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Breakfast With the Supreme Leader by Elliott Abrams (WAR CRIMINAL)
[ed notes:keep in mind the ziocon fraud(abrams) didnt have any meeting himself with supreme leader,he cites his buttbuddy aznars supposed meeting from 2001,whos citations of meeting talking points could either be true(and correct all of wich are sensible if ayatollah did idneed state it)or just outright lies(i don't know wasn't there,but aznar is a zionist scoundrel whos claims should be seen with suspicion )
This past week I participated in a conference on Iran convened by the Henry Jackson Society of London and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy of Washington, DC.As the executive director of the Henry Jackson Society, Alan Mendoza, put it, “Having breakfast with the Supreme Leader of Iran is not something many people can boast of. But the account of just such an occasion by Rafael Bardaji – former national security advisor to the Spanish Prime Minister – stood out as a highlight of the HJS Iran conference in Westminster earlier this week. Bardaji relayed to a packed hall his story of the meeting. The story is this: The Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, invited then-Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar to breakfast while he was visiting Iran. The Spanish official party decided to begin by asking the ayatollah a friendly or neutral question rather than a hostile or critical one. The idea was to get the meeting off on a better footing, so they began with a question about the complex government and religious power structure in Iran. Given all the official civil and religious bodies and positions and their various responsibilities, they asked him to describe what exactly is his job. ‘My job’, the Supreme Leader replied, ‘is to set Israel on fire.’
Aznar visited Iran in 2001, and has elsewhere said this about his conversation with the Ayatollah Khamanei:
Israel to him was a kind of historical cancer and anomaly, a country … condemned to disappear. At some point he said very clearly, though softly as he spoke, that an open confrontation against the US and Israel was inevitable, and that he was working for Iran to prevail in such a confrontation. It was his duty as the ultimate stalwart of the Islamic global revolution.
As we think through the likelihood of arriving at a good negotiated solution with Iran, and the possibility of persuading and pressuring the Supreme Leader to abandon his nuclear weapons program, it is worth keeping this rare encounter with him by a Western democratic leader very much in mind.
[ed notes:hillarious,in order to hamper any real dialogue or negotiations with Iran he brings up a meeting wich ''supposedly'' took place many years ago around 2001(right around time the aznar(war criminal) was endorsing the zionist bush team policies (wich have been fully exposed as being israhells),and regurgitating puke talking points about how the supreme leader of Iran saw israhell an apartheid colonial expansionist state as a cancer(something majority of world agrees on).They had to fish something from as far as back as 2001 to dismiss any real talks with Iran 12 years later LMAO!!!here are talking points from the latest henry jackoff(israhell) society and cia front FDD...this is how commentator(ziocon publication)sums up the discreditted forum.. [[[[[[Ahigh-powered conference featuring key Bush-era foreign policy hawks(WAR CRIMINALS) congregates in London today]]]]]]]
Among those expected to insist that 2013 should be the “year of decision” about Iran and to warn that existing sanctions must be backed up by a cast-iron threat of armed intervention are[[[[[[[ Richard Perle, former US assistant Defence Secretary and fellow of the American Enterprise Institute, Elliott Abrams, former Deputy National Security Adviser to President George W. Bush and Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations and John Hannah, former National Security Adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney and Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.]]]]]] [ed notes;the perpetrators who waged illegal wars and genocide against iraq and afghanistan ,for israhell mind you ,surface to demand war on Iran and Hezbollah for the zionist state of course...a wra they planned as far back as 1996 from Israhell mind you..clean break agenda was created by wurmser,wofowitz who ran it by bibi in tel aviv bak in 1996!here we are 17 years later,having to see these very same criminal cabal who should be in jail demanding war on Iran,''coincidentally'' now after Syria has been destabilized..FLASHBACK-   H.D.S. Greenway, “The Return of the Neocons,” Boston Globe, December 13, 2005. For example, despite the growing violence in Iraq by late 2005, Perle remained committed to a larger “regime change” strategy for the Middle East that included both Syria and Iran.[[[[[[[[ On Syria, Perle hosted meetings in late 2005 between Chalabi and Syrian exile Farid Ghadry, who was head of the Syrian Reform Party. Ghadry told the Wall Street Journal: “[Chalabi] paved the way in Iraq for what we want to do in Syria.” Said Perle: “There's no reason to think engagement with Syria will bring about any change,” adding that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “has never been weaker, and we should take advantage of that.”]]]]]]]

He quotes the director of the US National Counterterrorism Center, Matthew Olsen, who said in July, “We’re seeing a general uptick in the level of activity around the world,” adding that “both Hezbollah and the Quds Force have demonstrated an ability to operate essentially globally.” (ED NOTE:but gives no evidence,just saying they have capacity and so does does IRA doesnt mean they were behind it lol MOSSAD AND CIA have the capacity,history and motives to commit the false flag attack,and of course were the likely suspects in the bulgarian bombing...
Counterterrorism experts at a one-day conference in London last week on the Iranian threat organized by think tanks The Henry Jackson Society and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, argued for an EU designation of Hezbollah.Writing in the British daily The Times last week, Lord David Trimble, along with former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar, stated “Hezbollah is already present and active on European soil; its illegal activities and networks cover the continent. It has shown that it is willing to strike in Europe. That is why European governments must move now to stigmatize Hezbollah and its activities, vision and goals. Hezbollah is not the Party of God; it is the Party of Terror and we should treat it as such.

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