Monday, February 18, 2013

Oz Senator Deported from Malaysia
Tony Cartalucci, Land Destroyer, Feb 17 2013 (also AltThaiNews)

The Australian reported in its article, “Xenophon deported by Malaysia,” that Australian Senator Nick Xenophon has been detained and then deported from Malaysia. According to them, he was there as part of an “unofficial parliamentary delegation to review the electoral system.” In reality, Senator Xenophon was part of a Western effort to assist Malaysia’s Wall Street-London backed opposition into power as part of a wider geopolitical strategy to align Southeast Asia against China’s emerging regional influence. Confirming this, the Australian also reported that:He and other Australian MPs were to meet opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, as well as Malaysia’s minister in charge of parliamentary affairs, Mohammed Nazri, and members of the group Bersih, the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections.Bersih of course, is admittedly funded by the US State Dept through the National Endowment for Democracy, as well as convicted criminal George Soros‘ Open Society. According to a Malaysian Insider report on Jun 27 2011, Bersih figurehead Ambiga Sreenevassan herself “admitted to Bersih receiving some money from two US organisations, the National Democratic Institute and Open Society Institute, for other projects, which she stressed were unrelated to the July 9 [2011] march.” Xenophon’s planned meeting with Anwar Ibrahim, who with Western-backing has in fact created Bersih to propel himself into power, is also indicative of Australia’s insidious meddling in Malaysia’s sovereign, internal affairs. Anwar Ibrahim was Chairman of the Development Committee of the World Bank and IMF in 1998, held lecturing positions at Johns Hopkins, was a consultant to the World Bank, a panelist at the neocon lined NED’s “Democracy Award” and at a NED donation ceremony. The fact that this is the very same US organization whose subsidiaries are funding and supporting Bersih casts irrefutable doubt on their official agenda for “clean and fair elections.” Claims by Bersih members that Anwar Ibrahim is “hijacking” their movement ring especially hollow when looking at his and Bersih’s entwined foreign financial and political backers. Clearly Senator Xenophon’s purpose in visiting Malaysia was not “monitoring” but checking up on a group of clearly compromised, openly foreign-funded, subversive elements operating behind the guise of disingenuous principles, making the Malaysian government’s claims that Xenophon constitutes a security risk absolutely justified.The last two years of Western “democracy promotion” in places like Egypt, Libya, and Syria have left devastation, rising despots, and extremists in its wake and have justified similar moves made earlier this year by Russia, which has begun purging itself of the same meddlesome, disingenuous “NGOs” that are backing Bersih and Awar Ibrahim in Malaysia. From the West’s “human rights” observers to the UN itself, all have been demonstrably abused to pursue the agenda of Western corporate-financier interests, many times both causing and compounding the alleged abuses they set out to “stop” in the first place. It is clear that the terrorism and despotism now unfolding across the Arab World is not unintended, but is the consequence of a long-premeditated conspiracy unfolding as planned. Similar plans to use faux-democracy movements and even violence in Southeast Asia to serve as cover for Western-instigated regime change have been well documented in Malaysia as well as Myanmar and neighboring Thailand. Plans to use Southeast Asia against China have been documented as far back as the late 1990s. While “democracy,” “freedom,” and “human rights” will mask the ascension of Western-aligned client regimes into power, it is part of a region-wide campaign to overthrow nationalist elements and install client regimes in order to encircle and contain China. Violence in areas like Sittwe, Rakhine Myanmar, or Gwadar, Baluchistan, Pakistan, along with political protests in Thailand and Malaysia, is not coincidental. Documented evidence indicates immense Western backing for opposition groups in each country. Russia has set the precedent, Malaysia is following suit and lending Russia’s decision much-needed legitimacy in the face of a still Western-monopolized global media landscape. Other nations must follow, dropping the pretense that the West is somehow “exceptional,” and that there are somehow no conceivable justifiable circumstances that could see an Australian senator detained and deported. Indeed, Xenophon has exceeded his mandate and responsibilities to represent the interests of the Australian people and breached Malaysia’s sovereignty, misappropriating Australia’s time and resources as he meddles in the sovereign affairs of a foreign nation. The “democracy” and “human rights’ racket the West has used to cover up what is indeed neo-imperialism is crumbling, not least because of its stalwart, stubborn support for what are now clearly al-Qaeda terrorists mass-murdering civilians in Libya and Syria. When these are “freedom fighters” promoting “democracy,” what does that make Bersih and Anwar Ibrahim, taking cash and support from the same interests that are propping up al-Qaeda abroad? What does that make Senator Nick Xenophon for using Australia’s reputation and resources to aid and abet such people? Why would the Western media outlets not refer to armed fighters as Thai Muslims?

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