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A Zionist Israhelli,Samy Gemayel,Lebanon and Syria...

 A Zionist Israhelli,Samy Gemayel,Lebanon and Syria...
I met Samy Gemayel in his office in the mountains above Beirut and asked what he thinks might change in Lebanon without the Assad regime next door, especially if it also means a chastened and weakened Hezbollah. And, I added, “will there be any possibility that people might at least start discussing a Lebanese-Israeli peace track with a new government in Syria? [ed notes;Syria refused any negotiation with israhellis,due to the occupation of Syrias golan heights,(israhell offered giving small part of stolen golan if it abandoned resistance axis with Iran,Syria refused!),complete handover of sheeba farms in Lebanon,and Palestinians right of return,gemayel on otehr hand just wants normalization outright with zionist colonial expansionist state,without preconditions!)
and Nobody even talks about it now even though Israel and Syria have negotiated repeatedly.”“It’s a syndrome of the Lebanese people,” he said. “For twenty years anyone who even opened his mouth and said we should think about having a peace treaty with Israel went to prison or was killed.”That was because of the Syrians and Hezbollah.“People are afraid,” he said. “It’s like someone who has been in prison for thirty years. When he gets out of prison, he’s afraid to walk on the street and talk to people. It’s the same for the Lebanese people. They haven’t gotten over this syndrome. Especially since Hezbollah is here to remind them.”A peace treaty is a long way off, of course, and will certainly require the destruction or transformation of Hezbollah before it can happen. But the first step will be getting over this syndrome and dissolving the red line. And there may be a relatively simple way to accomplish it.“What if,” I said to Gemayel, “people from Washington came here and said, ‘Hey, you need to talk to your neighbors.’ Would things change?”“Yes, it can change,” he said.And why shouldn’t it? The syndrome is simple. It’s based on fear, silence, and punishment. If the United States pressures Lebanon to negotiate with Israel, the Lebanese will at least be able to discuss the fact that they’re being pressured by the United States to negotiate with Israel. And those who think it’s a fine idea will be given international cover. Just as the red line was imposed from the outside, it can be erased from the outside.Indeed, powerful Lebanese people are walking right up to the red line right now without pressure from outside.  [ed notes:i should mention,that gemayel along with the world council for cedar revolution frauds,were in washington a month or two ago,alongside a delegation of zionist fronts,one being fdd(foundation for defense of democracy,a ziocon front,regime change inc.)discussing what else but Syrian conflict(coordinating zionist policies in region more like it!)
I asked Samy Gemayel about his party’s former alliance with Israel, and I did it carefully. “You can answer me twice,” I said, “on the record and off the record. I can turn off my voice recorder because I want to know what you really think, but I also want to know what you would say publicly.”“[[[[[[Let me be very clear,” he said, “and this is my answer publicly and non-publicly. We believe we had no choice back then but to have an alliance with Israel. I’ve said it on TV. And if we find ourselves in the same position today, we would do it again.]]]]]]] I also said that on TV. We couldn’t do anything else. The Syrians were against us. The Palestinians were against us. The Lebanese Muslims were against us. The entire Arab world was against us. What were we supposed to do? Say, please kill us? [[[[[We would take support from anywhere, and the only country that supported us at that time was Israel. ]]]]]We really don’t have anything to hide on this matter. And we believe that there should come a day when we negotiate with Israel on all pending and disputed issues in order to have permanent peace on our southern borders. We should end this. We should have stability.”He went on. I thought he might be careful and cautious, that he’d rather discuss something else, but no, he walked right up to the red line and told me I could print all of it.“There is no excuse,” he continued, “why Egypt is allowed to have a peace treaty with Israel while we cannot negotiate for an armistice. Why can Jordan have a peace treaty while we also cannot negotiate for an armistice? Even Syria, without a peace treaty, has had peaceful relations with Israel since 1974.
[ed notes;no it hasnt,Syria has hosted Palestinian refugees,and armed Palestinian and lebanese resistance!!!top likudnik admits this see...
Why can’t we? More, why can Hezbollah, a paramilitary group, negotiate with Israel twice through German mediators in 2004 and 2009 to release its prisoners, and the official Lebanese state is not allowed to?”How many Lebanese people agree with Gemayel? Who knows? They aren’t really allowed to discuss it. There certainly aren’t any polls on this question, and they wouldn’t be reliable if there were.When I asked how many people he sensed agreed with him, he put it this way: “We have to take into consideration that a lot of people were killed here by Israel. We have to be very careful when we talk about it because people died. 
[ed notes:michael j totten used to blog for spirit of america(he co founded it)...Hake's Spirit Of America group has been accused by a blogger of being a front for CIA PsyOps in the Middle East. [4] Hake was closely involved with the Fadhil brothers at the Iraq The Model blog and brought two of them to Washington in November 2004, where they met with President George W. Bush and Paul Wolfowitz in the Oval Office. A third Fadhil brother (now blogging at Free Iraqi) later accused Hake of using the Fadhil's for political purposes and with-holding funds pledged for social work in Iraq. Spirit of America provided information in reply to these charges here In April 2005, Business Wire reported that "Spirit of America blogger Michael Totten is on the ground on Martyrs' Square in Beirut, Lebanon. The blog will share the local perspective and help launch Spirit of America's project fund committed to assisting the people of Lebanon win independence."

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