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'ICC is the enemy of liberty'
UN investigators call on Security Council to refer Syrian leaders to the ICC over allegations of war crimes. But observers who spoke to RT warn that such treatment of Assad and his government will only see a replay of the Yugoslavia war tribunal. Srdja Trifkovic, foreign affairs editor at the Chronicles magazine, doubts that the ICC is in any position to issue such demands. “It’s a very peculiar institution. It is outside any constitutional design. The prosecutor is effectively accountable to no one – and like in the Yugoslav war tribunal he answers to no superior executive power,” he told RT.This lack of accountability creates scope for legal creativity which depends on the will of the political masters. “Ultimately it’s a political court,” Trifkovic argues.“The ICC is the enemy of liberty as understood and practiced by the Western institutions since the Enlightenment onwards. The moral absolutism at the core of the ICC is immoral.”Recalling del Ponte’s tenure as the prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Trifkovic argues that the accusations are a fig leaf which is supposed to hide the essence of this project – which is to treat Assad and his government as members of ‘joint military enterprise.’“‘Joint military enterprise’ is an all-embracing quasi-legal term used by the Yugoslav war tribunal to indict everybody within the hierarchy and lower down the scale,” he added.The view is supported by journalist Neil Clark who fears that what’s happening here is a political move to put more pressure on Damascus.“If there are war crimes being committed on both sides, let’s prosecute both sides. All we’re getting again is talk about indicting President Assad and leading Syrian officials. It’s all wrong. If there’s evidence of war crimes against rebel commanders, let them be indicted,” he told RT.“If we think back to 1999 – the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, in the height of that conflict there was the indictment issued against President Milosevic for war crimes. During the NATO bombardment of Libya there was the indictment against Colonel Gaddafi for war crimes. And I’m worried that this is part of a trend: that to increase pressure on Damascus, we’ll have an indictment on the Syrian government. And if people are committing war crimes they should answer for them – but it has to be applied equally.”
[ed notes:unbeknownst to many the icc was actually pushed thru a one world government advocacy group,called citizens for global solutions...this insiduous group,takes many shapes and forms,and its actions in United States are subversive to say the least,first and foremost because their agenda,is incompatible with the US constitution.

Global Solutions PAC The Global Solutions PAC, formerly part of CUNR, endorses candidates for Congress based on their record or expressed intention of supporting effective democratic global institutions. Since 1998, the PAC has contributed to those candidates who share the organization's policy goals and are in competitive races or lead key Congressional committees. Those to receive endorsements or contributions are determined from a report card and/or candidate questionnaires.See alsoGlobal Solutions PAC 2010 Endorsed Candidates Rep. Joe Baca proudly displays his "A" grade from CGS
They are funding political campaigns in U.S.,wich may seem innocent at first glance, but how does one rationalize their one world government advocacy agenda wich subverts U.S. sovereignty?these are incompatible!This  is incompatible with us constitution and declaration of independence!They were instrumental in pushing the rome statue wich was the precurser to the creation of ICC. they have worldwide reach and are also very active in Canada World Federalist Association, UNPA Vancouver Launch, April 24, 2007 tragedy by design
Citizens for Global Solutions has its roots in a 1947 convention in Asheville, North Carolina when World Federalists, USA merged with four similar organizations to form the United World Federalists. The organization changed its name in 1969 to World Federalists, U.S.A. and in the mid-1970s to the World Federalist Association.Changes in the U.S. tax code prompted the creation in 1976 of a sister organization, the Campaign for United Nations Reform, for lobbying purposes. In the 1990s, with the Cold War over, the organization (and WFM globally) began making more progress, most notably on the issue of creating an International Criminal Court.
Norman cousins was a once editor for the group.You may not know much about him but perhaps you have heard of his award,the norman cousins award,,some of these recipients included killary clinton "Global Governance Award" from WFA ... ,ted turner Norman Cousins Global Governance Award - the United Nations ,walter cronkite World Federalist Association - Walter Cronkite,and
most notable among these,was the head of Obamas main think tank(presidents dont formulate policy ,contrary to public perception,think tanks do) at brookings,the one and only .Strobe fact killarys husband bubba clinton(when president) awarded talbott with the norman cousins award and appointed him u.s. ambassador -at large- as well(because he advocates a one world government,a globalist ran agenda foreign policy) ,HE'S ALSO FRIENDS W/ JAVIER SOLANA (He took over European diplomacy after serving as secretary general of NATO where he led the military alliance into the war in Kosovo in 1999 and is now at Brookings) 
The people behind this award are world federalist association.In 2004, the World Federalist Association changed its name to Citizens for Global Solutions
 UWF secured 111 co-sponsors for a bill in favor of a strengthened United Nations in the U.S. Congress, and succeeded in getting twenty-three state legislations to pass resolutions in support of world federation.   WFA was a leading supporter of a treaty to create an International Criminal Court, culminating in the creation of the treaty in Rome, August, 1998where World Federalists played a key leadership role in organizing backing for the ICC by the NGO community.

[ed notes:the world federalist association and global solutions,their goals and what they represent has been advocated  by quite a good number of politicians in united states and its sister brittain,see... 1949 - M Nabuco - World Government as a Goal There are two ways in which this might be accomplished. One would be through a liberal system of economics, and that would require a sort of world understanding which would abolish cus- toms duties and other difficulties. The other would be by central government. .The movement originated by Mr. Clarence K. Streit The Streit Council - Historic Photo Gallery UNION NOW WITH BRITAIN, by Clarence K. Streit. Harper ... is gaining the support of many men of thought and ac- tion, and its development can undoubtedly exert considerable influence on the time factor insiderable influence on the time factor in the trend toward world government. 
[ed notes:Backround- His ideas inspired the pioneers of the movement for a European Union and the creators of NATO. They stand today as the foundation of contemporary political thought in the area of global governance based upon an ever wider and deeper political consolidation of democratic countries. 
[ed notes;mr clarence streits ideas were/are the backbone and agendas behind world federalist association and movements!(these were funded by the worlds leading industrialists who in turn were funding privately and thru govt as well ,the very same think tanks and foundations wich drive todays political policies and promote those goals!
Granted, however, that the approach lies through democracy, the very concept of that system has to evolve; it could not be possible within a structure, of which the Greek democracy was the prototype,(ed note;he means Dictatorship by elites described in ''platos republic'') wherein an "elite," however great or however small, held the reins. That would be the only sort of world government we could have for the present.
A British Agenda for Europe RIAA A British Agenda for EuropeDesigning our own future Sir Stephen Wall Chair,Chatham House Commission on Europe after Fifty: Policy Implications forBritain This report is notabout treaties but about policies.It is what we–a group of people from Britain and beyond who have been intimately involved in the life of the EuropeanUnion–think will be the policy challenges for Britain in the next couple of decades .And it looks at the part the European Union has to play in tackling them. We are not dispassionate but we hope we are objective. We have made no bones about focusing on some key areas: foreign and defencepolicy ,energy and climatechange ,and cooperation in making the world a safer place in terms of combating crime and terrorism.
In 1945, the Committee to Frame a World Constitution convened at the University of Chicago(rockefeller sponsored) and drafted a Constitution for the World Federalists had hoped that the anticipated UN review conference (under Article 109 of the UN Charter) in 1955 would move the UN further in the direction of a world federal system. Unfortunately, the lack of political will dissipated any interest in such a conference. Around 1965 however, the Movement had established offices near the United Nations, with American federalist Marion McVitty as the Movement's UN observer and advocate
The World Constitution and Parliament Association is founded which later develops a Diagram of World Government
incredible video by gary hunt exposing how the imf world bank rothschil rockefeller un all set up enviromental congress in order to own earth in the name of consercation and also thru depopulation of masses
[ed notes:the ICC is just another  extension of a project wich features many agendas  wich have been adopted incrementally and we see plainly today,some of wich are r2p,globalist enviromental summits sponsored by worlds leading criminals and corporations among others,see.. it is nothing more than a front for soros,rockefeller ,ford foundation etc... 
WFM-IGP is deeply appreciative of the generous support provided by all of our many partners
and donors from around the world. Major funding for programs has been provided by
 the Arsenault Family Foundation, the European Center for Conflict Prevention,
 the European Union, the Ford Foundation, the John D.
and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Oak Foundation, the Open Society Institute

[ed notes:the earliest world federalist movements around world were sponsored by
 the same international financiers wich funded the fascists,and these(many within it),
were heading this agenda,thru a phoney opposition under a socialist banner
(some leftwingers wont accept this ,and will go into denial i warn lol),in the same fashion
as the international socialist gatherings ,also had support from some of the youngest rothschilds!
that obviously made them fake socialists,(wether anyone aligned with the movements knew or not)
but whats important to understand is that the elite knew it had to control and manage both
in wich case they coopted all sides,as long as pitting one against the other,
served their interests in long certainly did!

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Chi said...

all bull to try and justify whatever they have planned next, do not think Israel will give up so easily. i can see them attacking on their own knowing USA will rush to defend their immoral and illegal actions.

if they nab Assad, they better nab all the leaders of countries supplying arms and terrorists to invade Syria (and Libya).