Sunday, July 7, 2013

whos the real resistance?who does israhell train to fight against?not rebels!

IDF’s Druze Battalion Tests New Techniques for Fighting Hezbollah,not the fraud syria rebels
The battalion developed techniques for fighting Hezbollah, based on years of experience operating in Israel’s northern border region; the new methods were tested in a battalion-wide exercise last week. The IDF’s Herev Battalion, made up of members of Israel’s Druze community, has gained many years of experience performing unique missions near the Israel-Lebanon border. He went on to explain that fighting Hezbollah requires a specific method of combat, which includes the intensive use of firepower. “In order to fight against the enemy in Lebanon in the most correct manner, we took the techniques that exist today in the IDF for fighting in open areas, and we made the necessary adjustments. With the help of the battalion’s experience, and combined with an understanding of what to expect next time, we managed to develop a better and more efficient method,” he said s part of the conclusions drawn from the exercise, a special document was drafted to present the techniques, which will be sent to officers throughout the IDF in order to assist in building a new combat doctrine for fighting against terror organizations.“The Herev Battalion must teach the entire IDF how to fight effectively against Hezbollah,” said Col. Zion Ratzon, commander of the regional brigade to which the Herev Battalion is subordinate.“There are additional adjustments to be made, but the technique proved itself during the exercise. We can already see how the fighters are now speaking a new language and that there is confidence in the methods that we tested,” Lt. Col. Abu Fares said.Hezbollah growing bolder in its provocations The new combat techniques were put to the test in the Herev Battalion’s most recent exercise, which took place last week and consisted of three days of non-stop fighting in the Upper Galilee and Golan HeightsThe goal of the method: provide so much fire that “the enemy cannot lift its head.”The exercise simulated as closely as possible full-fledged combat in Lebanon, requiring the troops to deal with enemy rocket fire falling on their staging areas, sudden changes in mission plans and evacuating casualties in armored personnel carriers (APCs).“It was a drill against Hezbollah in every respect,” Lt. Col. Abu Faris said. “Following [the exercise], I can say with certainty that the Herev Battalion is ready for anything.”A senior officer in the sector explained last week that Hezbollah’s actions in southern Lebanon are becoming more and more aggressive. Israeli forces stationed on the border observe well how Hezbollah agents work around the clock in the villages of southern Lebanon to gather intelligence on the IDF.The Herev Battalion, whose soldiers’ families live in northern Israel and are likely to be the first to suffer from a Hezbollah attack, continues to prepare for the “day after” on the sensitive Lebanese border.“Changes in the region obligate us to be ready for war,” the regional brigade commander said at the end of the exercise. “For every eventuality that we will be needed, with the Herev Battalion I feel more confident than any other battalion.”
. [ed notes: drill is only simulating war with Hezbollah,not one mention of rebels,alqaeda groups,zip ,none,zero!This is telling because on front camera israhelli official policy is to claim its neutral(though just a few days ago it carried out a 3rd violation of international law and attacked in conjuction with fsa another syrian gov facility)... though evidence has been long and ongoing showing a convergence of mutual interests,ties,and collaboration between israhell and rebels,these drills wich dont even factor in rebels is proof of who the zionist usurper is against and against only..Hezbollah,Assad,Iran,not rebels,not gcc monarchies ,not turkey,none,except the real resistance..i showed a video of a former shen bet official calling while ago makinga forecast of  alliance of israhell gcc monarchies,turkey and sunnis against shia..then some apelike creature,comments on it says ''the opposite is truye,America,israel,and iran are against muslims!his profile pic had mursis face! is this what its down to?

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