Sunday, September 22, 2013

Al-Qaeda linked group still controlling border town with Turkey
 Special sources confirmed to Zaman Alwasl that the center of the border city of Azaz, near Turkey, is still controlled by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham “ISIS”, besides 30 detainees and activist Mohamed Noor, are still under arrest at ISIS. A ceasefire agreement between ISIS and the North Storm brigade requires ISIS to release the rest of detainees and taking off all its barriers by yesterday midnight, however, Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Kuwaiti requested to extend the deadline until the end of this month and promised to release detainees held by ISIS today, according to sources. Moreover, sources reported that a meeting at Azaz border crossing, lasted 4 hours between al-Kuwaiti and Abo Ali Sajo, a leader in Storm Brigade, to implement terms of the ceasefire agreement but no avail. Beside the ceasefire, the agreement included mutual release of detainees and property of the two parties after battles resulted in deaths and injuries. Zaman Alwasl was not able to verify the news about releasing nine detainees at ISIS yesterday, who were severely tortured. It seems that crossing checkpoints have been distributed between the fighting parties, where the North Storm Brigade controlled “al-Shat” barrier at the west, Abo Ibrahim Chechani Controlled al-Kaziyeh barrier and Turkish authorities continued to close Bab al-Salameh” crossing followed with closing “Bab al-Hawa” crossing which is heavily guarded to prevent extremists from controlling it. 
[ed notes:turkish authorities closes borders crossing but doesnt kill,attack,expulse or remove alqaeda???whats that tell us,except it helps and allows it a base of control for operations?why doenst u.s. (whos bogus war of terror is base don supposedly chasing and killing alqaeda)demand to have alqaeda killed on its main allies border?because they RUN them that's why!
Fighting in Azaz started when a German doctor from “Doctors without borders” visited Azaz hospital to evaluate the situation in it, member from ISIS invaded the hospital and demanded the FSA guards to get the doctor outside it. When the later refused, they started shooting and killed two fighters from Storm brigade. Then fighting speeded outside the hospital to cover most areas in Azaz.
[ed notes:evidence turkish govt is backing alqaeda is fact it doesn't send its troops to eliminate them on its borders!!!fact us govt stays silent on that is even more evidence that both it and turkey are backing it,or else both would work together to eliminate them from turkish border..they work together to eliminate pkk,but wont do it against alqaeda(cia)???see the problem?the west uses its allies to arm alqaeda to attack syria,but doenst mention that fact or its disconetent against it,because us needs that pretext for its bogus war on(OF)terror narrative...west(zionist ran)wants its allies mercenaries to remove Assad,if they cant acompliosh mission,or if they do,the west then invades claiming its going to figth alqaeda who are taking over,but why dididnt west intervene to decimate alqaeda inside turkish borders?rethorical questions of course..also see.. Al Qaeda’s Turkish base
Turkey Should Shut Down Jihadists on Border
Turkish prosecutors indict Syrian opposition
[ed notes:to further back up what i'm saying look,here we have dozens of alqaeda nusra figthers inside turkey,and they kill truck drivers...why doenst us demand turkey troops kill them?why hasnt us invaded turkey to uproot them?because they control them!!!this video is from sept 21, 2013
Turkey`s Army Al Nusra front killed 3 Truck driver because he was not a Muslim... 

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