, etc. in scenario to topple the Bashar al Assad's government.From the tactical aspect, the Syrian war (2011-2013) was a failure of "cricket fighting" tricks --- borrowing a phrase from Dina Y. Sulaiman and Rijal Mumazziq --- of Divide et impera applied by the West. From the strategic aspect, this is the "out of control" of the U.S. asymmetric attack, or "out of control of the Obama's "smart power" so-called the Arab Spring in the Silk Road. Although asymmetric patterns (mass movements) in the previous countries like Yemen, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt could successfully displace the regimes and change them into new 'dolls', the facts on the ground the people in the countries have remained in turmoil. This is the revolution volume II. The world views it as the REVIVAL OF ISLAM.Again, such terms as smart power, asymmetric, or irregular in this article are also used interchangeably because their meaning is the same, namely the Western colonial methods of non-military pattern.Conflict in the Assad era is interesting to be taken into account. Different points of view can be used to deal with the stages of events. From the study of global politics for example, Syria is actually just a proxy war because those involving themselves in the real battle are the superpowers, the battle between West and East. West in this case is the U.S. and its allies, while the East is Russia, China, Iran, etc. despite it could not be said like this, in principle that is the fact.Inevitably that the geopolitics of pipeline is a major factor why Syria becomes target by the world superpowers in addition to considering its position in the "nodes" of the Silk Road. How the oil and gas pipeline in Syria, is geographically between countries and even across continents. It is very tempting indeed. While the Silk Road itself has become the legend since ancient times, as it is the economic and military trajectory in the world. It is the 'wet' path but sacred in the eyes of the global capitalists. Controlling the Silk Road is the same controlling the world because it is the path connecting between the East and the West. This is geopolitics leverage owned and being the Syrian destiny.Then, schematically, the defeat of the rebels in Syria is a miscalculation --- not to say a failure --- grand strategy titled U.S. Military Roadmap from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia and Sudan, as presented at the Pentagon by Gen. Wesley Clark, former NATO commander. And the final analysis of this brief article is that the Assad's victory in the 2011-2013 war in his country is actually a real picture of the collapse of world police theories espoused by Uncle Sam!
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