Wednesday, July 3, 2013


As it is known to the Bolivian people and the whole world, today Tuesday, when President Evo was returning from Moscow, - where he had a meeting with President Putin, the last meeting-, returning to Latin America, had to pass through the airspace of France, Portugal, Spain, to refuel in Canary Islands and from there reach the continent, the presidential plane.It received a statement from the Government of France, which could not pass through French airspace. Nor could pass through Portuguese airspace, the aircraft made a request for emergency landing at the airport in Vienna, Austria and landed approximately at 16:30 in the afternoon.In absolute violation of the Vienna Convention, which States that the flights of the Presidents of the world, they can not be obstructed and they have immunity, a couple of European Governments forbade that it can pass through your airspace aircraft President Evo. From 16:00 until this time, the 22:35, President Evo still parked at the airport in Vienna. We want to say to the Bolivian people, we want to say to the world that our President, President Evo Morales, the Bolivian President today by today is kidnapped in Europe. We want to say to the peoples of the world that President Evo Morales has been kidnapped by imperialism and is retained in Europe. It is the first kidnapped by imperialism, because not allowed to pass through airspace of European countries to return to our homeland, to Bolivia.Imperialism has kidnapped President Evo, imperialism has kidnapped the truth, imperial lie has kidnapped the truth of peoples. Imperial abuse has kidnapped the dignity of peoples. Powers foreign - again, as they did 500 years ago - abused, assaulted a town, to the Bolivian people, abused, assaulted, retain, they offend the first indigenous President of Latin America. 500 Years ago, foreign powers kill Indians, they abducted Indians, 500 years later, the pale, decadent, reflections of those foreign powers, today they retain the first indigenous President of Latin America.We know that this impediment to the travel of the President has been on orders by the US Government.. They Have fear of a farmer, who is afraid of an Indian, who is afraid of an honest man, defending the sovereignty of our country. Upholding a policy of prostituted and decadent Empire, they appeal to the terror, the fear, the police control of its own people and of the whole world and today of the first indigenous President, Latin America and Bolivia.This is one an insult to all Bolivians. All Bolivians today we are outraged, we are offended. But also with the Bolivian people are offended all the peoples of the world, farmers in the world, workers of the world, intellectuals of the world, young people of the world, persons worthy of the world, which come as a decadent, ambitious power, uses his strength, his arrogance for assaulting people simple, a people worthy, laboriously, as it is the Bolivian. A worthy President, a laborious President, an indigenous President, as it is President Evo.But he doesn't draw attention, that behind this imperial arrogance, some European countries, which colonies of that decadent Empire, fall in the attitude step follow and obey instructions non.Today the colonial countries are no longer here, in Latin America. Today we find countries colonized in Europe, which abide by against its democratic precepts, against the international precepts, abusive impositions of a foreign power. Some European countries today have become colonies and unworthy colonies of the American Empire.Far is the European enlightenment, behind the lights that illuminated Europe culture, democracy and the pluralism of the world has been: today some countries in Europe are subjected to terrible, inglorious, obscurantism not only of slavishly following the imposition of a foreign power, as it is us.US, but assault and attack the free transit of a President, by any Convention in the world, has the right to navigate the world on official travel. Obscurantism, the repressive police attitude, abuse are taking possession of that beautiful Europe, century and decades ago was an example of plurality and respect for the rights of persons and the rights of peoples.The imperial powers, subordinated and colonized Europe countries, say that they do not frighten us. Tell them they do not frighten us because it is not time for Empires, because it is not a time of colonies; today is time for peoples, today it is time for dignity, and I'm sure that sooner than later peoples brothers of those subject countries ask accounts their rulers of these abuses of these abuses that break with all European democratic, progressive history. It is regrettable.I say again, they will not frighten us. We have been in contact with President Evo from the moment that was instructed that he could not pass through French territory. We are talking our Chancellor, our Prime Minister, the Ministers in permanent conversation with the President. We know your State's current situation and maintain the force, of the dignity that is not going to bend. They won't bend to the Bolivian people, will not bow to Latin Americans, they won't bow to President Evo, they won't break again to indigenous peoples that today we raised head to define our own destiny.No power, the decadent or who yearn for old times of rotten colonialism will scare us,we  are not going to back out, are not going to surrender.First cabinet in full, gathered from days ago, invites the peoples of the world, to the peoples of the world to repudiate this abusive, anti-democratic attitude that goes against the principles that govern the coexistence peaceful and democratic peoples, civilized, to repudiate this kind of Troglodyte, archaic, colonialist and abusive attitude against President Evo.We call on the workers of the world, the workers of Europe, young Europeans, to the young farmers and workers around the world, there where there are people, there where there are million Morales Evos to manifest their rejection, to express their indignation against this Act of imperial arrogance, to express their rejection against this imperial abduction of President Evo.We call upon the peoples of Latin America, progressive Governments, to pronounce, we ask that the peoples of Latin America, the Governments of Latin America to meet emergency, to take position on this abuse.Today Latin America is being trampled, not only Bolivia, the smallest, most slaughtered, but more fighter country having the continent. Latin America is which is being trampled, the dignity of Latin Americans that is being attacked.We call on Latin America to speak out, to meet emergency in different instances that they have, that we have Latin Americans to take a stand firm and strong; First, respect for the life of our President, protection of the life of our President, why it was life at risk in the afternoon, when prevented from passing through French territory. International treaties was not only violated, but that it put at risk the lives of the indigenous President of Bolivia.We invite them to speak out, we also ask people to speak out, the unions, the unions, the universities; There can be no impunity with this last glimpse of 19th century imperial colonialism that has no place in the 21st century.The Bolivian people, we want to thank you for the different manifestations, plural, of all sectors of society, of the drive around our President. We have told our President Evo does a few minutes of love, support that he has received from social, political and cultural sectors; We call on the Bolivian people to maintain unity in lathe to our President.Today, Bolivia is Evo Morales, today the village is Evo Morales; Evo Morales is Bolivia, and keep us United. Feel the Bolivian people that we are doing all we are using all necessary means establishing diplomacy and dignity to achieve that our President here return more quickly to Bolivia. We will make every effort.But we also want to say this, we will not accept blackmail of any country. At times, in the last minutes, have tried to blackmail the President, that would give him passage, authorization to fly over some European countries provided they allow a review the presidential plane. Where have you seen that? President Evo is not any criminal, President Evo has the right of any President of immunity of your flight, and what we say is true, we have never lied, has been given the information that corresponds to official travel, and that's our last word. President Evo is going to uphold the dignity of the Bolivian people, the dignity of the indigenous peoples of the world, the dignity of Latinos, has the right to lift flight to return here to Bolivia as soon as possible.We will not accept blackmail, any kind of conditioning, peoples of the world, we stand up for dignity; peoples of the world, reject the imperial arrogance; peoples of the world, do not accept that our indigenous President is a hostage of the imperialism retained in Europe.Bolivian and Bolivian, keep us together, we are confident that within hours our President Evo will be back with us and we will receive him with love and with all due respect and all the pride it deserves a worthy man who is now representing all the peoples of the world kidnapped by imperial arrogance.It is not time already Empires, and their rabid, decadent tail and last term they won't us back out, we will keep this consistent line of dignity, respect for peaceful among the Nations and peoples living together, but above all of pride, of revolutionary pride of what we, workers, revolutionary, indigenous, wrestlers that we defend the interests of all working people in the world.It is what we wanted to inform, within hours the Cabinet will continue meeting, surely the political Commission, and just we have more accurate information regarding the flight of President Evo, we will be informing the press. I want to thank them for their presence, very good night.
Source: Vice President of the plurinational State of Bolivia
According to confirmed the President of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, the various Presidents of Unasur (Union of South American Nations) will have an emergency meeting, convened by the President pro tempore of the body and Chief of State of Peru, Ollanta Humala, after France, Spain, Italy and Portugal were forbidden to Bolivia presidential aircraft to cross its airspace, when Evo Morales was returning from Russia.The Argentine President said he was concerned about the situation and said, via his personal Twitter account, that communicated with Uruguayan President José Mujica. "Talk with Pepe (Mujica). He is outraged. You are right. It's all very humiliating. I again speak Rafa (Rafael Correa)"." For its part, the Ecuadorian President said: "what has happened is extremely serious. With Ollanta Humala, President pro tempore of Unasur, we are trying to convene a meeting of Presidents and take action".  [ed notes;also see.. Furious Bolivian president is stuck at Vienna airport after rumor Edward Snowden was stowed on his plane - as NSA leaker runs out of countries that will take him in

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