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Faisal Sergio Tapia has 22 days of fasting in Colombia and calls for a community building

Faisal Sergio Tapia has 22 days of fasting in Colombia and calls for a community building
 Why did you choose Colombia reason for the hunger strike?
[[[[[[[Colombia is the Israel of Latin America, said by all, Colombia kept its army in the service of Israel at Sinai, the paramilitary groups were trained to kill by the same ones that  Zionist army massacres the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and tortures and murder our brothers, kidnapped Palestinians in prisons.]]]][[[[[ Paramilitary founder Carlos Castaño who was trained in Israel by the Mossad. ]]]]] Colombia will not recognize Palestine as a state, and historically always supported the policy of Zionism and U.S. imperialism.Colombia as the army and the government of the Israeli regime, is  best allies in the world,wich  offers to Israeli weapons, which kill no longer only in Israel but also in Colombia, the same Zionist bullet that kills a Palestinian child in Gaza is the one that kills the Colombian people. The Islamic human rights defender, Faisal Sergio Tapia, president and ambassador of the International Human Rights Islamic enters Friday day 22 of his hunger strike in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners memory and Palestinian children prisoners in Israeli jails and his health has suffered in recent days an impairment that compromises their life. He has lost more than 6 kilos and symptoms begin tiredness and joint pain, according to the Human Rights Committee Islamic.
Liberation has made ​​direct contact with the fighter and his first words were called for March 30 on the occasion of Earth Day Palestine, social, cultural and human rights to join the World Hunger Strike Solidarity Palestinian Prisoners and international solidarity with the Palestinian people.
"First of all thank you for your words of support fellow Latin American Liberation weekly. In this revolutionary struggle of a lifetime, I decided to take the fight way I know of to express my humble revolutionary love for the Palestinian people, for my Palestinian brothers since I was 14 I started to fight for the Palestinian cause in the 80 . Today my strength rifle is my hunger strike, "he said in emotional tone to start this brief telephone conversation.Various organizations of citizens of the European Union in particular Palestinian communities in Madrid, committed to the ideals of the Charter of Human Rights, freedom of peoples, have expressed their support and solidarity with the courageous Argentine journalist Sergio Tapia, maintains his hunger strike on 1 March in memory solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners and Palestinian children prisoners in Israeli jails, where they are tortured to death-as in the case of young Palestinian Arafat Jaradat killed by the Israeli army in prison-and for this sacrifice Tapia has chosen the Colombian city of Medellin.Tapia was a member of the first delegation, representing the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine - PLO of Yasser Arafat in Argentina in the 80s and is currently president and ambassador of the International Islamic Human Rights.
This is the first hunger strike for 30 days in a Latin American of Palestinian prisoners.
"It is a conscious commitment and solidarity with the Palestinians kidnapped by the Israeli regime, where 4,700 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, including 190 youth and children" said reiterating that only has one goal and mission: report crimes and constant violations of human rights of Palestinian children.The leading human rights defender says his hunger strike that aims to condemn human rights violations and crimes against humanity that occur every day in Israeli jails against men, women and Palestinian children just because they are Palestinians.
It is time that the international community on human rights and firmly condemn the Israeli regime urgently for being guilty of the murder of 203 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, of whom 71 have died from torture, 51 for lack of medical care, 74 murders have died after arrest and before being admitted to their cells and 7 others have been killed by gunfire in their holding cells.
Israel has killed 1,500 Palestinian children since 2000 in the eyes and the silence of the international community, between 500 and 700 Palestinian children are arrested and interrogated by Israeli forces every year, before being tried in military trials. Most are accused of throwing stones. Since 2000, around 7,500 Palestinian children, from age 12, have been arrested and tried and Israeli intelligence used horrific methods of torture to extract confessions from children in violation of all international conventions and the rights of Children.
[ed notes;click link for whole interview..then read more on Faisal Sergio Tapia (UNDER THE RADAR) European Committee for Human Rights Faisal Sergio Tapia complaint more of 600 children Killed by mercenaries in Syria since March 2011
 International Annual Report 2013 "in Syria armed groups using child soldiers from age 6"

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